How To Work With A Perforator For Concrete

Is it possible to exclude dust?

How to work with a dust-free rock drill? The duration of its operation depends on the professional care of the hammer drill. Particular attention should be paid to the lubrication of the gearbox when working with concrete, because in this case dust is most formed.

You can protect yourself from it with a vacuum cleaner. Some models have special hose fittings. You also need to take into account that in the process of working at low speeds, the tool heats up quickly, so keep track of the duration of its work and rest.

How To Work With A Perforator For Concrete

After completing work and disconnecting the tool from the mains, clean it with a cloth from dust and dirt. It is allowed to slightly moisten the rag in a soapy solution. Pay particular attention to the condition of the ventilation openings. It is also important to periodically carry out tool maintenance.

How to work with a puncher: 7 nuances that are important to know

Even small repairs, not to mention professional construction, are not complete without the use of a hammer drill. It is with its help that you can make a hole in a stone wall or a recess in a concrete structure. Therefore, both the home craftsman and the builder should know how to work with a puncher.

Also, such a tool allows you to quickly and easily drill the required number of holes in ceramic tiles, brick, wood, metal. And additional attachments will allow, for example, to drill the floor, compact the material, hammer in the rod and even tighten the screw.

Depending on the application and the availability of additional accessories, the rotary hammer can be used for a wide variety of construction operations. But how to do it correctly to prevent the tool from breaking down?

For what materials can the rotary hammer be used:

  • Is it possible to tighten screws, self-tapping screws with a puncher? Whenever possible, many professional builders prefer to use a power tool that is capable of performing the functions of several types of equipment. The hammer drill is one of them. For quick and convenient screwing in screws or screws, special nozzles are used. Among them there are models with a limiter, which guarantee control of the “sinking” of fasteners.
  • Is it possible to interfere with the solution with a perforator? It is possible, and quite effective at a low viscosity of the solution (for compositions of high viscosity, it is recommended to use a stirrer nozzle and work at minimum speed). An additional argument in favor of this use is that the speed of rotation of the tool shaft can be easily changed. In addition, according to the principle of its operation, the perforator differs little from the construction mixer.

Can a puncher drill a tree? Using a puncher, you can get enough quality holes. To do this, you need to use the power tool in drill mode and use special drills. The drilling speed is determined depending on the material and hole diameter.

Can a puncher drill tiles? The main problem in working with ceramics is that they can crack if mishandled. That is why, when using a hammer drill, it is first of all necessary to turn off the hammer mode, and it is better to start drilling at low speed with a gradual increase in speed.

Can a puncher drill metal? Provided that a special drill is used, it is possible to create holes with this tool in almost any material. In most cases, they have a cylindrical shank and a spiral design. The material for their manufacture is high strength steel (often based on cobalt alloys). versatile in use will be drills equipped with carbide inserts on the cutting edge.


Metal is a hard material that is difficult to mechanical stress. To work with it, you will need the most durable drills. over, it is impossible to save on the purchase of drills, since a poor-quality nozzle can lead to the destruction of a metal workpiece.

Working with thin metal sheets is very difficult. During the drilling process, steel workpieces are constantly shifted. To prevent this phenomenon, the sheets should be fixed in a special device.

To create an even hole, rubber is placed under the metal sheet. Thanks to the rubber, no scars will appear when drilling a hole with a large diameter. If a blind thread is cut, then you can eliminate the ingress of debris by pouring wax or paraffin inside the hole.

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How to operate a hammer drill in drilling mode?

It is recommended to start the drilling process at low revolutions without applying strong pressure on the power tool. After turning on the electric motor, you need to let it run in idle mode. This will allow you to immediately identify the malfunction before starting work in the event of vibrations, any extraneous noise and smoke, which will protect you from injury, and the tool from breakage.

The technology for performing work directly depends on the type of material. It is often difficult to drill metal. To do this, you need to use drills designed for these jobs. In addition, it is required to pre-prepare the surface of the material. It is important to remove foreign objects and debris from it.

Preparing the punch for work

It is necessary to prepare the tool before work if in the process of work it is planned to change drills, boreholes or nozzles. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Remove and clean the cartridge;
  • Lubricate it from the inside;
  • Install the cartridge with the lubricating ring shifted;
  • Rotate for a secure fit;
  • Lubricate the seat of the drill or borehole;
  • Insert a drill or borehole into the chuck (while checking the fixation).

You also need to check the integrity of the cable connecting to the mains. Everything is done according to the safety instructions for use, where they indicate how to work with a hammer drill in the desired mode. The power tool must be run in idle mode before use. This allows you to check the health of the device. Next, we will look at using the punch in different modes.

Mixing of mortars

The perforator allows you to mix high-quality solutions of low viscosity. For mixtures of higher viscosity, it is better to use a special nozzle. It is better to stir at low speeds. The advantage of the power tool in this case is that the mixer rotation speed can be increased or decreased at any time. This feature allows the rock drill to function as a construction mixer.

Working with a punch in different modes

Drilling mode

It is recommended to start drilling at a low speed without pressing the surface too hard. After starting the engine, it should run in idle mode. This is necessary so that in the event of vibrations, extraneous noise or smoke, react in time to the malfunction and prevent more complex consequences in the form of injuries, damage to building structures, complex tool breakage.

In the technology of performing work, much depends on the characteristics of the material. For example, there are often questions about how to drill metal with a hammer drill. Experts recommend using only high-quality drills that are specifically designed for such operations from trusted manufacturers. In addition, the surface must be properly prepared. The hole is made in stages with a gradual expansion of the diameter to the desired size.

Impact drilling mode (drilling)

The hammer drill has become a common designation for the drilling mode among most manufacturers of construction tools. Particular attention during the execution of work should be paid to prevent skewing of the nozzle. It is also important not to put additional pressure on the rock drill, this will not lead to an increase in motor power or acceleration of work.

This function is not always used. For example, before drilling a tile with a hammer drill, it is important to turn off the impact mode and prevent the drill from sliding over the surface, which often causes scratches.

Impact mode

To work in impact mode (the toggle switch rotates to the position indicated by the hammer), special chisels are used. During operation, the perforator must be clamped with both hands. In the process, the chiseling speed can be adjusted depending on the characteristics of the work performed. It is necessary to constantly monitor the tool, since situations often arise in which the drill inside the structure stumbles upon the reinforcement. If the hole is filled with crumbs, it is enough to remove the drill in idle mode to clean it (you can also use a construction vacuum cleaner).

Rotary hammer care and operation

The length of its service life directly depends on how the basic rules for operating the punch are observed. First of all, you need to pay attention to the lubrication of the tool. It is not worth saving here, especially if concrete work is to be done.

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A lot of construction dust is always generated during work. You can protect the perforator from it with a vacuum cleaner. Many models have special fittings on the body to which the hose is attached. To protect yourself from concrete particles, you can put on a shield on the drill, made, for example, from the bottom of a plastic bottle.

How to work with a hammer drill to avoid overheating? Please note that both during fast rotation and when operating the tool at low speeds, it heats up very quickly. Therefore, it is important to follow the operating and rest mode of the punch.

In order not to have to ask the question why the punch does not work, you need to properly monitor the power tool and keep it in proper condition. After use, the switched off instrument should be cleaned with a soft cloth. If necessary, you can also use a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. It is imperative to clean the ventilation hole of dust and dirt.

If, nevertheless, the punch stopped working, please note that specialists should be engaged in its repair. By the way, you should contact the service center after intensive use of the tool, even if it is in good condition. A routine inspection will help avoid malfunctions that could result in injury. This recommendation should not be neglected, especially if tools with high power and strong impact are in operation.

Techniques for working correctly with a punch

When working, you must use protective equipment. These include safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs. You need to work in buttoned overalls, removing everything that can accidentally wind up while working on the drill.

Do not push the rock drill hard in the direction of impact or drilling. This is not necessary, since this will not affect the impact force and performance of the tool, but it can fail because of this.

The hammer drill should not run idle, because in this case the impact energy is absorbed by the mechanisms, and this leads to their additional wear.

When working with porous and loose material, it is better to use hammerless drilling to avoid crumbling.

When working with materials of increased hardness, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. Machine oil can be used as a lubricant.

Working with solids also requires liquid cooling. Special emulsions can act as cutting fluids, grease or machine oil are also used.

If it is necessary to use long drills for economy, it is advisable to start drilling with shorter drills of the same diameter.

Regularly, every 180-200 holes, you need to grease the drill shanks with grease, after cleaning them from dust and wiping them with a dry cloth. You can use grease or lithos as a lubricant.

To increase the resources of the consumable, it is periodically necessary to let the drill cool down and cool the borax in water or machine oil.

It is necessary to monitor the heating of the tool body in the area where the gearbox is located. With strong heat, take a break from work until the hammer drill cools down. It is not recommended to use water for cooling as water, if it gets inside the case, may damage the instrument.

It is necessary to alternate the periods of work and rest of the instrument. For professional rock drills, it is recommended to take a break of 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of operation.

How to properly work with a punch in different modes?

Now we turn to the issues of equipment operation.

A small instruction will help you do it quickly and safely:

  • Drilling. The hammer drill is included in the drilling mode without impact. The lever is installed opposite the mark with the drill designation. After that, the working body is installed in the right place and the tool is started. During the drilling process, you do not need to exert much physical effort. To prevent damage to the chuck, the tool is equipped with a locking function, which must be used when working with a wooden or metal surface. Before starting operation, the perforator should be inspected, started and held at idle for a few minutes. At this time, there should be no extraneous sounds and smell, strong vibration or smoke. Such signs may indicate malfunctions.
  • Drilling. This mode is also called hammer drilling. The unit is set to the desired mode, at the mark with the drill and hammer designation. A working element is installed at the intended point and a launch is performed. While drilling, you must firmly hold the power tool so that it does not move from the desired point. The drill must be removed periodically to clear the cavity of dust and waste material, to facilitate and speed up the process. It is necessary to first find out if there is reinforcement in the concrete and how it can be located there.
  • Impact mode. It is used when it is necessary to make a strobe for electrical wiring, or to hollow out a certain cavity. The mode switch is installed near the hammer image. The machine should be held firmly, but without undue pressure, as this will not improve the result in any way.
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How to work with a puncher?

When building, carrying out repairs and redevelopments, you cannot do with the popular electric tool. a perforator. It can be used as an ordinary drill, to drill hard and durable materials. concrete, brick, stone. And how to work with a puncher in order to perform work quickly and efficiently? After all, this tool has several modes and may well be considered multifunctional.

This issue is very important, since the correct operation of the equipment will not only allow you to cope with tasks at a high level, avoid injuries, but also extend its useful life.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the device and the principle of operation of the power tool. Its main purpose is the processing of hard surfaces, the creation of holes and indentations by means of impact. The hammer drill is also used to dismantle old ceramic tiles, openings and niches in the walls. Its versatility lies in the ability to work in chiseling, drilling in metal, wood, with impact and without impact. Professional models can work as a jackhammer.

There is an impact mechanism inside the structure, which is activated by pressing a button. The main technical parameters of the device are the strength and frequency of impacts.

Features of drilling different surfaces

As already mentioned, the hammer drill is a versatile tool that can handle any material with ease.

But at the same time, there are a number of features that must be taken into account:

  • Metal. You will need the hardest drills to work with metal surfaces. When drilling a thin sheet, a rubber backing should be used, and the sheet itself should be firmly fixed.
  • Tree. Despite the relatively soft structure, when processing wood, it is necessary to fix the workpieces and not press hard on the unit.
  • Concrete. In this case, you need a winning work item. To begin with, a drilling point is marked, a small notch is made in it using a standard drill, a victorious tip is installed and the required hole is created. During the process, it is necessary to cool the working body with water.
  • Ceramics. For brittle finishing materials it is recommended to use special carbide tips. Thanks to these elements, the load on the material is minimized and it is easy to handle. If the finish has already been done, then it is necessary to use tips designed for glass surfaces to process it.

And general recommendations. In the process of performing work, you should use personal protective equipment, glasses, hats, gloves, follow the instructions of professional builders and strictly follow safety rules. When using professional models, it is recommended to take a break for ten minutes every half hour.