How To Drill Concrete With A Screwdriver

Makita BHP 452 RFE

Cordless hammer drill with 2-speed gearbox and LED-backlight for easy work in poorly lit rooms. Used for drilling and hammer drilling. Main characteristics:

  • Weight 1.8 kg.
  • Li-Ion battery 18 V with microprocessor charging technology. Charging time up to 22 min.
  • Chuck diameter 13 mm.
  • Beats per minute 22500 bpm.
  • Rotation speed 1500 rpm.
  • Maximum Ø drilling for concrete 13 mm.

Operating tips

To work effectively with a screwdriver, you need to set the correct torque. When working with soft materials (drywall), switch it to the minimum mode, when drilling or screwing fasteners into hard surfaces, to the maximum. Before changing the mode, you need to turn off the device and wait until the engine stops completely.

To prevent dust from flying into your eyes when drilling into the ceiling, you can put a plastic or paper cup on the drill. All dirt will collect in it, and it will be easier to control the progress of work.


To polish the body, car headlights or other surface using a screwdriver, you need additional polishing wheels. Circles made of cord or leather are used for preliminary cleaning. Felt tips are used for both cleaning and final polishing.

  • The surface to be polished is washed from dirt and dust;
  • Dried;
  • Apply an abrasive composition to the polishing wheel;
  • Consistently treat all areas with smooth movements without strong pressure.
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In the process, the circle is periodically cleaned of paste residues using a clean rag. It takes a long time to polish and the battery may be discharged. If the device becomes very hot, you need to turn it off and wait a while before resuming operation.

Hand tool manufacturers: TOP-4 popular devices

Bosch Uneo

How To Drill Concrete With A Screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver capable of drilling masonry / drilling holes in concrete monolithic blocks / screwing in screws. Feature of the tool:

  • The ability to drill at a speed of 0.9 J;
  • Weight is 1 kg;
  • Battery charging speed 3 hours;
  • Makes holes in concrete in a few seconds, the charge is enough for 70 screws;
  • The speed is independently regulated;
  • The cartridge can be replaced with any similar one (other brands can be used);
  • 6-point cartridge.

Can I drill?

It is possible to use a tool instead of a drill only if such a possibility is indicated in the technical passport of the device.

However, soft materials such as drywall can be drilled even with a low-power screwdriver.

To do this, instead of a bit, you need to insert a drill into the chuck to work with gypsum board.

To remove the drill or other bits, you need to unscrew the chuck by hand or wrench. You also need to move the sleeve to the appropriate position, usually this mode shows the drill icon. The attachment is placed at right angles to the marked surface. It is not recommended to deviate, this will complicate the drill stroke, increase the diameter of the hole being made.

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To drill a concrete or brick wall, tiles, you will need a tool with a high rotation speed (from 1200 rpm) and a large torque. Impact screwdrivers do the job more efficiently and faster.

Hand tool manufacturers: TOP-4 popular devices. The better to drill

As already mentioned, there are several ways to drill a concrete wall, we will consider each of them in more detail.

Dewalt DCD985M2

The type of the device is a drill-driver with impact mode, made in the form of a pistol, equipped with a keyless chuck, lighting and a motor brake. Characteristics of the presented model:

  • Silent 3 Speed ​​Metal Gear Reducer.
  • Li-Ion battery 18 V.
  • Torque 80 Nm.
  • Beats per minute 34000 bpm.
  • Weight 2.4 kg.
  • Rotation speed 2000 rpm.
  • Maximum Ø drilling for concrete 16 mm.

Work rules

The rules for working with a concrete tool are not complex and do not set a clear framework. Remember safety measures, do not expose yourself and your structure to danger.

  • Pre-charge the gun (be sure to observe the charging times indicated in the instructions for purchase. If you do not follow these rules, the tool can quickly become unusable);
  • Install the required nozzle into the tool;
  • Click on it, setting the cartridge in motion;
  • Use reverse to replace the chuck or drill;
  • Try not to subject the weapon to shock, strong mechanical impact, this can spoil its quality characteristics;
  • After use wipe, clean and put in a dry place out of the reach of children.
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With an ordinary drill or screwdriver

If you do not have the tools described above, then you can do this work using a conventional electric drill or a powerful screwdriver.

To complete drilling, you will need more time than using a hammer drill, but you can do everything yourself.

In this case, other than the drill and drill, you also need a punch. First, a small depression is made in the place of drilling using a punch and a hammer.

After that, a working tool is inserted into it and begins to drill. If the drill stops, break hard areas again with a punch and continue working.

Metabo PowerMaxx SB

The mid-price battery-powered hammer drill is designed for both home use and professional use. The metal planetary gearbox and the powerful electric motor ensure high overload resistance. Main characteristics:

  • Beats per minute 21,000 bpm.
  • Rotation speed 1400 rpm.
  • Weight 1.2 kg.
  • Battery 10.8 V, Li-Ion.
  • Battery capacity 2.0 Ah.
  • Maximum Ø drilling for concrete 10 mm.