How can you replace your chainsaw oil

Chainsaw oil: how best to dilute, the optimal proportion

Many fishermen and summer residents use a chainsaw. It helps to quickly saw firewood for a fire, cut off excess branches, and so on. In order for the tool to work for a long time and without failure, preventive work must be carried out. It is very important that the chain is lubricated with the right oil, its performance will depend on this.

Varieties of oils

When deciding which chain oil to use, first of all, you need to be guided by the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. By far the best lubricating fluid is the original oil. If it is absent, you can use ordinary automotive lubricant.

Which oil to use for a chainsaw depends on its future operation, and the classification of the lubricant depends on its composition. It is divided into groups:

  • Synthetics.
  • Semisynthetics.
  • Mineral.

Synthetic brands are able to withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Semi-synthetic products work in an average temperature range (-30. 25 degrees). Sometimes manufacturers add special additives to its composition to improve the characteristics of a lubricating product. They change the properties of the oil, making it possible to select the lubricant for the future operating conditions.

Oil consumption occurs depending on the engine type of the tool. In a four-stroke engine, the combustion chamber has a special design. Therefore, no traces of soot remain in it. To achieve a similar effect in a two-stroke engine, you have to fill in a special oil. It is very important that the fuel matches the lubricating fluid.

What brand of gasoline can be poured into chainsaws

  • “Husqvarna”.
  • “Partner”.
  • “Makita”.
  • “Echo”.
  • “STIHL”.

For any model, AI-92 gasoline is considered the most suitable.

I must say that the quality of domestic gasoline is very low, so chainsaws often break.

You can, of course, pour pure AI-95 gasoline.

However, there is a danger of burning the piston system.

To get out of this situation, the owners of chainsaws mix AI-92 and AI-95.

If you are the owner of Russian instruments “Friendship” or “Ural”, the AI-80 will be the optimal fuel. ABOUT

It is very important to keep track of your fuel consumption. It should be minimal.

Helpful hints

To ensure long-term operation of the STIHL chainsaw, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • The fuel must always be fresh. You can not fill in gasoline from a canister that has stood for more than a month.
  • It is strictly forbidden to add lubricants intended for four-stroke engines to STIHL. The combustion of the oil will be incomplete. Carbon deposits will begin to form, the piston group will quickly fail.
  • For a two-stroke engine in which the combustion of the lubricant must be complete, the manufacturer recommends the use of synthetic products. They form a minimum amount of combustion products.
  • When the mixture is diluted, it is desirable to increase the volume of the oil. However, this must be done carefully. Enough 5 g per liter of gasoline. If more is added, carbon deposits may form. Less fluid volume, even 5 g, can cause overheating of the piston system.
  • It is forbidden to pour a mixture prepared more than a month ago.
  • Do not use lubricants for mopeds. They are designed for very low RPM.
  • When the seasonal work is finished, the mixture must be drained or completely consumed. This is done to prevent wear on the seals.
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Important proportions

For a two-stroke engine, fuel is usually purchased separately. It must be diluted separately with grease, keeping the proportion at the rate of 1:50. This electric saw does not have an oil pump, which is why it is strictly forbidden to use clean fuel! In what proportions to dilute gasoline with oil, as well as the brand of liquid, is indicated by the manufacturer in the technical description.

Lubricants are suitable for domestic chainsaws:

  • M8-B.
  • M-12TPU.
  • M8-B.
  • TP.
  • MGD-14M.

It is also allowed to use foreign products with similar characteristics.

100 g of oil must be mixed with 2.5 liters of AI-80.

Chainsaws of foreign production differ from Russian ones in the minimum consumption of gasoline. They have a fairly large fuel resource. For them, special foreign liquids are selected. The ratio is set within:

To mix the components, the following equipment must be prepared in advance:

  • Syringe.
  • Measuring bottle.
  • Capacity.
  • Dispenser.
  • Leica.

How to refuel the STIHL chainsaw

In the technical passport of the tool, the manufacturer indicates how much fuel and lubricant should be used. According to the manufacturer, AI-95 gasoline is the best fuel for a STIHL chainsaw.

However, in order to obtain the required octane number, various additives are added to domestic gasoline. As a result, its quality decreases. Therefore, AI-92 gasoline is used as fuel for the STIHL saw.

The type of oil depends on the engine power. For a two-stroke engine, the original STIHL fluid is considered the best. It can be of two types:

  • Mineral water, red.
  • Synthetics, has a greenish tint.

What gasoline to pour into the chainsaw is indicated by the equipment manufacturer. Usually a mixture is prepared in a ratio of 1:50. In other words, one liter of gasoline requires 50 g of oil.

Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To increase the life of the sprocket, as well as reduce the frictional force, the manufacturer installs a needle bearing. For its periodic lubrication, STIHL chainsaw oil is used.

Adjustment of oil density to external temperature factors

The performance of the grease decreases during its operation at the time the ambient temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius and below. Also, at low temperatures, the pump, which is responsible for the oil supply, does not work correctly. The solution to this problem is often mixing the thickened composition with kerosene. Such an additive provides the required density of the substance, but it is still recommended to reduce the load applied. If the ambient temperature is too low, it is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of the lubrication of the main elements. This recommendation can also be attributed to the fact that the liquid in the wood begins to freeze, increasing the hardness and reducing the degree of workability. Too high a load causes rapid wear and an increase in viscosity makes the engine more difficult to operate. That is why many manufacturers indicate in what conditions a chainsaw can be used.

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Versatility problems

A general purpose chain saw oil has a relatively unattractive performance. It should be borne in mind that even manufacturers of lubricants do not indicate their 100% versatility.

The wrong choice leads to the fact that the wear of the structure increases by about 10% and the working life of the saw set is reduced.

How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

The above information indicates that there are no universal oil options. That is why, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the operational properties, in particular, the temperature regime.

replace, your, chainsaw

Performance properties

In the production of branded and standard oils, standards related to viscosity or density, as well as the concentration of impurities, are taken into account. Among the features, we note the following points:

  • Organic and mineral compositions practically do not differ in their performance. This is due to the fact that grease flies off the tire surface rather quickly. It is not worth overpaying significantly for the purchase of expensive lubricants, since the difference is insignificant.
  • The protective properties of mineral compounds are significantly higher than those of natural ones. That is why it is recommended to use such oils for one-time work.
  • If there are only a few days between works, then it is recommended to use organic compounds. They are much cheaper than mineral ones, while they are characterized by high efficiency in application.

If this is the first time you are using the lubricant, you should hold the saw at medium speed for a few minutes and check if it is suitable for your particular model. Such oils are also characterized by the temperature at which they can maintain their performance.

Another fundamental indicator of lubrication is density: if the composition is watery, it will be consumed in greater quantities. So that when using a chainsaw, the environment is not harmed, it is essential to use vegetable-based oil. its waste will decay in the natural environment.

What kind of chainsaw oil to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a wide range of options? Among the specialized manufacturers, one can note such brands as Divinol, Bio-Kettenol, Ravenol, VegOil, Mobil, Castrol, Shell. Sharpening a chainsaw chain is, perhaps, no more difficult than sharpening other cutting tools, but subject to the availability of special devices for it. Let’s see the features of their products in more detail.

Chainsaw chain oil

Chain oil

In order not to be unfounded total. the saw itself

in the Russian manual, of course, not a word about the viscosity of the oil for the chain, but in English it is clear and not ambiguous

and in winter dilute 20: 1 with gasoline or kerosene

The remnants of 5W-30 Delo 400 LE are gone with a bang, now they are quietly eating 14W-40 Delo 400 LE for the cultivator. But here’s the gasoline for the grass trimmer and for the chainsaw I breed 30: 1 instead of 40: 1. diluted 40: 1 for some reason the crankshaft welled up immediately, now the third year is 30: 1. everything works like a clock

So all these branded chain oils are sold where they should be.

replace, your, chainsaw

Variants for STIHL and Husqvarna

The same is with Husqvarna, for a liter of the cheapest oil you will have to pay 450-600 rubles, for example, biologically pure Husqvarna Bio Advanced costs 460 rubles.

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Both companies claim their oils are environmentally friendly and will extend the life of the saw chain and guide bar. About the first. it’s true, in Europe they are worried about the environment, about the second. it is unknown, there is no scientific evidence, some chains on the cheaper Oregon last longer.

The ideal replacement for these products would be a special chain oil from lesser known brands. Let’s consider the possible options:

  • Caliber, 180 rubles per liter. the cheapest with good viscosity indicators, by the way, this is the only brand that shows this very indicator, there are no fakes.
  • Oregon, 300 rubles per liter. a well-known brand, they make high-quality tires and chains, reasonable price, quality at the level of STIHL, Husqvarna, Makita.
  • Carver, 200 rubles per liter. cheap, well-known company, they make chainsaws, good quality, low consumption, due to good adhesion rates.

In more detail about which chain oil to use, we considered in this article.

Filling a STIHL chainsaw with fuel and chain oil

For clarity, we will give a comparative table in which we have brought together the most popular oils, carried out a characterization and gave an assessment. The worst options are highlighted in red, the best options are highlighted in green.

What can be replaced?

Can be replaced with any oils with good adhesion. But, there is a small snag, it turns out, with good adhesion. only oils for chainsaws and electric saws are on sale, there are no others. Therefore, we will choose from what is.

What categorically cannot be used?

Working off. waste oil, not immediately, but over time will kill both the chain with the tire and the oil pump of the chainsaw chain lubrication system itself. Why? Yes, because it contains dirt, small pieces of metal (from wear of the CPG), and the properties of oil, as such, have already been exhausted.

The dirt contained in the mining will gradually clog the oil pump channel and eventually disable it. It will be necessary, at best, to flush the oil pump of the chainsaw, at worst. to change it completely. And this is expensive. Then pour in any clean oil you have in your garage.

It is also not recommended to use any liquid oils. these are usually hydraulic.

Poor adhesion oil adheres very poorly to the chain

Do not use automotive oil that is designed for an internal combustion engine, it is very thin and hardly sticks to the chain. Better at least the transmission, it is at least thicker and will hold on to the chain better.

Do not pour anything that came to hand into the lubrication system, if it happens 1-2 times, in the case when you urgently need to work, but there is no oil, then it’s okay. But with constant use, in the long run, this savings will come out sideways. more often you will have to sharpen the chain, change the tire earlier, and it is possible to repair the oil pump soon.