How to Start a Trimmer Stihl Fs 130

To understand this, you need to know the principle of operation of the unit as a whole. It also happens that, just bought, a new saw does not start, and running around the service centers begins, in such cases it is recommended:

Carefully read the operating instructions; to study in detail the method of first winding and running the lawn mowers; try to understand the principle of the product; how is pumping gasoline and so on.

Causes of mowing lawn malfunctions:

The quality of gasoline is poor; the wrong proportion of gasoline and oil; clogging of the fine filter; the spark disappeared.

Lawn mowing does not start after winter

In such cases, the unit must be serviced. Remove the fuel system, including filters (air, fuel), disassemble the carburetor, clean each unit, rinse. Blow out filters with air. Pay attention to the quality and octane rating of the fuel.

It should be noted that the products of such well-known companies as STIHL, Husgvarna and other brands will not work on cheap gasoline with a low octane rating.For them, suitable fuel from the AI-92 brand and higher from gas stations and those that are well-established, since gas stations also have bad gasoline. The use of high-octane and high-quality gasoline will determine how long the lawn mower will be used and how long it will last.

It is necessary to take into account one more fact that during long-term storage of the diluted fuel mixture, its working qualities fall, which also leads to consequences in which the lawn mowing does not start. Therefore, it should be diluted portionwise, that is, the amount of the mixture that is produced at a time.The operating instructions clearly describe and explain the proportion of mixing gasoline and oil. Strict observance of the correct proportions will at least save you a few questions why the lawn mowing does not start and what to do in such cases.

The lawn mowing starts and stalls. What to do?

1. There is a spark, and everything seems to be normal, but the lawn mowing does not start; in such cases, check the air access valve in the fuel tank. Clogging of the valve leads to the creation of a vacuum in the tank, at which the carburetor loses gas, so the lawn mower will start, but then stall. To eliminate this reason, you need to clean the valve and try to start a lawn mow with a tank cap that is not fully twisted.2. If the lawn mowing does not start at the same time, remove and clean the fuel filter, and also check all the carburetor parts, and then try to start. The lawn mowing does not start again, the air filter is disconnected, try to start without it, if the lawn mower starts to mean the reason in the air filter, replace it.

How to Start a Trimmer Stihl Fs 130

The lawn mowing does not start, the spark disappeared

The disappearance of a spark entails checking the contacts and the correctness of the gap between them, the conductive wires to the candle and the candle itself.A way to check the spark is to unscrew the candle, connect the wire to it, put the candle sideways to the motor cover and pull the starter several times as if starting the lawn mowing, while you need to look at the angle and the contact of the candle, a spark should run between them.If there is no spark, take a new candle to do the same procedure, if at the same time the spark is not traced, it means the problem is in the wire or contacts, it is better to replace them.

Lawn mowing does not start on a cold

When starting a cold motor, it is not recommended to press the gas. Having tilted the lawn mow so that the air filter is on top, press the fuel suction button 5-6 times, set the function lever to the “start” position, pull the starter cord several times until the engine starts. After a few seconds of motor operation, turn off the start system.

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Lawn mowing doesn’t start on hot

If the lawn mower was recently in operation and has not yet had time to cool down but does not want to start, press the gas trigger, pull the starter cord sharply several times until the engine starts and only then release the gas trigger. If a lot of time has passed and the lawn mowing has managed to cool, then it is necessary to start it as if it were cold.If the above methods did not help, the lawn mowing did not start, then you should contact a service center.

Repair and service of garden equipment.

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Caring for a personal plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mowing does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. For the correct diagnosis of the problem, the owner of the unit useful at the cottage needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

Where to start diagnosing lawn mowers

If the lawn mowing does not start or immediately stalls after start-up, it is necessary to check all the main components and assemblies in sequence. The verification algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Exhaust channel.

These nodes are most often the source of major problems that can be fixed after a thorough inspection.

Checking the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of the gas spit, check the availability and quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not be greedy and do not be clever in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). It is necessary to prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its quantity from real needs. Excess gasoline remaining after work over time loses its quality.

We diagnose a candle and a candle channel

If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawn mower stalls at start-up, then a filled candle may become the cause. Here, for repair, an ordinary candle key (probably every motorist has one) and a spare candle will do.

  • We twist the candle and wipe it;
  • Dry it thoroughly (do not calcine);
  • The excess fuel in the chamber is drained through the spark plug hole and dried;
  • We clear an old candle from a deposit by means of a file or a lady’s file;
  • We set a gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
  • We return everything to its place and try to start a trimmer.

Dry the canal for at least 30-40 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of re-pouring a new candle.

If the candle is working, the nest where it is completely dry and the lawn mower does not want to start, we lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly moistened. No matter what wonderful spark a candle gives out, there is simply nothing to light up in a dry chamber.

If the trimmer motor still does not start, a cause such as the absence of a spark due to poor contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire should be excluded. If the connection is high-quality, but there is still no spark, most likely, your ignition unit has “flown”. Here you can’t do without a master, because the part is not being repaired, but sold as a complete unit.

Diagnostics of lawn mowing filters

Another reason that the gas braid stalls may be an air filter. To exclude it, try to remove the filter and start the trimmer without it. If possible, then you will have to change the air filter to a new one, or at least blow out and thoroughly clean the old one.

A gas trimmer may not start up due to contamination of the fuel filter. This is the next step in our algorithm. Here we check the condition of the filter element and, if necessary, change it with a new one. When replacing, try not to leave the suction pipe completely without a filter, this is prohibited by any operating instructions. Haste can result in repair of the engine piston group.

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Breather and exhaust channel

Often, “gentle” branded lawn mowers do not start and stall due to contamination of the breather. The main function of this element is to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. If this unit becomes clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank, which prevents the fuel supply. You can fix the problem by cleaning the breather. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

The normal operation of the braids with internal combustion engines may be impaired due to the ingress of dirt into the exhaust channel or clogging of the silencer mesh. There is such a problem on older models. You can solve the problem by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-spark mesh.

Complex causes of lawn mowing failure

If the step-by-step troubleshooting algorithm does not give a result, and your braid still does not start or stalls, it is worth examining the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons for unstable tool operation. Three main problems can be distinguished here:

  • Clogged channels or jets. All this is cleaned with special washes or purged with a powerful jet of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wire, as passage sections may be damaged;
  • Worn carburetor gasket. Exit. Replacement of a failed gasket;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing a manometer with a suitable one. Keep an eye on the readings: if they do not change, everything is fine, and if the pressure starts to fall, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. We’ll have to find it and replace it with a new one.

If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the gas trimmer may not start due to wear on the piston group. If chips, scratches, or nicks are found on the piston or cylinder, they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory inspection. A slight piston loophole while rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. This procedure is best entrusted to service center specialists.

Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

In order for the lawn mowing to continue well, you need to provide it with good storage and operating conditions:

  • During operation, carefully monitor the cooling system, carefully and timely clean the channels in the housing, as well as the fins of the starter;
  • If necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other detergents for cleaning;
  • Do not clean the tool “hot”. Let it cool;
  • Strictly follow the requirements of the instruction regarding the operating mode, otherwise you may overheat the engine;
  • If you do not plan to use the lawn mower in the next month, the fuel mixture must be drained from it, because over time it breaks up into heavy fractions that will uniquely clog the carburetor channels;
  • After draining the fuel, let the trimmer idle until it dies, this will help to completely remove the remains of the working mixture.

Before winter storage, follow these steps:

  • Completely disassemble the braid, rinse and clean all the details that you can;
  • Inspect the parts for damage, if necessary, eliminate distortions, gusts, bends and any other malfunctions;
  • Pour enough oil into the gearbox and clean the air filter;
  • You can partially disassemble the motor, flush, blow and grease all moving parts;
  • In order to lubricate the piston, you need to unscrew the candle, raise the piston to the dead center with the starter, pour a little oil into the spark plug hole and rotate the crankshaft a couple of times;
  • If you are not keeping the lawn mowing house, wind the engine with an oiled rag.

Remember, careful observance of the rules will allow you to forget that it is bad to start a lawn mow for several seasons.

It is inherent in man to ennoble the place in which he spends the lion’s share of his own time. Residents of cities use the services of designers, or try to change something in their own house, purchase the latest furniture, wallpaper, so that when you come home after a difficult day, you can have a moral rest and relax in a suitable environment.

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The inhabitants of their own houses, located outside the city, have completely different concerns and requirements. It is necessary to mow bushes, grass, various dead wood on time, carefully take care of the condition of the cottage and garden.

It is clear that for this purpose you need several other means of achieving comfort. In this issue, the new brainchild of engineering. The lawn mowers of the company “Stihl“.

The history of this German brand begins in 1926. At the initial steps of its own development, the company was engaged in the production and sale of various devices for washing and steam engines. It all began, like many companies, with a small production and a narrow focus, which made it possible to concentrate on the quality of the manufactured products.

At the beginning of the 30s, the first STIHL chainsaw was released, which was distinguished by its convenience and functionality in the past. The company is developing at a rapid pace, constantly introducing new tools, which gives it the opportunity to enter the international market. Now in 1931 the first permanent supply of products to Russia was organized.

Today, the company has deployed its functions in more than 160 countries, opening new centers and production branches in Switzerland, China and other countries. This is quite natural, because the assortment of the office is impressive: motor drills, gas sprayers, mowers, gas trimmers, chainsaws and everything else. I would like to note that Shtil chainsaws are very in demand due to their own functionality and applicable cost.

Special mention deserves the mower of the office “Stihl», Characterized by its own versatility, reliability and ease of operation. Specialists of the company created many varieties of braids, with different features and uses.

For instance, a selection of lawn mowers designed for mowing grass in huge places. For this purpose, you have developed a self-propelled wheel system, with the help of which it became necessary to take care of a large territory, without spending extra time and effort on all this. For the design of shrubs, giving them a certain artistic appearance and texture, the lawn mowing is perfect. If you need a lawn mower for the highest grass and uneven areas, then follow this link and get information for choosing this type of equipment.

If you need a narrower approach to harvesting grass, for example, near flower beds, in other words between trees, then gasoline will do just fine with this task trimmer, Designed for accuracy and precision. The company’s specialists have provided what remains to make our client aspects and possible difficulties while working with braids, because they provided them with nylon strings that prevent mechanical damage to trees.

A special AutoCut trimmer head is also used, which ensures the normal functionality of the gas trimmer string knives. This article will tell you about the of gasoline manual lawn mowers, trimmers for you, it will also help you make the right purchase, which you will not regret about.

Two types of mower data are distinguished: amateur and professional models, designed to solve problems of a certain difficulty. The first category includes models FS 38, FS 45, FS 55, etc. The features and differences of these tools are in the motor power (from 0.9 to 1.2.4 hp, depending on configuration) and tank volume (approximately 0.34 l).

Professional trimmers include Stihl FS 130 and FS 250. Let us examine the properties and characteristics of several mowers, for example, FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

Watch the features of the device in the.

The model is first distinguished by its own simplicity and compactness, which is completely enough for proper care of the adjacent area. The main control buttons are located on the handle of the device, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

Cost per mower Stihl The FS 38 is about 130 bucks.

  • Motor power. 0.9 hp;
  • Engine displacement. 27.4 cm3;
  • Tank volume. 0.33 l;
  • Motor type. Two-stroke;
  • The bar is level;
  • Handle. D-shaped;
  • Equipment. 2-tooth trimmer blade for grass, glasses for protection, belt;
  • Weight. 4.1 kg.