What Grease In A Reducer Angle Grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder) is simply called an angle grinder. With this tool, wizards perform many operations. He, like any other equipment, requires full service. Moving elements need lubrication. For this, special tools are used.

There are several options for lubricating the angle grinder gearbox. The advice of experienced craftsmen will help you choose the best way. The angle grinder will work long and efficiently.

The role of grease

Manufacturers of the power tool presented in the manufacture of the tool mechanism provide moving, rubbing parts with special lubrication. The composition of such products may vary. Therefore, being interested in how to lubricate the gearbox with an angle grinder (“Devolt” is this or another brand), you need to look into the instructions. The manufacturer can clearly define the composition options that are allowed to be used when servicing equipment.

What Grease In A Reducer Angle Grinder

At high loads, in which the equipment has to function, as well as at high heating temperatures, lubricants prevent premature wear of metal parts.

Special components allow you to remove excess heat from rubbing steam. Also, many manufacturers provide such an important function of their products as anti-corrosion effect. The complexity of the action allows to ensure the full-fledged operation of the tool and extend its operation for many years.


In order to have an idea of ​​how to lubricate the gearbox with an angle grinder (Interskol is a product of other manufacturers), it is necessary to consider the features of this tool. They affect the technical characteristics that a grease must have.

The main and most loaded unit of the angle grinder is the gearbox. It consists of gears of a certain configuration. Proper lubrication can reduce the friction force, heating of moving parts. For this, the consumable should have a viscosity of not more than 800 Pass. Its dropping temperature should be at least 120ºС. Strength is recommended at 120 Pa. This allows the tool to form a durable film on the surfaces of the parts.

The lubricant should consist of naturally soluble components. It should not harm the environment and human health. Funds of proven reputable manufacturers have appropriate quality certificates, therefore it is recommended that they be used for tool maintenance.

Signs of obsolescence

Being interested in how to properly lubricate the gearbox in an angle grinder, it is necessary to consider the signs of grease obsolescence. If the master disconnects the gearbox from the angle grinder and looks inside, he can see obvious signs of the need to change the composition.

During operation of the unit, the lubricant is sprayed and settles in a dense layer on the inner walls of the housing. Over time, the substance dries. This forms clods. This indicates the need for grease change.

As the temperature rises, the lubricant becomes more fluid. It can spread, leaving the gear mechanism. To prevent friction, its amount must be controlled. If the gears do not have a thick layer of grease, then it is time to change it. Otherwise, the tool will quickly fail.

Foreign greases

To determine how you can lubricate the reducer angle grinder, you need to consider a number of expert recommendations. They argue that you should choose the oil, which produces a manufacturer of equipment. Such compositions are not cheap. However, they have a balanced set of additives that provide long-term operation of angle grinders. If the user of the equipment purchases other lubricants for servicing the power tool, the equipment may not even be covered by the warranty.

However, if desired, you can replace the manufacturer’s recommended formulations with similar products. For foreign models of angle grinders, tools that include additives identical to those used by the manufacturer of an angle grinder are quite suitable.

If molybdenum was present in the lubricant, it is necessary to purchase a composition labeled MoS2. For grinders that are serviced by consumables of the second viscosity class, the composition NLGI2 is suitable. Lubricants marked ISOL-XBCHB 2 correspond to the ISO standard. If, however, the product was manufactured according to German DIN quality standards, the new oil must contain the indication DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20 in the marking.

Domestic lubricants

Considering how to smear the gearbox with an angle grinder of domestic production, it is necessary to pay attention to the compositions of local manufacture. Today, Russian companies offer a wide selection of such tools. They differ in reasonable price.

Modern domestic materials for the lubrication of the angle grinder are characterized by high quality. They comply with high foreign standards. They are used not only in angle grinders, but also in other varieties of power tools.

Especially popular are the funds of the company Nanotech Metal Plac Electra. However, there are other varieties of service compositions for any node angle grinder, including the gearbox.

Recommendations of specialists

Experienced specialists give recommendations on the better lubrication of the angle grinder gearbox. They argue that if it is impossible to service the tool with branded grease, you can choose a different composition. The second most popular lubricant for CV joints in our country is recognized. It is most often used for domestic production tools. Some masters choose a lubricant for CV joints and for foreign angle grinders. However, the quality of the original compositions will be much higher.

Worse, if the master gave preference to such compounds as lithol or solid oil. These are universal remedies. They are not able to properly service the angle grinder gear system. With their application, the work of the tool cannot be complete. At the beginning of operation, the difference will be imperceptible. But over time, serious problems may arise in the operation of the unit.

Therefore, experienced craftsmen do not recommend saving on gear lubricant. The costs of acquiring original or other high-quality products are paid for by the long life of the equipment.

Preparing for grease change

Having studied the options for anointing the gearbox with an angle grinder, it is necessary to delve into the process of applying a new composition to the elements of the mechanism. This procedure is performed according to the power tool maintenance plan established by the manufacturer. Also, this must be done when replacing gearbox parts or rotary bearings.

Workout will have a dirty color. This is due to the ingress of particles of metal and dust into it. Before lubricating the gearbox, it is necessary to remove old oil from the surfaces of the mechanisms. Workout is removed completely.

To perform this procedure, automotive tools for cleaning the motor are suitable. You can also use kerosene or gasoline. Using these tools, traces of old grease are completely removed from the surfaces of all parts. After processing, the gearbox must be dried well. Only then can you start refueling.

Gearbox Maintenance

Having chosen how to lubricate the gearbox with an angle grinder, and also having prepared the mechanism for this process, you can proceed with servicing the tool. The product must be thoroughly mixed. It is applied in a thin layer on the parts of the gearbox. In bearings, the mass is applied by packing.

If the product is packaged in a tube, its neck is placed on the side of the bearing cage. The composition is poured inward until it flows out on the other hand. So much grease is filled in the gearbox to cover the gear teeth. Surplus will flow out during operation of the angle grinder. Lack of lubrication leads to increased heating and friction inside the mechanism.

Experts recommend laying such an amount of substance that it occupies almost half the space of the gear case. In this case, the tool will work correctly. The manufacturer may indicate in the user manual some of the nuances of this process. They should also be considered when servicing angle grinders.

The control

Having studied how to lubricate the gearbox angle grinder, you should consider the procedure for monitoring the correct maintenance of the tool. The angle grinder must be collected and included in the network. When the motor starts, the quality of filling the gearbox with grease is evaluated. For this, the angle grinder is put into idle mode for a short time.

If, after the test, the gearbox began to heat up, and traces of lubricant appeared from the gaskets, it means that there are too many substances in the mechanism. Having disconnected the tool from the mains, it is necessary to open the gearbox cover. Excess oil will be visible on the walls. They are removed from the equipment cavity.

If extraneous noise appeared in the test mode, there was insufficient lubrication. In this case, the tool is disassembled, and an additional amount of the composition is added to the gearbox. Next, the verification procedure is repeated. If everything is in order, the tool can be used in normal mode.

Having considered how to lubricate the gearbox with an angle grinder, as well as the procedure for this process, each master will be able to service his equipment independently.