What cordless wrench to choose. What to choose an electric screwdriver or a wrench

The best cordless wrench of 2021

The 2021 rating is a list of the best items of the same kind, grouped by several distinguishing features. democratic cost, ease of use, customer preference, appearance and functionality. To make the Top 10 best, you need to carefully analyze all the components and then you get a list, from which the potential buyer can choose the thing he needs.

The best cordless wrench in 2021 is the leader of the list of professional tools, used in special cases by professionals and independent of power source (type of compressed air or electricity). To choose the best cordless impact wrench, key characteristics are considered. They determine which tool will be the subject of your preference. Rating is not a purchase imperative, but merely a recommendation for optimal selection.

Top 10. Makita DTL063Z

The design allows the unit to work with fasteners in hard-to-reach places.

  • Medium
  • Country: Japan
  • Torque: 60 Nm
  • Impact frequency: 3000 bpm
  • Speed of rotation: 2000 rpm

A highly specialized impact wrench will be of interest mainly to professionals who need tools for work in hard-to-reach places. The model features high quality build and thoughtful design, which includes an ergonomic handle, bright workspace illumination and a dynamic brake that stops the chuck rotation instantly. However, many craftsmen believe that the functionality can not compensate for the cost of the model, comparable in value to a full-fledged wrench of classic design.

Makita TW 0350

400W power and 350Nm of torque. The 2000 rpm impact function makes it easy to loosen old bolt connections.

  • Good balance due to T-shape.
  • Built-in overheat protection.
  • Spindle rotates at 2000 rpm for faster processes.
  • Comes with carrying case.
  • Works well even with stalled screws.
  • Used by many owners every day and lasts several years without failure.
  • Quite large size. getting into tight places is problematic.
  • The 3 kg weight causes hand fatigue faster.
  • Excessive strain on M12 fasteners breaks screws.
  • Rubber pad only on back of handle. front is bare plastic and slippery.

Output. A good impact wrench is characterized by a rubberized part on top of the gearbox that protects the housing from hitting metal parts and components. 12-22 fixture range allows for a wide range of repair and installation applications.

Metabo SSW 650

German impact wrench made in Taiwan. Fully metal gear housing is protected from damage. 650 Watt power with 600 Nm torque delivers powerful performance.

  • Plastic body parts are rubberized on the corners.
  • No slipping of the finger on the start button in the heat.
  • 2100 rpm spindle speed allows you to drive more screws into the roofing material in the same amount of time.
  • Thoughtful air cooling for extended working time.
  • 5 meter long cord allows for use at a stationary workstation without carrying.
  • Impact and tightening blowback is barely transmitted to the hands.
cordless, wrench, choose, electric, screwdriver
  • Your hand gets tired quickly when using a heavy tool.
  • High power makes thin screws tear when tightening.
  • When unscrewing old joints, it takes a long time (up to 30-60 seconds) to move the fasteners out of place.
  • Comes without a case, which many lack, to neatly store and transport the wrench.

Withdrawal. One of the most powerful network wrenches with 600 Nm of torque. Suitable for permanent assembly at a stationary workplace.

Rating of the best impact wrenches

Nomination place product name price
Best electric wrenches 1 Milwaukee M18 ONEFHIWP12-502X 53 200 ₽
2 DeWALT DCF899P2 29 491 ₽
3 Bosch GDS 18 V-LI HT 0 20 697 ₽
4 Makita TW0350 15 139 ₽
5 Bosch GDR 10,8-LI 2.0Ah x2 L-BOXX 12 080 ₽
6 RYOBI R18IW3-0 6 880 ₽
7 Makita TD0101 4 781 ₽
8 Bort BSR-12X 3 490 ₽
The best air wrenches 1 HAZET 9013MG 57 750 ₽
2 Metabo DSSW 2440-1 42 955 ₽
3 KING TONY 33481-095 17 000 ₽
4 Fubag IW1600(100198) 8 034 ₽
5 JONNESWAY JAI-1054 9 800 ₽
6 Licota PAW-04048 12 280 ₽

The electric nutrunners are the most popular at home and in small production facilities. Some models require only a 220 V socket and an extension cord, while others operate even on battery power. It is the best choice for garage, repair equipment and workshops. Here’s a rating of popular models that have interested our experts with their features or have many positive reviews.

Milwaukee M18 ONEFHIWP12-502X

One of the most expensive cordless electric wrenches with quality construction and impressive features. The model turns the tool with the force of 1491 Nm, accompanied by 2400 strokes per minute, which users like in their reviews. Four speeds for quick mode change. Battery capacity is 5 Ah, and the second from the kit will charge in just 60 minutes.

Experts ranked the wrench as a leader in comfortable operation. Bluetooth connects the tool to a smartphone that can be used to set rotation speed, torque, or backlight time via an app. You can even create profiles with different settings and load them when you change master, which comes in handy when more than one person uses the wrench. Programmable logging and statistics of operating hours.


  • All-rubber handle;
  • Brushless motor with a long service life;
  • precise setting and control of settings;
  • enormous torque of 1491 Nm.


  • weight 3.2 kg will quickly fatigue your hand
  • the phone gets dirty from frequent adjustments in the workshop environment;
  • high cost;
  • No torque adjustment on the body (only through the app).


Universal electric impact wrench with metal housing around the gearbox, equipped with three speeds. Has a rubberized handle with venting inserts. Equipped with two 5 Ah batteries and a ½” chuck. Features reverse and impact function up to 2400 per minute. Comes in an easy-to-carry carrying case. the model is quite powerful. in customer reviews the owners brag that the impact wrench unscrews a 32 mm nut in 8 seconds at maximum speed. Brushless motor for long life and maintenance-free operation.

According to our experts the impact wrench should be in the top ranks because of its combination of delicacy and tightening torque. Despite the 950 Nm with the tool can accurately screw the tool with occasional gentle pressure on the trigger. is useful for medium sized nuts and bolts of 17-21 mm, so as not to tear the tooling.

cordless, wrench, choose, electric, screwdriver


  • heavy (3.The GDS 18 V-LI HT is the ideal tool for the frequent use of every day woodworking machine;
  • Strong crunching noise when unscrewing;
  • no safety functions;
  • the reversing switch is in an inconvenient place. it gets caught during use.

Bosch GDS 18 V-LI HT 0

German electric wrench from a trusted brand. Has torque of 650 Nm and rotation speed up to 1900 rpm. Delivers 2,100 strokes per minute while tightening. There is no step speed change, but there is a smooth electronic adjustment of speed by pressing the starter button. The tool is designed for use with Cool Pack batteries, characterized by a long service life. Testimonials from users say that a 4 Ah battery is enough to “re-shoe” one car. Though the model is designed for bolts M20, but in practice it is able to cope with tooling up to M22.

Experts have paid attention to the impact wrench and added it to the rating because of the beveled shape of the gearbox. This makes the tool easier to use in hard-to-reach places, such as when repairing a car’s suspension.


  • electronic overload protection;
  • spring loaded ball in the chuck;
  • is illuminated;
  • battery status indicator.

Makita TW0350

An impact wrench from a renowned manufacturer. Comes in at 400W per hour and produces 350Nm of torque. Made in a plastic housing with a metal gearbox. Suitable for continuous use because of the wide cooling holes on the side and rear. Speed of rotation and strokes per minute on the same figure and is 2000. Reverse function is realized by means of a double trigger, where when you press the upper part clockwise, and when you press the lower part the reverse action is triggered. Users praise its simplicity and unpretentiousness. it can easily unscrew the nuts on hubs that are tightened with a screwdriver.

AEG BSS 18C 12Z Li-402C

The German tool manufacturer AEG pays special attention to the quality of batteries and chargers. Particularly appealing is that the same set of two interchangeable power supplies and chargers fit the entire series of devices: impact wrench, screwdriver, drill, and even a torch. So the big price of this tool is justified. It can produce a maximum torque of 350 Nm, which is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. Chargeable battery lasts for a long time, too.

It comes with a ½” square drive bit adapter for standard bits. The power of the impact wrench allows even very long and thick self-tapping screws. In short, it’s a great buy for years to come. Customers rave about the compact size of the tool and its long battery life. One disadvantage: the high price of the complete set.

Improved Electric TOOTHBRUSH LOCK PICK Simple To Make

cordless, wrench, choose, electric, screwdriver

Selection recommendations

Purpose. Start your search for a cordless impact wrench by setting goals for the tool. This will determine the torque, the spindle speed, the chuck type and the accessory selection.

Impact capability. Cordless wrenches use impact or hammerless rotation mechanisms.

  • Impactless mechanisms look preferable for tightening/unscrewing small metal parts, mounting/dismounting light structures.
  • Impact or pulse models allow you to service cars, remove oxidized bolts, nuts or self-tapping screws, do professional construction work.
cordless, wrench, choose, electric, screwdriver

Torque. One of the main characteristics of a cordless impact wrench is its torque. Can be between 100 and 700 Newton-meters (N-m).

  • Capacities in the 100-300 N-m range are sufficient for work with self-tapping screws or small threaded fasteners.
  • To reliably tighten the wheel bolts or nuts, it is better to choose a more powerful model (400-700 N-m). But as the power is increased, so is the weight of the tool.

Pulse Frequency. There is another technical parameter the potential customer should pay attention to when choosing a nutrunner. This is the pulse rate (strokes per minute). In some cases it compensates for the lack of power of the tool.

  • Professional impact wrenches are limited to 2,700-3,200 beats/min.
  • Household models with low-powered motors give you a maximum impact rate of 3,500 to 4,000 rpm.

Chuck type. Since wrenches can work with many different types of sockets, it’s important to choose the most suitable and reliable socket.

  • Most models have 1/2 in. chucks. Holds sockets securely.
  • The most powerful tools can be fitted with a 3/4″ or 1″ shank.
  • And for working with self-tapping screws, a bit chuck looks best.

Additional Options. manufacturers equip their products with a number of modern features for safe and comfortable operation of the wrench.

Cordless Screwdriver or Cordless Drill?

  • Lighted working area helps to tighten/unscrew hardware in poorly lit places.
  • Battery charging indicator visually tells you how much more you can use without recharging.
  • Electronic overload protection comes in handy for professionals who keep the impact wrench in their hands throughout the entire work shift.

Our pick of the 6 best cordless impact wrenches in this review. These models are widely available in Russian stores. When deciding on the positions the expertology editors relied on the opinion of the expert community, taking into consideration the feedback from our Russian consumers.

The best cordless impact wrench

Bosch GDR 10.8-LI Impact Model 2.0Ah x2 L-BOXX with pulse mode and start button lock, equipped with a high-quality illuminated work space of point type, which allows using it in poor light conditions. Suitable for domestic as well as professional tasks of various complexity. Special attention should be paid to the quality charger, which restores the battery charge in just 1 hour.

In addition to the impact mechanism, capable of 3100 blows per minute, the trimmer is equipped with a reversing function with a conveniently located switch. Powered by a 10.8 V rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2 Ah. Number of spindle idle speed reaches the value of 2600 rpm. In addition to the tool itself, the package includes a case with two inserts, charger and two batteries to ensure continuous operation.


  • Type. reversible cordless impact wrench.
  • Number of add-ons. No speeds.
  • Speed. 2600 rpm.
  • Torque of 105 Nm.
  • Bit chuck for HEX-type bits.
  • Length. 137 mm.
  • Weight. 1 kg.

Pros of

  • Compact size and low weight.
  • Power.
  • Backlight and reversing switch location.
  • Durability.
  • Battery will be charged in less than 1 hour.
  • Long operating times on a single charge.
  • Well-developed network of service centers.

Wester PSS-10

Among tested pneumatic wrenches, the experts found Wester PSS-10, which has a torque of 570 Nm and speed of 7500 rpm. Takes in up to 200 liters per minute of air from the compressor through a 1/4″ nozzle. Tool weighs 2.4 kg. The set includes a Euro nipple, but can also be ARO/Orion. the customer’s choice. 1/2″ square socket with locking ring, so sockets won’t fly off even when the wrench is lowered. Includes hex wrench and grease gun.

Experts put the air tool in the list of the best tools due to the comfortable grip on the handle and the stop on the thumbhole. The tool also has an optimal weight distribution with a T-shaped body that reduces hand fatigue. Recessed hardness ratchet doesn’t snag on clothing, so you won’t lose your settings.


  • has a shock and reverse function;
  • Handy torque switch;
  • rubberized handle;
  • low vibration
  • reasonable price.

The best 12 volt electric impact wrench

The compact but powerful BORT BSR-12 wrench powered by 12 volt DC power. The model is not designed for serious loads, but thanks to its characteristics it is one of the best solutions for motorists. The device can be powered from both the terminals of the car battery, and from the cigarette lighter, and even from the 12-volt line of a computer power supply unit of suitable capacity. Torque of 350 Nm is sufficient to loosen and tighten wheel nuts in passenger cars.

At such a low price it is not without its shortcomings. It is a question of low-quality lubrication of units from the factory. For this reason it is recommended that you disassemble the wrench after purchase and give additional grease to the rotating parts that are in contact with each other. Another disadvantage. the length of power wires. Sometimes it is not enough, so you should add an extra meter and a half or two meters.


  • Type. straight, impact, powered from 12 V.
  • Torque of 350 Nm.
  • Speed. 3.3 thousand. rpm.
  • Chuck: 1/2″ type.
  • Is there a reverser?
  • Weight. 1,4 kg.


Electric nutrunner greatly facilitates the process of working with threaded fasteners. Powerful models are designed for industrial use and are even indispensable if you need to loosen or tighten, for example, a large-diameter nut. When buying the tool you like, make sure that the size of the shaft corresponds to the sockets, and vice versa.