Which Brand Screwdriver Is Better For Home

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Among the handheld power tools, probably the most common is a network hammerless drill. With its help, you can cope with the drilling of metal, plastic, wood and other materials. For drilling holes in masonry or concrete, there are impact drills that resemble perforators in their properties, but have a lower cost, allowing these units to be used as tools for the home.

The best inexpensive percussion drills: budget up to 2000 rubles.

Budget drills are bought for rare homework: drill a hole for the wall plug for installing a wall-mounted TV, make a hole in drywall, brick or wood. The power of even very cheap models, for such purposes will be more than enough. Such a device is perfect as a gift to a man who is not engaged in professional repair work, but is an ordinary home user. The most famous manufacturers of budgetary impact drills are the companies “Bort” (Germany, China) and “ZUBR” (Russia).

5 Dorkel DRD-500-2

Which Brand Screwdriver Is Better For Home

When solving various tasks in the home, from drilling holes in wood, to drilling metal and concrete, the Dorkel DRD-500-2 hammer drill is the most suitable and inexpensive option. The high frequency allows you to make holes in the brickwork as successfully as if it were an amateur-style puncher. With concrete, it’s a little more difficult, but, nevertheless, he is quite capable of drilling a hole under the dowel, and not one. The compact size and light weight (1.5) kg make it easy to hold the drill with one hand.

Despite the good quality, the lack of a speed regulator makes its use not very convenient. Drilling the same metal at lower speeds is much more convenient. The best price, the presence of an additional handle and a limiter for the depth of drilling provided this tool with decent popularity in the domestic market.


The VORTEX DU-850 drill is designed for drilling plastic, wood, metal, as well as concrete or stone (the last two materials are due to the presence of the function of drilling with impact). In addition, the presented model can be used as a screwdriver, since it provides for the reverse option. The efficiency of this impact drill is ensured by a 850 W electric motor, which guarantees a speed of up to 3000 rpm at idle. You can set the required speed, which depends on the selected material, by electronic adjustment.


2 Bort BSM-500-P

The second place in the ranking of the best budget impact drills is Bort BSM-500-P. This unit has the lowest cost in the class, but it does a pretty good job of it. The shock mechanism makes the device suitable for working with solid materials, and thanks to the power of 500 W it copes with concrete and metal without any problems. The key chuck holds the drill securely even at maximum load in hammer drilling mode. The speed is regulated using a special switch.

When choosing a drill, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power. The higher it is, the more durable materials the drill can handle. For powerful models, you will have to pay more, but productivity will increase significantly.
  • Power button lock. An important safety feature that prevents the drill from accidentally starting up. The lock is made in the form of a mechanical stopper.
  • Type of cartridge. In budget models, a key variety is established, where a special key is required to change the drill. Keyless chucks make it easier and faster to change the nozzle. Manual strength will be enough.
  • Extra grip. This part is an order of magnitude easier to work with a drill. Another fulcrum reduces the pressure on the hands and allows you to make more precise holes.
  • Network cable length. Since most drills are powered by a household network, cord length is an important parameter. As a rule, the manufacturer completes the tool with 4 m cables. Anything smaller requires the use of an extension cord.


The ZUBR DU-550 ER compact impact drill is perfect for home repairs. With its help, you can drill holes of various diameters, the maximum size of which depends on the selected material. For wood it will be 20, and for metal 10mm. Also, due to the impact function, this tool can be used for concrete work. Presented drill has a power of 550 W and provides a performance of 4800 beats / min. At the same time, this model provides for smooth adjustment of speed in the range from 0 to 3000 rpm, so you can set the most optimal mode for a specific job.

Best impact drills: price. Quality

Drills equipped with a percussion mechanism are used to drill large diameter holes in durable materials such as concrete, metal and stone. A special cam is installed inside, which makes the chuck with a drill make translational movements, thereby increasing the force of impact. Relative to conventional drills, such models are somewhat more powerful, but their cost is higher.

5 Hammer UDD1100B

The Hammer UDD1100B high-performance hammer drill, equipped with a powerful 1,100-watt motor, demonstrates better efficiency at speeds up to 44,800 bpm. With its help, you can drill almost any material. You should set only the optimal mode of operation, taking into account its features. The maximum possible diameter of the holes in the metal will be 13 mm, in concrete. 16 mm, in wood. 30 mm Hammer UDD1100B drill is equipped with a quick-clamping chuck, so that the replacement of equipment occurs in a matter of seconds. The reverse function allows you to easily remove the drill bit clamped in the material or cut the thread.

In the presented impact drill, 2 operating speeds are provided, with an adjustment of the number of revolutions per minute 2800 and 1100. The depth limiter included in the kit guarantees the highest drilling accuracy without resorting to additional measurements. Despite the weight of the instrument at 4 kg, its operation is straightforward, as the well-balanced body has a second rubberized handle, which reduces vibration and provides a reliable grip.

4 Metabo SBE 650 Impuls Case

The high quality of Metabo brand products suggests that this impact drill is considered one of the most reliable tools, which, moreover, has a fairly balanced price. The high vibration frequency per minute (44800) provides excellent drilling results for concrete and brick surfaces. In this case, the maximum permissible drilling diameter should not exceed 16 mm (the drill shank held by the quick-clamping chuck must be up to 13 mm).

Electronic rotation control (located on the start button) provides better performance when working with various materials, including wood and metal. There is a device for working with bit equipment without a cartridge, a depth limiter and an additional power handle. It is possible to use a network drill in the form of a drilling machine. Metabo SBE 650 Impuls is perfect as a tool for the home. The drill is capable of its performance characteristics to meet the repair needs of any complexity, and perform many different tasks.


Which Brand Screwdriver Is Better For Home

The third place in the ranking of the best impact drills is given to DeWALT DWD024. This model is a strong middling. At an affordable price, it has excellent features that can compete with top models. The power of the drill is 650 watts, and this is enough to work with hard materials such as concrete and steel. The proprietary design of the key cartridge (the key is included) greatly facilitates the process of replacing the drill, while the teeth on the locknut do not grind. The hammer drilling mode allows you to quickly and accurately make holes even in difficult surfaces.

2 Makita HP1640

In second place in the ranking of the best impact drills is the Makita HP1640. This is an inexpensive device with decent features and good reliability. The Makita drill is equipped with a key chuck, in which drills with necks from 1.5 to 13 mm can be clamped. Power is supplied from a 220 V household network, which will allow the tool to be used in almost any room. The power of the drill is 680 W, which allows it to drill concrete with drills with a diameter of up to 16 mm. Rotational speeds up to 2800 rpm provide excellent performance.

1 BOSCH UniversalImpact 700 Case

Bosch PSB 750 RCE Case (BZP). The best impact drill in terms of price and quality. This device boasts branded German reliability, and, despite the slightly higher cost, it is popular. Unlike competitors in the rating, the tool from Bosch is equipped with a quick-clamping chuck, which significantly reduces the time to replace the drill. The power of the drill is 800 watts, and this is the best indicator in the TOP. The maximum torque is 19 Nm, due to which the device can easily come out of any, even the most complex, holes.

Top Professional Impact Drills

This category contains the best and most enduring impact drills that can easily cope with large volumes of work and serious loads. Models have much in common, but the main distinguishing feature is the high build quality and reliability of components.

5 Metabo SBEV 1300-2 S (BZP) Case

Case Metab SBEV 1300-2 S impact drill (BZP) Case is notable for its high build quality and decent torque. 44 Nm. At the same time, the unit can drill holes in concrete with a diameter of 22 mm. The safety clutch provides a long tool life. Under all operating conditions, an engine with a power of 1.3 kW is protected against overloads. In this case, the percussion mechanism is capable of delivering up to 58,900 strokes in one minute. Not even any perforator has such characteristics.

The keyless chuck may not be used for its intended purpose. It is possible to do without it when working with bits. This network impact drill can be safely considered one of the best professional tools, but if you buy Metabo SBEV as a device for your home, its resource will last not only for life, but also for grandchildren. The unit weighs 2.8 kg, and for its storage and transportation, of course, a durable case is provided.


The powerful DeWALT DWD522KS model ranks fourth in the ranking of the best professional impact drills. A high-quality tool with a capacity of 950 W easily drills holes up to 20 mm in concrete and up to 13 mm in metal. Drills with diameters from 1.5 to 13 mm can be installed in the keyless SDS chuck. Hammer drilling mode significantly increases work efficiency. The shock mechanism produces up to 56,000 beats / min, which also increases productivity. The drive is equipped with a safety clutch, which, in case of jamming of the drill, will disconnect the spindle from the gearbox, thereby preventing its destruction.

3 Bosch GSB 19-2 RE Case (BZP)

An excellent combination of price and quality is observed in the Bosch GSB 19-2 RE Case (BZP) drill. The model is intended for professional use. It is equipped with a powerful engine (850 W), 2-speed gearbox, overload clutch. The work of the tool from the stand of the drilling machine is provided. The maneuverability of the electric cable provides articulation. To continuously drill, a switch lock button is provided. The operator can hold the device for a long time thanks to the convenient handle with a soft slip. The model is quite compact and light.

2 Makita HP2070F

An excellent professional tool with high performance and reliable operator protection is the Makita HP2070F impact drill. With this model, you can drill holes in metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, concrete and natural stone. Thanks to a powerful engine (1010 W) and electronic control, the tool works stably at a given level of rotation speed. The case is made of shockproof plastic, the internal mechanism is protected from dust, which positively affects the durability of the device. The drill is versatile, with it it will be equally pleasant to drill operators for right-handed and left-handed people.

Professional builders and installers highlight the qualities of the Makita HP2070F model such as high performance, durability, versatility, safety, ease of use. The user is displeased with the operation of the safety clutch against jamming.


The METABO SBE 850 drill is the leader among the best professional models. The device has excellent functionality and good power (850 W), which allows you to cope with materials such as steel and concrete. This is due to the high torque (36 Nm) that the electric motor develops. A 2-speed gearbox, as well as a shock and hammerless switch, allows you to choose the optimal drilling mode. You can use the tool as a screwdriver due to the pulse mode. A safety clutch is provided to protect the internal mechanism from jamming of the drill. The dimensions of the model can be reduced by setting bits without the use of a cartridge.

The advantages of METABO SBE 850 drill users include qualities such as reliability, rich functionality, long cord, convenient handle. The disadvantage of this device is the high price and low-quality cartridge.

Best Hammerless Drills

Drills without a percussion mechanism are used to drill holes in almost any material. Due to the absence of a percussion mechanism, they have smaller dimensions and less weight, which positively affects the accuracy and quality of drilling. However, to work with durable materials, models with higher power are needed, which are somewhat more expensive than shock analogs.

5 Rebir IE-1206-16 / 2000ER

This tool can not be called a drill for the house. This professional shock-free unit develops a huge torque of 431.2 Nm. The key cartridge can hold drills with a tail thickness of up to 16 mm. At the same time, Rebir IE-1206 is able to drill holes in the metal with a diameter of 32 mm, and in wood. Up to 70 mm. The weight of this “monster” is 6.3 kg. It will not work with one hand.

At the same time, the apparatus with the highest power of 2 kW has a universal option. It can be used as a mixer for the preparation of mortars. For this purpose, there are two handles in the kit, and on the body of the power drill there are threaded holes for their installation. It is also actively used when tightening piles, because the tool provides for reverse. To operate such a powerful unit is much simpler. Included are spare engine brushes. Reliability and high build quality allow the manufacturer to safely take on warranty for up to 2 years.

4 Interskol D-16 / 1050R

The Interskol D-16 / 1050R domestic drill takes pride of place among the best unstressed models. The device stands out at an affordable price, while its power is 1050 watts. In a large key chuck, drills with a diameter of up to 16 mm can be reliably fixed. The presence of a reverse helps to remove the cutting tool in integrity when jamming in the material. The use of high-quality parts and assemblies allowed the manufacturer to extend the working time of the drill without stopping. Even under high load, the engine does not overheat. The model is equipped with an additional handle that can be installed under the right and under the left hand.

Among the positive qualities of the Interskol D-16 / 1050P drill, users highlight the availability, high power, quality factor of parts and mechanisms, ease of maintenance. The reverse switch is not very well located, the back cover is not durable, brushes quickly wear out.

3 Bosch GBM 13 HRE (VIZ)

The Bosch GBM 13 HRE hammerless drill (ZVP) has excellent reliability. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor (550 W) and high torque (60 Nm), which allows you to use the tool as a mixer. The durability of the device is ensured by a robust metal housing, high-quality needle and ball bearings, as well as milled gear wheels. To distribute power according to the density of the material, there is a 3-stage reduction gear. With the proper selection of equipment and cutting tools, you can make holes with a diameter of up to 80 mm, as well as stir the plaster, putty or glue.

For many users, the Bosch GBM 13 HRE Hammerless Drill (VIZ) is a specific tool. Most of all they are satisfied with the builders, who have to perform drilling and mix different compositions. The disadvantage of this device is its high cost and low operating speed.

2 Makita DP4001

Professional drill Makita DP4001 takes the second place in the ranking of the best. This model is intended for serious construction and repair work. The maximum torque is 51 Nm, which allows the drill to be easily drilled even on hard surfaces. A standard Makita keyless chuck is convenient for frequent drills, with shank diameters ranging from 1.5 to 13 mm. The presence of electronic speed control allows you to set the optimal speed for any material.


In the first place in the ranking of the best hammerless drills is the DeWALT DWD014S. This is one of the most convenient models: thanks to the ideal weight distribution, even long-term work with this device does not tire the operator. Power is 550 W, which is enough for drilling metal with drills with a diameter of up to 10 mm. The maximum rotation speed of 2800 rpm provides high performance. The reverse mode will be convenient when working with holes of large diameters.