How to cut a plank under 45 degrees

In order to properly cut the architrave you will need a joiner’s plane or protractor from school, a pencil and a hacksaw. The complexity is in the trimming under 45 degrees, at a right angle even a housewife can trim a door trimmer. The difficulty is the laminated film or veneer on the front side, as it does not need a mind to damage it.

First we advise to make sure that the box is level, if there is no exact vertical alignment, then there are difficulties. Check the accuracy of installation boxes home-brew plumb line. tie a nail to a string and check the vertical. Let’s assume everything is OK.

How to properly cut the hands of the outer and inner corners of the ceiling plinth, how to make the angle with and without a pitchfork, photo and

How to cut the corner of the ceiling plinth correctly the first time?

Ceiling skirting is designed to cover up ceiling and wall borders defects, and also to complete the interior with aesthetic finish. The second name of a ceiling plinth is a fillet. Usually it is glued with glue, or with other materials to the junction of the ceiling and walls.

Ceiling plinth is an essential element of interior design

Some baseboards are sold complete with fitting in the form of corners, made of the same material as the fillet itself. These corners come in both exterior and interior.

If, however, it was decided to abandon the use of such corners and join the two adjacent strips directly on the corner, then the greatest difficulty will be the correct cut corner ceiling plinth.

It is not so easy to perfectly evenly join the corners of the ceiling plinth!

In this article, we will consider different ways to cut the corner of the ceiling plinth: with and without the use of a jigsaw.

Cutting methods

The product is installed along the perimeter of a rectangular room. Cut to finish right angles. Therefore, we will consider how to cut the baseboard at 45 degrees.

Cutting with the Jigsaw

What is a power tool? This is a special tray made of wood, aluminum or plastic with grooves provided to guide the saw at the desired angle.

Here is a brief instruction on how to use such a carpentry tool:

  • Preparing. We take the product and put it in a tray. Align to the position in which it will be installed on the ceiling.
  • Cutting. With the other hand we put the cutting tool into the groove. It can be a knife or a hacksaw. And bravely cut. The tool will not let you miss the intended place.

Be aware: the metal blade is also suitable for cutting Styrofoam.

  • Finishing at. The wood baseboard may need to be additionally trimmed with a file to even out the cut edges. Plastic or styrofoam can be corrected with a knife, as long as it is sharp enough.

Tip: When cutting, do not put pressure on the product. Styrofoam can crumble and the wood can split.

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Here’s how easy and simple to use a wire cutter

Cutting without a chisel

If you do not have such a tool, and you are not going to buy it for one-time use, you can use the following ways how to cut the baseboard at 45 degrees.

  • The first way is to make this simple carpentry tool yourself. To do this, knock down the most common tray of wood. Then we measure the slots with a protractor or a school angle. Cut the slots and we have a rudimentary appliance.
  • The second way. How to cut a skirting board at an angle is even easier. It is particularly painless to apply it in cases where the corners of the room are not even.

We do not need a tray. Two boards knocked down under 90 degrees and a stencil from cardboard with a drawn line for orientation are enough.

The future joints are marked directly on the product, on the wall and on the ceiling. We put the skirting boards the way we are going to install, and we cut them along the marked lines.

The simplest way without the use of special devices

Remember: when cutting, hold the tool strictly vertically to get a right angle.

Ways to cut a platband at 45 degrees without resorting to the use of a jigsaw

The simplest way is to use an ordinary protractor, which can be found in every home inhabited by school-age children. It is not too difficult to make a marking with it.

Important: The kerf is also important. To avoid gaps, it is recommended to use a hacksaw for metal instead of wood. Yes, this method requires more time, but the cut will be much more accurate and even.

When the marking using protractor is done, you need to put the platband on the horizontal surface so that the front side is at the top. It is recommended to make the cut across the entire plane of the casing.

If you do not have any stationery nearby, you can use an ordinary tile, with which you can draw a 90-degree angle. Dividing it into 2 halves, we get a template for a 45-degree angle, which can be used for marking instead of the jigsaw.

If you have a ruler. the task is simplified several times. You just need to take a sheet of A4 and draw a square, and then bisect the corners. To make it more convenient, you can take a small plank and attach it to one of the corners, which will fix the construction. And then you need to put a platband and start sawing.

Using a prefabricated jigsaw

The most common tool is a U-shaped profile, which has slots on the sides, allowing you to make cuts at angles of 45, 60 and 90 degrees, respectively, using a hacksaw. It’s enough to use it once and you will never have a question how to saw at an angle of 45 degrees again. There are also more complicated chainsaws that make it possible to set the angle required for cutting, as well as set the hacksaw blade in the best position with the help of a swiveling structure. The best option for the novice repairer would be to buy a ready-made tool in any construction store. The chair can be made of wood, plastic or metal. But it can also be made by yourself from improvised material, any boards or plywood, about 20 millimeters thick.

Outer corners

It happens that the room is not only internal but also external corners, which also need to be covered with skirting (see. photo). How to do it? There are also several ways to. The easiest way, as with inside corners, is to cut them with a jig saw. Outside joints should be cut so that the side that will be glued to the ceiling is on the surface of the jigsaw, and the side pressed against the wall faces the wall of the device.

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As with the inside corners, you can also use the markings in place, that is, draw a scythe line on the ceiling. Here the technique is exactly the same as for the inner corners.

You can use the marking on the wall by enclosing the workpiece and drawing the fishing line along its lower edge (see “The wall”). photo).

If the outer corner turns out to be too rounded, you can refine the joint with a knife.

plank, degrees

Trimming the ceiling plinth. Outside and inside corners

To the point where they come together, a fishing line is drawn right along the future part of the connection. From the point that is on the ceiling to the second. The resulting marking will be the line on which to saw off or cut off the connecting parts. Using these techniques, you can no longer wonder how to cut the corners of the ceiling plinth.

How to connect to the door trim

How to make the corner on the baseboard neat you know, but that’s not all. In the room, most often there are doors. They, by the way, should be installed before fixing the skirting boards. So, still need to properly join the skirting boards with the platbands on the door. If you just cut evenly, it turns out rough. For plastic there are plugs. not the most elegant way, but quite acceptable. Wooden ones can also be trimmed by cutting the face obliquely. Also not too shabby, but it’s something. And what to do with baseboards Wood-fiber board, because their saw cut is unpresentable? There is a way to make a beautiful connection to the jambs. You will need to make two 45-degree cuts (see “The Wooden Face”). photo below).

How to properly design the joint between the skirting board and the door jamb

If the edge is not straight, first cut it strictly perpendicular. In relation to the aligned edge we make a 45-degree cut. We will need the small piece we cut off to make the fit. We do the second cut under 90 degrees concerning the first, but if to lower a perpendicular from a corner, too 45° turns out.

How to make accurate adjacency to a door jamb

Now we take the first piece we cut off and put it on the long side of the cut we just made. It turns out a beautiful rounded cut. If there are any chamfers or notches on the skirting board, they match perfectly. In the case of wood grain, you can not be sure of the alignment of the lines. All the same, such a joint of the skirting board and the door trim, much more aesthetically.

Trim. the applied frame, which is inherent in the opening of the door or window. It is a decorative detail made in the form of shaped slats. There are also carved platbands, their difference is that they are made of wood and are often decorated with abundant carvings. The role of the frame is not only decorative, it allows to slightly exclude such unwanted blowing in the area of the gap between the wall and window or door frame, by overlapping.

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Many have faced the situation when it is necessary to install this or that detail, and appropriate measuring tools are banally absent at hand. This situation is especially unpleasant during the holiday season. It is not necessary to frantically start looking for a working stores, you can use improvised means.

How To Cut a Bevel Greater Than 45 Degrees | Easy Jig with a Free Plan

Cutting with a power wire

The use of a power saw is justified if the room has relatively even corners and walls. For proper cutting of a corner, the piece where the cut is supposed to be made is placed in the jig, and the saw is inserted into the guides of the tool. While the workpiece remains stationary, it is possible to cut at the required angle.

In order for the cutting of the corner trim to be effective, it must be in tight contact with both surfaces at the same time. It is possible, if it is tightly pressed to a wall of the tool by a part closer to the working.

Suppose you need to cut an angle of 45 degrees. First of all, the baguette must be correctly positioned in the chair.

  • After determining the direction in which the cut will be made, cut the corner;
  • Put the cut out sections together, you will get two corners: the outer and inner;
  • Having put a wire cutter to the ceiling, we check how even the cuts are. If necessary, you can touch up some things with a knife or use a putty knife.

To saw a log lengthwise, the following sequence of actions must be followed:

  • Take two straight boards and attach one to the other at right angles. The result will be a sturdy leading ruler.
  • To support the made ruler, you need to make stops from planks.
  • Moving the trunks should be done using a turner.
  • The log should be placed on a comfortable base.
  • A frame must be attached to the chainsaw bar using nuts.
  • It is necessary to fasten the leading ruler to the ends of the log, having checked the level of the position.
  • Self-tapping screws must be used to secure all brackets and components. Nails are not suitable for this purpose, as they are difficult to remove later without causing damage to structural parts.
  • The master ruler must be clamped to the supports, and its height must be adjusted so that the kerf goes not along it, but about one centimeter higher.
  • The log must be turned and the second board must be secured so that it rests on the ground and supports the log.

The secrets of the crosscut

Crosscut saw is used to obtain firewood or decorative interior elements. Sawing is carried out according to the following principles:

  • Place the log horizontally on a wooden support, height 0.5m.
  • Make bark cleaner.
  • Using an axe or a saw, make small marks along the entire length, they should be at the same distance from each other.
  • Make a cut along the cuts.

No special tools or attachments are required for cross-cutting sawing. For such work well suit an ordinary chain, but its rings must be durable.