Huter Chainsaw Doesn’t Start Cause

Huter Chainsaw Doesnt Start Cause

The reasons for the breakdown of such a complex tool are many. Therefore, it’s important to immediately determine why the chainsaw doesn’t start. This will allow you to put it in order on your own or with the help of outsiders in a timely manner. Sometimes the reasons are so commonplace that they are rarely mentioned in the instructions, but in most cases even small recommendations from there will be useful.

Causes of Chainsaw Breakage

Reason number 1, which many users face is production defect. It is not difficult to determine, because already the first start of the chainsaw is impossible. This is rare, but do not forget about the law and the ability to return the purchase in the allotted time back to the seller. The best protective argument is a warranty card with the seal of the distributor and the serial number of the device. He will prove the right to a replacement or refund.But if the device worked perfectly after the purchase and after it, it is worth understanding the probable causes of the failure. The nature of the failure will indicate the probable cause. So, a chainsaw may not start at all after a long break in work, may not start after a long work or stall at the first attempts to start a productive work making sounds only at idle or low speeds.

Saw Diagnostics

Why a chainsaw starts badly

There may be several reasons for the saw starting poorly. They need to be checked in turn, excluding one after another, approaching a guess. The simplest reason is the lack of fuel or the ignition off. So, you can fill the tank with fuel mixture and check the start of the ignition system. If this does not help, go on to check the condition of the spark plugs.The absence of spark from spark plugs is most often due to 2 reasons. No. 1. A deposit has accumulated on the candle that needs to be cleaned. No. 2. Candles wet from gasoline. The first sign of this is the strong smell of gasoline near the candle. The candle can be dried with a rag, previously unscrewed with a key or simply wait 10-15 minutes until the mixture disappears. If the candle gets wet often, it is necessary to determine the reason why too much fuel is supplied.It happens, and vice versa, when the candle is dry, and the fuel near it does not even smell. The reason for this is that the mixture does not reach the combustion chamber. This process needs to be restored to resume work.

Huter Chainsaw Doesn’t Start Cause

Do not forget that candles are consumables and require periodic replacement in the event of a malfunction.The air supply also plays an important role in starting up. To eliminate the problem, remove the air filter. If necessary, clean it or sopun if available. Muffler may also require cleaning. The soot and soot accumulated in it affect the work.The last reason they think about it is the improperly made fuel mixture. But this is precisely what can serve a poor factory and poor-quality work. Complex breakdowns are not recommended to be performed by yourself; for their solution, you should contact your nearest service center.

Why the chainsaw starts and stalls

If the saw still starts up, but stalls at the first attempt to do the job, the reason may be different. Reason number 1. Jamming of the chain due to lack of lubrication or the appearance of problems with the chain brake, making further work impossible. In this case, check the oil level in the tank. If everything is in order, the cause may lie in the tube leading the fluid to the lubricating mechanism. It can clog, break, stopping the movement of the oil, or burst, causing the oil to leak out without reaching its destination.Reason number 2. Problems with the carburetor. Perhaps its parts have deteriorated; it requires cleaning or adjustment. It is quite difficult to determine the breakdown in this case. Carburetor cleaning is a rather complicated and monotonous task, which not everyone can do. The same applies to checking the status of its parts. Such an operation is best entrusted to professionals. The only thing that can be done at home (but only for some models) is to configure it. All instructions on how to do this are in the accompanying documentation.

Chainsaw Carburetor

The last reason is commonplace. The low level of the fuel mixture in the tank. It manifests itself when the chainsaw stalls when tilted. The mystery lies in the fact that when the fuel ends when tilted, it accumulates in a certain part of the tank. When tilted, the suction tube may end up in the air part, causing the fuel to stop flowing into the chamber.

How to start a chainsaw

Before starting a saw, it is necessary to fill it with a mixture mixed in predetermined proportions so that there are no questions: why a chainsaw does not start. Next, operations vary by model. They can be found in detail from the instructions for the device. But, in general, the process looks like this. If there is a start lock, it is removed and the saw brake is clamped if necessary, setting it to a non-working state. Pull the choke lever. Then the ignition button is turned on and a few jerky movements are made by the starter, until a distinctive cotton is heard from the engine, indicating that it is working, with the foot on the rear handle. After that, you need to set the damper lever in the middle position and continue starting with the starter before starting work. At the end, the shutter is retracted and the sawing process is started with a gas trigger.