How to Wind a Fishing Line On a Bosch Trimmer

Often, owners of large garden areas are forced to fight large wild weeds and shrubs. Gasoline trimmers can solve this problem. They are distinguished by high power, endurance and increased traction parameters. However, the main advantage of the lawn mowers is their autonomy, that is, the ability to work in any part of the garden without being tied to a power source.

Gas trimmer device

There is a wide variety of lawn mowers on the market today. But, despite this, they all have a similar device and work almost on the same principle.

Each gas trimmer includes an internal combustion engine located at the top of the tool. Depending on the device, the lawn mowers may include a 2- or 4-stroke ICE. Next to the engine is a translucent plastic fuel tank, as well as a starter, which is responsible for manually starting the engine.

The lawn mowing motor is connected to the cutting organs using a metal rod, inside which a flexible or rigid drive shaft can be installed. As a rule, manual lawn mowers are equipped with non-demountable rods, but sometimes manufacturers equip their equipment with demountable rods for more convenient storage and transportation of tools.

How to Wind a Fishing Line On a Bosch Trimmer

Almost all lawn mowers are equipped with handles that can have a D-shape, or resemble a bicycle steering wheel. On one of the handles of the handle are controls that are connected to the drive of the lawn mowers with a cable. In the lower part of the mower there is a gearbox, the main function of which is to transfer force from the shaft to a standard spindle equipped with cutting bodies. To protect the operator from damage, each gasoline braid is equipped with a plastic shield that is attached to the bottom of the boom.

The cutting organs of a gas trimmer are fishing line placed in a plastic reel, or a metal disk. As a rule, the head and discs come with a garden tool. Thanks to this, the operator always has the opportunity to install the cutting device that will help mow wild vegetation without overloading the lawn mowing engine.

How is a lawn mow different from a trimmer?

Lawn mowing in its standard configuration is called a garden tool running on an internal combustion engine. The trimmer, unlike the lawn mowers, is equipped with an electric motor that is powered by a voltage of 220 V. Therefore, the main difference between the lawn mowers and the trimmer is the type of motor and drive.

In addition, 2 types of garden tools differ in the following criteria:

  • Attachment to a power source. Lawn mowing has no restrictions. Its engine does not require a constant connection to the electrical network, which makes it possible to use it for mowing grass in the most remote places. Unlike a lawn mower, the trimmer needs constant power, so it cannot be used for a large area;
  • Specifications. Manual gasoline mowers differ from trimmers with higher power and increased traction parameters;
  • Environmental friendliness. Each gas mower is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which processes fuel and releases harmful gases into the environment. Unlike gasoline powered tools, electric trimmers do not emit harmful substances, which makes it possible to use them in greenhouses and other closed utility rooms:
  • Noise and vibration level. Any 2- or 4-stroke lawn mowing works an order of magnitude louder than an electric trimmer. In addition, the vibration level of gasoline tools is also an order of magnitude higher than electricity-powered equipment.

The differences between the petrol and trim tabs are in their size and weight. As a rule, the lawn mowing device is equipped with a large number of metal parts and moving mechanisms, which significantly increases their weight and size. Electric trimmers are not equipped with so many nodes, in addition, most of their parts are made of plastic. This makes power tools for giving easier and more convenient to use.

How to choose a lawn mow for domestic use?

The choice of lawn mowers should be subject to certain factors.

The list of the most important of them includes:

  • Power and torque. The higher these indicators, the more effective the grass mowing tool will be to cope with large weeds and wild shrubs;
  • Availability of useful options. Many manufacturers equip their equipment for the garden and garden with an anti-vibration system, a prestarting hand pump, as well as a host of other useful options. They are recognized to extend the life of the tool and make it more convenient in everyday use;
  • Build quality. High-quality lawn mowers do not have significant backlash. All their spare parts and mechanisms fit tightly in their regular places and do not emit extraneous sounds;
  • Ease of operation. When choosing lawn mowers, factors such as running-in, daily operation and maintenance must be taken into account. It is also important to consider that the trimmer is easy to repair with your own hands. Otherwise, its owner will have to visit the workshop every time the tool breaks;
  • Dimensions and weight. For use in small areas, a light trimmer with a relatively small size is suitable. In order to care for large areas, a heavier lawn mower gasoline manual trimmer will do.

When buying a trimmer, you also need to consider the availability of documentation. The market delivery set must contain instructions that indicate how to break in and use the tool, as well as how to carry out its independent repair.

Popular brands of domestic lawn mowers

When buying garden equipment, it is very important to consider its country of origin. Reliability, build quality and tool life are largely dependent on this. The most popular among gardeners from different countries are lawn mowers, issued in such countries:

  • Germany. Trimmers released in this country are distinguished by endurance and an impressive margin of traction. German models are good at mowing not only small grass, but also larger wild weeds;
  • Japan. Almost all Japanese models are configured to work in difficult operating conditions. They withstand prolonged loads, while consuming a relatively modest amount of fuel;
  • Usa. Semi-professional American lawn mowers differ from their counterparts from other countries in their ergonomics, good factory balancing, and low noise level. At the same time, garden tools from the USA are powerful enough to cope with mowing large weeds;
  • China. Chinese lawn mowers stand out for their high power, ease of operation and unpretentiousness in maintenance. Lawn mowing from China is the best option for beginner gardeners;
  • Russia. Russian gasoline trimmers are suitable for operation in extreme conditions. Released professional lawn mowers are a good option for caring for large and densely overgrown territories;
  • Italy. In the list of products manufactured by Italian brands, there can be found not only a standard lawn mower, but also a self-propelled mower. Another important advantage of Italian lawn mowers is the low price of equipment.

A review of quality lawnmowers is rarely necessary without equipment manufactured in Sweden. Swedish models are characterized by high reliability, long working life, as well as high suitability for repair. This makes it possible to use gasoline trimmers from Sweden in the largest areas.