How to Quickly Insert a Fishing Line Into a Trimmer

In order to mow the lawn and give it a well-groomed appearance, you do not need to work for hours on end on the site. Such a device as a trimmer will cope with any amount of work as quickly as possible. This type of technique can cut grass of any length and density, it all depends on the model chosen. In order for the unit to fully work and fulfill its main function, you need to refill the fishing line, otherwise the trimmer will not be able to complete the task.

Fishing line selection

First of all, you will need to choose a suitable fishing line. Do not do this “at random,” since it all depends on the model of the unit. Pay attention to such indicators as the diameter of the thread, as well as its cross section. You can find information about the diameter in the instructions for the trimmer. The second indicator (section) depends on what kind of work you are going to perform. If it is a non-rigid young grass, round is suitable; if it is hard, choose a square or 5-sided section.

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How to properly fill the line in the trimmer: instructions

How to Quickly Insert a Fishing Line Into a Trimmer

If you incorrectly refill the line, the unit may break and you will have to fork out for its repair. Therefore, before proceeding with the procedure, be sure to read the detailed step-by-step instructions. Learning to do this is easy and in just a few minutes you can go mow the grass.

How to refill a fishing line in a trimmer:

  • First you need to remove the nozzle, which is located on the gearbox. This is not difficult to do: connect the hole located on the side of the bottom washer and the recess. You can find the recesses on the axis. To prevent the shaft from spinning, be sure to insert a screwdriver. When removing the nozzle, you need to turn to the right, and not to the left. Disassemble the reel. Drown the latches located on it in the housing, then gently squeeze the edges.
  • How to handle fishing line in automatic mode? You need to handle it as carefully as possible, otherwise a spring will fly out of it (the same goes for fishing lines with a semi-automatic mode). Hold the parts with your fingers and do not rush.
  • Coil with a through hole on the body. You need to stretch the fishing line through both holes (external and internal). After that, turn the button and release the thread.
  • If the coil operates with only 1 cutting element, the procedure is quite simple and quick. You will find a small hole in the inside of the spool, it is thanks to him that you will fix the thread. Insert the end of the thread into the hole, then proceed to winding. This must be done in the opposite direction by thinning to the movement of the coil. Take a closer look. There may be an arrow on your reel model, it indicates the direction in which you want to reel.
  • The end of the thread is fixed with a groove, it is located in the inner part of the spool. Leave a long piece of fishing line outside.
  • If there is no groove in your model, hold the end of the thread with your hand, then install the upper part of the spool and thread the end of the thread into the hole.
  • Set the coil in the trimmer and get to work!
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How many fishing line will you need?

For normal operation, the trimmer is enough 3-4 meters of material. The length of the thread depends on what dimensions the spool has. The larger it is, the longer the fishing line.

Two cutting elements

If your trimmer has a reel with not one, but with 2 cutting elements, rewind the required amount of fishing line and thread the thread through the hole, the fishing line should be divided into 2 equal parts in length. Then start winding 2 parts at the same time. When almost all the fishing line is wound, leave the short ends and grip them in the grooves. This method is suitable for single groove spools.

If the device has not one, but two grooves, you need to insert the fishing line in another way. Fold the thread cut in half and a loop will form at the end. You need to insert this end into the groove, it is between the two grooves. In each groove. One end. Assemble the coil in the same way as in the previous case.

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How to properly thread fishing line into the trimmer coil:

If the instructions above did not help you, check out this clip. You will clearly see how to refill fishing line step by step.