Review Chainsaw Huter Bs 62

Chainsaw Huter BS-40

A sufficiently powerful engine (2 hp) and a 16-inch tire make the BS-40 Huter chainsaw an indispensable assistant in any household. With its help, you can prepare firewood from trees of small diameter and cut them into chocks. This tool received excellent recommendations from builders who use chainsaws in the construction of bathhouses, gazebos, garages, sheds of other household and residential premises.

Review Chainsaw Huter Bs 62

Features of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw:

  • High speed engine;
  • Convenient to grip and hold the handle;
  • Reliable and effective chain stop brake;
  • Easily accessible, serviced air filter;
  • Effective system of protection against rebounds and vibration;
  • Serviced tire with driven sprocket.

It should be noted that the Chinese assembly meets internal quality standards and is produced under the vigilant control of German engineers and technologists. The company’s products are certified in Europe and meets all modern parameters in terms of quality and safety.

Chainsaw Huter BS-40 complete set:

Advantages of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw:

  • Powerful, highly productive engine;
  • Stylish design and excellent balancing of the case;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Efficient multi-point vibration damping system;
  • Convenient location of management tools.

Disadvantages of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw:

  • Low quality of the "native" chain:
  • Bad starter design.


User’s manual

All documentation for this model of a chainsaw is available in both paper and electronic versions. A detailed instruction manual and technical specifications of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw are available here: Your browser does not support frames
Download User Manual for chainsaw Huter BS-40

Preparing for operation of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw:

  • When buying a chainsaw, make sure that it is complete and that there are no damages or malfunctions. If you find a problem, contact your dealer to fix the problem or replace the tool.
  • The Huter BS-40 chainsaw is a rather complex unit, the operation of which requires certain knowledge and skills, as well as compliance with safety regulations. Read the manual carefully and always adhere to the recommendations that are written there;
  • Unpack the chain saw and mount the headset. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting edges of the chain teeth are directed along the direction of movement of the driven sprocket;
  • Prepare the fuel mixture and refuel your chainsaw;
  • Fill oil in a tank of a refueling of an automatic lubrication system;

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Important: It is highly not recommended to use transformer and diesel oils as a lubricant, it is forbidden to fill the spindle and waste liquid. Use only special chain adhesion oils designed for use in different climatic conditions.

  • When working with the BS-40 Huter chainsaw, wear personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles or a mask, headphones, boots on extremely durable soles;
  • Apply the brake to stop the chain and make sure that the chain is not in contact with foreign objects;
  • Following the instructions in the manual, start the engine and proceed to run it in;
  • Prepare fuel at the rate of 1 to 50 and start operating the chainsaw in a gentle mode. Thus, develop 7.9 tanks of the mixture;
  • After finishing work, always apply the chain stop brake, clean the air filter and the chain saw body, special attention should be paid to cleaning the engine radiators.

It is recommended to use AI 92. 95 high-octane gasoline for fuel preparation. Do not mix gasoline with an octane rating higher than 95. this may harm the engine of your chainsaw. Use only high-quality two-stroke engine oils with air cooling.

When the engine is run-in, the fuel mixture is used in a ratio of 1/25. Develop one tank of such fuel at idle with periodic gasing for 25-35 seconds. Run-in is only allowed at idle.

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Carb adjustment

Carburettor adjustment may be necessary if the operator has noticed difficulties with idling.

Step-by-step carburetor adjustment:

  • Start the saw, turn the adjusting screw for high and low revolutions to the stop. Turn it back one and a half turns;
  • Warm up the saw for 5-10 minutes. Set idle screw.
  • With the right settings, the circuit will not move on the bus at idle.

Basic faults and solutions

The motor does not start:

  • There is no fuel mixture or it is of poor quality;
  • The spark plug is sooty or wet.
  • Malfunctioning silencer or piston group;
  • The carb settings were lost.
  1. During operation, there is a strong vibration, extraneous sounds appeared:
  • The anti-vibration system is out of order;
  • Weakened the fastening of individual nodes and parts.

Video review

Review and comparison of chainsaws Huter BS-40 and Stihl 180

Owner reviews

Pavel Kupriyanov, 55 years old, Kursk region:

“I use the bs-40 Huter model for small jobs in the country. To cut trees, make minor repairs, to cut firewood for a bathhouse. that’s it. Starts from the second or third time, gasoline is consumed very economically. There were never any problems with the chain, nor repair. "Sharpening, of course, is necessary, but it is not dumbing fast. so far everything suits me, I won’t change for another."

Evgeny Providensev, 47 years old, Altai Territory:

Afanasy Kozitsky, 50 years old, Siberian Federal District: