Trimmer Oil: Choice And Proportions

A huge role in the performance and durability of the gas trimmer is played by oil, which protects the details of the cylinder-piston group from rapid wear.

In order for the lawn mower to please its owner with trouble-free operation, a competent approach to maintenance is necessary. Currently, it is customary to distinguish between two main types of engine by the number of working cycles:

Trimmer Oil: Choice And Proportions

The principle of operation of two- and four-stroke engines

  1. Two-stroke engines, where oil is added directly to the fuel tank;
  2. Four-stroke engines with separate oil reservoir. An exception in this category is the STIHL 4-MIX engine, which runs on an oil-gasoline mixture, but has 4 cycles of operation.

Nevertheless, most of the trimmers on our market are equipped with power units operating on a mixture pre-prepared filled into the fuel tank.

Types of motor oils and their purpose

The choice of oil for gas trimmer

Oil for the engine of a gasoline trimmer is a lubricant that serves to reduce wear between the friction components of the internal combustion engine.

The composition of the oil includes residual hydrocarbons and various additives that improve the properties of the final product. To ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of lawn mowers, experts recommend the use of oils that, in their physicochemical properties, correspond to this type of motor.

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Today it is customary to distinguish three main types of oils by the method of their production:

  • Minerals created in the process of distillation of hydrocarbons;
  • Synthetic oils obtained through natural gas processing or synthesis;
  • Semi-synthetic, including improved mineral oil with the addition of some synthetic components.

In order to prevent mixing of various types, the manufacturer adds a dye to the oil, which shows the difference in the composition of the lubricant.

The choice of oil for lawn mowers

For trimmer motors, it is necessary to select oils with the “2T” marking, which are used for ICEs with volumes from 50 to 200 cm 3 and are air-cooled. First of all, when buying oil, it is worth paying attention not to the price, but to the protective properties of the material, since small savings can subsequently become a real headache for the owner and, as a rule, a lot of costs.

Two-stroke lawn mowing oil

The main factor determining the quality of the oil for the trimmer is the alkaline number. It is this component that eliminates the oxidation of rubbing parts and slows down their destruction. During operation, the oil gradually loses its alkalinity and becomes oxidized. The optimum level of acidity (Ph) should not be less than 8-9 units.

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The viscosity of the lawn mowing oil also has a major impact on the operation of a gasoline tool. This indicator determines the possibility of operating the trimmer at different temperatures. For example, summer brands of lubricants thicken even with a slight drop in temperature. Due to the use of lawn mowers exclusively in the spring-autumn period, oil with summer marking will be an excellent option.

The flash point for the trimmer oil should be more than 225C, otherwise the oil will quickly burn out, and the piston group will undergo intensive wear.

What to look for when choosing oil?

Modern two-stroke engines of the lawn mowing unit are fueled with a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil with the marking “2T”. The use of fuels with a higher octane rating will contribute to an increase in the flash point and, as a consequence, the burnout of the lubricant.

Varieties of Stihl oils

Undoubtedly, the best oil for the trimmer is recommended by the manufacturer, however, the owner does not always have the opportunity to purchase exactly the “branded” lubricant. Experts recommend Shell Helix Ultra, based on Pureplus technology, which helps improve the basic properties of the lubricant.

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For gasoline trimmers from the German manufacturer Stihl, it is necessary to use Stihl HP Ultra, Stihl HP, Stihl HP S oils. Vityaz products, which in their properties are most similar to the recommended material, can become a budget substitute.

How much oil to pour into the trimmer?

Depending on the number of strokes of the engine and the type of oil used, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions when preparing the fuel mixture.

Proportions of gasoline and oil

So, when preparing fuel with mineral oil, the proportions can vary from 1:25 to 1:35. For high-speed engines with synthetic oil, a portion of the lubricant and gasoline can be 1:50 or 1:80. Fuel preparation consists in pouring a certain amount of oil into gasoline and subsequent mixing.

For long-term storage of a diluted mixture of PVC packaging is not suitable, since when interacting with plastic, the solution loses its properties. Do not allow long-term storage of cooked fuel (more than 2 weeks), which leads to the formation of an oil film and malfunctions of the fuel system.