Why a single-axle tractor backfires. Why a single-axle tractor shoots into the muffler?

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the first 4 minutes. nothing! What is the lower camshaft? Is there an upper one??? Watch your mouth, if you are teaching anybody.

Hello, I have a question to you, the decompressor did not work disassembled the engine, screwdriver decompressor tab slightly raised, now in the reverse does not hit, and the engine starts with difficulty, sometimes not even start. When you start with the starter fire in the muffler. But before the engine overhaul, the engine started with a half turn. Can you tell me what the problem is??

Why does a single-axle tractor stalls under load??

Virtually every owner of a power tiller, regardless of the brand and model of the machine encountered a problem with a single-axle tractor that starts up and stops after 5 minutes of work. The main reasons for this breakdown are problems with the fuel supply and breakdown of the ignition system of the machine.

As practice shows, if a single-axle tractor stops working, then its owner should immediately inspect the parts of the fuel supply system. First of all, unscrew and look at the spark plug. if it is completely dry, it indicates that the fuel is not getting into the engine cylinder. After that it is necessary to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of fuel in the fuel tank. If there is gasoline and enough to work. inspect the fuel tap. it is possible that it is in the closed position. To start the motoblock, just open the fuel tap and continue operating the unit.

Another reason why a single axle tractor starts and stops after 5 minutes of work is a breakdown in the ignition system. Determining that the unit is malfunctioning for this reason is simple enough. look at the plugs. if they are wet, then the malfunction appeared in the ignition system of the motoblock. The best way out of this situation is to readjust the machine’s ignition system. All actions, in this case, should be performed in this order:

  • Remove the cover, which protects the ignition system components;
  • Turn the flywheel of the motor until the contacts in the magneto open;
  • Using a special feeler gauge, measure the clearance between the “anvil” and the “hammer” of the motorblock ignition system;
  • Then turn the flywheel until the block piston is compressed. In doing so, the latter should reach its upper point;
  • Turn the flywheel again until you hear a distinctive knock, this means that the overrunning clutch has engaged;
  • Then turn the flywheel in the opposite direction so that the mark on the flywheel aligns with the mark on the body of the power tiller;
  • Set the play between the rocker switch and the cam to 0.3 mm;
  • At the end, fix the cam with the screw located at the top above the part, and install the protective cover back into the body of the power unit.

After the above actions, the single-axle tractor will no longer throttle under load. The main thing in the event of such problems in the future. to try as soon as possible to eliminate the breakdown, so as not to succumb to increased wear and tear of the main mechanisms of the power tiller.

It is also not uncommon for a household machine to stall when tilted. This is a sign of insufficient fuel in the fuel tank. If you put the machine in a horizontal position, pull the starter rope, and the engine will start, then the tank will need to refill gasoline.

Why a single axle tractor is working irregularly?

There are other malfunctions that are worth considering:

  • The engine is kicking back. The reason is often in the use of bad fuel. It is not enough to change the fuel. The pump and fuel hoses are being flushed;
  • The machine jerks. The engine is not fully heated. Engine must be shut off, wait until it has cooled down completely. After re-starting it and warm it up for at least ten minutes;
  • The engine is not pulling, so the engine power is reduced. The filter system is checked and cleaned. The problem can be caused by a worn out ignition magneto. In this case, the part is replaced.

Owners of equipment, both gasoline and diesel type can face such problems. Regardless of the specifics of the breakdown, it is urgent to stop using the machine and deal with the problem.

Single axle tractor starts and stops. causes and repair

Repair of power tillers, if they start and, after a few seconds, stop, it is necessary to begin with the search for the root cause of this malfunction. For this purpose, it is necessary to inspect:

  • Sparks, wires and electrodes. in most cases the machine starts and immediately shuts down due to too much gap between the electrodes of the ignition system, poor contact between the wires, as well as a dirty spark plug. Repair should begin with cleaning the spark plug. If that doesn’t work you need to check the cable integrity. If this didn’t bring the desired result either, then you will need to re-set the ignition electrode gap;
  • The carburetor for contamination and the flow of sufficient fuel. if you used low-quality gasoline and added too much engine oil, you will need to change the fuel and reduce the amount of oil. In addition, you need to dismantle, disassemble, and thoroughly clean the carburetor;
  • The presence of gasoline in the fuel tank. if the single axle tractor does not pick up speed, it often indicates a lack of fuel necessary for the proper operation of the engine. Very often the owners of motoblocks are faced with a problem in which gasoline spills through a small hole or crack in the fuel tank of the machine. In such a case, you should try to fix the defect, and if it was not possible to do this, it will be necessary to completely replace the tank of the motoblock.

Another less common cause of failure, in which a single-axle tractor does not develop speed, is a malfunction of the gearbox, which is evidenced by an outside sound from the gearbox. To fix the failure, you need to change the oil that you use to lubricate the unit.

The motoblock engine does not start well when hot

The question of why the motoblock engine stalls in the heat is quite simple to solve. The whole essence of the problem lies in an overabundance of air supplied to the carburetor of the motoblock. Part of it mixes with the mixture of gasoline and engine oil, and the other part cools the carburetor. This causes the carburetor temperature to become much lower than the motor temperature of the machine. Such a problem is observed only during the operation of the motoblock. When his engine stalls, the carburetor, on the contrary, succumbs to heat from the heated walls of the motor.

When the block’s carburetor heats up, fuel residue is vaporized to fill all the empty spaces in the engine, including the air filter and intake manifold. This leads to the complete disappearance of fuel, which is why the single axle tractor does not start when the engine is hot.

To correct this problem, you need to act in a certain algorithm each time you start your power tiller “hot. Your main task is to get the mixture to come together so that the engine can start. This will require:

  • While starting a hot engine, press the throttle trigger halfway;
  • Do not try to squeeze the gas trigger time after time, otherwise you will only make the situation worse, because during frequent squeezing the gas trigger the fuel pump will supply new portions of fuel to the carburetor, which will cause the engine to flood;
  • After several attempts to start with the throttle trigger pressed halfway, you will start the engine of the power tiller, after which you will need to accelerate 2-3 times and continue working.

All of the above methods will help you effectively deal with typical breakdowns of the most well-known motoblock manufacturers. They are equally successfully used by owners of agricultural machinery brands Honda, Agro, Kaskad and Neva.

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Repair of the motoblock with his own hands

Some elements can be replaced by yourself. However, it is not recommended to repair your power tiller with your own hands if it was bought less than 1 year ago. According to the terms of warranty service, any manipulation must be carried out only by employees of the service center, otherwise the right to free repair will be lost. Determining that the equipment has been disassembled will not be difficult, t.к. Manufacturers place seals on many parts.

Make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands is not difficult, if you gather everything you need to work, understand well in the.

Repair of the fuel system

It is impossible to name the exact system for disassembling a power tiller, t.к. Component location and attachment varies by model. Pump failure is the most common cause of fuel system malfunction. Disassemble the part and inspect it. The element should be replaced if there are any external defects. A single axle tractor may stall even if it has a small dent, barely visible to the eye. If there is no malfunction, the pump should be cleaned of debris and reinstalled.

Repair ignition system

The engine will stall if the magneto is broken. You can check and repair it yourself. To do this, it is necessary to clean the spark plug. Check it for proper operation. If it is functional, place the cap on the part with the actuator. Bring the magneto to the magneto body from below and rotate the flywheel located on the engine. If there is no problem, check if there is a spark. Otherwise it is necessary to replace the magneto, otherwise malfunctions will lead to wear of all mechanisms of the ignition system.

Repair transmission

Transmission malfunction does not allow the engine to run smoothly. You must first insure that the transmission is the cause of the machine turning off at will. This is indicated by:

  • clutch slipping;
  • Noise in the gearbox;
  • failure to reset clutch to original position;
  • transmission components heating;
  • oil leakage;
  • Strong oscillation of the walking tractor.
single-axle, tractor, muffler


the single axle tractor may stall due to wear and tear in the gearbox parts. It is not hard to see. It is enough to disassemble the transmission and check all elements for external defects. You can adjust the axle position, t.к. the shaft splines are worn out, putting the machine out of operation. Check that bearings are in good condition. If they are worn, they need to be replaced.

Does not develop revolutions

If the engine is serviceable, but the single-axle tractor is not revving up, it may be:

  • air filter is clogged. As a consequence, not all the air enters the carburetor, and the fuel is oversaturated;
  • low-quality fuel fluid;
  • Parts of the ignition system are out of order. As mentioned before, it is necessary to check the spark plug, fix the gap between the electrodes, pay attention to the mechanical integrity of the electrical circuit;
  • if necessary, clean the carburetor and properly adjust it;
  • The work of the pistons and cylinders are interrelated with the power of the motor.

So pay attention to the state of the pistons and cylinders. Their external damage can significantly reduce the compression value.

For example, cleaning the carburetor can solve the problem

Malfunctions of power tillers. why does it stall, repair with your own hands

A single-axle tractor is a useful household machine, which greatly simplifies land and household chores. Like any other machinery, units can break down. But it is quite possible to repair the engine of a motorblock with your own hands, following simple recommendations.

The problem when a single-axle tractor runs with intermittent stalls and fails to develop revs is almost the most common among gasoline and diesel units. If a single-axle tractor starts up and stops, the main causes of this phenomenon should be sought in the fuel supply and ignition system, the malfunction of which can appear after only 5 minutes of operation.

If the single axle tractor does not develop revolutions and spontaneously stops, it is necessary to check

  • The air filter. if it is clogged, clean its surface, wash it or blow with a vacuum cleaner.
  • quality of fuel filling;
  • The ignition system. its diagnostics begins with the spark plug, the appearance of which is used to judge about the functionality of the ignition.

In addition to the spark plug, other breakdowns of the ignition of the power tiller are:

  • improper clearance between the electrodes;
  • Mechanical damage of electric circuit;
  • unadjusted angle between the magnetic part and the coil.

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Their repair with their own hands is allowed, if it is stipulated in the user manual for a particular model of power tiller;

  • Muffler. the engine stops working and fails to rev up due to a clogged muffler. To free it from the products of combustion, it is soaked in water with detergents and after rinsing. dried;
  • carburetor, the adjustment of which can be wrong;
  • Cylinder piston parts, because of which the engine does not develop speed under load. This can only be checked with a compressometer.

It also happens that the cultivator sharply stalls when tilting to both sides or only to the left or right. this is most often caused by an insufficient oil level. At the moment of tilting, the sensor of the residual oil in the crankcase can be triggered, which automatically blocks the engine.

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If you put it on the side of the starter, the oil is likely to get into the air filter through the nozzle. If it’s on the belt side, it’s OK in principle. But if you drop it sharply on the belts (accidentally), bump it against something, it can bend the axle on which the tension rollers sit. The rollers will guide the belt unevenly and it will be chewed up and spit out. Or the belts will wear out quickly. The best position is upright, closed tap, full tank, folded handlebar (if folded).

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