How to start a trimmer for the grass of a gasoline. The second step is to check the state of the filters

Playing a trimmer for grass: how to prepare a tool for work correctly?

The operational properties and service life of a trimmer for the grass largely depends on whether the instrument was running correctly. It is important to correctly prepare the equipment for work: check all the nodes and mechanisms, pour lubricant into the gearbox, carefully inspect the device. This will provide a benzotrimer with impeccable performance for a long period, will prevent breakdown, and retain the motor resource. At the stage of the, you need to work carefully and accurately, because the new components of the elements only rub them to each other. On the other hand, the novice operator also acquires the skills necessary to work with the tool.

So, you bought a new gasoline trimmer for grass and plan to mow grass. Where to begin? First of all, you need to check the condition of the gearbox. By the way, this must be done before each launch of the tool. Insufficient amount of lubricant or its absence enhances friction of the gear transmission, which works at increased speeds. As a result, the gears overheated, wear out faster, the gearbox can fail. Regular inspection of the mechanism will help prevent the occurrence of breakdowns.

Oil laying for the gearbox (it is recommended to use Litol) in the case. There is a special bend for this. Lubrication is poured with a syringe. No need a lot-1-2 ml is enough. Oil should be added to the gearbox every 8-10 hours of operation of a gasoline trimmer for grass.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

To provide the tool with productive operation, it is important to learn how to prepare the fuel mixture. If your trimmer for grass is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, then with the preparation of combustible liquid you can not bother, since such units work on gasoline, and the oil is poured into a separate container. The fuel-oil mixture is used for flooding in trimmers for grass with 2-stroke engines. To prepare it, you need only 2 components:

Mix the liquids in the ratio specified in the operation manual. It also contains information about what fuel and oil are recommended to use.

Important! In no case should you use a spent car oil. For gasoline trimmers, there are special lubricants of a special consistency and composition.

Prepare such an amount of fuel mixture so that you manage to develop in one cycle, because when stored the oil is precipitated, fuel loses its properties and becomes unsuitable for further use.

How a two.stroke engine works: briefly, but it is important to know for a clear launch of a lawn mower

Lawn mowers are produced with two.stroke or four.stroke internal combustion engines. The difference in the design is significant, but each model starts on the general principle. I show on the example of the Chinese trimmer for Eco grass.

The engine is called two.stroke because the full.time cycle is two tacts: the stroke of the piston from the upper dead point of the VMT to the lower NMT. In this case, the launch occurs with the second achievement of the upper position.

Similarly, chainsaws, boat engines and gasoline tools of another similar technique work. Consider the procedure. We are supposed to figure it out.

To start a trimmer motor for grass, we pull the starter’s cord. Its stretching is spinning a crankshaft with a flywheel creating the moment of inertia. The rotation of the crankshaft shaft is converted into the reciprocating movement of the piston.

The two.stroke motor has 4 working cycles:

  • The first movement of the piston from the VMT to the NMT is accompanied by the injection of the fuel mixture (gasoline with butter and air), when the carburetor inlet valve opens under the influence of the created vacuum;
  • The movement of the piston from NMT to the VMT: the intake and exhaust valves are closed, and the working mixture is compressed in a sealed volume;
  • Both valves remain closed. At the upper dead point of the piston through the contacts, the spark slides through the contacts.There is an explosion of compressed gases. Its strength with an impulse throws the piston down and rotates the crankshaft through the connecting rod;
  • The force of inertia of the flywheel directs the piston from the NMT up: the exhaust valve opens and through it the combustion products are pushed into the exhaust pipe.

All stages are performed automatically, but they are prepared by a person with his actions. When making errors it is made, the benzotrimer does not start and may break.

I try to make out all these points in more detail.

Cycle: what mistakes of beginners lead to breakdown of the engine of the trimmer for grass and exclude its normal operation

6 common mistakes with fuel

The manufacturer in the instructions clearly indicates the brand of gasoline with an octane number, oil and their proportions.

The first three errors are that the user of motorcycles violates all or one of these requirements. The motor will most likely start and work, but its resource may decrease sharply.

A small amount of oil, like its absence, will lead to the fact that the walls of the cylinder will not grease normally, and the piston rings will scratch them, and not slide.

Excess oil will simply burn, forming soot. She will pollute everything, including the piston and cylinder.

Failure gets into the valve, blocks their work, after which the motor will not start.

Will have to disassemble and clean the carburetor, or even put a new. Of course, you can try to wash the piston and the cylinder: it may be possible to bring them into working condition, but it is better not to bring them to.

The fuel mixture must be prepared with high quality and in strict proportion. The repair of a spoiled engine is expensive, about 70% of the price for a new gasoline trimmer for grass.

For the preparation of high.quality fuel mixture, I have a special container with a factory division of divisions in a set of trimmer for grass. Gasoline is neatly poured into it to the level of 500 ml, and then the oil to the required label.

An alternative method is the preparation of a fuel mixture with filling gasoline into a calibrated container, for example, a liter canister or a plastic bottle to a label, and an oil additive with a medical syringe according to its divisions.

The dosage with a syringe is more convenient, is considered the most popular way.

I recommend filling gasoline through a funnel with a narrow neck that has a filter: a metal mesh. protection against small garbage.

The prepared mixture should be well shaken and mixed until a uniform color appears. Only after that it can be poured into the tank.

If the mixture does not blame, then it will remain in the tank, and through the carburetor will enter the combustion chamber in portions with different ratios of gasoline and oil.

Fractions of clots of oil clog a candle. The motor stops, stalls, does not start. This is the fourth mistake of beginners.

It should be borne in mind that gasoline is hazardous. The risk of fire exists. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the mixture at a safe distance from the buildings, and in the case of the strait, which often happens to eliminate the causes of a possible fire. Violation of fire fighting measures. error

After pouring the fuel into the gas tank, the latter closes with a screw plug and the lack of leaks is checked. The trimmer for the grass is raised up so that the gasoline fills the cork. There should be no subterations from under the lid or from the fuel hoses.

Lack of such a check. an error can cause a fire.

There is one technical cunning that can cause a benzotrimer motor is not started due to the cessation of fuel supply. If you look carefully at the center of the traffic jam, then a round hole is clearly visible.

We turned Motokosa. Gasoline filled the cork, but does not flow through the hole: there is a sapphone inside. He is working.

On the inside, its design is clearly visible: a valve system of plastic and rubber is built.

In the usual state, the valve is pressed to the hole and the fuel does not flow. Когда бензомотор работает, то топливная смесь расходуется через карбюратор. A vacuum is created in the tank. The vacuum opens the valve of the saapon, the pressure is restored.

You should know the two consequences of a malfunction of the sapuna:

  • Constantly open hole. fuel pours out of the tank during its inclinations (excess consumption and the probability of fire).
  • Contamination or sticking of the valve channel is the reason that the lawn mower does not start or stalls.

Check the soundtress is easy: you need to blow it in both directions.

All about the gas tank cover, including the repair of the saapun, is shown in the video of Bogdan Shabanov.

3 additional advice associated with limited chemical resistance of a mixture of gasoline with oil:

  • Do not create an excessive fuel supply. Use freshly prepared fuel mixture. In a maximum of a couple of weeks, she will lose her useful qualities;
  • Prepare as much fuel as it will go to one mowing during the day. At the end of the work, drain the rest from the gas tank and burn the last drops from the fuel canal with a neglected engine;
  • It is especially dangerous to leave the mixture in the gas tank for a long time. winter. In the spring, you will make sure that the engine does not start without cleaning the carburetor (gasoline evaporated, the oil thickened and glued the valve).

In more detail, the technology for eliminating these malfunctions shows in its video video “Chinese lawn mower is not started” Sergey Lesnik. Pay attention to the fuel filter.

To adjust the work of the carburetor allows a special screw, but it is not worth it to twist it without need: the factory adjustment is accurately exhibited. It is better for novice users to contact the service center.

Instructions for Stavr TB-1700LR

2 Operation Guide Omega thanks you for your choice and hopes that the real product of the Stavr trademark will fully meet your expectations. In order for your purchase to serve you for a long time, you need to use it correctly, store and conduct it

Operation Guide to Praitical Measures 1. Before starting work, carefully read the operating manual. 2. Garden technique should not be used for any other purposes, except for the guidelines specified in this. 3. In the case of transferring garden equipment to other persons in detail

4 Operation Management before technical or service. 24. Let the engine of garden equipment cool before putting it in a closed room. 25. Never work in a trimmer in shorts, sandals or barefoot. 26. It is strictly forbidden to use

Operation Management Components 9 1 10 5 5 8 12 11 13 3 14 6 2 19 15 4 7 18 1 1. Engine 2. Rush 3. Bicycle handle 4. Starter 5. Air filter 6. The throttle droppings 7. Fuel tank 8. Primer 9. Speak of ignition 10. The ignition switch 11. Gas lever 12. Lever fixer

6 Operation Manual Description of the product Trimmer for grass The gasoline stavr TB-1700LR is a household garden technique for mowing grass, consisting of an internal combustion engine, aluminum collapsible bar, a bicycle handle, a cutting tool drive and the cutter itself

Operation Guide 7 Preparation for work build rod 3 2 1 1 1. Install the tool on a solid even surface. 2. Against clock, weaken the screw (a). 3. Insert the bar (b) into the connecting coupling (c) until the stopped roller falls into the hole. And in 4. Tighten the screw

8 Operation Management Installation Installation of a protective casing protective casing (16), depending on the nozzle used! one. Install the tool on a solid even surface. 2. Attach the protective casing (16) to the corresponding mount on the bar (2) of the trimmer for grass. In gasoline trimmers

Operating manual 4. Holding the fixing rod, tighten the nut (b) with the key. Tighten the nut until the inner flange of the knife sniffs tightly to the shaft hub, and then additionally reach the nut by ¼. ½ turnover. B 9 4. Holding the fixing rod with one hand, unscrew

10 Operating manual 5. Install a protective casing. It is recommended to use AI-92 unhealthy gasoline and oil for two-stroke TSC-2 (API) engines. Note: machine oil is one of the main supplies that provides

Operation manual 11 SI in the tank (7) and tighten the lid tightly. From time to time during work at large loads, you can hear the light sound “detonation” (metal knock). There is no reason for concern. If the sound of detonation occurs at a stable engine speed at normal

12 Operation Manual Starter to start the engine, slightly pull the starter handle (4) until you feel resistance, then sharply extend the starter handle. Repeat the procedure if necessary. 4 attention! Do not let the starter handle be released and do not give the starter

How to Start a STIHL Trimmer

Operating manual 13 4. Wait for a complete stop of a working tool and engine. 5. Put a trimmer for grass on a flat hard surface and let the engine cool for a while. Note: It is recommended to cool the engine a little before the final shutdown, letting it work

14 Operation Management Note: To prevent premature wear of the fishing line and additional load on the engine, the grass of grass with a height of more than 20 cm should be carried out in several suits, from top to bottom. 6. To increase the efficiency of the mowing, mow grass towards the rotation of the coil

Operation Manual 15 Maintenance period of the period before each launch every 100 hours every 200 hours every 300 hours every 500 hours check the handle and casing checking the cutting level checking the fuel check check and cleaning the spark plug

16 Operation Guide 1. Stop a trimmer for grass (11) and drown out the engine (10). 2. Wait a while so that the engine and metal parts cool enough for comfortable operation. 3. Remove the spark plug cap (9). 9 4. Remove any dirt around the base of the candle. 5. For

Operation manual 17 5 4. Remove the air filter lid (5). 6. Remove the filter element and rinse it in a solution of domestic detergent and warm water. 7. Then thoroughly rinse the filter element in a non.combustible solvent or solvent with a high temperature

18 Possible malfunctioning manuals and methods for eliminating them. The malfunction of the engine does not start the engine unstablely operating at idle, the engine does not gain speed, the engine does not develop the necessary power or stalls a coil with a cutting fishing line does not supply a fishing line for a trimmer

Operation Guarantee Guarantee Conditions Guarantee obligations are carried out if there is a correctly completed warranty coupon indicating the date of sale, serial number, print (stamp) of the trading organization, seller signatures. In the absence of it correctly filled

20 Guide to the operation of the ring or the presence of scratches and scuffs on the inner surface of the cylinder and the piston surface;. destruction or melting of the supporting bearings of the connecting rod and piston finger;. malfunctions of gears and gearboxes; E) for consumables, interchangeable details,

Operating guide 21 attention! When buying a product, require the test of completeness and serviceability, as well as the correct filling of the warranty coupon. ATTENTION! Technical characteristics may partially differ from the declared when used for purposes not specified by this

Why is a gas cocker?

The reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start can be a lot.

2 stroke VS 4 stroke riders. #dirtbike #2stroke

Most often, the reasons for the difficult launch are:

  • Fuel quality problems;
  • candy malfunction;
  • pollution of air and fuel filters;
  • problems with leveling pressure in the gas tank;
  • Falf in the graduation channel.

Most often these malfunctions are not critical and they can be eliminated independently. Let’s consider in more detail how to do it.

Candles and candle channel

If you suspect a malfunction of the spark plugs, you should immediately unscrew the old candle and replace it with a new. If there is no possibility to instantly install a new candle. thoroughly clean and dry the old. Drain excess fuel through the candle channel and dry it thoroughly. After that, plunge the candle into place, set the gap 1 mm and try to start the braid again.

If the proposed manipulations did not give the desired result. check the contact of the candle. Also, the reason for the lack of a spark may be a faulty ignition unit, which is unlikely to repair it independently.

Air and fuel filter

Pollution of these assemblies of the lawn mower is fraught with either their complete replacement, or thorough cleaning. When replacing the fuel filter, do not leave a suction pipe without protection. this can provoke a breakdown in the piston system of the engine.

Problems with leveling pressure in the gas tank

This malfunction is associated with the contamination of the soundtress. When this part is salted, a vacuum forms in the gas tank, which prevents fuel supply. You can clean the soundtress using a conventional needle.

If, after checking the data of the trimmer systems for the grass, he did not start, most likely, the reason for problems with the carburetor (clogged nozzles, disturbed tightness) or engine (wear of piston rings, chips on the cylinder). Repair of this type can also be carried out independently, but it is better to trust the specialists of the service center.

The first launch of a trimmer for grass

When everything is checked and the prepared fuel mixture is flooded into the tank, there comes the moment of the first launch of the trimmer for the grass before its rolling. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Place a motorcycle on a flat horizontal surface;
  • We move the air damper control lever to the position closed;
  • We pump up the fuel in a carburetor with several pitching of the primer;
  • Turn on the ignition toggle switch;
  • Smoothly pull the launch cord until you feel resistance;
  • After that with a cord 3 4 sharp jerks, until the lawn mower should be launched;
  • After starting, open the air damper.

If the lawn mower does not start or staller the first time, slightly open the air duct damage on the carburetor and try to run again.

How to get a lawn mower: Action Procedure

To start a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must do the following:

  • Close the air conditioning by shifting the lever.
  • Turn on the ignition. for this you need to turn the key or handle to the appropriate position.
  • If there is a manual fuel pump on a gasoline, then you need to press it 2-4 times until a combustible mixture appears inside the primer.
  • Put the device on the ground. Click with a knee on the part where the engine is located, and slowly pull the starter handle until the moment when the resistance appears (the so.called hook). It is necessary to ensure that the gas mowing disk is currently not in contact with anything.
  • Then, with a sharp movement, it is necessary to stretch the cord on yourself 3-5 times.

Когда триммер для травы заведён, заслонка открывается и фиксируется в среднем положении. Before operation, you should wait about five minutes. let the lawn mower will work at idle.

If you cannot start, you need to open the damper again. Otherwise, the candle will flood the fuel during subsequent movements of the cord. After that, you should 2-3 times start an open handbrake engine. If you can’t start it, you need to close the damper and try several more times.

The warmed motor is started elementary: its switch is put in the working position. Well, then the cord pulls to the start.

The common mistakes, which are often made by inexperienced owners, include the launch with unknown ignition or making jerks for starting more than five times when the damper is closed.

A few tips

It is impossible to launch in the room or in the same place where the equipment was refueled. The high concentration of exhaust gases that differ in toxicity has a negative effect on human health.

You can not smoke during the preparation or refueling of the combustible mixture. It is forbidden to carry out these actions near the open fire.

New equipment needs “”. Do not sharply burn on gas. At first it is necessary to work, making short stops, so that all the elements, as they say, are pulled and greased enough.

All the whole, clean, works?

We try to adjust. We take a long screwdriver, we find a bolt of idle speed adjustments (it is on the throttle), twist it a couple of revolutions so that the damper is opened. We start. It works smoothly? Then we go further. Does not start or stall? Open the damper until it starts stably.

If the adjustment of the carburetor has not given its fruits, then it needs to be disassembled. Watch the membrane, clean nozzles and inner moves. For this, it is necessary not only to have a reptile, but also preferably a reserve carburetor.

First of all. check the presence and quality of fuel

Do not understand why the lawn mower is not started, then initially make sure that there is a fuel in the tank. Often, beginners forget that it is necessary to periodically make pauses to season the tool with a gasoline mixture. If the gas mushroom tank is empty, then of course it will not start, no matter how much you try to do it.

If there is a fuel in the tank, but it is impossible to start the tool engine, then do not rush to disassemble the carburetor. Make sure that the trimmer engine is launched correctly, as indicated in the instructions. If the launch is carried out according to the instructions, then it is important to consider the following points:

  • Use not just high.quality gasoline with the maximum octane number, namely the brand recommended by the manufacturer. And far from always such a brand is AI-95 gasoline. If you do not know which gasoline is used for the lawn mower, then choose AI-92
  • The oil should be special. for two.stroke engines. If the lawn mower has a four.stroke engine, then pure gasoline must be poured into it without stirring with butter. On the quality of the oil for the engine engine, the grass should not be saved, as well as on gasoline. After all, the operational resource of the motor depends on the quality of the fuel used
  • Proper preparation of the fuel mixture in a benzotrimer. Observations show that most mowers are only the first time control the process of cooking oil with gasoline for a trimmer for grass. The greater the experience of Kosar, the less close attention is paid to the process of mixing gasoline with butter for a two.stroke engine. The ratio of gasoline with oil should be the way the manufacturer recommends. Typically, this ratio is 25 to 1, that is, 1 liter of gasoline needs 40 ml of two.stroke oil (motor oil for the car and even more so you cannot use it)
  • Proper storage of fuel mixture. It often happens that after the preparation of the fuel mixture, it costs for a long time for more than 2 weeks. It is impossible to store the finished mixture of gasoline with oil for a long time, as this leads to the fact that the oil is precipitated, and thereby the properties of both oil products are lost. Even thoroughly stirring after prolonged storage of the finished mixture is not a reason for its further use. That is why it is not recommended to prepare more than 2 liters of the mixture at a time

Make sure that all of the above points are made, and only after that you can start checking the condition of the candle. A trimmer for grass is not started for various reasons, and most of them can be identified independently. Resorting to disassembling the carburetor, if it is impossible to start the engine, is simply irrational. The next step towards finding a malfunction is a check of the state of the spark plug.

The air damper drive is faulty

A sign of this malfunction is a “heavy” launch of a trimmer for grass after downtime, especially in cold weather. You can eliminate the breakdown by removing the air damper case and disassemble it, check the fastening of the lever and the damper. If there is a backlash, then the part is definitely replacing. These details are easy to find in a store of spare parts for gasoline trimmers, and replacing them will not be difficult.

This is the most difficult problem in the solution, which can only be caused by the use of incorrect fuel, so it is best to contact specialists. But if you decide to engage in the replacement of the rings yourself, be prepared for complex diagnosis. you will have to sort through the entire motorcycle to exclude all other breakdowns, only after that proceed to the bulkhead of the engine.

The main signs of rings of rings are a heavy start “on cold”, a trimmer for grass does not hold idle speed in an unheated state, and also has increased fuel consumption. The speeds are stabilized after the engine heated, and the trimmer for the grass can work relatively normal. but dumping in the speed set there is.

Before disassembly, check what type of engine is used in your motorcycle. The engine can be two.stroke. its disassembly is simple and subject to anyone, and maybe four. such an engine must first be disconnected from the chain drive of the gas distributor, and then completely disassembled. We will not describe the disassembly of the engine. there are many models in the market, as well as ways to disassemble them, we will immediately move on to the rings. Remove the pistons from the engine and carefully inspect them for damage.

If the rings are not torn, but lay down, they can be restored with a gas burner, they warm them well. If the rings are torn, they need to be replaced, also with the help of the burner to heat the old ones and wearing new ones according to the instructions. After that, the engine can be assembled by previously cooing the pistons.

What nodes need to be checked if there are problems

We give a list of problems and appropriate actions to solve problems. Some symptoms intersect, so it is necessary to carefully study the problem that has arisen.

There is a spark and a candle dry

  • Check the fuel hoses and the fuel filter;
  • Check the primer;
  • Check the air damper drive;
  • Check if it is a dirty carburetor;

There is a spark and a candle is wet

  • Check the serviceability of the candle or clean the soil on its contacts;
  • Clean the air fence filter;
  • Check the course of the air damper;
  • Replace fuel with fresh;
start, trimmer, grass, gasoline, second, step

Does not start hot

  • A filter of air fence clogged;
  • Manual launch ventilation (starter) is contaminated;
  • A large gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil;

Not starting on cold

  • Inspect the air damper lever;
  • Stretch the hilt of the air leaks (if the trimmer for the grass is equipped with it);
  • Inspect and replace the primer as necessary;
  • Adjust the gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil;
  • Clean the swing valve;
  • Check the piston rings;

Badly starts in all modes

  • Clean the swing valve;
  • Mix the new batch of fuel;
  • Clean or replace the candle;
  • Adjust the gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel;

Does not start after winter

The main reason for non.letters of motorcycles after incorrect conservation is stagnant fuel. thickened in fuel pipelines, it does not allow the engine to start. Therefore, it is recommended to preserve the tool before long storage.

Inspection of the reducer of the lawn mower and its lubrication

Checking the gearbox before starting a gasoline trimmer for grass must be carried out on a regular basis. The lack of lubrication or its small amount increases the friction of the gear gear of a gearbox operating at fairly high speeds.

As a result, overheating and gears occurs. Motokosa gearbox fails. To prevent the occurrence of such a breakdown during operation and the regular inspection helps.

If, before the launch of a gasoline braid for grass, an insufficient amount of lubrication in the gearbox or its absence in the case is laid “litol”. To do this, it is necessary to unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and the “lilest” in the amount of 1-2 ml.

Working with a gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 mothers add grease to the gearbox of the bar.

Preparation of the correct fuel mixture

Before starting to run the new engine of the lawn mower, you must also prepare the fuel mixture correctly. As you know for two.stroke engines, it is prepared from special two.stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios.

You can find out proportions from the instructions attached to the tool, or on the labeling label. From the instructions you will also learn the recommended type of fuel, as well as the recommended type of motor oil.

Cook fuel in small quantities sufficient for one mowing grass. Use special canists made of plastic for fuel, or a separate glass or metal dishes. It is best to type oil with a medical syringe.

Having gathered to run into a new lawn mower, many are faced with the problem in the preparation of the fuel mixture. And the reason for this is the disagreement in the instructions of the tool manufacturer and in the instructions of the manufacturer of motor oils.

The first recommend a 1:25 proportion. The latter recommend 1:50.

According to experts, if in the instructions for a motorcycle, manufacturers write a proportion of 1:25 or 1:30, then it is most likely a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what kind of oil will be added to the consumer.

But here it must be understood that the excess of lubricant does not affect the performance of a trimmer for grass in the best way. Excess oil does not completely burn out when operating the engine. It cokes, clogs a cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? An ideal option would be to purchase exactly the oil that the manufacturer of the lawn mower recommends.

In the case of engines, when it is not possible to purchase the recommended oil, it is best to purchase a good Husqvarna two.stroke oil for the same gas tool. It costs not cheap, but there is enough it for a long time. It is necessary to interfere with it as it is written in the instructions on the bank.

Remember, it is best to use the proportion that the oil manufacturer gives. But is that proportion that is written on a spit is better to find out by experiment. If, with a trimmer recommended by the manufacturer for grass, the proportion of the engine sniffs with oil and the subteids are visible on it, then the proportion must be increased.

Why is a trimmer not starting for the grass: the main malfunctions and their elimination

As already noted, such situations are characteristic of trimmers who were inactive for a long period of time. Therefore, after detecting the problem, you need to immediately take up the search for a malfunction.

Fuel as source of problems

The first stage is checking the presence of fuel and its quality. First of all, they are convinced that there is a fuel in the tank. Those who have acquired the unit recently, often forget that the trimmer for the grass needs refueling. If there is no fuel, then the equipment simply cannot work.

If there is a fuel in the tank, but the trimmer does not start for the grass, then the owner needs to check whether he is acting correctly. In this case, it is recommended to study the instructions. If the launch is made correctly, then the malfunction can cause the inappropriate quality of the mixture.

  • Oil. It should be special. intended for two.stroke engines. It is not recommended to save on the product, since the life of the equipment depends on the mixture. Trammers for grass with a four.stroke engine require pure gasoline, it is not mixed with butter.
  • It is necessary to use not only high.quality gasoline, but also the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model. If it is not possible to find out what fuel is necessary, then it is recommended to choose either AI-95 or AI-92, and the last gasoline is a favorite, since the first has additives that react with two-stroke oil. Other brands do not advise using.
  • The correct preparation is shifted for a benzotrimer. It is noted that at first this stage is paid to maximum attention, but over time, kosari begin to mix the composition “by eye”, and this is already a serious mistake. The correct ratio of gasoline and oil is 25: 1. For a liter of the first, 40 ml of the second, two.stroke. Motor oil intended for a car is an inappropriate option, since at high temperatures the liquid loses (partially) lubricating properties.

The correct storage conditions of the fuel mixture are important. To save time, some owners prepare it for the future to use it in the coming weeks. This option is contraindicated, since the prepared fuel mixture quickly becomes unsuitable. The reason is the precipitation of oil loss. With this change, both oil products lose their properties. Even repeated stirring is not able to restore the initial quality of fuel. Therefore, they recommend preparing a certain volume: 2 liters, no more.

If everything is in order with gasoline and oil, then they start diagnostics. to check the spark plug.

Candle and its condition

At this stage of diagnosis, you need to stop in more detail. Most experienced owners who are already familiar with the question of why a trimmer for grass does not start, first of all check the state of contact contacts. Diagnosis of this element is carried out as follows:

start, trimmer, grass, gasoline, second, step
  • First, the spark plug is unscrewed, then inspect. If the electrodes are in perfect condition, then they should have a carpet whose color resembles a brick. Wet element, or white, black plaque on contacts indicates the presence of any malfunction. Pink and red electrodes. proof of a large number of additives in fuel. Such a mixture must be replaced.
  • In the event that the spark plug is wet, this means that the combustion chamber has unbroken fuel. It is left in place. Candle contacts are cleaned, then dried (calcination is prohibited). After this stage, the candle is connected to the nurser.
  • Then the ignition is turned on, the frontier handle is pulled. When everything is in order with the element, it must issue a constant spark. If it is weak or completely absent, then the verdict is one. you need to replace the spark plug.

There is another reason why a trimmer is not started for grass. This is a big gap that appeared between the contacts of the candle. A distance of 0.7-1 mm is considered normal. To correctly adjust the gap between the electrodes, use special probes.

If there is no such device, then the folk method is used. A razor blade breaks, folds its parts together. Then this “probe” is inserted between the contacts. Ideal. blades that enter tightly.

The problem is in the fuel and the carburetor

If there is a spark, and a trimmer for grass still does not show signs of life, then nuisance can lie in the fuel supply to the combustion chamber. To make sure that this node is to blame, they perform such actions:

  • They are typed in a syringe or poured into a lid from a plastic bottle of about 20 ml of fuel.
  • Then, through the candle hole, the fuel is neatly poured into the combustion chamber.
  • The candle is returned to the place, put on the imminent, the engine is launched.

In the event that the trimmer has started for the grass, the problem may be in the fuel and carburetor. Когда эффекта от проделанных манипуляций нет, диагностику продолжают — проверяют высоковольтный провод. At the slightest suspicion, this consumption element is replaced by a new.

What to do if the engine is a trimmer for grass still refuses to work? In this difficult case, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • In doubt about the candle and the high.voltage wire, it is better to immediately replace them.
  • If, when checking the new sparkling candle, it was not possible to achieve a spark, then it is almost possible to say with complete confidence that the ignition unit is faulty. the coil came out of the system.
start, trimmer, grass, gasoline, second, step

Check its serviceability simply: they twist the candle, then it is led to the trimmer body for grass. If there is no spark when the starter jerks, or it does not appear every time, then a new coil is required. This element can also be replaced independently.

How to avoid most problems?

The work of this seasonal equipment is very affected by its proper storage. over, this applies not only to a long “rest” in the winter, but also of short intervals of inaction. To protect yourself and the technique from problems, you need to adhere to a few simple recommendations.

  • Before sending on a well.deserved rest, a tank trimmer for grass is freed from fuel remnants. To remove the entire mixture, the lawn mower is launched and allowed to work until the engine is stalled.
  • The first operation after “winter hibernation”. pouring a small amount of oil into the candle hole. Before that, the piston is moved to the extreme position. Such a lubricant will facilitate the launch and prevent premature wear of the details.

Before starting working with a motorcycle, they must check the candle and all the main equipment components.

start, trimmer, grass, gasoline, second, step

Reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start is quite a lot. But most of them can be detected and fixed independently. The main thing is the correct diagnosis, attentiveness and sequence of actions. And about how you can cope with problems, the master from the next will tell in detail