Which Angle Grinder To Choose For Home

Choosing an angle grinder for the home. Main criteria

What characteristics of an angle grinder should you pay attention to before buying? Obviously, first of all, the choice will depend on the type of proposed work. If it is not clearly clear which angle grinder to choose for the home, that is, to choose a universal tool, then you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The diameter of the nozzle used. As noted above, a fairly simple selection criterion is used here. the more powerful the tool, the larger the nozzle. In turn, it is obvious that the larger the diameter, for example, of a circle for cutting metal, the thicker the workpiece you can cut.
  • Rated power. Here the choice depends on the field of application of the tool. The range of this parameter is quite extensive: from 0.6 to 2.7 kW. So if you are buying an angle grinder for simple sanding of wood surfaces, for example, then there is no point in buying a large, powerful tool. Firstly, because it costs much more, and secondly, a heavy professional tool will not be able to reveal its capabilities. And in this case, it will be inconvenient to manipulate a large, heavy apparatus, which will only lead to quick fatigue. Conversely, if you are going to cut concrete or metal workpieces, then you will need a powerful angle grinder with a large circle diameter.
  • Rotational speed. The spindle speed range of the angle grinder ranges from 2800 to 11000 rpm. In more expensive models it is possible to adjust the speed, and if there is no such regulator on the instrument, then the principle works: the larger the disc, the lower the speed. The fact is that at a high speed of rotation of the nozzle, its destruction is quite likely, which can lead to injury.
  • Additional functions. We will dwell on this selection criterion in more detail in order to understand which angle grinder is better and make an informed choice.

Choosing an angle grinder for work and home

Choosing an angle grinder does not at all mean finding yourself a life partner from a solar angle grinder or voting for an angle grinder beauty at the next beauty contest, and this is how a foreigner can understand the intention of a person from a post-Soviet country if he translates this phrase literally from Russian. After all, he does not know that in the countries of the former Soviet Union, choosing an angle grinder means choosing an angle grinder or an angle grinder, which it is, in fact.


The scope of its application directly depends on which nozzle is installed on the angle grinder. For each type of processed material and the nature of the work performed, there are different nozzles. Their main types are discs or circles and various kinds of brushes, fixed perpendicular to the body of the angle grinder on the spindle using a threaded connection. Both those and others have a fairly large number of modifications and types. So, the circles differ from each other primarily by the type of materials being processed.

There are different circles for: steel, stone, paving and ceramic tiles, various alloys, and so on. Although there are universal cut-off wheels that apply, if not to all, then to most materials. Cutting wheels also differ in diameter, as mentioned above, as well as in thickness. In addition to cut-off wheels, there are flap discs and abrasive discs that require a separate attachment or flange. In the latter case, the nozzle is screwed to the spindle, and already to it, using the so-called velcro, is attached a grinding disc.

The brushes used on angle grinders also depend on the material being processed. So, you can distinguish brushes, the bristles of which are made of steel, used mainly for cleaning rust and paint from metal surfaces. Brass brushes have approximately the same scope. They are softer than steel and fail faster, but they do not spark and leave less scratches on the metal surface. There are brushes with nylon bristles. Their area of ​​application is mainly wood. In addition, the brushes are divided into bowl and disc.


Obviously, this group includes a tool that is not intended for intensive work in industrial conditions. Household angle grinders have less power and dimensions. The last criterion is especially important when it is necessary to decide how to choose an angle grinder for the home, since the size of the attachment point for the attachments directly depends on which circle diameter is suitable for the selected tool. So, for home, not too frequent use, an angle grinder with a minimum circle diameter of 115 mm is quite suitable, but a professional will certainly choose a large tool (up to 230 mm), not only because of its power, but also because worn-out nozzles of a larger diameter will have to be much less often.

In addition, household angle grinders do not differ in high productivity, since due to the lack of power and structural simplicity, they quickly begin to overheat and when working with them you have to make frequent pauses to cool them down.


How to choose an angle grinder for construction site or industrial production? The simplest answer is to choose a large angle grinder. The rated power of such a tool starts from 1.5 kW, which allows it to be used in intensive mode for a long time. Overheating of large and powerful angle grinders, unlike household tools, is practically impossible. In addition, professional angle grinders have higher wear resistance of parts, which significantly increases the service life of the power tool.

The body of a professional angle grinder is made of high strength materials, which well protects the tool from various types of mechanical damage. Finally, the professional tool has more advanced features that make it easier to work with. But the professional-type angle grinder also has significant drawbacks. Firstly, it is heavy, which is associated with both the large size and the presence of additional nodes. And secondly, the price of a professional tool can be many times higher than the price of an angle grinder for household use.

The angle grinder is also distinguished by the presence of one or two handles. Everything is clear here. Large and heavy angle grinders with a power of more than 2 kW are equipped with two handles. For household mobile angle grinders, one handle is enough to hold them securely during operation.

Models and manufacturers

How to choose an angle grinder angle grinder from a huge number of different manufacturers? First of all, it should be remembered that any power tool is equipment that can threaten the life and health of the user due to the high voltage used as a power source.

In addition, angle grinders have open, high-speed rotating parts that can also injure a person. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer should be approached with all responsibility, you should not tempt fate and buy a tool made by someone who knows where and who knows who, from random sellers, even if the offered price seems very attractive. To understand which angle grinder to choose for the home, it is best to look at the products of the domestic company “Interskol”, whose tools are of high quality, and a wide range of models will give the best possible answer to the question “how to choose an angle grinder”.

Types of angle grinder

Angle grinders are one of the most demanded types of power tools, both in everyday life and in production. In terms of popularity among buyers, they are inferior only to electric drills and screwdrivers. Every man who does at least something with his own hands is simply obliged to have an angle grinder in his arsenal. This fairly versatile power tool is capable of performing a number of jobs, including: cutting, grinding, cleaning various materials. angle grinder with equal success are subject to: stone, wood, metal, plastic, slate, drywall, etc. That is, almost any material used in construction.

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Unlike some other power tools, the angle grinder is not particularly versatile. This is due to the rather simple design of the angle grinder, consisting of a cylinder-shaped body, often with a side handle (less often with two), inside which there is a universal collector motor. On top of the body is the attachment point for attachments, thanks to a large selection of which the tool is famous for its versatility. Therefore, it is not so difficult to answer the question of which angle grinder to choose, because you have to choose primarily between different manufacturers and the power of the tool. Although angle grinders can be divided, rather conditionally, into two groups.

How to choose an angle grinder. Options

If you want your tool, in addition to the obligatory on / off function, to have additional features, and you are ready to fork out for this, then it will be useful to know before choosing an angle grinder, which tool manufacturers can please you by making work with it more comfortable and safe.

  • Soft start system. This option allows you to slowly pick up speed by balancing the inrush current. This compensates for the current surge when the instrument is turned on. Smooth start-up not only prolongs the service life of the angle grinder, but also protects other devices connected to the network from power surges that could damage them.
  • Control of the number of revolutions of the disk. A very useful function, especially when sanding. This system helps to select the optimal rotation of the nozzle, which significantly extends the life of consumables and saves energy.
  • Re-inclusion protection system. Avoids incidents where suddenly turning on the tool after being forgotten to turn it off, for example, due to a temporary power outage, could result in serious injury. The presence of the system requires the obligatory pressing of the start button to re-enable the angle grinder.
  • Automatic disc balancing system. With uneven wear of the disc, vibration of the tool occurs, which leads to rapid wear of the spindle parts. To avoid such undesirable consequences, a balancing system is installed on some models of angle grinders, which quickly and effectively stabilizes vibration.
  • Speed ​​control. It is also an extremely useful function and before choosing an angle grinder, an angle grinder for the home, it is advisable to make sure it is available. Setting the optimal number of revolutions before each job and for different types of materials to be processed means not only to reduce wear of the nozzle and avoid overheating of the tool, but also to protect yourself from possible injury in the event of a sudden destruction of a circle that cannot withstand too high revolutions. In addition, with some types of processed material, it is undesirable to overheat its surface and reducing the speed of the nozzle simply and effectively solves this problem.
  • Anti-jamming system. Automatically shuts off the tool in case of a nozzle jamming, which not only protects the wheel from destruction, but also prevents the brushes of the electric motor from burning.
  • Quick disk change. Some models are equipped with an improved attachment attachment design, which makes it possible to change wheels faster.

Ergonomics of the angle grinder

Since the grinder is a hand tool, its weight and ease of use play an important role when choosing a tool.
You will control the cutting or grinding process with the handle-holder, therefore, when choosing an angle grinder, special attention should be paid to its convenience. And since the handle will also take up the bulk of the vibration, manufacturers often make it anti-vibration. It advises to pay attention to such models.
The weight of an angle grinder is often directly proportional to its power: a model with a capacity of 0.7-0.8 kW has a weight of about 1.5-2.0 kg, for 1.0-1.4 kW. about 2.2-3 kg, more than 1.5 kW. 3.5 kg and more.

Angle grinder device

which, angle, grinder, choose, home

The device of an angle grinder is relatively simple. The main part of the tool is its body, inside which there is an electric motor. Various attachments, which are necessary for carrying out certain works, are attached to a rotating spindle connected to the motor of the angle grinder through a gear transmission. But despite the rather simple device of the tool, for optimal performance of work with its help, it is necessary to choose the right angle grinder. And for this, in turn, it is necessary to know some of the features of this power tool, which must be taken into account when choosing an angle grinder.

The angle grinder is a hand-held electric tool designed for cutting, cleaning and grinding a range of hard materials, which include various metals, as well as concrete and stone surfaces.
They began to call the angle grinder “angle grinder” because the first models of this power tool were produced and imported to the countries of the Soviet Union exactly from the angle grinder.

Electric power of the grinder

The electrical power of the grinder is the basis for its productivity. So, among modern angle grinders, there are models whose power varies from 0.5 kW to 2.7 kW. If you need an angle grinder solely to cut or grind something from time to time, then a model with a power of 0.8-1.0 kW will be enough for you. And for those craftsmen who plan to use an angle grinder quite often for cutting, for example, concrete, it is better to play it safe to purchase a more powerful unit. from 1.5-1.7 kW.

Safety when working with an angle grinder

Working with an angle grinder requires the operator to take all necessary safety precautions, as well as attention and caution. But besides this, there are a number of necessary accessories.

Every angle grinder must be equipped with a protective cover that protects the operator from sparks, dust and other small particles during operation. The main protective element for the angle grinder is the cover.
Gloves, goggles and earmuffs are also useful when working with the grinder.

Choosing an angle grinder

When choosing an angle grinder, first of all, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Spindle speed

The spindle speed of the grinder is the value that shows the number of revolutions of the nozzle installed on the spindle per minute.
The rotation speed ranges from 2800 to 11000 rpm. Note that a higher rotation speed is characteristic for discs with a smaller diameter, and a lower one. for a disc with a larger diameter. So, discs with a diameter of 115 mm are mainly used at a speed of 11000 rpm, and discs with a diameter of 200-230 mm. at speeds up to 6600 rpm. Exceeding the permissible rotational speed can result in disc destruction, failure of the entire tool, or even injury to the operator.

Most angle grinders allow you to adjust the spindle speed depending on the size of the disc used. For this, a special regulator is used, through which the speed of the angle grinder increases or decreases.

How to choose an angle grinder for your home?

Modern power tools have greatly facilitated the work of both professional builders and the work of men around the house. So, for example, before, in order to make grooves in the walls, cut off a piece of metal pipe, concrete, stone, remove paint or even polish the surface, it was necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. And today, it is enough just to purchase such a useful thing as an angle grinder or, simply, an angle grinder, and easily fulfill these and a lot of household needs.

Disc diameter angle grinder

When working with an angle grinder, you should also pay attention to the diameter of the cutting disc (or grinding wheel), since it depends on it the thickness of the material for which you can use a particular tool.

The cutting discs for the angle grinder have diameters from 11.5 to 23 cm. The following feature is observed here: the more power the angle grinder has, the larger discs it can work with. That is, the maximum wheel diameter is directly proportional to the power of the grinder. Note that the most popular are angle grinders, the disc diameter of which is 125 mm. Such a hand grinder. the most suitable option for most household needs.


The level of comfort when working with a tool does not only depend on its weight. The handle also plays an important role. The main handle on large models should be finger-protected: strong recoil, sliding. this will not happen.

For small models, it is important that the handle is covered with rubber and also slightly widened at the end. Thanks to this, the device will not slip out of hands.

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The additional handle is a very good thing: it reduces vibrations, makes it possible to grip the tool more firmly. And if it also knows how to turn in several positions, it is even better: this allows you to change the point where it is attached, and makes it possible to approach the treated surface from any comfortable side.


Similar in structure to power tools, except for the large battery compartment. As a rule, it is located at the end of the handle.

The cordless angle grinder is especially handy where there is no mains supply. Such a tool is useful for outdoor work.

The device can be selected for handling materials in buildings that are not connected to electricity or have few outlets. In addition, due to the fact that the user does not get in the way of wires, the device is convenient when you need to work under the ceiling.

In addition to the obvious advantage over models that are powered from the mains, such an angle grinder is somewhat inferior to them. Firstly, they are more expensive, and secondly, the operating time of the device is limited by the battery capacity. In addition, devices are usually only compatible with small diameter discs.

How to choose an angle grinder for home use. 10 main criteria

Need a quality angle grinder for home use? How to find a good option for your home and not overpay, the article suggests.

What to look for when choosing

To choose the right option for an angle grinder for home use, you need to decide not only on the type of tool, but also look at other characteristics.


Devices that run on gasoline are large in size, since the design, in addition to the engine, is also equipped with a fuel tank. To hold such a massive device, manufacturers supplement the tool with a frame-handle, an additional handle. This type of angle grinder, like the previous one, makes it possible to cut concrete, stone in places where power is not supplied.

Note: To cut hard material, you need a special circle.

Why are they good:

  • Impressive power figures.
  • The ability to install large drives.
  • High productivity: cutting large structures takes less time.
  • Autonomy.
  • The possibility of refueling allows you to work for a long time.
  • Often supplied with a stand, which makes it possible to use the device as a cutting machine.


  • additional fuel costs;
  • loud noise;
  • harm to the environment;
  • work will have to be stopped from time to time to cool the engine.

Angle Grinder Big Or Small What’s Best

What is an angle grinder

angle grinder is the popular name for an angle grinder (angle grinder). It can be used to cut materials (metal, brick and stone, wood), grind and clean surfaces.
It is named angular due to the fact that the axes of the motor and the grinding disk are placed at an angle of 90 ° in relation to each other. This is realized thanks to the gear train. This arrangement is the main difference between the device and straight grinders, where the wheel is on the same axis with the engine.

Mains powered

Networked are some of the most popular power tool options. In this case, the angle grinder is powered by an outlet.


  • variety in terms of dimensions, capacities allows you to supply abrasive wheels of all sizes;
  • low, in comparison with other types of angle grinder, price;
  • less weight than other models;
  • many attachments for different jobs.

Possible complaints:

  • if the electricity is turned off, it will not work;
  • the user’s movement is limited by the length of the wire;
  • failures with voltage drops.


These grinders do not have a motor. The disc spins because the air flow creates pressure on the blades located in the housing. They also drive the axis with a circle. Models are equipped with a lever: air is supplied by pressing it.

Since the tool is lightweight, does not overheat and is able to function as long as the user has enough strength, such an angle grinder can be chosen for difficult construction work.

Other attractive features:

  • the motor of the angle grinder creates almost no additional noise: only sounds from the processing of materials will be heard;
  • savings in maintenance: replacement of bearings, valves is not affordable;
  • safe to use in high humidity.

Pneumatics like the 74L214 are a good purchase for use in the construction of a country house, gazebos, furniture manufacturing and other similar work. True, it should be borne in mind that it costs a lot.

Availability of a soft start system

The angle grinder is a fairly powerful power tool, therefore, when it is switched on, the mains can be subjected to extremely heavy loads. The soft start system of the angle grinder helps to avoid such peak loads. over, the smooth start-up of the grinder significantly reduces the physical wear of parts and the likelihood of damage to the processed material. With this start-up, the likelihood of injury is also reduced, since the mechanical jerk when turned on is eliminated.

In the line of the angle grinder Dnipro-M there are two models with a soft start system. MShK-2300P and MShK-2700. These are rugged power tools built for the toughest jobs.

Ergonomic body and handles

Since the angle grinder is a hand-held tool, comfort and weight are not the last factors when choosing. Particular attention should be paid to the convenience of the handle-holder, because it is with its help that you will control the process of cutting and grinding. Also, the handle will take on most of the vibration, so many manufacturers are trying to make it anti-vibration.

Attachments, discs and discs for an angle grinder

When working with an angle grinder, you should also pay attention to the diameter of the cutting disc (or grinding wheel), since it depends on it the thickness of the material for which you can use a particular tool.

Angle grinder cutting discs have diameters from 115 to 230 mm. Here you can notice the following feature: the more power the angle grinder is, the larger discs it can work with. That is, the maximum wheel diameter is directly proportional to the power of the grinder. Note that the most popular are angle grinders, the disc diameter of which is 125 mm. Such a hand grinder. the most suitable option for most household needs.

What an angle grinder consists of: an angle grinder device

Angle grinder device is not complicated. On the internet, you can find tons of photos of the insides of the equipment. The main part of the angle grinder is the housing, which houses the electric motor. The motor of the angle grinder is connected through a gear transmission with a rotating spindle, on which the necessary attachments are attached.

The main elements of an angle grinder include:

  • Electric motor. Designed according to the classical scheme: thermal protection, contact blocks, brushes, stator and rotor (armature).
  • The body of the angle grinder is made of high quality shock-resistant plastic. It houses the electric motor, speed control wheels, start buttons, fixing the electric cable and other elements. Consists of two parts, which are fastened with self-tapping screws. At the location of the electric motor in the housing there are slots for its cooling.
  • Gearbox mechanism. Includes a driven bevel gear of a planetary type rotating on two bearings, as well as a number of other gears, a flange.
  • Wheel of adjustment of turns. Provides control of rheostatic resistance, due to which the electric motor rotates at the required angular speed.
  • Start button. Provides start and stop of the electric motor.
  • Disk quick change button. Provides convenient and quick disc changes. When unscrewing the disc fastening nut, it blocks the planetary gear of the reducer.
  • Protective cover. Protects the user from possible injury from a ruptured disc.
  • Power cable. Provides voltage supply to the brushes of the electric motor through a rheostatic resistance.
  • Key for changing circles (disks).

Angle Grinder Safety

Working with an angle grinder requires great attention, care and the necessary safety precautions. The angle grinder must be equipped with a special protective cover, with which the operator is protected from dust, sparks and the ingress of any small particles. The angle grinder cover is the main protective element.

To ensure smooth operation of the tools, take care of protective equipment. glasses and gloves.

How to choose an angle grinder: an angle grinder for home and work

An angle grinder (angle grinder) is a hand-held electric tool that is designed for cutting, cleaning and grinding hard materials such as metals, stone, concrete, etc.

The name “angle grinder” stuck to the tool in connection with the first models of angle grinder, which were imported into the USSR from the angle grinder. Abroad the grinder is called “flex” after one of the first manufacturers.

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Still, how to choose an angle grinder? We will analyze more in this article.

What is the RPM of an angle grinder: rotation speed

Most angle grinders allow you to adjust the spindle speed depending on the size of the disc used. For this, a special regulator is used, through which the rotation of the angle grinder increases or decreases. Note that the rotational speed of large-diameter discs is lower than that of their smaller counterparts (the logic is extremely simple: the higher the disc diameter, the larger the circumference, and the longer the length of the working surface of the tool the machined surface will come into contact with during one spindle revolution).

What materials does an angle grinder handle?

Using an angle grinder, you can, for example, easily give the desired shape to tiles or paving slabs, “saw” an asbestos-cement sheet or pipe, ordinary brick and slate. The angle grinder can also handle softer materials such as wood, plywood, chipboard. But in this case, not abrasive discs are used, but special attachments, for example, grinding wheels.

How to choose an angle grinder for a summer residence: basic tips

In this block we will tell you what to look for, how to choose an angle grinder and how to choose an angle grinder for all occasions, especially for giving.

Let’s start with what parameters and criteria you should pay attention to before buying an angle grinder.

  • Power. As with any power tool, power is important to an angle grinder. So, here’s how to choose the power of your angle grinder. It all depends on the purpose for which you will use it, if this is infrequent summer cottage work, then an angle grinder of medium and lower power will suit you. But for serious work, including with stone and concrete, you will need a more powerful angle grinder.
  • Disc diameter. The diameter of an angle grinder is not so difficult to choose. Especially when it comes to summer cottage and household work. An angle grinder with an average wheel diameter of 125 millimeters is suitable for this.
  • The speed of rotation of the circle. The rotation speed of the angle grinder wheel can be different, but remember a simple thing: the smaller the wheel, the greater the speed of its rotation.
  • The weight. In order for you to be as easy and comfortable as possible to work with the tool, it must weigh so that you can hold it in your hand for a long time. That is why weight for an angle grinder is one of the most important criteria.

If you draw brief conclusions on how to choose the right angle grinder for summer cottages and household needs, then a tool with a pneumatic or battery type of power supply, medium power.

For example, the cordless angle grinder YATO YT-82826 will be a good choice, both for professionals in their field and for novice craftsmen.

The disc diameter of such an angle grinder is 125 millimeters and the idle speed is 10,000 rpm. These are optimal and fairly good indicators in this class.

The capacity of the rechargeable Li-ion battery is also very good. 2 Ah, and such a battery can be charged up to 60 minutes. over, the YATO YT-82826 cordless angle grinder weighs only 2.3 kilograms.

How to choose the right angle grinder

an angle grinder is the same angle grinder, or rather its simple name. This power tool is mainly used for various surfaces and for cutting hard materials. And now we will tell you how to choose an angle grinder and which company to choose an angle grinder so that it will serve you for a long time and perform all tasks with high quality.

In this article:

  • Which angle grinder to choose for the home: types
  • How to choose an angle grinder for a summer residence: basic tips
  • How to choose a cordless angle grinder: tips for choosing
  • Safety during work
  • Which angle grinder to choose in Ukraine

Safety during work

Each tool has its own specifics of work and in order to work with angle grinders without injury and harm, you need to know basic safety rules.

It is important to remember that there is always a risk of dust or sparks getting in your eyes when operating this power tool, so be sure to wear safety glasses.

When working with angle grinders, not only eyes but also hands are in danger, so do not forget also about gloves.

How to choose a cordless angle grinder: tips for choosing

A fairly popular type of angle grinder is the cordless angle grinder. And how to choose a good cordless angle grinder, you will now find out.

There are many advantages to a cordless angle grinder, since the tool is equipped with a large battery that charges quickly. Thus, the dependence on the outlet and attachment to one place of work immediately disappears.

When you buy a cordless tool, you get mobility with it.

What to look for when choosing a cordless angle grinder:

  • battery type,
  • charging time,
  • Battery capacity,
  • availability of a spare battery,
  • battery voltage,
  • tool size and weight.

You don’t have to think long about which company to choose an angle grinder, because a powerful example among cordless angle grinders is the cordless angle grinder YATO YT-82828.

It is a powerful and comfortable angle grinder that cuts about 45 10mm diameter reinforcing bars on a single battery charge.

Grinder YATO YT-82828 is characterized by high speed in the class of cordless angle grinder. In addition, it is worth highlighting its low vibration and compact size.

Also, the Yato angle grinder is equipped with a 4-stage battery indicator and battery protection against overheating.

The battery type here is Li-Ion, the battery capacity is 3 Ah and such a battery is charged in an hour and a half.

Also this grinder is equipped with a comfortable side handle.

In addition to all this and the above, there are additional useful functions that make working with the tool much more reliable and convenient.

Let’s look at some of them now:

  • smooth start. For angle grinders, it will be a big plus to have this function, which in the future protects bearings and gearbox from damage and premature wear.
  • dust protection. To prevent dust from entering, additional nets are often used to keep small particles and dirt.
  • protection against accidental start. This additional function will help to avoid unplanned switching on of the instrument.
  • speed control. With this function, the selection of the rotation speed depending on the surface hardness and the type of work only has a positive effect on the efficiency of the process.

Which angle grinder to choose for the home: types

In order to find out which angle grinder is better to choose for the home, you need to familiarize yourself with all types of angle grinders and study their technical parameters in detail.

In addition to the fact that the angle grinder is used to be divided into professional and household, there are several more parameters that distinguish these grinders from each other.

Among them, the way of eating plays an important role. Based on this list, you will learn how to choose the right angle grinder for your home.

So, according to the power supply method, angle grinders or the so-called angle grinder are divided into:

  • network. Such an angle grinder works exclusively from an outlet.
  • rechargeable. The battery power method is especially convenient because you can work without problems even where there is no power supply. But how to choose a cordless angle grinder so that it is convenient to work with. First of all, you should pay attention to the battery capacity and the weight of the tool itself, since the battery in power tools takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot.
  • pneumatic. pneumatic angle grinder is powered by compressed air, so this tool is easy to use.

If you still do not know which angle grinder to choose for your home, an official distributor of high-quality Polish Yato tools has been operating in Ukraine for more than 5 years. Here professional managers will help you make the right choice and advise an angle grinder, which small and powerful angle grinder to choose for your home, which you will be happy with.

Which angle grinder to choose in Ukraine

There are not many companies in Ukraine that offer a really wide and high-quality range of tools.

Here you will find tools for every occasion and every need: from tool kits to garden tools.

Among the tools, Yato can easily find the necessary basic things for repair, even a novice craftsman or a person who very rarely fixes something himself.