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12 best circular saws


A circular saw from a “Chinese-Russian” manufacturer unexpectedly came out on top in this rating, although it would seem that it has many famous competitors. However, in practice, most branded saws for small discs (they are also rotorisers) are cordless, so when choosing a network circular saw here we actually sort out exclusively amateur models.

Well, in terms of price-quality-functionality, this is a good circular saw. Of course, the manufacturer did not particularly bother with ergonomics, but it is quite convenient in operation, and the power of a 550-watt motor for discs with a diameter of up to 85 mm is normal. The cutting depth can be up to 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for speed control. Therefore, when working with materials that give small and light shavings, it is worthwhile to immediately provide for a dust extraction, otherwise the cooling impeller of a high-speed collector motor will scatter dust throughout the area.

The Diold’s gearbox is worm gear, which is preferable to the belt one for the budget segment. The main thing is not to forget about high-quality lubrication and not to overload the saw, so that the worm and the gear driven by it do not suffer.

  • Sufficiently comfortable grip
  • Case included
  • Slim side rail bracket
  • No rpm adjustment
  • DIOLD DP-0.55 MF. power 0.55 kW, blade 85 mm
  • DIOLD DP-0.45 MF. power 0.45 kW, blade 55 mm

Rating of the best circular saws

Category Place Name Rating Price
The best compact circular saws one DIOLD DP-0.55 MF 9.6 / 10 4910
2 Dremel DSM20-3 / 4 9.0 / 10 9 570
3 Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit 8.9 / 10 5841
The best circular saw blades up to 190 mm in diameter one Makita HS7601 9.7 / 10 8 330
2 BOSCH GKS 190 9.5 / 10 9,010
3 Metabo KS 55 FS 9.4 / 10 9999
four DeWALT DWE560B 9.1 / 10 10,500
The best circular saws for a large diameter disc one Makita 5143R 9.7 / 10 49,010
2 Makita HS0600 9.4 / 10 24100
3 PATRIOT CS 255 8.2 / 10 9,200
Best cordless circular saws one DeWALT DCS576N 9.6 / 10 16200
2 BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box 9.4 / 10 29713
3 Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 3.5Ah х1 LiHD 9.3 / 10 15799

Saw, Shura, saw. And the saw will be easier!

  • The best compact circular saws
  • The best circular saw blades up to 190 mm in diameter
  • The best circular saws for a large diameter disc
  • Best cordless circular saws

Those who have had to work with a hacksaw for several hours do not need to explain the advantages of a circular saw. it can cut sheet material or thick boards straight and evenly in as long as the hacksaw just starts to wash it down. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur circular saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but it will always help out in work. It is also important that hand-held circular saws are safer than ordinary circular saws, the safety precautions of which you need to know like the back of your seven fingers. The best circular saws of 2020.the beginning of 2021 are presented in our ranking.

The main areas of application for circular saws:

  • Finishing and joinery work: cutting sheet materials (laminate, chipboard, OSB, plywood) and thin boards (platbands, lining, block house, parquet).
  • Carpentry construction work: cross and longitudinal sawing of boards and beams up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy work (building a house from a bar, harvesting firewood): transverse and longitudinal sawing of a bar and a log with a thickness of 100. 200 mm.

The successor to the 5604R, the compact and lightweight HS6601 165mm circular saw boasts a powerful 1050W motor that can idle up to 5200 RPM for superior cutting performance and results. The disc guard and base are made of aluminum, which reduces the weight to 3.7 kg. At the same time, the saw length is only 296 mm. Fast cutting depth adjustment system will delight any demanding DIYer.

The set includes one saw blade and a rip fence. It is also possible to connect to a guide rail using an adapter (needs to be purchased separately, not included).

Well thought out ergonomics, soft grip and low weight make the HS6601 the leader among compact circulars.


Circular saws are widely used. Whether laying wooden floors, cutting tiles, for small wooden buildings (shed, garden house).
They are used for direct cutting of solid wood, cardboard materials, plexiglas and aluminum profiles. These saws are ideal for precise rip and miter cuts. precise work should be done with a guide bar.

How to choose a circular saw

When choosing a circular saw, the following parameters should be considered:

  • Engine power
    An important parameter that determines the depth of cut, productivity and blade speed. Generally, the higher the value (expressed in watts), the deeper the cut we can make. Typically, the wattage is in the 1000-1700W range. Of course, the performance of a circular saw is influenced by several factors at once, in addition to power: the type of engine, the build quality and the wear resistance of the materials used.
    There are also cordless circular saws with different engine powers. However, keep in mind that the use of such a saw is limited. The battery must be recharged after 25-30 long cuts. But periodically there are situations in which the cordless tool is indispensable (for example, in hard-to-reach places).
    When buying a model with a higher electrical power consumption, it is important to have an inrush current limiter, which ensures a smooth start of the machine without voltage surges in the network.
  • Tool weight
    This is an important comparative parameter that largely determines the ease of use of the tool (which significantly affects the ease of cutting). For most models, the weight ranges from 4 to 6 kilograms. powerful models weigh about 7 kg. As a rule, the better and more powerful the saw, the greater its weight.
  • Sawing speed
    The higher the power, the deeper the cut. But in the cutting process, it’s not just about what the saw cuts, but how it does it. The cleanliness of the cut depends not only on the power, but also on the cutting speed. This is determined by how many revolutions the saw blade can make in a minute. The higher the rotational speed, the higher the cutting speed and the better the quality of the cut. For ordinary saws, this is about 3000 rpm. For professional models, the speed can exceed 5000 rpm.
  • Maximum disc diameter
    Pay attention to this parameter. It determines how deep your tool can sink when cutting. You can find circular saw blades on the market with a cutting blade diameter of 165 to 355 mm. As a rule, the depth of cut (cross-section) does not exceed 55 mm, but professional saws can cut 68 mm or more (some models up to 130 mm, which is required for deep cuts on inclined surfaces).
    The size of the disc determines the maximum depth of cut, therefore, this parameter depends on the diameter of the blade and cannot be increased in any way.
  • Product materials
    They can also tell a lot about the tool. In the hobby class, you have to rely on the plastic construction. these circular saws are lightweight, but less suitable for frequent use. Professional circular saws are twice as heavy. Blade protectors are made of aluminum alloy, so they are stronger, larger and designed for long-term use.
    Individual structural elements provide a protective structure and create a visual design, but the connections between individual parts (welds, threaded connections) are also an integral part.
  • Transmission
    The above parameters are really important when choosing a circular saw, but you must also take into account what material the “box” is made of. The metal transmission will last longer. Lower vibration is also a plus. The disadvantage is that models with such a transmission are disproportionately more expensive (an amateur saw for € 100-200 will probably not have it).
  • Guide
    Believe it or not, the guide rail is one of the most important components of a circular saw. This is because it is this part that is most often regulated, moved and fixed. It is important to keep this process as simple as possible.
    There are also special saws that can drive along the rail, which can be fixed to the material and when the saw moves, you get a perfect straight cut. In addition, it is known in advance exactly where it will be located. This is the biggest difference from the classic ruler, which is relatively short and not as accurate.
  • Other features
    Hand-held circular saws, especially of high-end ones, are distinguished by a number of practical functions that provide more reliable and comfortable work. Look out for features like speed control, overheat protection, or the ability to lock when changing blades. For more comfort, you can connect a hose from a vacuum cleaner or other suction device.
    Models with larger disc diameters (eg 270 to 355 mm) can be equipped with a sliding sleeve that can protect the motor from the disc seizing in the material. This stops the blade, but the rotor continues to rotate. This prevents the winding from burning.
  • Brand
    If you want a quality tool, focus on brand reputation. It is from well-established and proven manufacturers that you can expect the exact level of performance you are looking for. The advantage is the good availability of spare parts and the good customer service that these brands offer.
    Circular saws of such brands as Ryobi, Extol, Einhell, Interskol, Bison are offered for domestic use, which can be purchased for only a few tens of euros.
    Quality circular saws with more durability can be found from brands such as Makita, Bosch and DeWalt. These manufacturers offer powerful, reliable and popular devices.
    Professional circular saws are the products of well-known brands such as Metallkraft, Husqvarna, Mafell or Festool, as well as top models of the Bosch and Makita models.
    If you are serious about buying a handheld circular saw, first decide how often you are going to cut with it, taking into account the additional features and capabilities that can make your job easier, and then determine the right brand.
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Bosch GKT 55 GCE

Power consumption 1400 Wt
Speed 6250 rpm.
Saw blade diameter 165 mm
Section at 45 ° 42 mm
Section at 90 ° 57 mm
The weight 4.7 kg
circular, which, better, home

The Bosch GKT 55 GCE circular saw shows that there is no limit to perfection in sawing accuracy. This Bosch will win you over with its high quality workmanship, powerful engine and, above all, perfect cutting lines.

The saw construction is durable and of excellent quality. The tool is convenient and pleasant to work with. It fits well and is compact in the hand, and the SoftGrip holder prevents slipping. You can also add an extra handle to the device. Milled grooves allow optimal fixing of the guides (used rails of the Bosch system, but you can also install another manufacturer, for example, Mafell). Thanks to the rubber gasket, the device is absolutely non-slip and can be used without clamps. The saw blade is completely enclosed. therefore the saw has a relatively low noise level (ideal for indoor use).

The 1400W variable speed motor allows you to work with a variety of materials. In addition to wood, it can be aluminum or plexiglass. The angle and depth of cut can be adjusted with millimeter precision. The speed remains unchanged even under load. The supplied 48-tooth “Top Precision of Wood” saw blade has earned its name and handles any board with ease.

Interskol DP-190 / 1600M

Power consumption 1600 Wt
Speed 4800 rpm.
Saw blade diameter 190 mm
Section at 45 ° 48 mm
Section at 90 ° 65 mm
The weight 5.5 kg

Getting into the hands after Bosch, of course, there is a difference in assembly and quality of materials. The fastening elements give a little backlash, and the network cable dazzles in the cold and bends poorly. The included disc is more suitable for rough work. Users also complain about bearing noise in the first weeks of operation, but this was not an issue in our unit.
Ergonomics are not very well thought out and due to the not very comfortable grip and weight of 5.5 kg the back quickly gets tired.
At the same time, a good depth of cut, smooth start-up and electronic motor protection can be added to the pluses. The spindle lock makes it easy to change the saw blade. Well, the main advantage of this saw is its cost. At a price of 4500 rubles, it will be a good choice among inexpensive saws for periodic use and work that does not require perfect sawing quality.

The Makita N5900B is a high performance circular saw for large depths of cut and has the parameters of a true professional.

The engine is rated at 2000 W and provides an idle speed of 4400 rpm. With a 235 mm diameter saw blade, a maximum vertical cutting depth of 85 mm is possible. This makes this saw suitable for cutting thick worktops and even several layers of material at the same time. The depth of cut and tilt angle up to 50 degrees are infinitely adjustable.

The robust, reliable design conceals a considerable weight. 7.2 kg, so the saw is equipped with an additional handle. The saw blade is easily and quickly changed using the spindle locking mechanism, and the motor brake prevents the risk of injury after the cut is completed.

5900th is a true semi-professional in my field. Joiners and carpenters may well be interested in this tool.

The model with the index “J” N5900BJ is additionally equipped with a convenient Makpac case.

Plunge-cut circular saw

The plunge-cut saw was developed to solve a problem that arises when cutting a workpiece with a circular saw: insufficient cutting accuracy. Positioning the saw blade with absolute precision is not possible, since it is not possible to control the position of the blade relative to the workpiece.

The plunge-cut saw is devoid of these drawbacks, it has a slightly different principle of operation. In non-working position, the disc is completely hidden under the protective cover and located above the base plate. The cutting blade is lowered only when the tool is switched on.

The plunge saw can be used to make local repairs to floorboards or to cut the desired opening in the worktop. Cutting precision is adjustable to the millimeter. Sawing capacity at an angle of 90 °, depending on the model, ranges from 10 to 75 mm.

When working with laminated material, the top layer is cut to an incomplete depth of the workpiece, excluding the appearance of chips.


circular, which, better, home
  • High precision of workpieces processing;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • The ability to perform cross and longitudinal cuts.


  • High price compared to conventional models;
  • Difficulties in cutting small-width parts. their minimum size is limited by the dimensions of the support part of the tool.

Cordless circular saw

The tool is powered from its own power source. a rechargeable battery. The saw is used to work in hard-to-reach places. Depending on the type of battery used and its charge capacity, the tool may be sufficient for a short working period of 15 to 50 minutes. After which the battery needs to be charged, which lasts about 4 hours.


  • Compactness, mobility;
  • Ability to work in the absence of an external power source.


  • Short working time;
  • High price for models that can run for about an hour.

Ability to work with metal

Saws capable of cutting metal are a multi-tool. It is also successfully used to perform work on wood, plastic.

In comparison with the usual angle grinder, which is used for metal cutting, most of the cutting characteristics performed with a circular saw have better parameters.


  • Higher productivity;
  • Reducing noise and vibration;
  • The ability to cut metal at an angle;
  • No sparks;
  • The metal hardly heats up;
  • Safety (the disk is not prone to tearing);
  • Higher resource of carbide disc (100 times higher than disc for an angle grinder);
  • Low cutting price (only the guillotine is cheaper);
  • High cut quality (no burrs).
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  • Relatively high price per disc.

Circular saw design and how it works

Most circular saws have a similar design, the difference is additional elements that expand the functions of the tool or increase the safety of working with it.

The main elements of the saw design:

  • Body with one or two handles;
  • Saw blade guard;
  • Platform to hold the disc in position;
  • Riving knife to free a disc stuck in wood;
  • An electric motor on the shaft of which the disc is attached with bolts.

The peculiarity of the saw. with its help, you can cut the material only in a straight line (transversely or longitudinally), without the possibility of arc cutting.

The principle of operation is to transfer the torque from the motor shaft to the saw blade, which rotating at high speed around the axis, cuts off wood or other material.

Depending on the cutting depth, the tool is divided into saws:

  • Small. 40-46 mm;
  • Medium. 50-55 mm;
  • Large. 65-70 mm;
  • Professional. 65-140 mm.

Body material

Most of the models are made of high-strength plastic. The body of a professional tool can be made of metal, which increases the working life of the tool.

Working at an angle

Most of the offered models are capable of cutting not only in a straight line, but also at an angle of 45 °. Manufacturers have mastered the production of models with the ability to cut at an angle and 60 °.

It is important to pay attention to the characteristic “maximum cutting depth at an angle of 90 °”, this is the depth of the blade’s entry into the workpiece when the saw moves perpendicular to its surface. To work with workpieces up to 40 mm thick, choose a saw with the same cutting depth at a right angle, that is, 40 mm.

Hand circular saw

This type is in greatest demand among home craftsmen due to the combination of compactness and sufficient power, which, depending on the model, ranges from 1.2 to 2.2 kW. Professional models have a power of about 5 kW.

The cutting depth of the proposed tool is from 40 to 70 mm. Some models provide the ability to adjust the cutting angle.


  • Simplicity of design combined with efficiency and high productivity;
  • Convenience in work due to light weight and compactness, ease of transportation;
  • Easy to clean.


  • High noise level;
  • Insignificant utilization factor of the disc diameter during operation;
  • Difficulty in controlling the placement of the cutting disc relative to the workpiece, which reduces the accuracy of the cut.

Circular saws depending on the intensity of use

Here it is necessary to take into account the scope of the proposed work and the planned speed of its implementation. depending on this, the appropriate type of circular saw is selected:

Professional. The materials and design solutions used in such devices make it possible to use them without interruption throughout the working day. Usually these are universal tools that are suitable for processing materials of various stiffness and sizes.

Household. Modern household circular saws, like professional models, can boast of versatility in work, but without fail they require compliance with the load regime. Usually this is about 15 minutes of work for the same amount of rest time.

Disc diameter

Sometimes this characteristic is confused with the diameter of the bore, but the latter is usually not so important and only shows whether a certain blade will fit the saw seat. The full diameter of the disc is fundamental for the circular saw as a whole, because it is for it that all other characteristics are selected.

The relationship here is very simple. the larger the saw blade diameter, the more powerful and with a higher torque value the engine should be. this affects the starting speed, smooth operation and a decrease in the likelihood of jamming. The more powerful the engine, the more difficult the filling must be to protect and stabilize the saw operation. in turn, all this leads to an increase in the weight, size and cost of the circular as a whole.

All these difficulties are necessary and important, since the larger the diameter of the disc, the thicker the part it can cut in one pass.


Traditionally, the power of a circular saw motor is tied to the diameter of the saw blade. the larger the blade, the more watts the circular motor should have. But here healthy competition comes into play. in the struggle of manufacturers for their customers, they can equip models of approximately the same characteristics with engines of different power.

Here you need to understand the direct relationship. the more powerful the engine, the more force is transmitted to the place where the disk is attached to the shaft. This means a more powerful electric motor allows the saw to run more stable, better withstand blade speed, cut tighter materials and generally run longer without rest.

The only downside is the likelihood of getting a tool with a disc mount, which was originally designed for less weak models. When buying, you need to pay attention to the fasteners. ideally, for a more powerful engine, they should be at least more massive, although much depends on the quality of the materials. It should also be borne in mind that excess power is an additional expense. for the purchase and maintenance.

Circular saws are conventionally divided into three classes in terms of engine power:

Up to 0.8 kW
– manual, for sawing small workpieces.

0.8 to 1.2 kW
– most household devices that handle almost all household chores.

Over 1.2 kW
– professional universal saws.

Which of these tools to choose depends solely on the planned amount of work.

Handle shape and location

If the rear handle is more or less standard, then there are at least three varieties of the front handle: straight, mushroom and staple. The first is more suitable when working with a saw “away from you”, the second is more convenient to guide the saw from the side, and the third is universal, but larger than a mushroom.




Replacing carbon brushes

It is not required so often, but in any case it is better if there is a special window for this operation. Additionally, the brushes can be self-disconnecting. when grinding the graphite rod, the chain is broken, and there can also be an indication of the status of the brushes.

Observation area

Depends on the design features of each tool, so before buying it is better to evaluate it with your own eyes.

Circular saws by type of work performed and used materials

Various wooden elements can be cut into pieces using a conventional circular saw. A conventional circular saw is able to cut various wood pieces at different angles into pieces. However, there are circular saws for special purposes. Some of them are capable of sinking into wood, others are adapted to work with metal.

Metal circular saw. A saw that is supposed to work with metals should be more powerful and adapted to work with different cutting blades. standard abrasive and high strength. In fact, this is the most versatile tool that allows you to cut any materials: sheets, pipes and profiles made of metal, wooden blanks, plywood, plastic and the like.

Plunge-cut circular saw. This class includes hand-held circular saws and stationary, with a movable saw blade. The cutting edge of such tools can go down to the center of the part and start sawing from this point, which allows you to cut through holes in the workpieces. Such devices are most often used for working with plywood, OSB and similar sheet materials.

A visually noticeable feature of submersible circulars is the absence of an automatic lower protective cover and a special design of the base plate, which allows you to adjust the cutting depth with millimeter accuracy. This allows you not only to make through cuts, but also to make straight and curly (if the saw design allows you to make cuts at an angle) grooves, grooves and slots.

How to Use a Circular Saw. Everything you need to know. | Woodworking Basics

Before choosing a circular saw for wood for your home, it is imperative to consider such devices, since they have maximum versatility.

Cutting depth and diameter of the installed disc

The radius of the disc is not equal to the cutting depth, but these parameters are interrelated. The depth is measured from the edge of the blade to the base of the circular saw blade. 40-50mm immersion models are suitable for cutting sheet blanks, thin boards. For such work, a disc with a diameter of 160mm is sufficient. It is better to cut the bars, tabletops with a disc with a diameter of 190mm, it will give a depth of 55-65mm. Thick beams and logs can be handled by a 230mm disc (75-85mm).

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A selection of circular saws

Circular saw accessories

Not all saws come with guide rails and rip fence. But they can be purchased separately: there are accessories for specific models, there are universal options.

When choosing guides, pay attention to the following:

the possibility of setting angles;

clamps included.

Tilt angle adjustment

This function will allow you to make chamfers at an angle of 45 degrees. When choosing such circular saws, you need to pay attention to the adjustment method. it must be light and safe.

Additional parameters that will make the work of the circular saw more pleasant and faster:

the spindle lock will make it easier to replace the disc;

protection against accidental starting reduces the risk of injury;

maintaining the speed makes it possible to cut sections of material of different density at the same speed;

smooth start extends the life of the motor;

the spring-loaded casing opens the teeth of the rotating disc only when it comes into contact with the workpiece;

overload protection “reminds” you that it’s time to take a break;

the rubberized handle will slip less in the hand;

a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner will make the work process cleaner;

the presence of a parallel stop or guide bar will ensure a smooth cut;

the laser pointer can replace the stop and the tire;

the electrodynamic brake will stop the disc as soon as the trigger is released;

long power cord to save you from dragging carrying carriers and extension cords.

Circular saw safety precautions

When working with a power tool, do not neglect the general safety rules and labor protection.

Wear gloves. They will protect your hands from cuts and flying chips. It is better to purchase special non-cut gloves.

Protect your eyes. The eyes are also at risk when using a circular saw. fine dust or shavings can cause great discomfort.

Clean up the workplace. Correct option. connecting the tool to the vacuum cleaner. If you do not have such a connection to the circular, then we recommend removing sawdust and chips after each wash down. Accumulated piles can cause work-related injuries.

Watch the weather. During construction, you often have to work outside. do not turn on and leave the tool in the rain.

How to choose a circular saw?

The circular saw is used for cutting metal, plastic, soft and hard wood, plywood, OSB and chipboard. A circular saw will come in handy when building a house or summer cottage, when repairing and decorating interiors. Let’s figure out which circular saw is better to choose.

How to choose a circular saw?

The choice of any power tool should be based on the ratio of the tasks and the technical capabilities of the model.


“In our company, there are two Hyundai diesels on the balance sheet, both have been plowing at sites for the third year. All last summer one was turning a concrete mixer and a power tool, and the second worked practically only with welding. Paton VDI-160R (cooked with three electrodes). The one that is on the power tool is still working to this day. has already wound more than 2000 hours. We only changed the oil and cleaned the filter. We ditched the generator with starting welding currents (as they said at the service). In principle, nothing serious, they replaced the electronics (in 70 dollars), and works on. Therefore, when using a generator for welding, I advise you to take a station with a large power reserve “© Slava

How to correctly calculate the power of the generator



“According to the characteristics of the generator, its maximum permissible power is 3000 W. For the sake of experiment, I connected an electric winch with a capacity of 3500 W. The winch motor starts and runs for about a minute, after which an emergency overload of the station is triggered. Therefore, we can say that the KS electric generator has the declared characteristics at least correspond to reality. It seems that the Germans even provided some kind of power reserve, but most likely this should not be abused “© Nikolay



Household appliances inrush current table

“Last week I bought this station for my dacha. The characteristics say that its power is 3.2 kW. I connected a Sprut 2.2 kW pump to it, but he did not even start it. The question arises, why such a divorce? Why is he? I need one if I don’t even have water in the country “© Grigory

“Dear Gregory! In this generator, the power is 100% true, and the reason that it did not start your pump is the inrush currents that it has. On this basis, unfortunately, you miscalculated the power when choosing it, and also did not consult with us and did not tell us for what purposes you need a power plant. In this case, you need a power plant with a capacity of at least 5 kW “© Administrator

TOP 10 circular saws

A circular saw, or, more simply, a circular saw, is an absolutely indispensable device when working with wood, at a construction site or during repairs. She saws, she cuts, she cuts.

Circular machines are mandatory in every woodworking workshop, furniture or carpentry workshop. With their help, craftsmen “cut out” a rough workpiece. this is the most unpretentious purpose of a circular machine. A good quality unit is capable of not only such a primitive function. He should transform your workshop into a mini-mill for the production of furniture, windows, doors, flooring and other wood products.

  • Be productive and tough. Work for a long time, without failures, breakdowns and defects;
  • Meet the standards of safety and comfort at work;
  • Ensure rig stability and sawing accuracy.

Buyers also highly appreciate the unit, which has been tested in practice, and its quality fully corresponds to the price. The TOP-10 of the best circular machines included only such models. In addition, they have a reliable and stable manufacturer, so you shouldn’t worry about service and post-warranty repairs.

Circular machine Scheppach (Workzone) HS 100 WZ

The German company Shepach produces inexpensive circular saws with excellent power and the ability to run smoothly. Scheppach HS 100 WZ. the best circular for the house, used for sawing wood and plastic. The machine performs longitudinal and transverse cuts, cuts at an angle. It works accurately and efficiently, so it is actively used in carpentry and furniture workshops. It is easy to operate, compact, weighs only 24 kg. Equipment class. semi-professional. The manufacturer has installed a sufficiently powerful electric drive. It is single-phase, power 2 kW. The cut is made with a disc equipped with 48 teeth. And also comes another 65-tooth disc for a clean cut. The cutting blade is protected by a guard, which increases safety during work. The cutting head tilts at an angle of 45 degrees, right and left, which expands the capabilities of the machine. With a straight cut, the depth reaches 73 mm, with a cut at a 45 degree angle. 53 mm, depth adjustable. the cutting line is illuminated by a laser. Dimensions of the working table are 640×430 mm. The table is durable, metal, equipped with three extensions. on both sides and back, which increases its area. Dust and shavings are collected in a cloth bag. Installation on a four-legged stand stays stable on a level surface.

  • The electric motor can withstand long-term operation, since forced air cooling is involved;
  • The set includes a stool-type stand with metal legs, which allows you to install the machine directly on the floor;
  • Laser pointer accurately marks the line on the cut;
  • The saw head has the ability to tilt, the depth is adjustable;
  • The adjustable stop ensures the accuracy and quality of sawing;
  • Robust thick metal work table with reamers on three sides for machining large workpieces.