How much oil to dilute for grass trimmer. Choice of gasoline for trimmers

Gasoline to oil ratio for grass trimmer table. The first run-in of the lawnmower

Hello! I bought a Prorab 8406 1 grass trimmer. How to dilute petrol with oil correctly and in what proportion? I couldn’t find original Prorab oil, so I bought Hungsvarna HP. In the manual to the trimmer it is written from the third party oils it is possible to use SAE MIF\4, API TC-TB oils. In the case of using a different brand of oil the proportion of the fuel mixture does not change. Standard mix ratio 1:25. But in the specialized store “specialist” who sold me the oil Hungsvarna HP strongly advised to dilute the oil in 1:50 (as written on the oil). The actual question: if the manual says dilute oil to 1:25, but the oil is recommended 1:50, then in what proportion dilute? And 1:25 is how much? 40 ml? I won’t get a screwed up engine if I start it at 1:50? 2. How to Properly Run-in the Engine? There is nothing in the manual other than starting and shutting down. Maybe you don’t need a running-in period? I read that there are trimmers for grass that can work immediately after purchase.

Do I have to grease the gearbox before working or is there factory grease already in it?? Hope for your help, thanks!

1) Gasoline is ALWAYS diluted with oil in the proportion indicated on the oil can! With 2 stroke products (gasoline trimmers, chain saws, etc.) you can use any oil except the manual.) you can use any oil for two-stroke engines, except for boat two-stroke engines. It is advisable to use oil from a normal store where you are unlikely to buy fake oil. Better to use Husqvarna or STIHL oil. STIHL oil must have a sealed cap. Beware of counterfeit products. You risk ruining the piston immediately. 2) Running-in of two-stroke products is not done! REMEMBER THAT, PLEASE! All two-stroke products are high-speed and like to run exclusively at full throttle! No half throttle is permissible! This leads to incomplete exhaust and clogs the walls of the piston with oil deposits. Piston scoring as a consequence. So full throttle and every 25-30 seconds do a 1-2 second throttle dump to give the product a break and return to normal temperature. 3) Gearboxes on direct-shaft brushcutters must be relubricated every 20 hours. Oil flows out naturally during operation. This is done so that dirt, dust, etc. can escape with the lubricant. д. So if you do not want to get caught in the replacement of the gearbox. score a special gear lubricant every 20 hours. It is not complicated and the whole process takes no more than 3 minutes. The tubes with grease are sold in every store with garden equipment and cost from 100 to 300. 1 tube lasts 3 years- The concept of running in of the tool is reduced to work with incomplete load during the first two or three tanks of fuel. For example, when mowing thin, low grass or when sawing dry, medium-sized timber. Never run the machine through several tanks of fuel while it is idle. The engine is not designed for long periods of use, so it is recommended that you change the oil level in the cylinder windows, piston and muffler to achieve an optimum service life.

trimmer for grass, or lawnmower. a tool, without which you can not do in the household. At the same time its reliability, efficiency and long service life depend on many factors.

For example, fuel quality. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the grass trimmer, observe the proportions when adding it to gasoline and the rules of refueling the device.

Oil requirements

The mix of petrol and oil you choose for your brushcutter must comply with the prescribed specifications. It is important to note that domestic producers often label their products slightly differently from the American or Japanese classifications. Russian producers of lubricants, as a rule, put the 2T marking on all oils designed for two-stroke engines. It is not uncommon to find oil cans marked “self mix” or “pre mix” on the store shelves. In the first case this means that the oil does not need any further manipulation, you just fill the containers with petrol and oil, and the mixing is done without any human intervention. In the second case, respectively, the mixture should be shaken or agitated to bring it to the right consistency.

As you can see, the existence of different classifications of lubricants suggests that the use of oils in two-stroke engines is necessary. The reason for this is that a fuel mixture without a lubricant will quickly break down the engine, which will not be lubricated properly. Gasoline and oil form the necessary environment that reduces detonation, removes excess waste (waste products from gasoline combustion) and protects the inside of the engine from wear and tear.

It is important to keep in mind that using the wrong oil can cause the engine to break down or clog. Of course, it can be repaired, but in order to prevent possible damage and to minimize its probability it would be better to study the instruction manual, get the volume of the two-stroke engine installed on the brushcutter and use only gasoline and oil that would suit this model in all its parameters.

Quite often, in the recommendations section (and sometimes on the label), the manufacturer indicates the partner companies whose gasoline and oil he recommends filling their models. often than not, the fuel and lubricant recommended by the manufacturer will work best for the grass trimmer.

First of all, you should immediately exclude all oils of unknown (garage, basement) origin from the list of actively used lubricants. Usually it is not easy to dilute such oils because of the unclear base, composition. As a rule, labels of unbranded producers do not contain much information, covering only general information, without specifying. It is strongly not recommended to dilute and dilute such oils as AC-10 and ACZp-10. The origin of these lubricants is usually very vague, it is better to give preference to proven brands that thousands of people across the country use every day.

A distinctive feature of all oils for two-stroke engines is the fact that manufacturers paint them in a color that contrasts with gasoline. The fluid is translucent and viscous, slightly yellowish without being thick. There are usually three colors involved. red, green and blue.

much, dilute, grass, trimmer

Do not forget that the color scheme has no effect on the classification (as is often the case with antifreeze).

Under no circumstances should you use oils from a line not designed for the grass trimmer. This can have an extremely negative impact on the operation of the power unit, lead to increased fuel consumption, soot on the plugs and a number of other problems that will have to be identified and eliminated. It should be noted that if the fact of using oil that is not included in the tolerance is established, the seller has every right to withdraw the machine from warranty. This means that the replacement of defective parts will have to be at their own expense, and no exceptions will not help here.

If you purchased a liquid does not have the qualities declared (eg, too liquid), not on any account should not mix it with gasoline. The best thing to do is to return the oil to the store, explaining the reason for the return.

Huter GGT-1500TX

Warranty and service official warranty in the service center

Grass trimmer Huter GGT-1500TX belongs to a class of gasoline trimmers, optimally designed to work on lawns and gardens. The GGT-1500TX is equipped with a two-stroke engine, which considerably extends the capabilities of the machine; for example, it does not tie the brushcutter to a power supply, as is usual with electric-driven trimmers. In this regard, the described model can be used for processing large territories, as the main factors in this case will be the availability of sufficient fuel and the optimal technical condition of the device.

Power Huter GGT-1500TX is 1.5 kW, which, along with the features of the cutting tool (line for trimmer / knife) refers it to the semi-professional class of such devices. That’s why the model can be used not only in country houses and villas, but also in small farms. GGT-1500TX perfectly copes with grass mowing and pruning areas with small bushes. Grass trimmer weighs 6.78 kg, which makes transportation relatively easy, even in a standard car.

Advantages of Huter GGT-1500TX

  • Gasoline two-stroke engine makes the model more autonomous than an electric brushcutter.
  • The engine is powerful and reliable enough for the task. It is also equipped with an anti-vibration system and is easy to start.
  • The grass trimmer has a translucent fuel tank for easy filling and level monitoring.
  • Comfortable and reliable trimmer control system on the ergonomic handle.
  • The 1500TX boom has a detachable mechanism for easy and convenient transport.
  • the grass trimmer is easy to disassemble and assemble, but in the assembled state it is notable for the reliability of all units and fasteners.
  • The model comes with a handy backpack strap, goggles to protect the eyes while working and a 40 TP.

Operate comfortably and safely

Of course, the operator must follow all recommendations and safety requirements, observe the rules of operation of the grass trimmer. But beyond that, the manufacturer has taken a number of measures with regard to the design of the device to increase the level of safety when working with the brushcutter. These include, in particular, the presence of:

  • safety guard to prevent bouncing rocks and debris from hitting the user,
  • a trigger that locks the throttle to prevent the operator from accidentally pulling the trigger and starting the rotation
  • of the cutting tool when the engine is running,
  • Anti-vibration system to prevent the Grass Trimmer from harmful vibrations to your hands and other parts of your body.

Features of Huter GGT-1500TX operation

Grass trimmer operation is not very difficult, and after carefully studying the instructions and assembling the obtained product, you can proceed to prepare the grass trimmer for work. Let’s consider briefly how to assemble correctly Huter GGT-1500TX and prepare it for operation. At the initial stage, install the control handles using the special wrench included in the delivery. When connecting the elements, always make sure that everything is done securely. Now we can move on to the next step: linking the shaft to the motor. Mounting is done using the standard bolt set. Once the boom and motor are connected, the blade guard and cutting elements can be installed. Read more about the step by step assembly of the grass trimmer in the User Manual.

After the grass trimmer is assembled, you are now ready to start working on your lawn. Preparing for operation begins with preparing the fuel mixture. At this stage, follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations on the brands and quality of fuel mixture components, as well as accurately follow the methodology of fuel mixture preparation, which, in fact, is not very difficult.

Since the Huter GGT-1500TX is equipped with a two-stroke air-cooled engine, then to prepare the fuel mixture you need high-quality oil, which is produced specifically for this type of engines. This oil is classified as API TV/API TS, JASO FB/JASO FC. It is recommended to fill the oil, which produces itself Huter labeled Huter 2T. The second ingredient of the blend must be gasoline of high quality with an octane rating of at least 92. It is strictly forbidden to use oils in the fuel mixture that are produced for water-cooled engines. Fuel mixture is prepared in a 1:40 ratio (1. oil, 40. gasoline) or according to the recommendations of the oil manufacturer.

much, dilute, grass, trimmer

Use a special measuring container for the process of preparing the mixture. The amount of mixture should be for one cycle only, so that there will be no residual fuel mixture in the tank after work is completed (do not leave it in the tank until the next work cycle). Also never use the tank itself for preparing the fuel mixture and do not perform operations with fuel mixture components near a fire place and do not smoke during fuel preparation.

After the correctly composed fuel mixture is poured into the tank, you can proceed to the direct preparation of the grass trimmer for work. To do this, the user must first put on the backpack-type belt and secure it securely, but conveniently for himself. After that, using a special carabiner, the grass trimmer is attached to the belt and adjusted as necessary. For details on preparing the grass trimmer for operation, see the Owner’s Manual.

How to dilute petrol with oil for grass trimmer. step-by-step instructions

Mixing of the fuel composition is carried out taking into account special proportions.

If the fuel mix is diluted with not enough lubricant, the lawnmower will wear out quickly

The optimum oil to gasoline ratio can be found in the trimmer manual. As a rule, it is equal to 1:50, 1:40 or 1:25.

Dilute gasoline with the lubricant component will have to be first in a suitable container: doing it immediately in the fuel tank is prohibited. If you ignore this rule, the work of the motor can be inconsistent, due to which the tool will quickly fail. To dilute the fuel mixture, you should not use plastic canisters or bottles, because gasoline is able to dissolve this synthetic material. The order of mixing the fuel:

  • Pour a liter of gasoline into a container (optimally a metal canister).
  • Add half of the required proportion of oil.
  • Mix the liquids thoroughly, away from open flames.
  • Pour the rest of the lubricant into the container and stir the mixture again.
  • Pour the fuel into the fuel tank of the weed trimmer.

Work with a respirator and rubber gloves. For ease of pouring you can use a watering can. Do not keep the ready mixture longer than 3 months, it is better to dilute exactly as much fuel as you need for the planned work in the nearest future. Always choose an oil of good quality to mix with petrol, buy it at a reliable gas station.

Oil and fuel proportions

Calculate the ratio of ingredients for preparing fuel for your grass trimmer according to the recommendations on the oil package. The standard ratio is 1:50. You can use any quality two-stroke motor oil.

Oil for brushcutters. how to choose, in what proportions to dilute

Many of you have in the household gasoline tool, for example, in a private home can not do without a chainsaw. You know, making firewood for the winter, comes in handy on the construction and repair, and in general, it’s a very useful tool. If your country house also has a decent-sized plot, then the struggle with the grass just need a trimmer for grass or lawn mower, which also run on gasoline.

Of course, you can buy them electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to mow areas overgrown with grass up to the knee. That’s why most people prefer to work with petrol-powered tools. As you know, you need to add to gasoline a special oil for two-stroke engines. This is what we are going to talk about, because this is a very important aspect, if you don’t add oil or add it in the wrong proportions, your engine will “crack” very quickly and your way will be to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, it is best to use high-quality oil in the right proportions.

Buying Used Equipment Tip (Homelite gas trimmers)

The most popular for chainsaws, brushcutters and trimmers are products of the famous company STIHL. It comes in two packages. 1 liter and 100 ml. For those who work a lot the 1 liter bottle is perfect, but a small bottle is enough for “one cut”. A 1 liter container costs 250 and a 10 ml container costs 60. If you take the big one, the savings are obvious.

Add oil to petrol in the ratio of 1:50, so you need 100 ml for 5 liters of petrol. As you see, a small bottle is perfect for making 5 liters of petrol mix for your chain saw or weed trimmer. The large bottle has special markings on the side so you can tell how much oil you have poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, buy a 20 ml syringe at the drugstore as well. Very convenient. 1 syringe of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

Specialists advise to use brand oil for your equipment, it is ideal because it is designed and tested specifically for STIHL tools. Note that Stihl has its own brands, such as VIKING (popular models of gasoline trimmers). Also use Stihl oil for them, and there will be no problems at all.

If you have put more gasoline mixture than you can use, it is better to store the rest in a metal canister or glass container. Never store the mix in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you use up the leftovers in a couple of days, you can pour the rest of the mixture into a plastic container, but if the mixture will be stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glass container. The reason is that the fuel-oil mix corrodes the plastic bottle and deposits microscopic plastic particles in the mix are very bad for the engine. Keep it in mind, if you want your tool to work for a long time without problems.

The second most popular oil brand is the well-known Hoeksvarna. Of course, if you put it this way, more people use STIHL chain saws, at least all my friends and their friends only use them in their work.

However, there are those who cherish Husqvarna tools and I understand them, because I personally do not see much difference between Husqvarna and Stihl, both tools are of very high quality. But I have seen happy owners of Husqvarna chainsaws. they say they are great. I haven’t cut my own saws, but I always listen to what people have to say. So if you have a Husqvarna chain saw, it is better to use a special brand oil for it. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline with Stihl. But if the manufacturer recommends to use only its products, then we do so.

You can find it on sale in one liter containers. Black stylish bottle, the same markings on the side, as in Stihl (to know how much oil has been poured from the bottle). Seems to me, absolutely identical quality. It’s 270, a little more expensive.

Both are quality oil, the cost is about the same, and each is diluted in the proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy any oil, of course, better to buy the oil of that brand which you have a tool. then everything will be perfect, just like the manufacturer advises. Have a nice sawing, mowing and let your power tool run for a long time without breakage.

Features refueling brushcutter

In order for the mixture to distribute properly in the fuel system of the device, you need to follow a simple instruction. How to fill a petrol grass trimmer correctly:

  • Put the brushcutter on a horizontal surface so that the neck of the tank is on top and pour in the required amount of mixture;
  • Don’t pour too much into your grass trimmer. keep an eye on how much fuel is at the top mark;
  • Do not spill fuel on the ground or on the body of the tool;
  • Before starting the engine, keep a safe distance from the fuel tank;
  • If there is old fuel in the tank, empty the tank completely before refueling.

Fueling your power tool with a two-stroke engine

To refuel gasoline trimmers of this type, you must follow the instructions already described. Check the oil ratio and do not spill oil on the housing. Make sure the fuel tank is not overfilled as this would make the engine unstable.

Fueling a brushcutter with a four-stroke engine

The main difference is that grass trimmers with this type of engine are not filled with oil. You need to fill separately with Ai-92 and engine oil. Before you start the engine, start the engine and have a safe distance to the fuel tank.

How to choose the right oil

Depending on the chemical composition of the engine oil, there are different types of oil:

  • mineral. made from petroleum distillates and designed for low-power air-cooled machinery;
  • Semi-synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T and air and liquid cooling;
  • Synthetic. based on esters and can be used in heavy-duty equipment and in harsh climates.

Important! 2T and 4T oils differ in their ability to dissolve, burn and evaporate. In order to distinguish the liquid lubricant from gasoline, it is colored in different colors: blue, green, red.

much, dilute, grass, trimmer

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater String trimmer. Easy 2 Cycle Oil Gas Mix!

Depending on the API classification, the following groups of oils for trimmer motors can be distinguished:

  • TA. for low-power machinery with engine displacement up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV. for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and air cooling system;
  • TC. for powerful two-stroke equipment (brushcutters, chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc.) with engine capacity 50-200.) with engine capacity of 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for liquid cooled boat engines.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for the grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations listed in the instruction manual. API-TV and API-TC class oils are usually used for 2T brushcutter engines.

Also for your information! To choose the optimal oil for a certain trimmer model, it’s better to follow the recommendations given in the manual.

The leading companies that make gardening equipment develop and produce their own oils for their machines. Such lubricants best meet all the technical and performance specifications of specific trimmer series. For example, the STIHL FS 5 brushcutter is best supplied with STIHL HP or STIHL HP SUPER oil, and the Husqvarna 143R is best supplied with Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil. But for the Patriot brand, even the regular mineral oil M-8B will do.

How to Dilute Gasoline and Grass Trimmer Oil

Dilute gasoline for grass trimmer must be in the correct proportion. Insufficient oil can lead to poor lubrication of lawnmower elements, which contributes to rapid wear. If the oil is more than enough, the pistons and spark plugs will get soiled. Carbon deposits on moving engine parts obstruct proper operation and lead to early engine damage.

To find out what ratio is required for a particular model of grass trimmer, see the included instructions. 2-stroke petrol lawnmower engines are mostly operated with a 50:1 fuel mix, 50 parts petrol and 1 part oil. That is, you should add 20 ml of oil to 1 liter of gasoline. The table helps you choose the correct ratio.

To measure the proportions correctly, use measuring containers with a milliliter scale. For these purposes perfectly suits a special canister with double neck, it is designed for mixing and storing oil and gasoline. For example, oil can be drawn with a syringe without a needle. Before mixing liquids, make sure that the container for the finished fuel mixture is free of water, dust and particles of dirt.

Do not mix gasoline and lubricant directly in the fuel tank. the oil and gasoline ratios should be exactly the same. If you ignore this rule, the operation of the grass trimmer engine can be unstable, causing it to fail quickly.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline tends to dissolve plastic, which means that some of the plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to carburetor failure. Although there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

  • gasoline;
  • oil suitable for two-stroke engines with air cooling system;
  • A canister, preferably a metal one;
  • A mixing tank, also better a metal one;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about fire safety rules, because gasoline and motor oil are easily flammable:

  • It is better to work outdoors to avoid the accumulation of gasoline fumes in the room;
  • Do not smoke or create situations which may cause a spark.

Make a mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into a container, add half of the required oil portion. Stir thoroughly, do it very carefully away from sources of open flame.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the gasoline for the grass trimmer and mix thoroughly again. Fuel can now be poured into the fuel tank of the grass trimmer.

The mixture can be stored for up to three months, so it is better to dilute the petrol to an amount sufficient for several uses.

For dilution you can use only quality oil, and it is recommended to buy it only from proven stores, such as specialized hypermarkets.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

To measure the amount of oil in milliliters, use a medical syringe of a larger volume, which is inexpensive and can be purchased at any drugstore. Or use any measuring jug with graduations.

Our calculator can help you calculate the right proportion of petrol for any power tool e.g.: boat motor, chainsaw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words you can independently and for free calculate the correct ratio of gasoline to oil for two-stroke engines. Instructions for mixing in the photo below.

Important: Before you start the calculation read the instruction manual of the tool, especially the paragraphs: fuel capacities, fuel mix ratio. This data is the input for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, the result can be printed out on a printer by clicking on the “Print” icon. We welcome your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback on our service.

take into account that gasoline power tools have a run-in period and have a different gasoline/oil ratio than recommended.