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Segment or rotary mower. Which is better for a tractor, for grass

Rural life has its own special way, which not everyone can get used to. It means constant work that does not stop even for a day. There are no days off here, like city dwellers, because you actually feed yourself with your own hands, keeping cattle or doing work in the garden.

Such a monotonous life at first glance allows you to feel confident, because only you are responsible for your life and your success, without looking back at your bosses, stock quotes and other things that are insignificant in rural life. From how a rural man looks after his garden, house, and his cattle, depends on its survival in these conditions, which can only be endured by a truly strong and whole person.

Still some twenty years ago, for a person living in rural areas, no special tools (for example, a Makita gasoline self-propelled lawn mower) and technology (such as a honda lawn mower) were invented to facilitate his everyday life. All that he could count on was in his own calloused hands and a simple list of auxiliary tools, known since ancient times.

One of these innovations is a variety of tractor mowers designed for cutting grass. They had their own varieties and types of designs, which were due to different tasks. There are two main types of mowers for tractors. Rotary and segment. Today we will take a closer look at segment mowers, and you can read about self-made rotary mowers for a tractor here.

Principle and device of work

The segment tractor mower is designed for mowing grass in large and small cultivated areas. This invention is indispensable for rural enterprises, and ordinary villagers too. After all, the cattle needs to be fed with something, and the feed, in fact, lies under the very feet and it remains only to properly mow it. You can, of course, resort to the good old manual braid, but it is very long, dreary and not suitable, for example, for agricultural enterprises.

Therefore, many do choice towards the segment mower, which is hooked up to the tractor. Unfortunately, no alternative transport or invention has yet been invented that would replace tractor technology. Although this regret may be in vain, because the tractor has always been considered the main driving force in the rural economy, with the help of which almost all work on plowing, cultivating or harvesting hay was carried out. The segment mower is no exception, which is completely meaningless without a tractor as a driving force. If you are confused by this fact, then you can purchase a simpler model such as a hand-held electric mower at a very affordable price.

In the process of movement, the grass will fall between the segments of the mower, thereby rolling over the cutting blades, and, in fact, cut off. The grass cut in this way is laid in an even layer back to the ground, which is extremely convenient for its subsequent harvesting.

The design of a segment mower for a tractor does not look particularly complicated, which does not mean that it is ineffective to work with it. On the contrary, as practice shows, this method of mowing grass is one of the most beneficial, especially for large cultivated areas.

The segment mower includes:

  • Bearing beam;
  • Cardan transmission;
  • Transport traction;
  • Cutting mechanism;
  • External engine;
  • Lifting the apparatus.

Features of the segment mower on

Therefore, more and more people are asking the question. Is it possible to make a mower with your own hands? And, as the experience of other people shows, this idea does not seem so unrealizable.


Segment mower KPO-2,1 designed for tractors of brands T-40, T-25 and YuMZ-6. The grass cut by this machine is laid in the spread. The competition for this model can be made by a home-made rotary mower for the T-25, which has a different principle of operation, but will cope with the task no worse.

  • Weight. 250 kg;
  • Speed. About 10 km / h;
  • Width of the mowed surface. 2.1 m;
  • Area of ​​the treated surface. 2.5 hectares / h;
  • Height of the mowed grass (min). 5 cm.

The segment mower KP-F-6 is designed to work on huge areas of space. This is a very profitable option for agricultural enterprises, because one-time coverage of the mowed grass is very high with this model. But, if you are looking for an assistant for a small area, then we suggest that you read this article, which provides useful advice on the topic of which lawn mower to choose.

  • Weight. 1100 kg;
  • Type. Trailed, consisting of three beams;
  • Dimensions (l / w / h). 605cm / 762cm / 247cm;
  • Height of the mowed grass (min). 6-8 cm;
  • Speed. 9 km / h;
  • Width of the mowed surface. 6 m;
  • Number of cutting knives. 3.

As you can see from the characteristics, there are a huge variety and modifications of segment mowers for a tractor. There are more expensive models that can mow a strip up to 7.8 meters in one pass, there are more compact models ideal for personal rather than industrial use. They also differ in price.

How to use the trimmer correctly

Garden trimmers are efficient. Newbies think it’s easy to operate a lawnmower by plugging it in or pouring fuel, but that’s not entirely true.

The efficiency of the garden tool and its service life directly depend on the operating conditions. Therefore, before using the trimmer, you need to do some preparatory work.

The lawn from which you need to mow the grass is carefully examined. Glass and large stones must be removed. When flying out from under a running mower, they can injure a person. Wire is removed from the lawn, because it can wrap around the rotating element and break the mower.

After that, proceed to the installation of the cutting system. There are low power trimmers on the market that only use line. It is designed for cutting juicy and soft grass. But there are models with a capacity of more than 1 kilowatt, on which metal knives are installed. They cut off sow thistle and other hard weeds, trim young shrubs.

In order to replace the cord with knives, you need to unscrew the fastening nut, install the cutting element. Then the nut must be returned to its place, tightened with a wrench.

The operator must take care of his own safety. Mow the grass in heavy protective clothing. Special goggles are used to protect the eyes; they will protect against dust, grass and flying debris. Hands are covered with gloves.

The electric trimmer is plugged into the network, and battery models are charged for several hours before use. Fuel is poured into a gasoline mower.

Hold the mower with the spool or knife parallel to the ground. When the tool is in the correct position, turn on the motor. Turn off the mower after the grass has been cut.

First start

Before the first start, the operator assembles the mower, the procedure is described in the instructions that come with the product.

If the trimmer is gasoline, it must be checked before use. The fuel tank is filled up to the neck.

The motor must run in to fuel, so the first time it is started, it must run for a few minutes without load. Then start mowing the grass.

How to put on a belt

If the tool has a shoulder mount, hang it on the shoulder before starting work. The trimmer is fixed on both shoulders if it has a knapsack mount.

The bicycle handle model is held with 2 hands, the D-shaped handle is wrapped around the palm. The belt must be worn so that it is comfortable, then the back will not get tired.