Lifan engine for a walk -behind tractor preparation for work. What else do you need to know?

How to run the Lifan engine for a walk.behind tractor correctly

What to do with new equipment immediately after buying? Whether it is necessary to run the engine or you can immediately start work?

The running-in is considered complete if the unit has worked at an average load of 5-8 hours. Everything, now your faithful assistant is ready for work. Work on health!

What includes the subsequent maintenance of four.stroke gasoline engines? Oil level control in the engine crankcase, its regular replacement. Maintenance of the ignition system (check and replacement of a candle, controlling the blade between the ignition coil and the magnetic circuit). Maintenance of the fuel supply system (checking the system, cleaning fuel and air filters, adjusting the carburetor, etc.).

Details of a working or recently stopped engine can be very heated, so be careful and do not touch them with your bare hands so as not to get a burn.

Oil change

The first oil change in the engine crankcase is carried out after 20 hours of operation of your unit or a month after the start of operation (depending on what will occur earlier).

Further according to the operating manual (usually after 100 hours of work or every 6 months). The oil is replaced in a heated engine (this will provide good fluidity of the oil required when it is replaced) in the following order: the oil lumpy cap is turned off. The plug of the drain hole is turned. In the pre-substituted container, oil is drained (10-15 minutes). A drain plug is wrapped. The oil is filled to the required level. The lid is wrapped.

Fuel filter.

Filter pollution can reorganize the engine operation due to insufficient fuel intake to the carburetor. When checking the condition of the filter from the tank, it is necessary to drain fuel, remove the fuel filter and inspect it for pollution. If necessary, clean and install in place.

Air filter.

There are also such air filters that are in an oil bath or soaked in oil. In this case, after cleaning the filter, it is necessary to soak it again with oil or replace the oil in the filter housing.

Let’s summarize. Opinions about the and subsequent engines are slightly different, but it is easy to highlight common points from them.

Firstly, if you need it, then in no case at idle, secondly, it is necessary to monitor the oil level, this is very important.

Separately, we add that the choice of oil for a cultivator, a walk.behind hand, a lawn mower or a generator is not so simple. Ordinary car oils are not suitable, no matter how you are assured of the opposite. It is necessary to use special oils for 4-stroke air cooling engines. Recall that on our website you can find oil certified by the Lifan plant and be sure of its quality.


Lifan motoring maintenance includes a number of measures aimed at preserving the internal parts and preventing breakdowns, namely:

  • Checking the level and oil replacement in the engine of the walk.behind tractor.
  • Checking the level and oil replacement in the motorblock gearbox.
  • Checking, cleaning, replacing air filter.
  • Cleaning the sump.
  • Cleaning, adjustment, replacement of the spark plug.
  • Valves adjustment on the Lifan motorblock.
  • Cleaning the fuel tank.

With maintenance, it is important to comply with the requirements of the manufacturer to use fuel and oil. What oil to pour in the engine of the walk.behind tractor is written in detail in the user’s instructions. With the use of inalition or fuel, one.axic tractor will come to a malfunction. Maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the schedule in the instructions.

Engines for motoblocks and cultivators. Technical characteristics, user manuals

Lifan 168 F-2 engines with a maximum power of 6.5 liters.With. One of the most popular for installation on walkways. Used both on motor vehicles in production and other manufacturers.

The Lifan 168 F-2 gasoline engine is designed to install household levels on small motorcycle equipment. It is most suitable for installation on cultivators and motoblocks, motorcycles, motorcies, generators, snowball players and other equipment. This model combines durability, efficiency with moderate value and ease of use. Producing country. China.

According to the statistics of Yandex’s requests, engines for Lifan walk.behind tracts are leading in their popularity and demand. While Honda, Subaru and BS are arguing who is better, Lifan wins the market in this segment. If you decide to buy a certain model through an online store, you will see that Chinese engines to buy and choose easier, as they trade much more firms.

For those who have an obsolete engine, for re-equipment, the Lifan 168F-2 motoring engine is ideal with an increased motorcycle resource. For complete re-equipment, it is only necessary to purchase 2 stream pulleys, a platform, belts, a gas cable and a set of fasteners.

These engines are ideally suited for motoblocks of virgin grounds, Neva, salute, favorite, agate, cascade, Ugra, Oka, Volga, Ray, Farmer, Patriot. Almost all of the listed manufacturers complete their motoblocks with Lifan gasoline engines.

For all Lifan equipment, we are provided with a 2.year warranty. This fact indicates a fairly high quality.

Lifan (Lifan). The official website of dealers in http: //

Official representative of the Lifan plant in http: //

Official representative of Lifan in http: //

Technical characteristics of the Lifan 168F-2 engine

Model 168f 168F-2
Dimensions, dhhhhv, mm 305x365x335 313x376x335
Dry mass, kg fifteen 16
engine’s type 4-stroke, ONV, one-cylinder with a slope of 25º
Cylinder volume (see 3) 163 196
Cylinder diameter, piston stroke, mm 68×45 68×54
Maximum theoretical power, kW/rpm four.1 (5.5 l.With.)/3600 four.8 (6.5 l.With.)/3600
Recommended power, kW/rpm 3.4 (4.6 l.With.)/3600 4 (5.5 l.With.)/3600
Max. torque, n m/rpm 9.0/3000 eleven.0/3000
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 394 394
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Ignition system Non.radioral (TS1)
Type of spark plug BRR6ES (NGK), NHSP LD 6RTCU173F
The direction of movement of the crankshaft Counterclock-wise
Adjustable parameters: gap of spark plugs with a light.legged valve hodzerus (cold engine) 0.7-0.8 mm1700 ± 150 O6./minute: 0.15 ± 0.02 mm Issue: 0.20 ± 0.02 mm
Launch manual
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l
The volume of oil in the engine: 0.6 l
Recommended oil SAE. 30 year old, sae. 10W. 30 all.season (for modifications with the gearbox the same oil is used)
Fuel Non.electrolyted gasoline with an octane number of at least 92
Nearest analogues Honda GX-200, Champion CH200K/G200F

All engines from the Lifan 6 series.5 L C (the series includes Lifan 168F-2, 168F-2R, 168FD-2R) is equipped with an automatic decompressor and an oil level sensor. The decompressor serves to reduce efforts when starting the engine, and the sensor is used in the engine blocking system when the oil level decreases below the established norm.

The schedule of dependence and torque from the engine speed

From the schedule we see that the optimal operating modes of the engine in the region of 2500 rpm

What oil to pour into the Lifan 168F-2 engine

The most correct selection of oil will help determine the operating instructions for the engine. Here is an excerpt from the instructions: oil. This is a key factor providing engine operation. Do not use oil with additives and oil for a 2-stroke engine, They do not contain enough lubricant, which reduces the life of the engine. Check the engine by installing it on a horizontal surface recommended oil: SAE. 30 year old, sae. 10W. 30 all.season (see. Fig) since the viscosity changes depending on the temperature and the region, the lubricant should be selected in accordance with our recommendations. Cm. the engine on the horizontal surface.2.Remove the probe and wipe it.3.Insert the probe in the neck of the oil crankcase again without twisting the lid, and measure the oil level.four.If the oil level is low, share the recommended engine oil.5.Insert the probe in place.

lifan, engine, walk, tractor, preparation, work

The engine is equipped with an oil amount of oil control system (oil sensor) system of controlling the amount of oil is developed in order to prevent the engine damage due to insufficient oil in the crankcase. Когда уровень масла становится недостаточным, система контроля количества масла автоматически остановит двигатель, предотвращая его повреждение, в то время как переключатель двигателя остается в положении «ON» («Вкл.”).

The oil sensor is an element of the system that blocks the engine when the oil level decreases below a certain limit. Engine blocking is needed:- When calling or a vehicle coup.- Lifan engines are installed as drives not only in vehicles, but also in generators. Generators, as a rule, are stationary mechanisms long.term tracking of their work, they are not required. Therefore, if something happens to the generator in the generator in the process, the lock system will avoid its breakdown.

Unhealthy gasoline with an octane number is used at least 92. The use of unhealthy gasoline reduces the formation of soot and extends the life of the engine. Never use unpeeled gasoline or a mixture of gasoline and oil. There should not be dirt and water in the fuel. The Japanese carburetor is installed. The engine is stable even on low.quality gasoline.If you decide to use gasoline containing alcohol (benzosport), make sure that its octane number is not lower than the recommended. There are two types of benzospict: one. containing ethanol, other. Methanol. ethanol should not exceed 10%, and methanol. 5%. If methanol in a mixture is more than 5%, this can reduce the efficiency of the engine, and, in addition, damage parts from metal, rubber and plastic.

It is possible to purchase a certified gas module, which makes the engine two-fuel gas. petrol. In this case, the warranty from the manufacturer is preserved.

Recommended spark plugs: BP6ES, BPR6ES (NGK) or NHSPLD F7RTCU. The cleanliness of the candle guarantees the normal operation of the engine and the fact that there will be no haze around the candle. Measure the gap of the candle with the probe. The gap should be from 0.7 to 0.8 mm adjust the distance, bending the side electrode.

Check that the candle washer is in good condition, if necessary, replace it. Screw the candle with your hand until it stops, and then tighten it with a special key. When you install a new candle, tighten it for another 1/2 turnover to press the puck. If you install a candle that has already been used, tighten it to 1/8-1/4 turnover.Candle prevention must be carefully installed and pressed. An insufficiently pressed candle can be heated and damage the engine. Use only recommended candles and similar. The wrong temperature range of the candle can damage the engine. Turn the candle neatly so as not to break the thread in the cylinder block.


According to the engine instructions for a motor block and motor-cultivator, a 4-stroke internal combustion engine Lifan has such nodes and details:

  • Fuel tank with filters.
  • Fuel crane.
  • Crankshaft.
  • Air filter.
  • Starter.
  • Spark plug.
  • Airy damper lever.
  • Drill plug.
  • Oil traffic jam.
  • Muffler.
  • The lever of the throttle.
  • Probe.
  • Engine switch.
  • Working cylinder.
  • Valves of the gas distribution system.
  • Crankshaft bearing.

The motor is equipped with a protective automatic oil level control system, in some models it has a lowering reducer to reduce the speed of rotation of the shaft. The gas distribution system is equipped with inlet and exhaust valves, collectors, distribution shaft.


The Lifan Unoa Tractor has the following advantages:

  • stability of work;
  • high quality;
  • reliability;
  • low noise and vibration;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • the use of a cast.iron sleeve to increase the motorcycle resource;
  • simplicity of operation and maintenance;
  • large margin of safety;
  • long term service;
  • affordable price.

All these qualities are favorably distinguished by Lifan engines from other engines.

What is the right run for

It needs to be carried out after delivery of the unit from the store. This procedure is also done after the overhaul of the engine and the main nodes. The test is necessary to extend the service life of the unit. This procedure will prepare the machine nodes for long loads.

lifan, engine, walk, tractor, preparation, work

At the end, maintenance is organized. The verified parts are cleaned of dust and dirt and treated with diesel oil oil. Also, seals and bearings for damage are also examined again. In the future, it is carried out every 2 thousand hours of work.

How to run a single tractor

Playing diesel or gasoline motoblock is a grinding of all elements and details in its system or node. The process is performed in the mode of weak loads on average first 20 hours of car operation.

The BCS Walk-Behind Tractor

Four points adhere to the correct run:

Important to remember! At the end of the, oil is replaced in the motor and in the transmission nodes of the machine.

You should also know: when the one.axine tractor is in place, it is forbidden to disperse the engine to full speed.

How to run a single tractor

Playing diesel or gasoline motoblock is a grinding of all elements and details in its system or node. The process is performed in the mode of weak loads on average first 20 hours of car operation.

Four points adhere to the correct run:

  • The oil level in the motor is checked before starting. If there are shortages, a valve is made above the minimum mark of the probe.
  • Before starting work, the tank is refueling the fuel substance of the brand and the quality required by the operating manual.
  • Control is controlled so that the motor operates for some time at average speeds. The engine should work in each gear, starting from the first to the last.
  • In the process of, a new uno.based tractor is tested in functional modes. They cultivate and plow soil, as well as transportation of goods in compliance with permissible loads specified by the manufacturer.

Important to remember! At the end of the, oil is replaced in the motor and in the transmission nodes of the machine.

You should also know: when the one.axine tractor is in place, it is forbidden to disperse the engine to full speed.

Features of the procedure

The first step is a scrupulous check of each mount, each bolt. The tank is 100% filled with gasoline or other necessary combustible, motor oil. You should certainly take care of the preparation of the coolant in the required volume. Passing the run is not only means “wipe” to each other parts of the engine, to “work” them among themselves. It is also required to carefully check the serviceability of the brakes and steering devices.

It is impossible to run a single tractor normally if the steering wheel is not set according to the rules. After the end of the, you should immediately inspect each detail. This takes time, therefore it is worth carefully planning all the work so that nothing prevents the process. Technical inspection includes:

study of the condition of each seal and bearing;

immediate replacement of damaged and deformed parts;

Checking springs of forks and control elements.

How much to run a single tractor

Turning to the instructions for the operation of motoblocks of several popular brands, we will consider in more detail the time of running the units.

  • Neva MB-1, MB-2 and MB-23:
  • The first 20 hours of work MB-1 are the period of production;
  • The Uno-Totor MB-2 Neva brands with the Briggs Stratton 6.5 engine is recommended to run into the first 25 hours of work;
  • Parting period of the MB-23 Multiagro model with a Japanese engine (Yamaha or Subaru)-20 hours.
  • Oka (with the Lifan motor) rolled up 30 hours.
  • Agate. Motobobes of this brand are recommended to run into the first 25 hours.
  • Ural (ZID) with the UMZ-5B engine-the 1996 operating instructions say that the duration of the engine is at least 60 hours. At the same time, the operating engines require the UMZ-5A and UMZ-6A engines.
  • Zirka (LX 1090D with a diesel engine R180 or 190N) has a period. the first 25 hours of operation.
  • MTZ: The Unoa Tractor Belarus 09H recommends to run into 50 hours, during which the parts of the machine are worked.
  • SICH-6 and MB-9 motor: in the instructions of both the first and second motoblock it is said that before operation they must be drove at least 10 hours.

How to run a single tractor correctly

Recommendations for the of different manufacturers of gasoline and diesel motor cultivators are similar, but sometimes have some features.

Neva motor blocks should be drove with 4 mills, deepening by 10 cm for each pass. When aggregating a vehicle vehicle for transporting goods, its mass should be no more than 200 kg for the MB-23 Neva model with the Yamaha engine, and 150 kg-for MB-2 Neva with the Subaru (Subaru) or Briggs Stratton (BS). Throughout the period of production of motor block parts, it is necessary to monitor the oil level in the engine crankcase, and conduct a visual inspection of the unit before each launch, and, if necessary, tighten all the bolts. You should also check and configure the tension of the drive belt.

The leadership of the UPO motoblock with the Chinese Lifan engine describes the following:

  • It is necessary to work with the walk-behind tractor during the run-in, without loading it-the entire site is processed in 2-3 doses, the depth of plowing is 10 cm;
  • The throttle should not open completely, the lever turns about 2/3 of the full move;
  • On viscous (clay and loamy) soils, it is necessary to work no longer than 2 hours per reception;
  • Another important requirement is to check the oil level (engine and gearbox).

Carburetor-type engines installed on the Urals (UMZ-5A, UMZ-6A and UMZ-5B) require more time to develop parts, and the rules for their running-in are given in detail in the instructions. Firstly, only those varieties of gasoline and oils that the manufacturer recommend that you need to use. The same.based tractor cannot be loaded with an unheated engine, it is warming it on average speeds with a gearbox in second gear. With each passage, it is necessary to turn on the gearbox, and perform easy work for which there is enough engine power up to 2.5 liters.With. And also every 4-5 hours of running-in, it is required to carry out tightening all the mounting elements of the walk-behind tractor. The oil change is carried out according to the following scheme: 1st replacement. after 8 mothers, the 2nd and 3rd. every 16 motorcycle hours, and then every 20 hours of work of the walk.behind tractor.

How to install Lifan engine on a single tractor?

The Chinese engine is usually put in the case when the native engine has become unusable or its repair is already pointless. The new engine in this case has great advantages over any Soviet. After the purchase, the engine will delight its master for a long time by how it is perfectly tuned. After all, as a rule, any new engine is easy to start and works correctly for many years.

As mentioned above, the engine needs to be selected taking into account the size of the seats, so the complexity of the installation of the Lifan engine on the one.legged tractor depends only on the model of the frame itself, which is supposed to be installed.

The installation itself will be performed in a few simple steps, which even a person can cope with the subject and never engaged in this:

  • Removing the old engine. As a rule, it is produced using conventional track keys or heads. It is simply completely removed, having previously disconnected the gas cables if they are present. Also, before removing, throw off the belt that transfers torque to the gearbox.
  • Installation of a new engine. It is made using the same mounts, if they coincide. If not, then you can redo these fastenings yourself by drilling holes or even welding additional metal plates, if necessary.

How to install the Lifan engine on the Unoic Tractor “Cascade”?

In itself, the Unoic tractor “Cascade” is interesting to summer residents because it is quite compact, convenient for transportation. Intended mainly for working in summer cottages, small gardens and gardens. But with all this, there is a good opportunity to expand the ability of this walk.behind tract due to attaching equipment.

Installation is carried out quite simply, most often the mounts of the Lifan engine 6.5 coincide with the factory and it is only necessary to just replace the engine, start it and start using it. But there are cases when the mounts are slightly different. In this case, “get out of the situation” can be different.

The easiest way is to make a transition plate in which it is necessary to make holes for engine mounts and weld it. If there is no such opportunity to just fasten it into regular places on the frame.

Technical characteristics of Lifan motor blocks

Lifan model range. In the market, the company represents new generation cultivators equipped with powerful Lifan engines and having excellent technical characteristics.

Consider the technical characteristics using the example of the Lifan 1WG1100C single.based tractor:

  • Power. 6.5 l. With.
  • Engine volume. 270 cubic
  • Engine. Lifan.
  • Launch. manual.
  • Motoboblock control mode manual gearbox.
  • The number of programs. 3.
  • Performance. 0.3 m/s.
  • The width of the processed harrow 800 1100 mm.
  • The depth of the harrows 150 200 mm Additional capacity of the cutter, wheels.
  • Weight. 110 kg.
lifan, engine, walk, tractor, preparation, work

User manual

Before using the MB, it must be collected and prepared for work. Upon receipt of the cultivator, pay attention to its power unit. It should have a sticker with a security icon. Recent modifications of the Lifan 8 liter engine. With. Lifan have distinctive features that must be taken into account when assembling MB. The modification of the Lifan 900 mm motor block. 1100 mm involves the installation of additional equipment to expand the plowed harrow.

When working with a motor.cultivator, it is important to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Before each launch, the engine should be inspected.
  • Beware of flammable objects when operating Lifan engine.
  • Do not let children and animals to a working MB.
  • You can refuel the tank only when the MB is turned off.
  • Do not start a motor in a closed room.

Two-Wheel Tractors. The Practical Collector

Each MB before starting work should undergo a in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

The start of work without running the Lifan engine entails premature breakdowns and the failure of the technique.

Lifan walk.behind tractor

Lifan motor lock allows you to prepare a motor cultivator for full operation when fully loading equipment. The purpose of the is the production and grinding of all elements of the power unit. The process of running the Lifan engine is as follows:

  • Before starting the engine, check the oil level.
  • Season the fuel tank.
  • Launch one.axle tractor at medium speeds.
  • Within an hour you need to test the car in all programs alternately.
  • With the help of a cultivator, all actions (plowing, cultivation, transportation of cargo) at medium speeds and only on previously plowed land.
  • After running in, replace the oil and season the fuel tank.
  • MB is ready to work at full power.

It should be remembered that the processing process is described in detail in the user’s instructions. Before performing any actions, check out the leadership and act in accordance with the description.

Earth cultivation with Lifan motor blocks

The purpose of Lifan motor cultivators is a high.quality cultivation of land for planting, caring for seedlings and harvesting. This type of technique is great for processing areas of medium and small area with any relief and various types of soil. The land plowing on this unit is available to a depth of 200 mm, which allows only a fertile soil layer to dig out, leaving more deep clay layers untouched.

Thanks to the large selection of attaching equipment using the Lifan walk.behind tractor, any kind of personal work can be done depending on the season and needs of the consumer. Changing the components of the motor.cultivator can be used all year round, starting with plowing and landing, and ending with snow cleaning in the winter.

The standard equipment of the walk.behind tract includes:

Lifan engine power in recent models allows you to easily treat virgin lands with complex mixed soil. However, when working with a motor.cultivator, do not forget about the need to maintain technology maintenance.

How to adjust the valves?

After a certain period, it is necessary to adjust the “Lifan” engine on the walk.behind tractor, because failures arise, that is, it begins to work incorrectly. In fact, there are not many problems for which the unit can behave incorrectly. One of the main ones is the wrong valve adjustment. It is quite simple to produce it, all work is performed in several stages:

  • The valve cover is removed.
  • The gap, as a rule, is from all norms from 0.02 to 0.12 mm, so you need to take any measuring probe or device for accurate exhibition.
  • Next, the adjustment itself is performed using a screwdriver and a measuring probe, which should be placed under the valve. A screwdriver, in turn, is unscrewed by the adjusting screw.
  • After setting, it is necessary to return the lid to the place.

Oil change

The oil in the Lifan motor block should be poured high.quality, all.season, preferably from a good manufacturer. Replacement is quite simple. First, the old oil needs to be drained. Then a new one opens and poured into the motor. It is advisable to carry out the procedure on a heated engine, but it should be drowned out.

The amount of oil, as well as the quality of the necessary oil, can be found in the instructions for the motor. It also describes in sufficient detail all repair and maintenance, so there should be no problems with this.

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