Stihl lawners dilute oil with gasoline. Choose oil for chainsaw stihl

The ratio of gasoline and oil for a trimmer for STIHL grass

Most lawnmands work on gasoline. There are diesel ones, but we will not talk about them as part of the article. Oil products of the following brands are sold at gas stations:

N-80 brand has been discontinued, rarely found. The octane number (number after letters) indicates the stability of the fuel for detonation. The higher the value. the greater resistance to self.disconnection during compression. AI-92 gasoline is more prone to detonation than AI-95. In the production of engines for lawn mowers, the manufacturer takes into account the resources of parts and the maximum permissible detonation. The instructions for the tool indicate which gasoline should be used.

Compliance with recommendations increases the service life of the lawn mower. If you fill in gasoline with a smaller octane number than indicated in the passport. the piston group will quickly fail. The use of fuel with a higher value is also destructive for the engine. There are no opportunities to increase the octane number by improving the process of oil distillation. Therefore, oil refinery add chemical additives to fuel. Distribution of detonation increases, the duration of combustion is growing with it. The result is soot on candles, rings, cylinders.

How to dilute oil for two.stroke trimmers engines

We learn the rule to choose oil for the lawn mower of various brands

Home equipment with gasoline engines asks for a responsible approach to maintenance. In order for the tool to have a long time to have a long.term work, you need to use fuel and oil mushrooms according to the annotation for technical operation. Two.stroke gasoline engines operate with the addition of oil in a combustible mixture, four.strokes have a separate tank in the fuel tank.

Varieties of motor oils, their purpose

Motor oil represents a special composition representing a solvent and additives that reduce friction that create suitable fluidity and prevent thickening when temperature decreases.

  • minerals acquired during oil distillation;
  • synthetic. synthesis or processing of natural gas;
  • Semi.synthetic. improved mineral oil due to the input of the synthetic component.

For safety reasons, so as not to confuse products, the oil is painted in reddish, blue or green color. The assortment varies in composition, the user must purchase oil with marking: “for garden technology” 2t, if you need to prepare a mixture for a two.stroke engine, 4t for filling in a crankcase.

Synthetic and mineral oils have a different base, they cannot be connected. When switching to another type of oil, the system must be painfully washed.

The Chainsaw Guy shop talk Stihl MS 200 020 oil leak repair

Oil for the lawn mower should be treated by systematizing the vehicle oils created for air cooling engines with a combustion chamber of 50-200 cm 3 when choosing a product with a fundamental parameter is not the cost, but protective characteristics for the motor of a certain brand. Therefore, first they purchase the recommended oil, in the absence they select similar in terms of indicators.

Determines the quality of the oil for the lawn mower alkaline number. Alkali neutralizes the process of oxidation of rubbing materials, slows down the destruction of the surface. When the oil becomes oxidized, it loses the protective characteristics. Ordinary pH of oil 8-9 units.

The fundamental indicator is viscosity. Therefore, there is winter, summer and all.season oil. What oil moutine oil does it depend, whether the user will work at minus temperature. Summer oils thicken even with insignificant cooling. The flash temperature indicates how the oil will burn out rapidly from the composition. Fuel features for two.stroke engines and oil classification. Practical tips on how to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass. Normal if this indicator is more than 225 s.

Use and oil value in a two.stroke engine

The work of the motor is associated with the friction of the moving parts of the cylinder and sleeve, cams, hinges. During the friction of the parts, the surface is heated, with the expansion. clogging. If in the gap between the conjugated parts there is a composition in a suitable proportion of oil and gasoline for the lawn mower, a number of troubles are removed:

  • Details in the engine work with low friction, are less warming;
  • The lubrication in the gaps prevents the corrosion of parts during prolonged storage, lenses particles purchased during friction;
  • The life of the motor is lengthened.

What oil to choose

For the effective operation of a trimmer for grass, it is necessary to select oil for two.stroke engines. This is due to the lack of an oil crankcase in such a device. The following classification is released depending on the chemical composition of the oil:

  • Mineral ones. it is based on an oil distillate, suitable for low.power technology and with an air type of cooling, but requires frequent replacement and can only be used in good weather in the warm season;
  • Semi.synthetic. suitable for garden equipment with air and liquid cooling type;
  • synthetic. at the basis have complex ethers, do not require frequent replacement and can be used at any time of the year.

Oil for 2 stroke engines is characterized by good solubility and a feature of complete combustion. For a trimmer for grass, it is recommended to use a lubricant, which is suitable for devices with an air cooling system. Most often, the packaging indicates that the oil is intended for garden equipment and has the marking of the TV or TS. over, the last of them is most preferable.

Often manufacturers of benzos release suitable oil, so you can facilitate your choice if you select the liquid of the corresponding brand.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for a trimmer for grass must be selected unhealthy with an equal number of 92 or 95. As practice shows, AI-80 gasoline can lead to breakdowns of the device, which is a dubious savings.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater etc.

The fuel should be fresh, that is, after buying it can be stored for no more than 60 days.

Other factors are affected by the quality of fuel, for example, the use of a special lubricant for the lawn mower and its breeding in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canists designed to store gasoline.

Correct proportion

Husqvarna provides more specific information on the fuel mixture. Annotation to the chainsaw Husqvarna 100 30 seven says the next.

I believe that Husqvarna gives the right advice and prepares a mixture for my mowing in a ratio of 1:33, in other words, for one liter of gasoline 30 g of oil.

For stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws, which come to me for repairs, I make a coefficient of 1:40, since their piston pistons are made of high.quality metal and withstand a higher temperature than Chinese piston instruments.

For Chinese chainsaws, as in the case of a brush, I am preparing a mixture in a ratio of 1: 33.

What is fraught with the use of incorrect fuel mixture

Many users of gasoline instruments are quite irresponsible to the manufacture of fuel consistency. For example, I met the owners of pollen, who diluted gasoline “by eye”. They just poured as much as they wanted, and later came up to me with a faulty equipment.

stihl, dilute, gasoline, choose, chainsaw

It is fundamentally aware that more than less does not mean better. This golden middle matters.

If you are preparing a mixture with a lack of oil, then everything is clear. There will not be enough oil for the cylinder and bearings, which means that friction and temperature will increase, scuffs will be created in the cylinder and can be jammed with crankshaft bearings.

What will happen if you pour it? A large volume of oil during burning forms many residual combustion goods that settled on the piston, in the exhaust opening of the cylinder and muffler, making the movement of exhaust gases. As a result. Power fall or complete loss of ability.

Carbon deposits that are formed from excessive oil of oil can settle under compression rings, preventing them from filling the thermal expansion, which will lead to seizure, in general the consequences can be quite severe.

How to dilute gasoline for a two.stroke STIHL engine

One of the important indicators of the durability of the chainsaws and their qualitative work is proper compliance with the ratios of the components of liquids in the preparation of the fuel mixture. It is known that an insufficient amount of oil leads to excessive friction of the parts and their rapid wear, and excess. to the appearance of soot, overheating of the engine. This article will talk about the proportions of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw “Stihl“. This is especially important for beginners who have just purchased a tool.

stihl, dilute, gasoline, choose, chainsaw

Characteristics of the chainsaw

Each chainsaw has three main elements that ensure its operation. These include a 2-pin carburetor engine and two tanks. The fuel mixture is poured into one, the oil required for the lubrication of the chain is poured into the other. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.25 liters, which allows you to work without stopping 45–55 minutes. The volume of oil. less than twice. With this ratio of volumes, the contents of both tanks ends almost simultaneously.

During the operation of 2-stroke engines, the oil pumps system are not used, so for the stihl chainsaw oil in gasoline for lubrication of the shaft, piston and other rubbing parts have to be added. Attempts to work on one gasoline or non-compliance with the proportions indicated in the instructions for compiling a fuel and lubricant mixture from two components lead to a breakdown of the tool.

STIHL ms 180. technical specifications

STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is released by solid technical parameters. They include:

  • Power. 2 l. With.;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 270 ml;
  • The capacity of the tank for pouring oil is 260 ml;
  • the possible length of the tire used for operation is 30–35 cm;
  • Chain step. 3/8 “
  • Mald mass. 4 kg.

Among the advantages of the model, modest fuel consumption should be noted. When working under maximum loads, the motor consumes no more than 2.9 l/mash. hour.

Correct proportions

Most often, when preparing fuel for the work of saw, 1:50 and 1:40 are used to work. This means that one part of the oil is added to 50 or 40 parts of gasoline. Calculations are made as follows: 1 l = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, that is, in the first case, pour 20 ml into each liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there is no instructions and you do not know the proportion to prepare the mixture, then use the following recommendations:

  • Tool and oil of one brand. For example, for the Stihl chainsaw, the ratio of gasoline and STIHL oil will be the same as indicated on the container with oil, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different brands. the proportion of 1:40 is selected.
  • There is one brand, but there is no information about the ratio of substances on the oil. they are divorced 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on the saw and oil, the mixture is bred in a proportion of 1:40. The only thing you need to make sure that the oil is intended for two.stroke engines.

To carry out the a new saw at the first three gas stations with fuel oil, add 20% more. In this case, instead of a ratio of 1:50, it will be 1:42, and the proportion 1:40 turns at 1:33. 24 or 33 ml of oil, respectively, will require a liter of gasoline. Other countless events with a new saw do not conduct. Manufacturers advise working only at the largest speeds always. After the instrument run, the usual proportions are used 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment also indicates other ratios, for example, 1:25 or 1:32, they must be observed.

How much oil is required to add to gasoline?

There are no oil pumps in the chainsaws, because only the combustible mixture cannot be used. The annotation that is attached to each product should be closely read. A lot of information in the web, finding it is not a lot of work.

If the lubricant is absent, then the drink through the kutser will fail. It is recommended to make a prophylactic service of the unit, pour the correctly diluted fuel, in this case the tool will work for long and long years.

If we take, for example, the Husqvarna chainsaw, then unhealthy gasoline is suitable with the first additive of the brand 92. If the composition has a green hue, then this says that the product is a premium class. AI-92 is a good product that can be suitable for such a device. On average, masters recommend adding one liter from 20 to 50 ml of machine oil. If the power of the unit is one and a half square meters, then only 25-27 ml of oil will need.

How to dilute machine oil and gasoline, in what proportions? This question appears in all users. First you should stock up on containers:

The process of mixing oil and gasoline is technologically simple. Fundamentally observe safety precautions so that static voltage does not accumulate, not a drop of water does not fall into the fuel.

What proportions should be done? Engines in the main two.stroke, because the mixture is usually 1:50. Russian.made chainsaws work with products of such brands:

For foreign analogues, it is permissible to use two liters of gasoline for eighty grams of oil. Foreign saws are characterized by economical fuel consumption, oil proportions in them vary from 40 to 40 nine.

Oil colors can vary significantly, this should be taken into account during operation. For example, produces red machine oil. If the composition has a green (from time to time of blue) Koller, then this is a sure sign that the product is a synthetic premium class. The quality of similar compositions is the highest, the price is also large.

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

According to experts, you should use unhealthy gasoline obtained when adding additives without leading lead, the octane number of which exceeds 90. For foreign models, it is necessary to fill in gasoline of higher brands and use branded oil manufacturers. The fuel of the AI-92 brand is considered perfect. How to breed gasoline for the Stihl 180 chainsaw? In this case, implies oils in mixtures 1:40. AI-95 fuel is quite suitable for her, but according to professionals, it is better not to use for chainsaws.

How to breed gasoline for a chainsaw

So that the chainsaw serves for a long time and does not deliver problems with the repair, you need to correctly prepare the fuel mixture. Internet forums are replete with questions on this topic. We interviewed experts and made a brief instruction.

To prepare the fuel mixture, use AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline. A lower octane number is not suitable. Gasoline is necessarily not ethyled (otherwise the engine will fail) and not old (octane number can change over time). It is forbidden to use oil for boats and four.stroke engines.

Mix gas and oil in a strictly defined proportion. Choose synthetic oil for two-stroke air cooling equipment API-TB or API-TC class. Do not save on ingredients. Ask in stores trademarks leading in quality. For example, Stihl, Husqvarna, Champion, Alco, etc.

The main question is the proportion. Excess oil will lead to the formation of soot on pistons and candles. Excess gasoline will cause the appearance of bully on the pistons and an ambulance of engine. On average, one liter of gasoline is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. Stihl and Husqvarna, for example, recommend taking 100 ml of oil for 4 liters of gasoline. The specified proportion is optimal for chainsaws up to 1.5 kW. For chainsaws with a capacity of more than 1.5 kW of the same brands, use a 1/50 proportion (100 ml of oil per 5 l of gasoline). Recommendations from Partner and Jonshed: 1/33 proportion (3.3 l of gasoline 100 ml of oil). Super synthetic oil is added at the rate of 100/1. These numbers are approximate. Always use the data given in the instructions for a specific chainsaw model. Trust the numbers indicated on the oil labels to the lesser extent.

What to mix? Kanisters with measuring divisions and two holes are presented on sale. for oil and gasoline. Pour the ingredients, tighten the lids and mix, tilting the container.

Many use glass and plastic bottles, children’s horns and syringes. Be careful with glass and plastic, be afraid of static electricity. Make sure that solid particles or drops of water do not get into the mixture. Be sure to thoroughly mix the mixture.

Ready fuel cannot be stored for more than 25-30 days, The process of oxidation changes its composition. Engine breakdown caused by overexposed fuel is recognized as non.warranty. The amount of the repair reaches 80% of the cost of the new chainsaw. After the end of the working season, use the remaining fuel, drown out the engine, remove the remaining fuel mixture.

Remember, your goal is to create a mixture that will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the engine, the complete combustion of fuel without the formation of soot, smoke or bullying.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for trimmer for STIHL grass

Specifications for a trimmer for grass include links to recommended fuel and lubricants. The octane number of gasoline brand is indicated, but some oils have a long explanation of the need to use the product of a particular manufacturer. Of course, it is stated that only if these recommendations are followed by the company extends the guarantee. What is it: the marketing course or oil of other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? Answer in this article.

Why mix trimmer oil for grass with gasoline

The two.stroke engine has a simple and at the same time extremely effective design:

  • The piston makes a working move every second move;
  • Lubrication of cylinders is carried out with oil dissolved in gasoline;
  • Removing combustion products occurs due to compression, without a special mechanism.

All this led to the creation of a family of small engines that have successfully adapted to domestic and professional technology:

Thanks to the design features, it was possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption only on small engines with power in the range of 15. 20 l.With. This figure looks especially good in the range of 1. 5 l.With. Here the weight is completely small, and the size of the engine corresponds to the mileage of gasoline.

With increasing size, the area of ​​the input and output channels increases. The process of removing gas and supply of fuel deteriorates sharply. In this regard, it was necessary to switch to a more effective system of combustion of gasoline, which would require the availability of motor maintenance systems. Thus, four.stroke models captured a palm among powerful power units. Their combination in multi.cylinder structures made it possible to create special systems associated with the formation of the composition of the fuel mixture, lubrication and other things, which positively affected the consumption of gasoline.

Lubrication of the elements of wiping the piston and cylinder of the two.stroke engine is oil, which in a certain proportion is part of the fuel. Gasoline burns and oil settles on the surface of the cylinder, reducing friction of wiping parts. The lack of oil leads to damage to the cylinder, up to jamming. In the case of excess under the influence of high temperatures, the thermally modified product settles in the ring grooves. Compression falls, and with it the force.

How to mix oil with gasoline

Motor oil is used to refuel gasoline using a trimmer for grass. Mixing is carried out in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have different volumetric ratios: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20. In the technical characteristics there is a link to this. Be careful with a small amount of oil. Slight inaccuracy leads to oil fasting, reduces its service life.

There are products that indicate a proportion from 1 to 20-40. It is better to refuse such oil. A wide range of mixtures indicates low product quality. The appearance of the piston rings with the constant use of such brands is practically guaranteed.

M-8 motor oils are added in a ratio of 1-20. In high.speed engines, their use is undesirable. The cycle between the supply of the mixture is so small that it will cause excess oil in the cylinder. Grass trimmers have low speed, so you can use low.quality lubricants. Due to the initially low resource, you can not worry about the coke rings. Firstly, there will be a complete depreciation of equipment.

The principle is not to use the recommended oil or other manufacturers. The main thing. Dilute gasoline with three.dimensional oil in accordance with proportions in accordance with the characteristics of the product. Refusal of warranty service only on the basis of the use of oil of another brand, but with acceptable parameters is illegal.

Oil for motorcycles how to choose in what proportions to breed

Many of you have a benzo tool in the household, for example, in a private house you can not do without a chainsaw. You understand, the harvesting of firewood for the winter is useful at a construction site and repair and in general, this is a very necessary tool. If a country house also has a decent area in size, then to combat grass just needs a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, which also work on gasoline.

Of course, they can be bought and electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to dig an area overgrown with grass knee-deep. Therefore, most people prefer to work as a gasoline tool. As you know, you need to add special oil for two.stroke engines to gasoline. We’ll talk about it, because this is a very important aspect, if you do not add oil and add in the wrong proportions, then your engine will quickly grunt and your path will lie to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, add only high.quality oil and in the correct proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, motorcycle and trimmers is the products of the famous company STIHL. It is sold in 2 packs of 1 liter and 100ml. For those who work hard, a liter bottle is suitable, and at a time a small bottle is enough to drink. A capacity of 1 liter costs 250, and for 10 ml 60. If you take a large one, then the savings are obvious.

Oil is added to gasoline in a proportion of 1 to 50, that is, for example, add 100 ml per 5 liters of gasoline. As you can see, a small bottle is great for 5 liters of gasoline mixture for refueling a chainsaw or trimmer for grass. On a large bottle on the side there are special marks by which you can determine how much oil was poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, then buy a 20ml syringe in a pharmacy. Very convenient is 1 oil syringe per 1 liter of gasoline.

Experts advise using branded oil for their technology, it is ideal, since it is developed and tested precisely on Stihl tools. I note that Stiel has its own brands, such as Viking (popular models of gasoline trimmers). For them, also use Stilevsky oil and there will be no problems at all.

If you have made a gasoline mixture more than you can use it, then it is best to store the remains in a metal canister or in a glass container. In no case do not store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you consume the remains after a couple of days, then you can pour the remnants of the mixture in a plastic one and a half, however, if the mixture is stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glassotter. The thing is that the gas stomach corrodes the plastic bottle, microscopic plastic precipitation appears in the mixture and this is very bad for the engine. Keep this in mind if you want your tool to work for a long time and without problems.

The second most popular brand of oil is a non.bonding hokesworm. Of course, if you estimate it, after all, Stihl chainsaws use more people, at least all my friends and their friends use only them in their work.

However, there are those who do not have souls in the Husqvarna tool and I understand them, since I personally do not see much difference between Khuskvarnaya and Shtil, and one and the other tool is very high quality. But I saw satisfied owners of the chainsaws of Husqvarna say, saws are just super. I myself did not saw, however, I always listen to the opinion of people. So, if you have a gasqvarna gas tool, then it will be better for him to use special branded oil. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline with a signs. But since the manufacturer recommends using only its products, we will do so.

On sale you can find liter containers. Black stylish bottle, the same marks on the side, and with a person (to know how much oil was cast from a bottle). As for me, absolutely identical quality. Such a bottle is 270, a bit more expensive.

Both that, and another oil, the cost is approximately the same, each is diluted in the proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy anyone, of course, it is better to take the oil of the brand that your tool will then be perfect, as the manufacturer advises. Good sawing, spinning grass and let your gas tools work for a long time without breakdowns.

TTX in models vary quite significantly, that is why it is important to read the “Instructions for the User”.

Mineral oils are inexpensive, so they most often use them. Synthetic oils must be poured if there are significant temperature fluctuations, they do not generate soot, have additives useful for dynamic nodes.

The product of Husqvarna is considered the highest quality, in second place is the machine oil “LUKOIL”.

  • Slight consumption.
  • Preservation of quality.
  • Ability to maintain technological qualities for a long time.
  • Can work in extreme conditions.
  • There are no toxins.
  • The minimum amount of soot.

Many professional tools use lubrication, which is made using API-TB technology (USA). The products that are produced according to the JASO-FB (Japan) method is also popular.

It is forbidden to use the substance if the packaging costs that it is intended for four.stroke engines. If the oil manufacturer is unknown, then it is better not to use it.

And what gasoline for the chainsaw you use?

stihl, dilute, gasoline, choose, chainsaw

It is permissible to mix oil from different brand manufacturers with similar characteristics. Mineral and synthetic oils are incompatible. The best oil for domestic chainsaws is considered “standard”, for professional technology, the technical fluid “Ultra” is optimally suitable.

Some oils can successfully replace each other. For example, substances produced by “Husqvarna” and “Stihl”. The lubricant for motorols or motor boats is not suitable for a chainsaw, the quality of the oil in them is low. If the proportions of oil and gasoline are not withstanded, then the tool will quickly fail due to abundant nagar formation.

Opinion of expert Kuznetsov Vasily Stepanovich

If the power of the tool is up to 1500 watts, then 100 grams of machine oil is added per 4 liters of fuel. If the power is greater, then a proportion of 1:50 is used, that is, five liters will require 100 ml of product. The recommendations of manufacturers vary significantly, it is recommended to get acquainted with such information first of all.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Important! Oils for two.stroke and four.stroke engines differ among themselves the ability to dissolve, burn and evaporate. At the same time, so that liquid lubricant differs from gasoline, it is painted in different colors: blue, green, red

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used

On a note! In addition, there is a JASO classification for two.stroke engines, and SAE30 is also used for four.strokes.

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.

Features of the gas station

Depending on the engine device, motorcycles are divided into two.stroke and four.stroke. In the first case, the piston in the internal combustion engine makes 2 moves in one working cycle, and in the second case. 4 moves. Differences in principle of operation of the engine determine different approaches to refueling a trimmer for grass.

Two.stroke engine refueling

In ordinary household models, motorcycles are used, as a rule, a two.stroke engine. The lawn mower is not needed very much power and edification, so it is quite suitable for performing the tasks. In addition, this engine is much cheaper and simpler, but it is refueling with a fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. Such fuel is poured into a carburetor and is supplied to the cylinder in the form of oil-Benzine fog. Thus, the oil provides lubrication of all the necessary parts, and in the process of operating the engine burns together with gasoline. However, the combustion of this mixture is accompanied by the release of caustic odor and smoke, which increases the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Important! For such motos, you need to use a special oil for two.stroke engines, which completely burns without leaving a halt, and has low evaporation. And so that it mixes well with gasoline, it includes 20% solvent.

Motokos refueling with a four.stroke engine

Four.stroke engines are used in professional motorcycle models. They have high power and can work for a long time without a break and refueling. As fuel, they also use gasoline and oil, but they are poured into different tanks. So. the oil does not participate in the process of combustion, so the exhaust gases are not so toxic.

On a note! Along with the best environmental indicators and the ability to heat less, four.stroke engines are also more economical. They consume much less fuel. savings reach up to 50% in gasoline and up to 80% of the clock.

Principle of operation

Before moving on to the choice of suitable oil for a two.stroke engine and the desired proportion, you need to understand a little in the principle of operation of this device. There is no special lubrication system in the system of this class. Because of this, gasoline mixed with butter is poured into the fuel tank. After which he gets into the carburetor through the fuel line.

The result of this process is the formation of a “fog”, which is a mixture of vapor of gasoline and oil. It lubricates all the details that appear in his way. Thanks to this, it is possible to largely increase the life of the device and avoid overheating, which is inevitable at high loads.

Attention! The oil itself burns in a two.stroke engine. precisely, in one of the cylinders.

The ratio of oil to gas 1 to 35 is considered ideal. But the proportions largely depend on the characteristics of the motor and the lubricant, which you fill in the gas tank. In principle, variation within 15 units is allowed. This is in relation to the clock.

The choice of oil

Unlike four.stroke engines, STIHL 180 chainsaw oil is poured directly into the gas tank, having previously mixed with gasoline. It is recommended to pour the oil specified in the instructions for this model in the chainsaw.

In no case can you use oil intended for low.speed engines (boats, scooters, etc. D.).

It can significantly reduce the life of the motor, and if traces of such a substance in the cylinder-piston group are detected, the tool will be considered removed from the guarantee, t. e. will not be subject to warranty repair or exchange.

Synthetic and mineral oil oils for chainsaws STIHL are sold in bottles or cans of different containers: from 100 ml to 5 liters. Minerals have a lower cost, and semi.synthetic and synthetic provide complete combustion in the process of engine operation, t. e. lack of soot and a minimum of toxic compounds in the exhaust.

In addition, synthetic oils retain their qualities in a much wider temperature range, as well as contain special additives that are useful for engine operation: anti.orally, detergents, cannibal, etc. D.

You can choose motor oil for your tasks depending on the model of the saw and the frequency of its use: the oil consumption during the operation of the device is low, and given the shelf life of semi.synthetic and mineral lubricants, there is a risk of simply not having time to use even a liter bottle to the end.

So with small alleged volumes of work, you can not buy a voluminous canister, but limit yourself to a bottle. The expiration date does not have only mineral lubricants of Stihl.

Using a trimmer for grass in the garden

In modern conditions, the appointment of a trimmer for grass is to care for the lawn and the site as a whole. Unlike the traditional unit for the mowing of lawns, the trimmer for grass has advantageous differences:

  • High mobility. This allows you to use the device in and limited in terms of places.
  • Universality. Depending on the type of vegetation, the working organs change, which allows you to cut grass of any height and stiffness.
  • Simplicity of design. With timely maintenance, a trimmer for grass does not require regular tuning, frequent repair.
stihl, dilute, gasoline, choose, chainsaw

When choosing a trimmer for grass, analyze the operating conditions of the unit, which will help to make the correct selection of the type and power of the engine.

STIHL MS180 Basil Basil. We make a mixture. Secrets and tricks. Lifehack

The fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is prepared in serious observance of the tips of the manufacturer. For stihl chainsaws, you are 1:50, in other words, 1 l of AI-92 gasoline must be added 20 g of oil.

To measure the amount of oil, of course, at least with some methods-a syringe or some kind of measured dishes. However, more comfortable in the process of use are bottles with a dispenser in which STIHL oils are produced.

So that the stihl chainsaw works productively within a long period, you need to adhere to subsequent tips:

  • Gasoline is fresh, and not from the canister of month ago.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for 4-stroke engines. It will not burn one hundred percent, which will lead to the formation of soot and the rapid wear of the cylinder-piston group (CPG).
  • In a 2-a-point engine, the oil should burn without residues, therefore it is more advisable to use synthetics. which is characterized by the formation of the smallest amount of burning and smoke residues.
  • When breeding a consistency, it is better to add not just the recommended volume of oil, but within reasonable boundaries. 5 g of excess per 1 liter of gasoline will not lead to a hair clipping. may be a prerequisite for the formation of soot and breakdown of CPG. On the contrary, pour 5 grams less than the designated, this is fraught with overheating piston and cylinder.
  • It is not recommended to use the cooked mixture of monthly ago.
  • It is forbidden to use oils for mopeds. they are not created for a chainsaw, because they are designed for the smallest number of revolutions.
  • After the season, the mixture must be used to the mixture in other words to drain in order to avoid the loss of gasoline parameters, as well as wear of the seals.

Chips on the choice

Now let’s try to figure out how to choose high.quality oil for trimmers, which works on gasoline. The main feature to direct attention to. This is a basic number. This moment eliminates the oxidation of the parts in which friction is observed, and very slows down their deformation. The more this compound is used, the faster it loses alkalinity and becomes more oxidized. The best acidity (pH). This value is the least 8-9 units.

The second fundamental factor, which also seriously affects the performance of a gasoline trimmer for grass, is the viscosity of the oil. This feature determines the possibility of using the device at different temperatures. Summer grades of oils begin to thicken at the least temperature difference.

The third point, the importance of which should not be underestimated. This is a flash point. This indicator should be more than two hundred 20 5 degrees. In an unpleasant case, the composition will burn very rapidly and the load on the piston group will begin to increase, which will lead to its accelerated wear. Also, a 4-stroke oil will not be for 2 strokes. Namely, the last type of engine is used in the vast majority of gas mowers.

If we are talking about manufacturers, then you can make a small rating that will allow you to focus on the recipes offered by different manufacturers. For example, STIHL offers high.quality synthetic and mineral oils that have already proven themselves as a good solution in at least some time of the year.

This is considered a very good Shell Helix Ultra Oil. Specialists note its highest properties and good characteristics of alkalinity and viscosity. Apart from that, the products of such brands as Oleo-Mac, Motul, Hammerflex, Echo. If we are talking about the products of domestic brands, then the LUKOIL oil should be paid attention to this. Its price is several times lower than foreign analogues, but at the same time has high quality and good technical characteristics.