Which Side Unscrew Angle Grinder

Which Side Unscrew Angle Grinder

Everyone who worked with this power tool. Angle grinder, probably faced with the problem of a jammed nut, which is used to tighten the abrasive disk. Usually this happens during operation, at the moment when the disk clamps in the part, it stops or collapses, and the engine angle grinder is still rotating, tightening the nut with force.

In the future, you have to be wise, since the nut with a standard wrench is practically unscrewed. They solve the problem in different ways, everyone has their own methods and secrets, let’s share. I will share the first, reliable and simple way to unscrew a jammed disk on an angle grinder.
First you need to decide which way to unscrew, depending on the setting, the angle grinder for cutting from yourself or yourself, the definition of clockwise and counterclockwise is not suitable. It is easier to remember that the nut should be unscrewed in the direction of rotation of the disk!

Well, the method itself, for this you will need a gas wrench and holding a nut with it. Turn off.

You need to know that sometimes without calculating the strength, you can break the stopper that blocks the disk.
To avoid this, you will need 2 gas keys or clamps, break the rest of the disc, and with one key hold the washer behind the disc, with the other unscrew the nut.There is another way, but this is probably for the most difficult cases: to lock the disk with a button and putting the hammer in the desired direction on the nut, it will turn on in shock mode. The hammer will hit and thereby unscrew the nut.
I recommend that before tightening the nut, put a paper gasket under it, although not necessarily paper, for example, from tin. With it, there is less chance that after jamming the disk, the nut will jam, or rather it will not wedge, but will be tightened.

Manufacturers, for example, interskol, complete their angle grinder with similar gaskets.

But of course, the acquisition of a compound nut will help to permanently get rid of the problem discussed in this topic.
You just need to heat the nut a little with gas welding and it will unscrew by hand. You just need to heat a little nut with the gas welding and it will unscrew by hand.Thank you, I will take note of the ways. I myself faced this problem, the circle in the angle grinder was clamped so that it flew to the side, and the disk broke into pieces. As I did not try to unscrew, it did not work. And the key broke the button, and in the end he sawed a nut with a hacksaw. After just bought a new nut. I confess after that incident I became afraid of this dope machine.
A large angle grinder (230 circle) flew off more than once, once even on the fly I cut my wire in flight. 🙂
After he turned the direction, sparks on himself, although you can burn your pants, but it’s safer if it flies only from me. To admit in this direction of rotation of the disk, I have never flown away.
Absolutely right. A trick on the metal. Only it was necessary not to cut off the nut, but the rest of the jammed circle. This has happened to me. This method prompted me to one good master. And I checked it personally. The only absolutely safe way to remove the remains of a jammed circle is to slowly cut it out with a hacksaw. This procedure can take more than an hour of work and several (depending on their quality) canvases. But then you are not risking anything. All other methods are fraught with damage to the angle grinder, and even if it is under warranty, you will not be able to return anything.
There is still not a bad way. Personally applied and everything worked out !! Sprinkle VD-40, wait 5 min and unscrew with a key. Helped me (but put in a lot of effort!
It’s interesting, and if you immediately lubricate the thread when tightening, can it be possible to unscrew it without effort?
No need to be smart. Everything is done quickly and easily. Break the disk, take a bayonet spade or sheet of iron, turn on the angle grinder and grind the rest of the disk on the edge of the shovel or iron. Work for three minutes.If a disk with teeth that you don’t want to break is stuck in an angle grinder, then you need to carefully drive the teeth of the disk into a piece of wood, ideally a tree stump. Then lengthening the handle of the key with a pipe of suitable diameter, take the nut for a jerk. The disc in the angle grinder is immobilized, and lengthening the lever even by 20-30 cm increases your strength at times.
The most reliable and simple thing is to take the steel tape remains after unfastening all kinds of boxes there, etc. And cut out the rest of the circle, success is 100%, it glows to red but the effect is what you need and is safe, you only need to move along the tape as you sample. Key in the light unscrews!
Spray and unscrew the wedeshka.
The disk is broken off by hand, and the inside is sawn off with a universal tool with a vibrating semicircle. It all takes 5 minutes!
Thanks for answers! I took the advice about metal sheet! He clamped the vise and turned on the angle grinder and sawed the blade for 3 minutes and it was done.
The easy way. Take the metal strip and saw the disk to the end. Disc remains between washers. Unscrew by hand. It’s much harder to remove a diamond blade.
They often ask and if you are interested in this topic, you probably also encountered this problem, for which reason, when working with an angle grinder, it clamps a circle into parts and, accordingly, a nut.

I’ll try to explain with an example why it happens and how to avoid it.