Why does a trimmer turn off for the grass after turning on. Why the lawn mower is not started, we eliminate problems

Do.it.yourself electrimmer repair: detailed instructions for a novice master with pictures, schemes and photos

For some reason, often the need to carry out the repair of an electrimmer with your own hands arises at the most inopportune moment when it is necessary to urgently mow grass, and the breakdown does not allow this to do this.

Most of the defects that occur is not difficult and can be eliminated literally on the spot with a simple improvised tool. But for this you need to have basic knowledge of the design of your mowing.

I share my own experience acquired for five seasons of exploitation of my ECO GT-800L, as well as help friends and neighbors in this matter in this matter. I myself try to pay attention to preventive maintenance, timely conduct technical inspections and verification.

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

does, trimmer, turn, grass

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the built.in portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

does, trimmer, turn, grass

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

The working body is a spitter head with a fishing line. It can be supplemented with a cutting knife made of metal or plastic on powerful models. The torque of high revolutions for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by a kinematic scheme located inside an integral bar.

In more detail, the insides device show a photograph of the engine with the upper lid of the case on its trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. This, by the way, is such a simple execution completely suits me.

The engine is turned on by a small final switch with a convenient plastic lid placed in the lower handle.

Features of the device of the electrical circuit: Briefly

The basic part is a typical collector engine in which the rotor of the stator windings gives the rotor to the bearing of the bearing.

The electric current that performs the main work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collection mechanism.

The vast majority of engines as a protection against overheating of the insulation of windings use thermorelene. During the repair, we consider it as ordinary power contact in a closed state.

With a critical heating of the varnish of wires, it will simply open and interrupt the action of electric current.

All elements of the electric circuit are connected by wires and terminals to each other into the sequential site. A short cable with a fork is displayed out to connect to an extension cord.

How the torque from the engine is transmitted to the mowing head: 3 components of the kinematic scheme

It is used to lower the revolutions and, accordingly, increase the power on the output shaft.

On some designs, it is located immediately after the engine, built into its design.

In other models, it can be located from below the national bar: immediately under a mowing head and a protective cover.

Any of these gearboxes consists of two gears conveying rotation. In the upper photo, they have a cylindrical shape with a slanting tooth, and on the lower. conical, because they change rotation at an oblique angle.

The transmission of the torque from the engine is performed by a docking knot consisting of a cylindrical sleeve with a rectangular hole. The tip of the spring shaft of the corresponding form located inside the aluminum tube is inserted into it.

The rod of a trimmer for grass consists of two halves connected in series. Each part is made up of three details inserted into each other:

The joint of the bar is made in the middle of its length using an adapter with a screw connection, allowing to add the entire structure for convenient transportation on transport.

Below is a spiked head with a protective casing. To trim the excess fishing line, a knife is stationarily installed on it, reducing its length to the optimal value.

Tools for repair

Work required screwdrivers and an old tester with wires and a soldering iron.

The camera was with him and managed to take all the actions to restore the performance of the electric motor. I inserted these photos into the text of the article.

Calling the scheme

To check electrical circuits, they are necessary. I have an old device Ts4324 at such purposes for such purposes. The power circuit for measuring the current is carried out by nickel cadmium batteries.

After long.term storage, they found themselves in a discharged state, and are operated since 1994, when I purchased them on sale. It was no longer possible to use them.

Tester power

The technical solution was prompted by an old mobile phone. I used its battery to supply voltage, having previously checked it with the same device in a voltmeter mode.

I seized the old batteries, and supplied the power with thin wires of different colors directly on the tester output in compliance with polarity. For connection, I used a soldering iron and tape.


There were no difficulties here. The power of the battery battery was quite enough for measurements and calibration.

The devices of the device installed in the “Ommeter” position, and put an arrow pointer to zero with a potentiometer handle. The pointer was not engaged in adjusting the mechanical balancer, it was normal before.

The tester is prepared for measurements of resistances on the divisions.


The housing of the electric engine is attached with screws-sam cutters with a medium-sized cross-shaped head. The old Soviet.time screwdriver satisfactorily approached them and a good coverage of the faces was created by a head from a set of tools purchased in the online store.

However, a short working body of a combined screwdriver did not allow working in deep excavations. All hard.to.reach places were inaccessible to her. Significations showed images in subsequent photographs.

Device and repair of a trimmer for grass

General design

The appearance of my electric braid for grass is shown in photographs with explanations of the main nodes.

Technical characteristics of a trimmer for the grass ECO GT-800L are presented by a table from the instructions.

When I chose it, I stopped at the power and number of engine speeds. 800 watts is enough with a large margin. Fishing lines with a diameter of 1.6 mm is quite enough to process grass in the garden and on lawns. Just do not allow its growth above the knees. Otherwise you have to mow in two doses, because long stems begin to twist around the mowing head.

Why your Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running. A Quick and Easy Fix

The housing of the electric motor, the inclusion button and the factory sign of a close.up showed a photograph.


All mounting screws are located on one side of the electric motor body. This is convenient for disassembly.

After turning the fasteners of the screws, it is necessary to carefully separate the halves of the body with the fingers, overcoming the force of adhesion of plastic locks. In difficult places, I put a screwdriver with a flat blade.

The general view of the electric engine after removing the upper cover was presented with a photograph.

Disadvantages of the design

Immediately during disassembly, a weak point was revealed. The mounting unit of the plastic case to the thin.walled pipe of the bar. Self.tapping screws are used. The nest immediately became weakened and the screw is tightly closed: it turns and cuts soft metal.

Engine controls

The Trimmer button acts on the microswitch lever. Mikrick. The return is due to the effort of the springs. In the photo they were installed incorrectly, shot in a hurry and did not notice. The springs are completely placed in the internal compartment of the case.

To start the engine, the same principle is used as in. The work can be done in two ways:

For security purposes, I refused and the latch, along with the spring, removed. I believe that this mode should be used only for a stationary fixed power tool when excluded in everyday life, and an electric engine does not require an instant stop.

On the lower half, the photo showed a more clearly button of the micrix, which controls the operation of the electric engine.

The miclorinator itself is conveniently placed in a separate nest-Osek, and its marking is shown from below.

The brushes and plates of the engine collector

Small contaminants of the contact surfaces of the brushes and collector plates are quite normal, correspond to working modes.

Stator and engine rotor windings

All surfaces are whole, mechanical damage and traces of overheating, temperature no exposure.

Varnish violations are not visible.

Engine wires and bearings

Everything is fine too. All structural elements in working condition, although you can see small pollution of individual parts and traces of corrosion on the magnetic circuit of the electric motor stator and metal details.

The design of the bearings, by the way, I didn’t like. Plastic parts do not inspire trust. I compare with the design of the Soviet Drill for 300 watts, which has been used for about thirty years, intensively loading it with work on. drilling holes in concrete with the sequential use of the player and under other modes.

Why stall the engine of a trimmer for grass when recruiting

The most popular with summer residents, gardeners and gardeners trimmers for grass are equipped with two.stroke engines operating on gasoline. In recent years, part of the manufacturers have been promoting motorcycles and leaflets based on four.stroke engines in the market, but they have not yet gained the popularity that two.stroke. They are more difficult in the device, more demanding on the mode of operation, purity of fuel, oil quality. Also, four.stroke engines are more in weight and more slowly gaining momentum.

During the operation of trimmers on the basis of two.stroke engines, a number of characteristic malfunctions arise related to the features of the design of the engines. With all the perfection of the Husqvarna or Echo engines, even they occasionally “acting up”. The budget models of motorcycle assembled in China, problems arise more often. This is due to both the lower quality of materials and the assembly level. The most characteristic malfunction is a poor launch from a “hot” state and “subsidence” of revolutions at a slight load. But sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls with a sharp press on the throttle key. Why does this happen?

The reasons for the breakdown

For all the apparent simplicity, the lawn mower is a well.thought.out and balanced tool in which each part is in its place. If everything is regular, the engine from the cold state should start after the first starter jerk. Depending on the model, first you need to swing the fuel mixture by pressing the transparent button on the carburetor. In a number of modern fuel pumping models, it is not required.

You also need to transfer the lever on the carburetor to the extreme position to close the air damper. In some models of Husqvarna and other manufacturers, the shuttle of the damper is carried out by turning a special regulator. After that, you need to turn on the ignition on the handle and energetically pull the starter’s cord, while pressing the gas key to about half.

The engine should start after the first jerk, but can earn after 3. 4 movements. This cannot be considered a breakdown. it all depends on the production of the motor, the quality of the fuel mixture, temperature and humidity and other factors. Two.stroke engines have their own character, to find out why they are not launched from the first, but from the fourth time, it is difficult even for professional mechanics.

If the engine confidently launched and earned, but the trimmer for the grass stalls when pressing the gas, then you forgot to transfer the carburetor lever to the position of the open or partially open air damper. Usually. this is the movement of the lever down. It may happen that the most stable the lawn mower works with a not fully opened damper. If you have used the trimmer for more than one season, so it will be. When the lever of the damper is transferred to the extreme lower position, the fuel mixture can become too impoverished and the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas.

This feature is not considered a malfunction. you just need to check the work of the trimmer for grass in different modes and try to use the optimal one in work. But there are other reasons why the lawn mower can stall at any stage, immediately after starting or during operation.

Other possible reasons

If, with a sharp addition of revolutions, the engine stalls, as if zabulae, then the reason may be:

  • Carburetor adjustment failure. This happens after prolonged downtime or after excessive loads, for example, natives in hot weather or in conditions of strong dustiness.
  • Clogging valve on the tank cover. Eliminated by replacing the lid or cleaning valve.
  • Weakening of the cable of the carburetor regulator drive.
  • Stretching of the fuel hose.
  • Depressurization of traffic jams on the tank, which includes hoses.
  • The clogging of the sapun.

When looking for the reasons why the trimmer stalls for the grass when trying to increase speed, other reasons may appear, for example, associated with the ignition coil and candle. If the fuel mixture is not prepared according to the rules using cheap oil or poor.quality gasoline, the proportions are not observed, or the mixture cooked a month ago, then the engine can also stall when trying to add gas.

How the real reason is determined

In the case when the carburetor is responsible for stopping the engine, a sudden stop is accompanied by a nearby symptoms. Most often, this is the appearance of tangible vibrations in all operating modes. Carburetor adjustment is carried out using two screws. idle control and fuel supply. In which direction to rotate them should be written in the operating instructions. If independent adjustment has not helped, contact the service center or buy a new carburetor.

If you have a lawn mower of a professional or semi-professional class, for example, the same echo or al-ko. then the carburetor resource is approximately equal to the durability of the motor and there is no need to buy a new one. It is enough to seek help in adjustment to a knowledgeable specialist. Motokos type Champion has a slightly lower carburetor resource, it may happen that adjustments will not help. Carburetors of two.stroke engines in the repair are complex, so it is better to order a new.

After making sure that the carburetor works fine, but the lawn mower still stalls, try to loosen the gas tank cover. If the engine operating mode has changed, it means that the lid valve is clogged or clogged. Practice shows that it is useless to clean it. It is better to buy a new cover, it costs a little, and it will last at least 2. 3 seasons.

Along the way, check the tightness of the gas pipeline connection from the carburetor and tank. Sometimes hoses stretch, and air is sucked around around the fittings. With a sharp press on the gas key, the mixture becomes depleted (gasoline is less than a stichiometric indicator) and the motor stalls. This also happens when the gasket between the carburetor and the cylinder is pierced or the bolts of the carburetor attachment are loosened from vibration. Just in case, check them, but do not forget that two.stroke engines are made of rather fragile alloys. If you overdo it with the moment of puffing, the thread in the cylinder can be disrupted.

It is also recommended to check the fence mesh on the hose in the tank, the cork through which the hoses are inserted into the tank and blow the fuel lines. Perhaps they are clogged and a little gasoline enters the carburetor. Especially with sharp pressure on gas.

Having checked and cleaning all the systems of a trimmer for grass, season the tank prepared by all the rules with a mixture and start from a cold state. Let me work out a few minutes at idle and try to mow fishing at medium speeds. After 10. 12 minutes of work, add speed sharply. a trimmer for grass should not stall. If this happens, change the spark plug and perform the same actions.

If during operation a trimmer for the grass, before stall, spontaneously periodically reduces or increases the revolutions, “failures” appear in power, then it is necessary to check the ignition coil and contacts of all wires. Start with contacts, they are quite fragile and can break off or oxidize.

When pressing gas

If the lawn mower stops when pressing the gas, then the reasons may be the following.

  • The most common option is a fuss of adjusting the carburetor, which occurs with significant loads on the drive, after a prolonged inaction of the mechanism or when it is used in severe conditions.
  • The clogging of the fuel valve, which eliminates it with the message, as a result of which gasoline according to the system begins to flow normally.
  • The weakening and hanging of the cable in the carburetor. Also, a tensile of the fuel hose can occur up to its rupture, caused by the action of a significant load.
  • Clogging of the saapun (check valve), as a result of which fuel does not enter the tank.

If the problem is associated with the carburetor node, then it can be recognized by the appearance of vibrations of the lawn mower. Когда лопается шланг или растягивается трос — выполняют замену данных комплектующих.

Why the chainsaw stalls when heated

The situation in which the chainsaws are started, and in the process of heating can stall, is familiar to many who are dealing with them. The main reasons for this behavior of the saw are the following.

You can check the ignition coil using a multimeter or replacing it with a deliberately serviceable. Checking the primary and secondary winding multimeter is carried out in the mode of resistance measurement mode. The indicator of the resistance of the primary winding, the working coil, is 1 kOhm. secondary 4 rooms.

Why and what to do if a trimmer stalls for grass

There are several reasons why the trimmer for grass stalls when the grass. Usually the problem is provoked:

  • wear of engine elements. piston, bearings, crankcase;
  • malfunctions with fuel supply. a carburetor can fail in the device, sometimes a malfunction causes a clogged filter;
  • mechanical damage to hoses, tubes and cables;
  • disobedience with the ignition chain.

Most often, under a load for one reason or another, an old trimmer for grass, which has long been in operation, stalls for a particular reason. But sometimes the owners of new gasoline devices face problems.

Why is a trimmer for grass stalling when pressing gas, increasing speed

If the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas, then the problem is usually a malfunction of the carburetor adjustment. The malfunction often occurs if the device was inaction for a long time, and then received a significant load. Sometimes the unit stalls immediately after increasing speed, if before that it was operated in difficult conditions with violation of the rules.

The following reasons are also leading to problems with the performance of the device:

With stretching or rupture of the fuel hose in the gasoline trimmer, the elements that have become unusable must be changed. If the reason is in the clogged valves and filters in the unit, they are quite simple to clean.

If the reason that the trimmer stalls for the grass is caused by problems with the carburetor, the problems are accompanied by vibrations

Another common problem is that the trimmer for grass stalls with increasing speed due. In this case, you need to find the instructions for the device and carry out the reconfiguration of the unit. Often it is enough to weaken the tightening of the carburetor body.

Why does a trimmer for grass stall at idle

Garden trimmer for grass often stalls even at idle. The reasons for the malfunction are usually simple. First of all, the improper adjustment of the carburetor affects performance. it leads to problems both at high speeds and in idle mode. Turning off the device can provoke clogging of an air filter or throttle.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls if incorrect fuel is used for it. The gearbox for this reason overheats and reduces momentum.

If a malfunction occurs, it is necessary, first of all, to inspect the carburetor unit and perform mechanical repair or configuration. If the cause is of poor.quality fuel, you need to replace the mixture with a more suitable.

What to do if the trimmer for the grass starts and immediately stalls

If the trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum and stalls immediately after starting, the problem usually consists in improper tuning the carburetor. In this case, fuel in the system comes unevenly, the gasoline unit vibrates and cannot work normally. Repair consists in reconfiguring a carburetor unit according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Engine stop causes fuel supply valve. The element must be carefully cleaned, and then installed back in place. If the lawn mower still stalls immediately after starting, perhaps the valve is too tight and it needs to be loosened. In this case, the fuel mixture will begin to circulate through the system freely, and problems with the performance of the unit will disappear.

In some cases, a gasoline trimmer for grass stalls due to the fact that the hose contains damage that pass the air. During the repair, you need to replace the fuel tube with a new.

Attention! If the damage in the hose is insignificant, it is allowed to simply add a revolution drive. This will allow you to drive out air bubbles from the fuel system.

does, trimmer, turn, grass

What to do if the trimmer works and stalls for the grass

Owners of garden gasoline units are faced with the fact that a trimmer for grass stalls at large speeds after a short work. First, the device begins to function with jerks, and then gradually stops.

Typically, the reason is the overheating of the system. gasoline in the carburetor simply boils. A trimmer for grass can heat up if the ignition circuit coil or wire is damaged. There is no point in repairing worn details, they are simply changed to new working.

The use of a trimmer for the grass does not lead the use of not disk, but rotary damper in a carburetor

What to do if the trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls

If a hot trimmer stalls for grass, the situation is a great danger to the performance of the unit. Repair should be carried out immediately, otherwise the device will be completely unusable, and it will be more difficult to restore it.

Overheating of the unit usually cause the following reasons:

  • The use of inalitions. pour fuel into the tank with precisely with such an octane number that is recommended by the manufacturer;
  • a large amount of air in the system. for this reason, the enriched mixture releases an excess of heat;
  • non.compliance with the proportions of oil and gasoline in the preparation of fuel;
  • The thick layer of soot on the muffler. soot is a good heat.insulating material, the gasoline braid for the grass during operation is very hot and stalls;
  • The displacement of the axis of the spit.headed head inside the bar. for this reason, the rotation slows down, and the load on the engine increases.

If the gasoline unit stalls, you need to carefully examine it and eliminate first of all possible deformations of the structure. Then it is necessary to study the fuel parameters. If they do not correspond to the recommended, gasoline is replaced with a more suitable. If unnecessary air gets into the system, it is necessary to independently or with the involvement of specialists to adjust the position of the carburetor damper.

Sometimes a gasoline trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls because there is too old fuel in the tank. Use a fresh mixture for the unit, which was stored no longer than two weeks.

Attention! A trimmer for grass will overheat if you use it for too long, or mow with a weak device hard thick grass.

How to avoid breakdowns

Many breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass can really be eliminated if you remove the causes, but if possible, it is recommended to, in principle, avoid faults. Simple measures allow to maintain the unit in a working state:

  • You need to use a trimmer for grass in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is impossible to use a weak device for removing hard weeds on the site, it is also not recommended to use motorcycles in excess of the due time. The gasoline unit needs to be turned off regularly and allow it to cool down.
  • During the operation of the device, it is necessary to monitor the state of the cooling system. To maintain performance, the channels in the case are regularly cleaned, like the starter’s ribs. The clogging of the system often becomes the reason that the unit stalls from overheating.
  • After using the gasoline trimmer for the grass, too, you need to clean. In this case, the procedure is not carried out for a hot unit, at first it must completely cool. For cleaning, use solvents, kerosene and other products allowed for use by the manufacturer.
  • Before cleaning, the motorcycles for storage must be drained from the tank, the remains of unused fuel. If this is not done, the gasoline mixture will fall into heavy components and will clog the channels of the carburetor, which will subsequently cause malfunctions. After draining the fuel, the device is launched at idle and waited for it to turn off.

With the onset of autumn, a gasoline trimmer for grass must be correctly removed for storage. First, the residues of the fuel mixture are drained from the device, and then the unit is disassembled, rinse and clean all removable components.

Before cleaning gasoline motorcycles for storage, you need to evaluate the condition of its parts, carry out the necessary repair and replacement of nodes. Air filter needs to be cleaned. The engine is partially disassembled, rinsed and blown by moving elements, and then applied a new grease. To maintain the piston part, the candle is unscrewed and the piston itself is lifted to the top point, and a little oil is poured into the opening opening and the crankshaft is twisted several times.

Store a gasoline trimmer for grass in winter is necessary in a warm room

Why the gas column goes out immediately after the first launch

If your device refuses to work after pressing the start, then the problem is most likely in the ionization sensor. He is responsible for how the flame in the burner will enter the copper coil (Ten) and how much it will spread.

How to understand that the gas column goes out precisely because of it:

  • The device goes out just a couple of seconds after the firing.
  • When re.starting, the work is accompanied by a long stagnation.
  • Only after several inclusions/disconnects, the device is more or less “puffing”.
  • After downtime, the device refuses to work again, and other points.

In order to check the system, inspect all the wires leading to the sensor. If everything is fine there, then the problem is in the details itself. it needs to be quickly changed.

Why does the column go out after a few minutes of work and what to do with it

If you have found such a problem, then the fault sensor of checking the removal of combustion products. No, everything is in order with him. There is a high probability that waste simply can no longer go through ventilation. so many of them have accumulated during all the time of work.

  • The chimney is simply covered with soot or other garbage.
  • There is no normal traction (or it is not at all), so all the garbage settles on the walls. Clean the chimney system yourself or call the utility service.
  • If an hood is standing nearby, then it can draw part of the gas back into the boiler. Install your ventilation at least or completely turn off when the gas burner works.
  • A copper coil is clogged, so the column goes out during operation. For several years of productive work, so much scale can be postponed on it that you never dreamed of. The problem can be well tracking the flame: from blue it turned into a bright yellow. To clean the phone, disassemble the protective casing and rinse the copper pipe. For this, a lime.plate tool or a regular citric acid solution is suitable for this.
  • If you do not have ventilation at all, then the burner will work? At least open the window and direct the valve into it (for extreme cases).
  • When releasing the firing button, the burner goes out. The problem is characteristic of piezoeleins. Just hold it for 10 seconds. if nothing has changed, it is worth replacing the litter with a new.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass

The electric trimmer for the grass replaced the usual spit. Today, most urban residents do not even know how to use a “rare” tool correctly. A modern person does not need this, because he has an electric counterpart. But if an ordinary braid had to just sharpen from time to time, then things are more complicated with the power tool. Equipment requires a certain care, and if a malfunction occurs, the repair can lead to big expenses. However, it does not always make sense to carry the failed tool in the workshop: often you can cope with the breakdown on your own.

To understand what exactly can break in an electric cost, first you should figure out how it is arranged.

Ethletric trimmer for grass usually consists of the following elements:

The current is supplied to the power unit through the connector on the case, to which the cable is connected. Inside the rod is hollow. it plays the role of a protective shell for a flexible shaft, transmitting torque from the motor to the coil of the trimmer for the grass. The handle located on the case has a button, when pressed on which the device turns on.

The described design is considered a classic. However, there are options for executing the tool in which the motor is located in the lower part near the coil, as well as the battery versions.

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass with your own hands: Frequent causes of breakdowns

One of the scenarios in which the tool is out of order is the mowing of a very neglected area. In this case, the equipment is affected by increased loads and often fails of the power unit. A breakdown of bearings or coils is also possible.

And when work is carried out in rainy weather, electrical equipment can simply close. Also, do not forget about a certain resource of individual assemblies of the tool, which are not designed for constant use. The device requires timely inspection with the replacement of worn parts.

Repair in some cases can be carried out independently, without the involvement of third.party specialists, the cost of which is often considerable.

Repair of the launch button

If the tool does not respond to attempts to turn it on, two options for a malfunction are possible. a cable break inside the handle or the failure of the inclusion button.

Important! Make sure that the device is disconnected from the network if it is a stationary type. In the case of the battery version of the instrument, the power terminals should be first disconnected, and only then proceed to repair.

In order to understand what exactly the breakdown is, you need to disassemble the handle.

Having gained access to the inside, you should, armed with a multimeter, measure the resistance of the button. If it is absent after pressing, the button must be replaced.

You also need to check the contacts of the connection of the power cable with the contact group. Often the need for such a measurement disappears, t. to. The cliff can be found with the naked eye. In this case, it must be eliminated by soldering.

In the absence of a multimeter, the same work can be done using an indicator screwdriver. To do this, after disassembling the body of the power cable handle, it is connected to the network and the phase is checked by a screwdriver before and after the button. If zero comes to the button, the fork in the outlet can be turned and measured again.

Attention! You should be very careful when checking the presence of a phase in this way. There is a possibility of gaining electric shock!

Checking the electric motor

If the button and cable that feeds the tool will be serviceable, you should go to the diagnosis of a power unit. To do this, disassemble the case in which it is located. It is usually necessary to simply unscrew several bolts or screws and remove the lid.

First of all, you need to check the condition of the collector brushes. The wear of this node can lead to unstable operation or to a complete stop of the engine. If the brushes are in satisfactory condition, you should check the winding of the motor for a short circuit.

For this operation, it is necessary to completely remove the engine, and then check all the collector plates in the mode in the mode. The device should not show significant deviations in measurements.

The second check is the “ringing” of the rotor winding to the “mass”. To do this, you need to connect one of the multimeter contact to any collector plate, and the second to the “mass” of the rotor. In this case, the resistance measurement mode should be more than 1 MOM. If there is no short circuit, the device will show a very large meaning.

If, according to the results of these checks, all the parameters turned out to be normal, you need to measure the resistance of the stator winding. Indications should be similar, as in the case of the rotor. If not, then the malfunction lies in the stature.

If there is an interval circuit in the engine, it will not be diagnosed in this way. However, this problem can be identified by observing the trimmer for grass in action. An indirect sign of such a malfunction will be a decrease in the power of the work and overheating of the equipment.

When, as a result of diagnosis, it became clear that the engine was “burned out”, it would be easier to notice it on a new. In the vast majority of cases, repairs, consisting of rewinding, will cost as much as a new power unit.

If the engine is installed on the engine, then it will turn off the power when overheating. If the problem is the malfunction of the relay itself, this can be identified using the same multimeter or tester. With a cold engine in good condition, the relay should pass the current.

Mechanical malfunctions

Such problems include a breakthrough of the flexible shaft. It is easy to recognize it. the motor works, and the coil with a fishing line does not rotate.

The reason for the breakdown is the unfair care of the tool, which consists in the timely lubrication of the inside of the bar. In the absence of the desired amount of lubrication, the shaft will be subjected to excessive friction and the cliff will become a logical result.

This breakdown is corrected by replacing the shaft, which can be removed by disconnecting the upper part of the trimmer for the grass from the bar. If the second part of the shaft is not extracted, disconnection and lower.

When installing a new shaft, it should first be lubricated.

Such a malfunction can occur only with a classic layout of parts. In devices where the power unit is located in the lower part, there is no flexible shaft. However, with such a layout, the role of the gear ratio is played by a bearing located on the engine shaft closer to the place of transmission of the moment. In this situation, the bearing must simply be replaced with a new.

Quick way to check the electrical circuit

When the collector engine is included in the operation, the current sequentially passes through all the half.tests of the stator and the rotor through the brush mechanism.

A paradox with an electrician or what a rush leads to

Banal truth: the voltage is supplied with the switch with the contacts of the fork inserted into the outlet.

However, my neighbor in the country managed to go over in this matter and invited me to look at the brushes of a disassembled electric motor trimmer for the grass in order to explain why he does not work.

When I asked about the voltage in the outlet, he confidently stated that he had checked it with an indicator. I asked to show, because I do not trust such things in such matters.

He took the indicator, and showed that he was glowing from the contact of the outlet. Then I asked to go to the extension cub and rearrange it, changing the nests. At first, his surprise appeared quickly: during the second check, the indicator light did not light up.

In one wire of the extension cord there was a cliff, which eliminated the voltage supply to the proper trimmer engine for grass. There was no point in disassembling it and watch brushes.

Any verification of the performance of the electrical circuit start by analyzing the serviceability of the power circuits. This reduces the search time and elimination of defects.

The most important element of the electrimmer

The trouble with beginning users is that they do not fully understand the role of temperature in the work of a collector, and any electric motor.

The electric current passes well through the cold or overheated wires of the winding and normally creates a magnetic field rotating the rotor. And the isolation varnish, and other surrounding materials, are melted and flowing at the temperature.

The photo shows a trimmer cover deformed from the high heating and the engine failed and the engine.

Below is a photo of the burned insulation of the stator and rotor windings, which sprinkled into a single lump.

It is not profitable to eliminate such breakdowns. Replacing a burned.out engine in a repair shop at a price is slightly inferior to the purchase of a new trimmer for grass in the store.

Compliance with the temperature regime

When working, it is necessary to monitor the heating of the case.

This requirement is especially relevant for low.power models with the lower engine location. They are designed for short.term cutting of lawns with low grass: they have a simplified design, are not equipped with overheating protection.

Electric trimmers for middle.class grass and above are equipped with protective thermallack. When a critical temperature reaches with its bimetallic contact, it breaks the circuit of electric current, and after cooling it restores.

On my trimmer it began to work falsely: I had to block the contacts. Described this case in an article on the repair of a trimmer for grass in the country. In detail, he showed photographs in detail the sequence of the engine disassembly. Meet the technology.

With the nursed contacts of the thermmorele, Trimmer for the grass worked until the end of the season. During kosba periodically checked the temperature of the case with his hand, took breaks. During the winter I found a new thermorele, replaced the old. After that I work with thermal protection.

How can you overheat the engine of the electrimmer

Since ancient institute, I remember the phrase of the teacher of the Department of Sopromat and the theory of the strength of the shells about the reliability of the design of any mechanism: the entire equipment is designed and created for optimal conditions with a permissible coefficient of strength.

It is impossible to underestimate it: there will be frequent breakdowns, and overstating it is not economically profitable: the cost increases dramatically.

I did this introduction in order to emphasize that the operating conditions indicated by the plant must be studied, strictly observed. Otherwise, the breakdown is inevitable: it will be necessary to carry out the repair of the electrimmer.

What are the “newly.minted rationalizers” do to facilitate their work:

  • install a thicker fishing line for a trimmer in a mowing head;
  • Remove the protective casing with a knife of fishing line;
  • Mount on the head “Eternal fishing line for a trimmer” from chains, thick wire, filmed ribbon from plastic bottles;
  • Fasten homemade knives from steel strips.

A thick fishing line for a trimmer really mows higher grass, but it creates an increased load on the engine. Overheating it does not arise immediately, but after some period of time.

How to look for malfunctions in the mechanical part

The transmission of rotation from an electric trimmer for grass is performed in the same way as models with an internal combustion engine: an integral shaft works inside the rectangular section of the bar, and a curved cable works.

Their length, diameter and design are selected by the manufacturer for specific dimensions of the composite bar.

Features of the junction of the composite bar

It is made by an adapter with a screw clamp.

The large screw head is made to conveniently adjust the position of the mowing organ at the bottom of the bar. The rotation angle is selected individually.

It is convenient for me to expose it so that the longitudinal axis of the protective casing and the axis of the electric motor are located in the same plane.

In this place, a malfunction associated with the transfer of torque from a direct shaft to a cable may sometimes occur in this place. It is manifested by the fact that at idle engine the trimmer for grass works normally, and already under a small load, the mowing head stops rotating.

The method of its elimination was well shown by the owner of the video “Repair of the Electrimmer” Roman Shapkov. I recommend to see.

Method of attaching a mowing head and a casing

On my trimmer from below the rod, the adapter is fixed with rivets, into which the fastener bolt of the protective casing will be plunged.

The output shaft of a rotating cable has a hexagon at the end. A plastic mowing head is put on it.

From the inside, a return spring of the automatic discharge of fishing line during kosbe is inserted into it.

A spool was inserted into it. It is fastened with a fixing nut from above.

The device of a spitter head with a fishing line is quite simple.

However, all plastic parts do not have high strength, subject to wear. Their working surfaces are erased. After three seasons of work on my trimmer, the output holes of the fishing line from the mowing head expanded, the thickness of the fixing nut decreased.

It is difficult to apply protective measures to wear, and repair of these parts is easiest to fully replace the head. It is easy to buy it: you just need to know the exact dimensions of the hexagon and evaluate the new design according to the working characteristics.

The secrets of the selection of fishing line

Among the frequent malfunctions of the trimmer coil, there are cases when the fishing line for the trimmer ended or simply confused due to improper winding on the spool. It is not difficult to eliminate them.

But in practice, I met with another defect in the fishing line, which was sold on the state retail chain from Patriot LLC company. Her view in the factory packaging.

As I understand it, it is specially hidden in a sealed package: you can not touch when buying.

When I opened the packaging to install the fishing line in the spool, its plasticity immediately caught my eye, and not elasticity. It is easily bending, behaves like a soft wire: when in contact with the grass, it immediately breaks. It is impossible to mow: she managed to return to the seller.

Since then, I have been buying only that fishing line for a trimmer that can be molested in my hands and evaluate its operational properties.

I try to refuse varieties of ordinary round fishing line. I prefer a ribbed shape to them with faces: asterisk, trapezoid, square or triangle. They are better cut off the grass.

How to eliminate increased vibration

Reliably collected trimmer mechanics for grass is well balanced. It provides convenient work. However, bearings can be worn out over time, lose lubrication.

A prefabricated shaft transmitting rotation from the engine of a spool is able to touch the internal walls of the bar, creating excessive friction with heating.

Such a defect can and must be eliminated. This technology is shown by TV repairman with his video “Vibration during the operation of Elektokosa”.

If you still have questions about how to carry out the repair of the electrimmer, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will answer.

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The TV turns on and immediately turns off: the reason

Not a single household device, whether it is three times, having the appearance of a reliable cliff, is not safe from breakdown. Especially as high.tech as a modern TV. After all, today it is not an easy device for viewing programs, it can be a TV tuner, computer or multimedia center with Internet access. If the problem is visually visible. a falling off wiring, a burned fuse or element, then it is easy to eliminate it. But usually breakdowns, and more often a little at once, lurk in the bowels of the device, so the effectiveness of the repair, the performance of the device are all in the hands of the master.

So, the TV is spontaneously turned on, it works for a few seconds, minutes and turns off. As practice shows, there are many reasons that have come to such an “independent life” of the device. But before starting the search for the master and calculate the cost of repair, it is worth understanding that not in all cases you need to blame the TV itself.

Often you yourself are to blame for the problem. poor contact in the cord of power, a spanned wire, an unreliable, dangling outlet. Or maybe you just have not done the cleaning of the device for a long time. and just dust prevents you from worthy of spending the evening in front of a blue screen? Perhaps the reason for this behavior is the jump in the voltage of the mains. Then we measure the voltage on the network with a tester, compare with the original, go to swear in the housing office.

Now about each reason in more detail, we will give recommendations for elimination so that this does not happen.

Human factor

70% is the normal performance of the device. on human attention, attitude to it. Hands do not reach to fix the outlet on the wall, fix the spanned wire, twist the loose fork. so why do you complain that modern technique is unreliable? Poor contact leads to heating the wiring, the fork heats up. Even a short.term exposure to high temperature can lead to a short circuit.

ATTENTION. In this case, the shutdown of the TV is the minimum problem. With a short circuit, it is possible to burn out the wiring, leading to the occurrence of a fire.

And the solution is simple. follow the integrity of the electrosnur, the reliability of the connection of sockets and forks. If there are children in the house, then this must be done before each inclusion.

Program problems

Another problem that occurs due to the fault of the user can be eliminated by pressing several buttons on the remote control. The master is not needed here.

The first malfunction of this nature was the owners of modern TVs of Samsung and LG brand. The latest TV models, in addition to their main function. showing programs, are connected to the Internet, downloading software updates, make many more useful ones, but doubtful actions for the user. If the user has not disconnected such a function, then after walking on a worldwide network, the TV automatically turns off after a given time.

  • The device is incorrectly configured.
  • Some TV models are automatically disconnected if there is no reception signal or not the exposure to the remote control.
  • A program has been set that automatically after a given time (for example, a minute) will turn off the TV.

Way of struggle. go to the submenu, find the functions that are configured in the device. Remove the ability to update your own, automatically disconnect. Also check where the device has visited that he downloaded. Select and delete suspicious programs.

Dust is to blame

Another problem that occurs through the fault of the user, which occurs quite often. accumulated dust inside the device. Dust itself is not a good conductor, but with a large accumulation, can cause close tracks between themselves and the body. This is fraught with burnout of some elements, power supply board. The solution lies on the surface. it is enough once every six months to gently clean the inside of the apparatus with a vacuum cleaner. You also need to take care of the remote control. Carry out preventive cleaning of contacts and tracks. Wipe the board with alcohol, let it dry before assembly. If, after such cleaning, the TV continues to behave, as he wants, then perhaps the case is in the inverter.

The inverter is to blame

Perhaps the cause of chaotic inclusion / off of the device. microcracks of paths along the power circuit. This is due to the following:

  • Voltage surges on the network;
  • High humidity of the room;
  • During the operation of the device, its periodic strong heating occurs.
  • Aging of materials, installation elements.

This problem is serious, although it is often found. Not to eliminate it yourself. We must contact professionals. But you can identify it yourself. Disconnect the TV from the power source. Using a table lamp or lamp, provide a sufficient level of illumination. Remove the lid, then carefully with the help of a magnifying glass, look at the printed circuit boards, the elements themselves, the place of their connection, the quality of the soldering.

IMPORTANT. Even small cracks, flashes cause instability of the device.

Top Reasons Lawn Mower Not Starting — Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

If you have managed to find microcracks, then in a workshop or service center you can specify a specific place. It will be pleasant for you and accelerate the elimination of the problem.

Stress jumps

Another common defect that causes the randomness of turning on / off the device. From the uneven voltage supplied to the apartment, all household appliances, and especially sensitive, what is the TV, suffers. Leks are possible due to the large load of the network, instability, the failure of the transformers at the substation, changes in the weather, increasing environmental humidity, etc. In modern devices, there is a circuit that can smooth out small irregularities of the network voltage, with more serious stabilizers will require more serious.