How to get the Partner title in pubg mobile

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. How to become a Partner and get a Partner‘s Jacket

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This guide explains how to become a Partner and get the elusive PartnerJacket in PUBG.

In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds one of the most popular items after cosmetic items is the PartnerJacket. Like the Overcoat (TrenchCoat), it is a special artifact.

True to its name, the Affiliate Jacket is only available to PUBG partners. This means players can’t buy the jacket, and those who already own it can’t sell it.

The only way to get an affiliate jacket in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is to become an Affiliate. The process can be a bit tedious, but thankfully it’s doable. In this guide you will learn how to become an affiliate and how to get an affiliate jacket in the game!

The main features of the task

As mentioned above, the only way to get an affiliate jacket in PUBG is to become an Affiliate. Who are the Partners? Most of them are YouTube and Twitch streamers broadcasting Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. So the first step in becoming an Affiliate is to stream the game on YouTube, Twitch, or both at once.

You not only need to plan a regular broadcast schedule, but also try to create quality content. This involves testing new strategies and engaging your audience. To better understand what your stream should look like, be sure to keep an eye on existing PUBG partners, and analyze what type of content they create.

The next step in becoming a PUBG Affiliate and getting closer to the elusive Affiliate Jacket is to gain credibility and attract an audience. You need to create content that can continuously increase the number of your subscribers.

Creating quality and interesting content alone is not enough to achieve community leadership. You should have your own position, and you should continually give good feedback to players and developers. Creating suitable live streams for your audience may take some time, but soon you can create an environment that viewers will want to return to. In doing so, you will continually grow, and maintain a solid fan base.

Once you are firmly established as a PUBG streamer on YouTube, Twitch, or both, the next step is to apply for the PUBG Affiliate Program. This can be done at the official Player Unknowns Battlegrounds game website. Please note, as of January 2018 the app is currently closed, but will be available soon. This will give you a chance to build a huge audience of fans for your channels on YouTube and Twitch. You can also sign up for a PUBG Partners account at. Where news and updates about the affiliate program are constantly published. The moment you are accepted as a PUBG Partner, you will receive an Affiliate Jacket. This item can be equipped and will let other players know about your achievement and becoming a PUBG Partner. That way your audience will expand even more.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is an online BattleRoyale game developed by Korean studio Bluehole, led by Brendan Green, known to the gaming community as PlayerUnknown. A large group of players land right in the middle of a huge map with one goal in mind. to survive longer than the other players and eliminate all enemies. An additional difficulty is the constantly shrinking area. the player must be inside the electric barrier that limits the battlefield; otherwise he will die. Players must decide where they want to start the match, and when landing, they can choose between first-person or third-person perspectives. Players should then set out to explore abandoned and desolate buildings, to find weapons, armor and other pieces of equipment designed to provide a tactical advantage over enemies. The key to success is to use the right tactics, allowing the player to eliminate as many of his opponents as possible and survive as long as possible.

To earn the title of 2 Together We Play, players must complete a series of tasks as follows: log in daily, complete 3 classic games, accumulate online time. To get the game coins.

Then use game coin to play Shooting Game or Space War to get puzzle pieces. Once fully assembled, 10 pieces will earn the title 2 Together We Play. How to do the following:

Login to the game PUBG Mobile, then start playing ranked games on the map Erangel.

Play Rating

There are 3 places on the Erange map to collect puzzle pieces, just parachute down to one of the 3 marked points below.

The Erangel Map

Run around the game collecting white coin coins.

Coin Collecting Game

Then use the game coin to play mini-games on the surrounding cars that will get a weapon skin, makeup, puzzle pieces.

Coin Game

When you collect 10 puzzle pieces, you will get the title 2 Together We Play. At this time, go to the Events section at the bottom corner of the main screen.

Jump to Events

Enter the Lucky Conundrum located in the lower left corner of the screen.

For the lucky prize

Get the title 2 Together We Play after completing 10 plays.

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Match a 10-piece puzzle to win the title

All about achievements in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Which is better: trivial bragging to other players or real profits?

Achievements in PUBG were introduced to diversify the gameplay, highlighting “additional” storylines, as well as to obtain rewards.

Achievements are presented both in the PC version and in Pubg Mobile, but with global differences. All the more interesting, isn’t it??

Let’s start with the mobile version of Battle Royale.

To see your and available achievements, you need to click on the calendar icon in the bottom right corner and go to the “Achievements” section.

On the screen you will see all the available achievements and you can read their descriptions simply by clicking on them.

For each completed task you will receive certain bonuses, which will later play “into your hands”.

“Magnificent Moments. You will be awarded certain titles for completing these quests:

  • Kill the last survivor in solo mode with the various “Dinner Expert” weapons;
  • 50 wins in solo mode at Platinum level (no helmet, armor, or backpack) Commando;
  • You must kill at least three opponents with a headshot in order to earn the title of “Sharp-Shooter. Looting a sniper and shooting without a miss at a distance of more than 50 meters. Don’t forget that kills must be completed within one match;
  • For earning 2800 achievement points you will receive the title “Hard worker”;
  • 100 level “Perfection”. Achieved by systematic and efficient battles;
  • Filling your “closet” with 300 different pieces of clothing, 50 weapon skins and 20 parachutes will earn you the title “Collector”;
  • 1000 likes and the title “Adored” is yours;
  • In solo mode (at the rank of platinum), collect all kinds of weapons and kill your opponents in different ways. Do not forget to use transport. this is one of the “weapons”. If you have done everything correctly, enjoy the title “Master of Weapons”;
  • Win a battle without kills? In solo mode on the Platinum level you must be the last survivor without killing any of your opponents. After waiting for the zone to be narrowed to its maximum level, loot the medkit so that the opponent will be the first to pass away.

Achievements in pabg mobiles

“Matches.”. In this case, the achievements will be passed along the course of the battles. They are quite a lot and there is a gradation: kill 10, 50, 100 and so on.

  • Got into an opponent’s vehicle and drove with him for more than 10 seconds, you get a part of the yellow box;
  • “Airdrop is only achievable if you are at least Ranked Gold: Open AirDrop 5 times first in one match. The second part is easier: take items from 20 killed opponents in one match (you do not have to kill yourself);
  • Died by Explosion? Achievement accomplished “Fragile Life;
  • Collect certain items from the airdrop (or killed opponents who beat you” and get the achievement “Chosen One”.

“Honor”. Focused mainly on gaining ranks for the number of kills in a row:

  • “Commando Way” a certain number of wins in classic solo mode on Platinum (without helmet, armor, and backpack);
  • “Chicken Bucket” a certain number of victories in the match, depending on the level of the achiever;
  • “Triple Lunch” trio of consecutive victories at the Gold level;
  • “Triple Super Lunch” “upgraded” previous task of increased difficulty: you need to hit TOP 1 without damage in “Gold” mode.

“Progress.”. Directed toward the Royale Pass. Achievements for pumping:

  • Upgrade the Royal Pass to the maximum and get the achievement “Peektionist”. The rewards get better with each successive season;
  • Opening elite cases will give the achievement “Sesame Open”;
  • Attend the game daily for a year of “Dependent”;
  • Attending the game for a month of Perseverance and 2 boxes;

There are a few more achievements that are supposed to be unlocked as you play. No special action required.

Pubg Mobile Achievements How to Get

The following achievements are focused on gaining unique skins. For many quests you’ll have to donate, but there’s a good chance you’ll get lucky with drops on epics in simple crates.

Consider those that are available without extra investment:

  • Rare” quality “Rare find” item;
  • A piece of equipment with the quality “Epic” “Epic Finding”;
  • At least one item with the quality “Legendary” name by analogy;
  • Permanent items in the inventory (the more things, the higher the level of the affirmation) “Full closet;
  • Obtaining an “Experienced Paratrooper” parachute skin;
  • At least 5 weapon skins in the “Graffiti” inventory and a crate as a reward.

“Dating.”. As in Battle Royale without interacting with the society?

  • For completing clan missions you will get crates and the achievement “Fun Exercise”;
  • Adding friends in the Sociable Personality mobile app itself;
  • Game with friends “Brothers in Arms”;
  • If you can give items to a friend, do so. The steeper the gifts, the more lucrative reward and achievement “Santa Claus”;
  • Joining any clan “Enlisted” and a whole yellow chest;
  • Tie in your social network and get the “Successful Tethering” achievement.

“General.”. Easy to do, but interesting in terms of “pluses”:

  • Change your frame, avatar, and reset the appearance of your “New Me” character;
  • Give out chocolate “bleeps” to at least 6 opponents on the “Chocolate Boy” warm-up;
  • Actively spend BP “Shopaholic”.

Another interesting achievement in this card is “Speak Out.”. His performance is often enough players are interested in:

  • Need to send a message to a chat room: open the tab with “lodge” and create a chat room, write any message and get out;
  • In the tab with friends, write to the first person online. Anything;
  • Conduct team recruitment in the second tab with the flag;
  • A messenger with the tag is sent from the first tab “Local Chat” any message.
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We didn’t tell you about all the achievements that are available to perform in Pubg Mobile. These are the only ones that do not require you to donate (or very minimal).

Complete achievements to diversify the battle royal process and get cool rewards.

Pubg Achievements

Achievements are also present in the PC version of Battle Royale. You can find titles and descriptions in the game itself, but there are situations when it is very difficult to understand the requirements.

How to get all the titles in PUBG Mobile. full list

It’s best to play when you can brag about your achievements in front of your peers. For this you need to know how to get a title in PUBG Mobile. We have collected a list of all the titles and things you need to do to get them.

A title is a reward for a certain achievement. It is displayed in the lobby and in the start room of the rink.

There are players for whom this name does not pop up for two reasons. either the player has not completed any achievements, or he did not include this inscription above his character. To enable it, go to the player data menu and select the “information” in the window that will open, click on “edit” and the menu “title” look at the available titles and select the desired one.

There are only 9 titles in the game. All achievements related to the action in the match will count when they are performed at the level of platinum or higher. Nearby will be the names of the achievements.

Adored. get 1000 likes from your teammates.

Weapon Master. Kill solo opponents in a single match, using an assault rifle, submachine gun, sniper rifle, transport, shotgun, and projectile weapon.

Pacifist (Free Lunch). Finish Top 1 without killing a single enemy (counts towards Platinum or higher).

Great Eye. Kill three opponents in a row from 50 yards or farther without missing.

Lunch Master. Take first place in a solo match by killing the last opponent in each match with a different type of weapon. assault rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, grenade (hammers) and transport.

Glass Cannon (Commando). Take the top 1 in 50 matches solo without the use of items of equipment and equipment (helmet, bulletproof vest, backpack).

Collector (Collector). get 300 suits, 20 parachutes and 50 colorful weapons. All of these items must be permanent.

Workaholic (Workaholic). get 2,800 achievement points.

Now you know how to get any title in PUBG Mobile. With a little persistence you can rest assured that you will have everything at your fingertips.

How to get the Pacifist achievement in PUBG Mobile?

In this article we will tell you how to get the title Pacifist in PUBG Mobile. This is quite a valuable achievement for any player.

So we suggest you get right to the point. We’ve put together a guide to help you obtain this title easily. Follow the instructions below and you will be successful.

How to get a title in pubg mobile?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has all kinds of rewards. Some of them are titles. These are trophies of sorts that are given to a specific user. They can be used to show their superiority over their enemies. They act as a purely cosmetic award. It is stored in the inventory of a particular player. Pubg Mobile even has a special section where users can track the progress of obtaining titles.

How to get titles in pabg mobiles?

Now there are 9 titles in the game. In order to get each of them, the user must perform certain actions. Of course, the more worthy the title is, the harder it will be to obtain. Now the titles look as follows:

  • Adored by everyone. In order to get this title, the user needs to receive more than a thousand commendations from various allies.
  • Weapon Master. This is an interesting title that can only be obtained when the user kills enemies with different weapons in one match. That is, in one match you will need to kill enemies with a grenade, pistol, sniper rifle, transport and so on.
  • Pacifist. This is a rare title that can only be obtained if the user wins a match without making a single kill.
  • Sharp Eye. This is an achievement that can be obtained for killing three opponents at a distance of at least 50 meters. Cannot miss.
  • Lunch Master. This is a title that is given for winning a battle royal. True, it can only be obtained by the user who finishes a battle with a variety of weapons. That is, this is the title of Master of Weapons, only with victory.
  • Glass Cannon. Must win a match 50 times without picking up any equipment.
  • Collector. This achievement becomes available to the player who has bought more than 300 kits, 20 parachutes and more than 50 coloring books for weapons.
  • Hard Worker. Can be obtained after the user has surpassed 2,800 points for completed achievements.
  • Perfection. Can only be acquired after reaching level 100.

These are all titles that are available in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and you can get them right now.

How to get a title in pubg mobile?

PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile is a massive project that has literally everything that other games have. For example, this is relevant when it comes to titles.


These are interesting titles that are given to a particular user. They do not perform any useful function in the game. These titles can be used solely to exalt yourself over your opponent. As usual for PUBG, these trophies will be stored in the inventory. For them, you can even find a special section.

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How to get titles in PUBG Mobile?

Currently, as you know, you can find 9 titles in PUBG Mobile. If the user plans to get each of them, he needs to perform the actions specified for each title. The more sought-after titles, of course, are harder to obtain than you might imagine. The following titles are currently available in the game:

  • Adored by all. This title can be awarded to the user who received 1000 praise from a variety of allies.
  • Weapon Master. This is an attractive title that can be earned by the user who uses each type of weapon to kill enemies in a single match. That is, in a single match will need to destroy enemies using cars, rifles, pistols, grenades, sniper rifles and shotguns.
  • Pacifist. This is one of the most interesting titles in the game. In order to get it, the user must win the match, avoiding the killing of his enemies.
  • Good Eye. Awarded to the user who kills three enemies within 50 meters of each other. Important: You can’t miss. That is, you need to make three straight shots at a distance of at least 50 meters.
  • Lunch Master. This is another difficult title to obtain. The user needs to win a match using different types of weapons. I mean, this is about the same achievement as a Weapon Master, except here you also have to win.
  • Glass Cannon. Must win 50 games, ignoring equipment.
  • Collector. This title is given to any player who purchased over 300 kits, 20 different parachutes, and 50 colorings for their weapon.
  • Hard Worker. Gets the player who earned 2800 points for completing achievements.
  • Perfection. Gets to any player who reaches level 100.

These are the titles you will find in PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile. At the very least, it takes hundreds of hours to complete each one.

The title is a reward for a certain achievement. It is displayed in the lobby and in the start room of the rink.

There are players for whom this name does not pop up for two reasons. either the player has not completed any achievements, or they did not include this inscription above their character. To turn it on, go to the player data menu and select the “information” in the window that opens, click on “edit” and in the menu “title” look at the available titles and select the desired.

There are a total of 9 titles in the game. All match action achievements will count when they are at or above the platinum level. Next to it will be the names of the achievements.

  • Adored. get 1000 likes from your partners Kill solo opponents in one match using an assault rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, transport, shotgun, and throwing weapons. (Free Lunch). Take the top 1 without killing a single opponent.
  • Good Eye. Kill three opponents in a row from 50 meters or farther without missing.
  • Lunch Master. Take first place in a solo match by killing the last opponent in each match with a different type of weapon. assault rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, grenade (hammers) and transport.
  • Glass Cannon (Commando). take the top 1 in 50 matches solo without using items and equipment (helmet, bulletproof vest, backpack).
  • Collector (Collector). get 300 suits, 20 parachutes and 50 coloring weapons. All of these items must be permanent.
  • Hard worker. get 2,800 achievement points.
  • Perfection. reach level 100.

Now you know how to get any title in PUBG Mobile. A little persistence and everything will be in your hands.

Titles in PUBG Mobile: How to get them

The title system in PUBG Mobile is ahead of the PC version of the game PUBG. Titles in PUBG Mobile. a measure and achievement of the player in PUBG. in the game there are a variety of quests designed by pubg mobile developers and by completing a certain quest. the player receives a title.

In order to get 9 titles in PUBG Mobile you need :

  • Adored. The title can be obtained provided that the player has received 1000 likes from partners and friends This title can be obtained for the murders in one match from a variety of weapons using: Assault and sniper rifle, PP (Machine Gun), using transport (Shoot down a player), shotgun and throwing weapons (Grenades).
  • Pacifist. A player will be awarded this title if they finish the game in 1st place in Pubg mobiles without a single kill.
  • Good Eye. The title is awarded to the player who has made at least 3 kills at a distance of 50 meters or more.
  • Lunch Master. To earn this title, you must take 1st place in 6 solo matches, killing the last opponent with a different weapon in each match using: Assault and Sniper Rifle, PP, any type of vehicle, shotgun and throwing weapons.
  • Glass Cannon. The title is obtained by finishing 1st place in 50 games without using a helmet, bulletproof vest or backpack.
  • Collector. The title is awarded to players who have purchased 50 coloring weapons, 300 costumes, and 20 parachutes. In order to get the title, all items received must be Permanent
  • Hard worker. The title is not that difficult to obtain, you need to accumulate 2800 achievement points in PUBG Mobile.
  • Perfection. the title is given to players who have reached level 100.

Now dear players, you know how to get a title in PUBG Mobile, and what tasks for this you need to do.