Oleo-Mac Chainsaw Doesn’t Start

In the range of high-quality and durable European-made chainsaw equipment, a worthy place is occupied by the model range of domestic and professional chainsaws of the Italian brand Oleo-Mac.

The popularity of chainsaws is based on the use of high-quality raw materials, a careful selection of modern production technologies and new design solutions, and constant updating of products. These factors allowed manufacturers to stabilize sales at a high level.

Oleo-Mac Chainsaw Doesnt Start

The popularity of the entire model range is promoted by:

  • The availability of optimal technical and operational characteristics;
  • A comfortable level of cutting work with a high level of complexity;
  • Long service life of standard components and assemblies;
  • High quality assembly from components of our own production.

Constructional properties

Branded Oleo-Mac chainsaws successfully combine in their design the main provisions of the classic layout with new areas of industrial design.

In new models from the category of exotics are transferred to the scope of standard equipment:

  • Quick start systems;
  • Air intake devices with two-stage air purification;
  • Systems for automated cooling and lubrication of the saw set;
  • High-speed emergency circuit stop devices.

To implement the right choice of saws, the buyer can go to the official website of the company, which has a complete catalog of products, the main and secondary characteristics of each model separately.

Product Range Overview

In the market for power tools, the Italian chainsaw Oleo-Mac is represented by several models, which are in stably high demand in unofficial ratings.

Oleo-mac 936

The general-purpose chain saw Oleo-Mack is focused on an extensive list of works:

  • On a pile of forest dead wood with a diameter of up to 180-200 mm;
  • Sawing wood fuel;
  • The formation of crowns in gardens and forest areas;
  • The construction of wooden structures and structures.

The drive of a 16-inch saw headset is realized by the traction properties of a two-stroke ICE with a cylinder volume of 35.2 cm3 and a power of 2.2 hp. Offline mode provides a fuel reserve of 400 ml in the tank.

The simple design of the tool and convenient access to internal equipment provide the opportunity to:

  • Low cost service;
  • Troubleshooting by the owner;
  • If necessary. Do-it-yourself repairs in a home workshop.

Oleo-Mac 937

The undoubted success of the 936 series saw initiated the development of its improved version, known as Oleo-Mac 937. The easy-start device, the oil pump drive of the lubrication system were significantly modified, and access to the air intake filter was simplified.

The service life of the power unit is increased due to:

  • Production of critical parts from special steel;
  • Applying a wear-resistant porous-chromium layer to the surface of the inner diameter of the cylinder;
  • In terms of extending the resource, the leading chain sprocket has been finalized.

Oleo-Mac 940C

With full reason, the 940C series product can be considered universal. The characteristics of the household class saw are partially similar to the parameters of semi-professional tools. The product weighing 4.1 kg is equipped with a push-pull 39-cc internal combustion engine and a power of 2.4 hp. There is also the place to be a productive saw headset with a 16-inch guide rail.

The stock of the fuel mixture for 400 ml and 220 ml of chain oil allows a sufficiently long time to operate the saw in an autonomous mode.

The advantages of this model:

  • The presence of a primer eliminates the problems of a cold winter start;
  • Two piston rings provide stability of compression in the cylinder of the power drive almost throughout the assigned resource;
  • Three-cam clutch design contributes to smooth starting and stopping the saw chain.

Oleo-Mac 941 (C and CX)

The semi-professional Oleo-Mac chainsaw is developed in two versions. The 941 C series model is recommended for complex and volumetric sawing operations with wood up to 40 cm in diameter.

  • Stable traction parameters ensure reliable and durable operation of the internal combustion engine with a cylinder displacement of 39 cm3 and a power of 2.5 hp.
  • The design of the instrument involves the principles of classical layout and new technical solutions. The Oleo-Mac 941C saw is one of the few models with automatic ignition advance and a cylinder head chrome-plated for better heat dissipation.

The version of the basic tool with the CX index has been improved in terms of user convenience and the extension of the resource of the component parts of the chainsaw as a whole.

In particular, operational advantages were used:

  • Easy start systems;
  • Manual adjustment of the performance of the oil pump;
  • Lateral arrangement of the chain tension mechanism;
  • Interchangeable parts and consumables of both versions are interchangeable.

Oleo-Mac 947

The semi-professional Italian saw is aimed at users who prefer to have a sufficient supply of power and torque in their working tool.

  • The 947 series received a 45 cm3 gasoline engine and an output of 3.1 hp. And a high-performance saw headset with a 400 mm working bar.
  • Due to the presence of a standard vibration damper and an optimal level of noise background, the applied shape of the body and handles, the 4.9 kg instrument provides the sawyer with ease of use.

Oleo-Mac 952

When developing a project of a powerful and durable 952 series chainsaw, the experience of operating the corporate assortment and the best examples of European brands was used. A professional-class model with a 3.4-strong ICE, designed for felling and sawing of any complexity.

The torque reserve necessary to compensate for workloads provides a 45-cc volume of the power unit, performance. An 18-inch headset.

The list of advantages of Oleo-Mac 952 chainsaw:

  • Stability of the drive and saving time on filter maintenance;
  • Carburetor with integrated compensator;
  • The presence of a quick start system, primer and decompressor eliminates the problems of cold start at temperatures up to 30 ° C;
  • There is a tool-less access to the air intake cover and a lateral arrangement of the saw chain tension adjustment mechanism.

Oleo-Mac 956

Professional chainsaw model 956 in power, reliability and performance is not inferior to leading European and Asian counterparts. The saw is powered by a standard engine with a volume of 56.5 cm3 and power up to 4.1 hp

The design of a two-stroke carburetor drive has no restrictions on the duration of continuous operation.

The advantages of the model:

  • Productive 410 mm headset guide rail;
  • Parts of a connecting rod and crank assembly made of forged metal and wear-resistant chrome plating of the inner diameter of the cylinder;
  • Adjustable performance of the oil pump lubrication and cooling systems;
  • Speed, within 1/12 sec, of an emergency stop chain;
  • Increased adaptation to work in extremely low temperatures.

Oleo-Mac GS 35C

In the range of budget-level Oleo-Mac household chainsaws, the GS 35C model is characterized by a combination of affordable cost, operational reliability and performance. The tool with a dead weight of 4.4 kg is equipped with an economical and extremely easy to maintain 39 cc engine with a power of 2 hp.

The design feature is an innovative, combined spring-rubber vibration damper and an upgraded system for the dosed supply of chain oil to the working area of ​​the cut.

Oleo-Mac GS 44

The capabilities of this model are expanded due to increased to 2.9 hp. Engine power and the performance of the 460 mm headset. According to experts, the GS 44 model is an excellent option for private traders, large farms, a machine park of a logging or construction organization.

Design differences from identical products:

  • Duplication of a hand brake of an emergency stop by an inertial switch;
  • Modified systems for starting, fuel supply and lubrication of saw equipment.

Oleo-Mac GS 370

Equipped with an environmentally friendly Burn Right engine, the model is an analogue of the proprietary saw of the 937 series. The new generation saw is characterized by less than 40% fuel consumption and 80% the amount of toxic compounds in the exhaust gases.

In the budget-priced household chainsaw, technical solutions are used that are characteristic of semi-professional class developments.

Oleo-Mac GS 650

The review of the model range is completed by the professional saw of the GS 650 series. The tool with a carburetor drive with a volume of 63.4 cm3 and a power of 4.7 hp is equipped with a high-quality and durable 450 mm saw bar.

The presence of heating fuel equipment, easy-start systems determines the suitability of this model for full-fledged operation in the northern regions of the country.

Carb adjustment

Proper tuning of the fuel system directly affects the efficiency and productivity of chainsaw equipment. Carburettor adjustment is one of the most important maintenance points.

The maintenance manual for this tool provides a certain sequence of adjustment work performed after servicing the air intake filter and warming the power unit at medium speed.

After setting up the fuel supply system, the traction parameters and the economical consumption of the combustible mixture are restored at a given level. In the case when the saw does not start or does not reach the proper working level, the root of the problem may be the clogging of the nozzles or the water that has got into the carburetor.

The advantages of the model range of Oleo-Mac chainsaws

The products of this manufacturer have the optimal ratio of cost and quality in all respects.

Italian chainsaws of the Oleo-Mac brand are characterized by:

  • Ergonomic design;
  • High quality materials;
  • Benchmark build excellence;
  • Reliability and resource duration.

Models supplied to the domestic market of chainsaw equipment do not need bulk pre-sale preparation. After installing the headset and refueling the consumable tanks, the tool is ready for use.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

Saw Oleo Mak-9367 in our forestry has been in operation periodically since 2010. The tool was never repaired, although it repeatedly fell and often works on gasoline of dubious quality. The speed of quick start depends on the quality of the fuel mixture. With good gasoline, a cold saw starts from the first jerk, in winter there are more problems. There are no branded tires and chains on sale, we put expensive, but wear-resistant calm sets.Kirill Igorevich

My Italian model Oleo-Mac 940C is the envy of friends and acquaintances who have tested a significant part of Chinese consumer goods with varying degrees of success. For two and a half years I have not had a single serious failure, a small and stable fuel consumption, and a trouble-free launch. The village is large, there is enough work in winter and summer, so the rather high cost of the saw has almost compensated itself.Ruslan