Operation Electric Brush Cutter Bosch Ahs 45 16

If there are fruit trees, berry bushes or hedges in the summer cottage, it is difficult to take care of such plants with the help of a pruner. You won’t get a smooth, neat cut of the green border, and physical and time-consuming efforts are required to remove excess and dried shoots from trees and bushes. In this case, buying a special tool called a brush cutter will help. Sometimes it is denoted by a longer term. Pruning shears. A distinctive feature of this device is its massive and long blades.

Features of various types of tools

Depending on what the device is brought into action. The physical efforts of a person, an electric motor or a gasoline engine, brush cutters are divided into 3 types.

  1. Hand tools for trimming trees and bushes. It is also called mechanical.
  2. Electric brush cutter.
  3. Brush cutters with a gas motor.

Electric shears for trimming bushes, in turn, depending on the type of power supply, are divided into network and battery-powered models.

Manual brush cutters

Externally, the tool looks like massive scissors with elongated blades and handles. The device weighs differently, depending on the material of manufacture of the blades and the handle. For example, in models of the popular Gardena brand, the weight category is about 800 grams. You can work with such a tool in any weather conditions.

Operation Electric Brush Cutter Bosch Ahs 45 16

To cut trees and shrubs manually, a person has to make an effort. Some models for the distribution of effort are equipped with a ratchet mechanism that allows you to cut branches with a thickness of 3-4 mm in a few taps. You can also find on sale telescopic brush cutter, characterized by movable handles: they can trim branches that are difficult to get close to.

If it is necessary to carry out a large volume of trimming, the hand tool is inferior in performance and labor to motorized counterparts.

Garden Electric Shears

The form factor of the electrical appliance differs from the usual scissors. The device is equipped with a large number of short knives moving relative to each other. The blades are strengthened in pairs perpendicular rows on both sides of the skeleton, protruding 20-50 cm from the body. There are models with a longer cutting element. Inside the case is an electric motor.

Scissors for bushes electric Gardena EasyCut 42

The blades of garden electric shears are made of steel (lower) and self-sharpening metal (upper). Cropping quality depends on a parameter such as the frequency of the knives. Sharpening at the blades of individual models can be one-sided or two-sided.

Brush cutters with double-sided knife sharpening belong to the professional category, with their help it is possible to produce artistic trimming of green spaces.

An important parameter of the device is type of knife movement. There are two options: mutually cutting knives (both blades in motion) and one-way (one blade is stationary, and the other moves).

Manufacturers in annotations usually indicate the power of the brush cutter and its capabilities: the maximum allowable thickness of the cut branches, and also regulates the time of use of the appliance without interruption. But working with such a device limits the length of the cord.

Battery Models

A device with a rechargeable power source is capable of working on average 2-3 hours on a single charge. The battery life depends on the power consumption of the motor and the battery capacity. Due to its light weight and mobility, electric shears for bushes of the battery type allow efficient processing of branches in hard-to-reach places. Nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries are used as batteries in various models.

Gardena ClassicCut cordless lawn scissors

It is worth noting that network electrocute cutters are more powerful than battery analogues and can work for a longer time. There are models with two handles and a blade up to 80-84 cm long, capable of handling larger branches. And the presence of an additional device in the form of a rod allows you to get to the branches at a height of 3-4 meters, without resorting to using a ladder.

Operation Electric Brush Cutter Bosch Ahs 45 16

Electric models of both types have one drawback. You can not cut in drizzling rain, fog, and after heavy rainfall.

Gasoline appliances

For a cottage with a large garden, landscape solutions in the form of hedges and borders, you need a productive mobile pruning tool. A brush cutter with a gas motor can become one. Usually use it for professional purposes. The tool cuts both thin and thick branches, can work in any weather. Continuous operation time is limited by the presence of fuel in the tank, after refueling of which you can start cutting again.

The brush cutter is noisy and also emits exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. Recommended during work protect the respiratory system. In addition, at the price it is an expensive type of garden motorized equipment for shrubs.

Nuances of choosing a brush cutter

To choose the right model for the cottage, you need to proceed from the needs for pruning. Several bushes and a couple of trees can be processed using a secateurs, and preferably using a manual brush cutter. For large trimming volumes, an electric model is preferable, and if the budget allows, then a gasoline analog. When choosing hand tool need to pay attention

  • On the strength and sharpness of the blades;
  • The presence of a protective coating against sticking;
  • Handle comfort;
  • Is there a gear that allows you to increase / distribute the power of mechanical effort;
  • Weight.

Deciding on a choice electrical model, need to find out:

  • The power consumption of the device, the speed of the blades. Performance depends on these criteria;
  • Type of knife movement;
  • Handle comfort;
  • The quality of the material and sharpening of the cutting part, its length, the capabilities of the device depend on them (maximum thickness of cut branches);
  • The presence of a special coating against adhesion;
  • Case material;
  • Security level;
  • Cord length for network model;
  • Battery capacity for without network tool;
  • Weight.

To select gasoline model it is important to determine:

  • Power;
  • The presence of an anti-vibration system;
  • Type of ignition system;
  • Fuel tank capacity;
  • The presence of a quality filter;
  • Length of the cutting part, type of knives and sharpening;
  • Blade stroke frequency;
  • The presence of additional devices for convenient operation (rod, rotary handle);
  • Weight;
  • Warranty period.

Leaders of sells

Manual Gardena Comfort 600

Users note high-quality sharpening of the blades and the presence of a special coating that protects the working surface from sticking.

The brush cutter is equipped with innovative gear technology, which allows you to increase the power of the impact on the branches when they are cut. The instrument weighs just over 800 grams. The average price ranges from 3000. 3500 rubles. Weight and cost of the model, many users report as a drawback.

Electric Bosch AHS 45-16

Bosch, a well-known manufacturer of household and gardening equipment, has the Bosch AHS 45-16 electric brush cutter in its range. This model is distinguished by decent power, good balance, equipped with comfortable handles. Relatively light weight allows you to use it for a long time. Users note the quality and sharpness of the knives, a low noise level, compact size and a high level of safety of the power tool. The tool copes well with branches up to 1.6 cm thick. Low mobility (within the length of the cord), restrictions associated with weather conditions and costs from 26 thousand rubles are attributed to shortcomings.

Rechargeable MAKITA UH200DWE

The cordless brush cutter of the Japanese brand MAKITA UH200DWE is designed for cutting garden plantings on the site. Differs in the compact sizes, small weight. The autonomy of the device is provided by a 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery. On the body of the device there is an indicator of the battery charge level, the rubberized grip is non-slip. The length of the cutting part is 20 cm, the knife has a nickel coating. The brush cutter copes with cutting branches with a diameter of not more than 8 mm. The tool is equipped with an attachable scrap collector. Users note the ease of use, the ability to replace knives, locks from accidentally pressing the switch. The model is available at a price of 8500 rubles.

Among the disadvantages. A small limitation of the cut in thickness, noise during operation and the inability to use in wet conditions.

Petrol Stihl HS 45

The European-brand Stihl HS 45 motorized brush cutter runs on gasoline. This model is powerful (750 W) and compact, equipped with anti-vibration system, electronic ignition and high-quality filtering. There is an integrated 0.22 liter fuel tank. A 60 cm long cutting surface is serrated (3 cm teeth). The knife system is double-sided. The model is equipped with a comfortable rotary handle. The unit is able to cope with thick branches. In the shortcomings, users note a high noise level (97 Dv), insufficient fuel tank. The cost of the model for its segment is quite affordable. From 14500 rubles.

The above examples will allow customers to correlate their desires with the available financial capabilities and choose the best model for themselves.