How to open the lid of the Bosch blender shredder

How to clean the dried mixture?

If you do not clean the blender in time, the remains of the chopped mixture will definitely stick to the bowl itself and to the nozzle. If the design is collapsible, then the bowl with the knives should be soaked in soapy water for a few hours, and then. wash with a sponge and detergent.

And what to do if it is impossible to disassemble the blender?? In this case, 2/3 of the volume of warm water is poured into the bowl, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 50 milliliters of vinegar and 5-10 drops of detergent are added there. Then start the shredding cycle at minimum power (10-15 seconds). Do not remove the lid, and let the blender stand with the mixture inside for at least 6-8 hours. Next. a second grinding cycle.

Dirty water must be drained, then wash the blender again in the usual way (with lemon). If even this does not help to cope with contamination, then the only option left is to go to an official service center. cleaning must be done mechanically with disassembly. That’s why you should clean your appliances in a timely manner.

All about Bosch choppers

Today’s housewives sometimes don’t have enough time to prepare a tasty meal for themselves or their family. The kitchen appliance helps to cope with the task quickly and effortlessly. Automated electric appliances quickly chop and shred foods. It helps to increase the cooking speed and shorten the time needed for fried food. Buying a chopper frees up time for useful and enjoyable activities, outside the kitchen. One of the recognized flagships in the range of chopping devices. TM Bosch, famous all over the world for its reliable and high-quality products.

How to Disassemble a Blender Cover

In the lid of the blender, there is a gearbox that drives a paddle blade located in the shredder bowl. The need to disassemble the cover arises if the coupling bush or gearbox has gone bad.

A step-by-step algorithm on how to disassemble the shredder cover:

  • Hook up, then remove the top coupling.
  • Disconnect the lower coupling.
  • Carefully knock the gearbox out of the cover.
  • If the gearbox is glued down, carefully work the glue line with a sharp knife, without going too deep.

After these manipulations, replace the damaged gearbox with a new one.

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A repairable blender must be properly disassembled before any troubleshooting. This will make it possible to diagnose malfunctions of internal elements and take measures to return them to service. Immersion and stationary models disassemble differently. It is important to work carefully, remembering the sequence of parts. The result and accuracy of the repair depends on it. In some cases, it is advisable to go to a workshop or buy a new technique.

Disassembling the Bosch hand blender

Begin disassembly of the blender of this brand should begin with the removal of the cover of the mixer speed regulator. It is placed on the back of the unit, and is mounted on two snaps, as in the case of the brand of Braun blender. Therefore remove it in the same way put it in position 2 or 3, evenly unscrewing and pulling on itself.

Under the cover there are two screws with phillips on their heads. They must be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Now the crucial moment, which depends on the integrity of the blender body. The latter consists of 2 parts, joined together by a slotted method along the body. These two parts should be detached from each other. For this you will need a screwdriver or a knife. The tip of the tool is inserted in the gap between the parts of the blender and turn, thus detaching them from each other.

At the same time a click will be heard, which indicates that the parts are detaching from each other. That’s not the sound of broken plastic, that’s the sound of detaching latches. Disconnection is made from 2 sides along the body of the device. Bosch blender is semi-removable by design. Its lower part is cast, so when opening the housing, take care not to leave the broken cast connection. Now it is necessary to take out of a blender plate and motor.

There are two types of blenders: manual (immersion) and stationary (desktop). To disassemble the table version you may need a wrench or screwdriver, depending on the type of fastening of the bottom cover. In this case, everything is simple: the screws or nuts are unscrewed and the cover is removed, opening access to the internal device.

With submersible blenders, the case is more complicated, since their external mounts are often fragile plastic latches, whose location is not known in advance, and the internal nodes can be additionally fastened with screws, self-tapping screws or bolts.

How to disassemble the Bosch blender head

To fix a blender can also be at home. step by step instructions

Every housewife has a small household appliance in her kitchen. Everyone has long been accustomed to an indispensable kitchen helper. an electric blender, with which you can prepare various mousses, puree, chop vegetables and meat.

Mechanical damage

It’s not just the electrical part that suffers in blenders. Quite often there are mechanical damages, which you can deal with on your own.

Motor and bowl gasket leaking

You notice a leak between the housing and the bowl? Proceed boldly to repair:

Damage to the latch mechanism of the lid or nozzle

If you use a blender carelessly, you can damage the lid’s latching mechanism on stationary blenders, or the nozzle on immersion blenders. There is only one solution: buy a new part, as repairing the chopper lid or blender nozzle can cause injury in future use.

You can still try to repair the whisk attachment by removing the broken bar. Only when working further, you need to be careful because some of the protruding wire can scratch.

Damage to the blender housing

If the housing is damaged, it is not likely that it can be repaired. Operating such an appliance endangers your safety. Treat yourself to a new machine.

Blender Bowl Damage

The bowl has latches that can break if used carelessly. If this happens, the motor will not start due to a protection trip. There is only one solution: buy a new bowl.

If you pour boiling water and other hot liquids into the bowl, the container will be damaged. The solution is also to buy a new pan.

Ремонт блендера Bosch MSM 67PE

Repair of the bowl should not be engaged in a view of the fact that it is impossible to achieve the initial state of the elements.

Foot Repair

As a rule, the blender foot cannot be repaired, because it is monolithic and the construction cannot be disassembled. If the foot is metal and bent, you can try to forcefully straighten it. Even if it can be repaired, you may not be able to get it to work as it used to. Internal mechanisms will not fall into place.

Gearbox Repair

The problematic place of the gearbox is the disconnection of the gears and their shafts. As a result of high loads this part gets hot, the iron shaft melts the pinion seating and they fly off. As a consequence, it is no longer transmitted to the nozzle rotation.

To repair the gearbox, it must be disassembled. It usually consists of two halves held together by internal latches. Afterwards internal parts should be inspected. If the gears are intact and have simply fallen off the shafts, plant them in place and fix them with superglue. This method will prolong the life of the device for some time to come.

Blender cover

A blender is an appliance that is designed to chop and blend.Mixing is achieved by,

that the chopper reducer on the blender lid rotates, driving the blades, which are located inside the cup.

Purpose of the gearbox-chopper lid

The blender is designed to blend foods and liquids. In addition, the blender can chop, mince, etc.д. Chopping is done as the gear unit rotates in the bowl of the appliance. And thus drives the blades, which move the nozzles.

This is the working principle of any blender:

open, bosch, blender, shredder
  • The mass, which is put into the container under the action of the rotating blades is crushed and falls back on the walls;
  • As the pressure rises in the jug during the grinding process, the processed mass gradually moves upward;
  • The mixture then goes down again and is processed by the screws;

This process continues for as long as the chopper reducer is active. Nowadays

The blender‘s chopper cover is not only used to make different drinks, but also to chop meat, vegetables, etc.д.

Very many models of blenders, which have a high cost are equipped with a lid for the blender bowl, in which the blades resemble the propellers of a motorboat. This makes the food grinder more efficient and of higher quality. They do not even require the addition of water or milk, for a more thorough shredding. Powerful devices are blenders Brown and Philips. Philips blender lid is the most reliable, durable and very powerful. Philips blender models are very popular with women.

Easily grind hard nuts, as well as herbs, vegetables, fruit, tough meats, ice, and more with the reducer chopper. In expensive sets there are various attachments that allow you to easily prepare soups, purees, sauces, cocktails, and still cut the products into cubes, circles and even sticks.

Advantages and repair

Before learning how to disassemble the lid of a blender, we need to study the advantages and disadvantages of an immersion blender. The pros include:

  • With its help, it is possible to chop hard foods in minutes;
  • If your blender has a chopper-reducer on the blender lid, it can perform a huge variety of useful functions. chopping, chopping, slicing, grating, whipping, etc.д.
  • Submersible blender with a gear cover is quite compact and does not take up much space.
  • If the device does not have a chopper-reducer on the lid, then in such a blender it will be impossible to prepare smoothies;
  • In an immersion blender is extremely problematic to prepare a large volume of products, there may be lumps;
  • The tool cannot be used for extended periods of time. Let the blender rest after 10 minutes of use. As soon as the lid and gearbox chopper becomes hot. the device must be turned off;