What You Can Do From A Saw

Two options for home-made saws will be presented below: a tire sawmill from a saw and a circular saw from a hand-held circular saw. To make the first one, you will have to make some purchases, as well as stock up on a welding machine, the second option can be made from materials that any owner will probably find in the garage or on the site.

Types of sawmills

There are currently three types of sawmills in the tool market:

What You Can Do From A Saw

Circular saws are one of the most common on the farm. Their minus is the high cost of high-quality discs, as well as a relatively large amount of waste. Band saws are the most economical, they are not afraid of bad weather, leave little waste, but at the same time they have a complex device, which makes them making them at home a very difficult task. The simplest version of a sawmill from a saw is a tire saw, they differ in an elementary device and can also process large volumes of wood of any thickness.

Self-made tire saw

In order to make a power-saw bench yourself, drawings and certain calculations will be required. The manufacturing process is not particularly difficult, the only thing is the availability of all necessary resources. Naturally, a home-made sawmill will be inferior in characteristics to factory products. However for the manufacture of beams and boards perfect.

For the manufacture of a tire saw, certain materials will be required:

  • metal rails;
  • metal tubes with different diameters;
  • electric motor;
  • tire from a chainsaw;
  • drive sprocket (also suitable for chainsaw).

As an electric motor, you can use any engine, for example, from a semi-professional electric saw, from an old grinder, or purchased specifically.

If the choice falls on the purchased option, then for household needs a three-phase 5.5 kW electric motor is ideal.

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Cutting assembly

The cutting part is represented by a tire and an electric motor interconnected. The whole structure is placed in a metal frame, which is mounted on a strong vertical axis. In other words, the frame in which the saw is enclosed will be able to move vertically inside another frame. This movement will occur due to the guide axis.

The first step will be frame manufacturing, in which the bus will be installed. The frame is in the shape of a rectangle. On one side of the tire, it is attached to a vertical axis, which provides rotation.

The sprocket, which provides tire movement, has a central hole. In it you need to insert the axis of a strong alloy, which has high strength. Great for mild steel. The axis resists the horizontal movement of the tire, that is, the tire itself has a horizontal position in space, and the axis is vertical. From two sides on the axle bearings are put close to the tire. this helps to avoid vertical displacement of the cutting part. After that, sleeves are put on top that clamp the bearings.

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The upper part of the axis is attached to the metal profile. The opposite part of the profile is welded to the frame in which the electric motor is mounted. Thus, the rectangle is formed as follows: the lower part is the tire, the axis and the electric motor are on both sides of it, the upper part is the bar.

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This design does not allow the tire to give play during operation.

The electric motor and drive drum are mounted in the opposite part from the axis. To attach them to the tire, you need the remaining parts from the saw. The electric motor is mounted on a rigid housing. It should take into account the large vibration, which means that the base for the engine must be very rigid. A metal axis or rigid profile is welded on the motor side. It is due to it that the entire cutting structure will move vertically to ensure that the log is cut in the right place.

Carrying the case with a saw to the base

The next step is to transfer the entire structure to the main frame, which has the shape of a parallelepiped. This frame mounted on casters, which will move on rails and saw a log. The sides are a welded frame made of thick metal. From above they are fastened together. In other words, the front view will resemble the letter P mounted on rails.

The distance between the side racks is 1-1.5 meters and is calculated based on the length of the tire: it should be slightly larger. The side posts themselves are so wide that a structure with a cutting base can be installed inside. If this design has a width of 60 cm, then the width of the side faces should be the same. This is done with the expectation that a saw will be installed inside one of the racks. The axis along which it moves is mounted on top and bottom inside the side frame.

Thus, the vertical movement is ensured by the axis. Horizontal movement occurs with the help of rollers that roll on rails.

Making a circular saw from a manual circular saw

For a home foreman, having a circular saw home is a matter of vital importance. Make it quite realistic with your own hands. The easiest option to make a circular saw is to use a hand saw. For the manufacture of the machine, the design of the existing saw does not need to be redone. Enough make a table for her. Obviously, the saw will be fixed under the countertop, and the disc through a special hole is above it.

To make a table, you need 4040 wooden blocks and plywood. A square base is made with a side length of 80 cm and a height of 40 cm.

As a table top, a square sheet of plywood is taken, it is best to use varnished or laminated. it provides smoothness and easy gliding. In the central part, a cut is made for the disk. At the corners, holes are drilled in advance for attaching the countertops to the table.

From below, a circular hand saw is attached to the countertop. This is easiest to do with bolts. Hats must be carefully drowned in the surface.

To turn on the saw, you need to fix the power button on it, and insert the power plug into the outlet, which will be connected to the start button.

For ease of use, you can attach a metal corner on one side, which will serve longitudinal emphasis. For its movement, it is possible to make cuts at right angles to the disk, and to carry out the movement by loosening and tightening the bolts that fix this emphasis.

A circular saw blade is a simple and inexpensive option for home use. Of course, when installing the tool, the thickness of the countertop will steal a little from the disk, but in general, this option is quite enough for domestic needs.