Rear adaptor for power tiller with your own hands

Simple instruction

Start with a profile tube, not longer than 1.7 meters. Half a meter profile is welded perpendicularly to it. Equip this short section of the structure with wheel stanchions. There is a difference of 30 centimeters between the main axle and the wheel.

Then we need to mount the struts for rigidity. Connect the main tube and the wheel bushings by welding. The stiffness of the frame will be at its maximum.

Then comes the work with additional devices. For example, the end of the frame must be equipped with a channel. What will give the construction a square shape.

All elements for the steering structure

  • The base of the frame. There are no resilient elements. Can be bridge, axle, gantry, swivel;
  • Equipment coupler. When the adapter itself is positioned at the back;
  • hitch device. In any design, this is the most vulnerable part. The main task is to ensure a reliable connection between the power tiller and the module, stability. When there is steering, the coupling device is rigid. In terms of degrees of freedom is designed to rotate or twist;
  • Operator’s seat. Must be placed at a safe distance. Sometimes equipped with additional levers to control the active part;
  • Rigid hitch rudder device. It is allowed to use the old steering gear from cars.

Is it possible to assemble an adapter to the Neva power tiller

A 4×4 adapter for the Neva power tiller is sold at an agricultural equipment store.

It is recommended to prepare all necessary materials and tools. Self-made adapter for a motor-block Neva helps to save money and spend it on other parts needed to upgrade the device.

It is worth considering how the front adapter to the Neva power tiller looks like.

An adapter for a Neva motocultivator is understood as a trailer with a seat, made on the basis of a two-wheeled frame. The functional purpose of such equipment is to make the work with a power tiller simple, convenient and comfortable. The adapter allows to modernize the cultivator into a small tractor that is suitable for different types of work in the country, on the farm, in the homestead.

Neva motoblocks with a homemade adapter come in 2 types:

  • Heavy, which are divided into short and long. They are suitable for different types of power tillers, making work on the ground easy.
  • Lightweight, which are installed on cutters. This means that the mechanism will be attached to one of the 4 wheels of the power tiller.

KTZ-03 adapter

Front adapter with a removable body KTZ-03, which is suitable for motor blocks Neva MB-1 and MB-2, allows the user to provide comfort and convenience when working. It’s equipped with brakes, steering and steering wheels.

Technical specifications according to the instructions for use:

  • overall dimensions (l/w/he). 1560/870/740 mm;
  • The speed at work is up to 10 km/h;
  • track width of 700 mm;
  • clearance is 170 mm;
  • weight. 93 kg.

The scheme of the front adapter KTZ-03 to the motor-block Neva shows the following structural elements on the mechanism:

  • Couplings, one of which is needed to connect the adapter and power tiller, and the second. for the attachment of this or that auxiliary equipment.
  • Seat.
  • Drawbar of short or extended type.

Harrows, ploughs, mowers can be used as attachments. To secure them, it is sufficient to provide one hitch. The devices used can be manually operated into the working position. Also a feature of the adapter trade is its versatility, it allows you to hitch such attachments as: brushes, snow blower, mower, and others. It is available due to the rigid connection of KTZ-03 with the motor-block Neva and due to the oscillating front steering axle of the device.

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Drawings with the size of the adapter will help you to make similar equipment with your own hands.

APM-16 front adapter with a body

Front adapter to the Neva MB-2 APM-16 motor-block together with the agricultural machine Neva can easily replace a mini-tractor. It is possible to use a power tiller with an adapter in coupling with a cart. The unit is equipped with disc brakes and a steering gear. this improves controllability, and increases safety when driving. It can be completely disassembled, which makes the unit easy to transport.

  • dimensions (l / w / h). 1300/800/1100 mm
  • Body dimensions: top. 700×700 mm, bottom. 700×500 mm, height. 250 mm, depth. 200 mm;
  • speed at work is up to 10 km/h;
  • clearance. 200 mm;
  • weight. 85 kg.

Previously described steps for making all-wheel drive and steering mechanism. To make such a device yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • Rectangular steel frame;
  • 2 wheels;
  • An old seat from a tractor or combine harvester;
  • angles;
  • steel plate;
  • metal pipes.

We need to prepare a welding machine and a lathe, a set of tools, tools for gardening.

Before assembling the design, it is necessary to make a kinematic scheme. The principle of its work is as follows:

  • The power unit motor, which is needed to drive the front wheels, must transmit torque through the chain.
  • The force is then transmitted to the reverse gear.
  • Cardan gear allows you to transmit momentum to the rear axle, which drives the rear wheels, which are driving.

For the body, you can use any box, but it is better to use a cart (wheelbarrow), which many gardeners have. By the way (about this written above), its wheels are perfect for the adapter. The order of body installation is as follows:

  • Extend the frame with the rear axle.
  • Align the eyelets of the garden wheelbarrow and the extendable frame.
  • Inserting pins.
  • The arm of the cart is installed on appropriate supports and secured with a special lock.

The tipper works in the following way:

High and medium power units can be used for bulldozing work (clearing snow piles or dirt from driveways and sidewalks, leveling the ground).

  • Dozer blade mounting bracket is installed directly on the machine’s engine legs (next to the block support) and secured with the appropriate bolts.
  • On the brackets are screwed (bolt, lock washer, wing nut) bars 40. 55 cm (depending on the location of the legs of the engine of a particular unit), made of 5 cm. brackets.

Blade is welded or riveted from 1-2 mm sheet metal. The main part (the blade body) is curved 90 degrees. Four triangular bars are welded or riveted on the inside of the frame to perform two functions:

Holes are drilled in the legs for attaching to the bars. The bulldozer blade should be vertical to the ground and parallel to the front of the machine.

The bottom of the moldboard is lined with sheet metal, so it does not go into the ground. It is fitted with a 10 cm wide steel blade. To unload the brackets, there are two links (on springs) on the block, which automatically raise the blade when work is complete.

rear, adaptor, power, tiller

Makeshift rakes are made from a 60 mm wide angle, to which the steel tines of the rake are welded. Teeth are made of 10 mm bar, bent for stiffness and sharpened.

  • To the angle (on the sides) welded triangular bracket of 40 mm steel strips 4 mm thick.
  • On this bracket at the top of the plate is welded to secure the riser (square of 3 mm steel 10X10 cm).
  • The riser is made of a simple or profiled tube length of 180 mm. The other dimensions of the riser should match the size of the hole for fixing the tool.

It is necessary to use such a rake without using an adapter. If you want to work with them on the adapter, you will have to develop and install a device for raising the rake.

Scheme and design of the adapters for power tillers

The adapter to the power tiller is a trailer with a seat that is made on the basis of a two-wheeled frame. Its purpose is to facilitate work with a power tiller, which it transforms into a device for carrying loads, similar to a mini-tractor.

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The adapter significantly reduces the laboriousness of agricultural work and increases the operating efficiency of your power tiller many times over. It is worth noting that heavy adapters come in two kinds: long and short. They can be attached to different power tillers. Also known as a lightweight adapter for a tiller, which is attached to one wheel of the power tiller, as opposed to a heavy adapter.

The adapters, being the main link in the connection of the power tiller and attachments, are equipped with a seat, an extended or short frame (drawbar) and couplings. Structurally, an adapter contains two hooks. One of them provides connection of the adapter to a power tiller, and the task of the second one is to couple auxiliary equipment: harrows, ploughs, cultivators, diggers, mowers, etc.д. Attachments are usually connected to the adapter with a single hitch.Attachments are moved into operating position by means of a manual drive.

Today there are many different kinds of adapters, which, according to the basic characteristics of their design, can be of two basic kinds: body (universal) adapters are suitable for both agricultural work and for hauling; bodyless adapters are only for hauling.

rear, adaptor, power, tiller

Long or short headstock adapters are compatible with various power outputs. Adapters with short drawbars are used only on light tractors and adapters with long drawbars on heavy tractors. Track width adjustment, sliding drawbars and lowering/lowering actuators are standard equipment.

Adapter for power tiller with your own hands

To facilitate the process of performing work with a power tiller, a special attachment adapter is used. Appearance, the adapter is a special cart, equipped with a seat. Thanks to the adapter, the user can work with the tiller in the same way as with the tractor, sitting on the seat and control the process of work. Special adapters for power tillers are available at specialized stores. However, not every user can afford to purchase such equipment because of its high cost. That’s why in this case every owner of a power tiller can make an attachment to his technique himself.

An adapter is a special kind of additional equipment that can turn an ordinary single-axle tractor into something like a tractor. The single axle tractor with steering is a real joy for the owner and makes ploughing easier. There are two different types of adaptor designs which differ in their concept: steer-driven (which have already been mentioned) and articulated. The latter include such parts:

  • frame;
  • Suspension (there are many varieties. axle, gantry, etc.).д.);
  • gantry. its making is required only if the adapter is located at the rear, if at the front. you need the gantry of the power tiller itself;
  • Clutching device. the most important element;
  • The workplace on which the driver sits;
  • steering (rigid clutch).

Despite such a number of details, every owner can build an adapter for a power tiller with his own hands. Before you begin the process of designing this device, develop drawings and calculate all the dimensions, you should decide on the type of adapter. The unit on the steering is much simpler in nature, but requires more effort for rotational maneuvers, plus the radius and angle of rotation can not stand up to criticism. One can make a front adapter for the tiller, or a rear one, depending on the power plant and the position of the wheels. An adapter with a movable joint has more advantages and is more practical to use, but it is a bit more difficult to design.

Rear adapter for the power tiller with your own hands

Motor blocks have become the most common equipment for owners of subsidiary farms. And this is not surprising at all, since such units are universal, simple in design, do not require large financial investment, and help in the work tremendously.

Inconvenient operation is the only considerable disadvantage of a power tiller. To move it, you have to make great efforts. This is often a waste of time and effort. A special adapter, a cart-like device that allows you to work from a sitting position, can simplify the time-consuming process. No need to go to the store and spend money: you can make an adapter with your own hands, even if you have no technical education!

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Today there are several kinds of adapters, but as a rule, their construction is similar and consists of a device with a comfortable seat attached to the back of the power tiller.

rear, adaptor, power, tiller

The adapter is made of a square metal profile, with a length of 160 to 180 cm. Across this profile, welded another one, measuring 50-60 cm, depending on what track you need (it is attached to the racks for the wheels). The height of the struts to the wheel axis from the top to the wheel axis of the adapter can be from 25 to 40 cm, depending on the design.

Then, struts are welded to the main metal profile and the wheel bushings, they also serve as reinforcing ribs. Their length depends on the angle of the entire structure and other parameters. Then, the frame structure, to which the attachments will be attached, is calculated and welded. The side guides of this design, are bolted to the wheel stanchions.

After that a control lever is welded to the main frame, which has three knees, with dimensions of 35, 55, 20 cm. To increase the applied force, one more lever is attached to the lever, but already with the size of 80 cm.

Adapter seat, attached to the support welded to the central metal profile. As you can see, it is not so difficult to make an adapter to the tiller with your own hands.

Purpose of the adapter

Here, I think everything is clear, there is a fairly large amount of work on the ground, which is easier, faster and more convenient to do with an adapter. And when working with such an attachment as a tiller, it is safer in general.

Scheme of the construction of an adapter to a power tiller

Adapter for power tiller, is a kind of trailer device made on the frame and has two wheels. Structurally, adapters are divided into several types, in simple terms, they can be simple and more complex. The main types, are considered universal, these are those that can carry loads and perform tillage, and simple, which can only perform tillage.

For power tillers of various capacities different adapters are applied, for a low-power tiller a short drawbar adapter is installed, for a powerful one. a long one. Also, universal adapters, are equipped with additional functionality, increasing the track, lifting attachments, etc.д.

How to assemble an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

It is not too difficult to assemble the adapter yourself at home. In essence, it is a simple trailed bogie. The trailer is designed so that the center of gravity of the entire structure falls on the carrier frame. The most complicated mechanism here is the coupling mechanism with the MB, because its strength determines how long the machine will work.

The design of the standard device consists of the following components:

  • frame;
  • rudder;
  • wheel set;
  • operator’s seat;
  • the coupling device;
  • the lifting mechanism of the coupling device;
  • brake mechanism.

In the pictures below you can see the drawings, which, if you have a skillful hand, you can build a simple device with your own hands.

Honda FJ500 Power TIller Field Test

Fig. 1. Drawing of the footplate and part of the frame of the hitched cart

A round or rectangular shaped metal pipe or metal bar is usually used in the manufacture.

The coupling mechanism allows the attachment of the trailer to the power tiller, provided that the connecting lugs of the power tiller and the adapter match each other in diameter.

Step-by-step instructions for making the adapter can be seen in the corresponding clip: