What Can You Do Angle Grinder Work Capabilities

How to use an angle grinder safely Operations that can be done with an angle grinder. Safety precautions when working with an angle grinder. How to cut an angle grinder correctly: by yourself or by yourself?

How to Safely Use an Angle Grinder

This hand tool has become indispensable in various fields, especially in construction and metalworking. With its help, labor productivity is increased. The emergence of a large number of different attachments has led to a significant increase in the functionality of the device.

But not all workers who regularly use it in their work know how to use an angle grinder correctly. It should be borne in mind that non-observance of elementary rules of safe handling of an angle grinder is fraught with dangerous injuries, sometimes fatal. Compliance with the operating instructions will help to avoid this. An important role in preventing injury is that the tool is in good working order, the use of suitable personal protective equipment, and the correct selection of discs for cutting and grinding various materials.

Protective equipment used

The user must wear the following personal protective equipment when working on an angle grinder:

  • Protective mask or glasses that cover the eyes from all sides;
  • Gloves made of thick fabric or leather;
  • Special shoes (whole, stable) and work clothes;
  • Respirator, which will provide protection against the penetration of small particles into the respiratory system when cutting concrete, glass or ceramic tiles, brick, porcelain stoneware, foam block, stone and other dusty materials.
what can you do angle grinder work capabilities

When working with an angle grinder, the use of protective equipment is mandatory. This helps to work more safely.

Which way the angle grinder can cut

Before you start cutting the material, you should figure out which way the angle grinder should turn: sparks from yourself or towards yourself. There is no definite answer among users, they work in both ways. If the nozzle rotates counterclockwise, the sparks (as well as the broken circle) fly in the opposite direction from the operator, but the recoil of the tool during jamming will occur on the user. In the second case, everything happens the other way around. For safety reasons, it is considered that correct rotation is when sparks fly towards the operator, because when the tool is jammed, the jerk of the tool will be in the opposite direction.

In any case, manufacturers recommend that the movement of the angle grinder and the rotation of its wheel be directed one way. This greatly reduces the possibility that the disc will come out of the slot during workflow. But with this method, the markings on the material are often hidden by flying sparks.

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Change nozzle rotation by moving the handle and cover to the other side. This is the simplest option (if possible). A more difficult way is to make changes in the electrical circuit of the device. But that doesn’t always help.

When cutting, it is necessary that the work plane does not change, and also there are no distortions. Discs should be used according to the material being processed. So, concrete, tiles, stone are cut using circles of different diameters with diamond spraying.

How to cut correctly

All workers who use the angle grinder are divided into two camps. Some cut from themselves, others to themselves. There is no single rule, only recommendations. This is proved by the fact that the instrument can be tuned both for the right hand and for the left, and the rotation of the disc can be rehearsed in both directions.

Necessary security measures

The main thing when working with an angle grinder is safety. It does not matter which way the sparks fly, if the safety precautions are not followed, it will lead to serious injury.

Precautions for working with angle grinder:

  • A safe place to work;
  • Individual protection means
  • Serviceable tool.

Cut on yourself

When on an angle grinder the cut-off wheel rotates counterclockwise, the correct cutting direction is towards you. Otherwise, the angle grinder will jam and the disc will fly apart.

Therefore, with this method of work, complete concentration is required, the hand is resting on the stomach and the movement of the disc is controlled. If the machine starts to work with tension, this is a sign that you need to be careful.

The gearbox of the angle grinder, when it is set to thread on itself, is on the side of the cutter, it is less likely that overalls will wind on the disc. But this rule applies to those who have the right hand. For left-handed people, adjust the angle grinder individually.

Rules for working with an angle grinder

Working with an angle grinder has some features that must be taken into account even before using it. These are not only the rules of cutting itself, but also safety, which is so important when working with any potentially dangerous tool. Let’s take a look at how to properly operate an angle grinder and what to fear.

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The principle of cooling modern grinders

Metal cutting rules

How to work correctly with an angle grinder? It is necessary to take into account numerous conditions and recommendations, safety rules. Today, manufacturers are trying to minimize the likelihood of injury, but this does not mean that you do not need to worry about your own health. Even the most harmless equipment in inept and careless hands can be dangerous, so it is necessary to familiarize yourself with working conditions and safety precautions before starting work.

These can be shards of disc teeth, sparks, small abrasive particles, particles of the material being cut. Therefore, when working, you must use protective glasses or special transparent masks. Hands are protected with gloves. There is another danger when the disc breaks or gets jammed during operation.

This situation is rare, but there is still a risk of its occurrence. In this case, the saw can be pulled out of the hands with a strong and sharp jerk, and this is fraught with dangerous injuries. It is impossible to foresee jamming, but even before switching on, it is possible to determine the direction of movement, this will allow avoiding dangerous situations in the event of a breakdown.

Safety glasses are required when working with an angle grinder

Among the safety rules that must be followed before turning on the angle grinder, it should be noted:

Working principles with an angle grinder

Working with an angle grinder itself requires certain conditions:

  1. If the blade needs to be replaced, the power tool must be completely disconnected from the mains.
  2. The angle grinder must be held firmly during cutting and must not be roughly handled.
  3. To replace a disk after use, you must wait until it has completely stopped, then disconnect the equipment from the mains and replace it.
  4. It is necessary to work only in special protective gloves, but ordinary cotton gloves cannot be used, since they can easily ignite from sparks. The threads from them are easily wound on the spindle, and this leads to injury.
  5. When working, the power tool is placed so that the face and hands are not in the plane of rotation of the working disc.
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How to work correctly with an angle grinder? There are some tips to follow when finishing work:

  1. Wait until the blade comes to a complete stop after cutting. Only then can the equipment be placed on the floor with the working disc facing up. The angle grinder is disconnected from the mains.
  2. One mistake often made by beginners is that if a new disc is smaller in diameter than a special guard, it will be easy to remove. But this only leads to injury, the disc can fly apart, especially when working with metal. You cannot install saws, cutters, etc. Instead of a disc that are not designed to work with this type of equipment.

Principle of operation

The operation of this tool is based on the rotation of the nozzle, which can be either a disc or a special brush. The mechanism is set in motion due to the flow of electricity.

What is the difference between a professional angle grinder and a household one?

The angle grinder used in large-scale construction work has significant differences from household models. Consequently, their cost will differ.

The main features of the professional angle grinder are:

  1. In the high wear resistance of the units, which makes it possible to use it during prolonged work;
  2. In power characteristics (more than 1500 W);
  3. Significant weight due to special assemblies and high-strength housing;
  4. In a low probability of overheating;
  5. In additional functions that can facilitate long-term work on it;
  6. In the cost of the car and in its accessories;

The manufacturer indicates the characteristics of the angle grinder in the description for it, but also in the instructions for use.

What can you do an angle grinder?

Today on sale you can find a variety of power tools, which differ from each other in their functions, purpose and cost. And here the angle grinder (angle grinder, or angle grinder) is especially popular with buyers. But what kind of tool it is and how to work on it, we will talk in this article.