How to Grease a Grass Trimmer Bearing. Grass trimmer gearbox construction

Gear Lubricant for Grass Trimmer

Buying any machine is kind of a lottery, but a lot also depends on the gardener. In caring hands and Chinese samples are long-lasting and do not let their owners down at a bad moment. If you forget to lubricate the gearbox of brushcutters, do not clean filters, use cheap low-quality gasoline, then the garden equipment from the most famous brands will become a headache.

Gearbox lubrication of brushcutters is one of the most important elements of gasoline grass trimmer maintenance, which should be performed directly by the user.

Time and procedure for gearbox maintenance

I recommend the obligatory preventive maintenance of a new gasoline grass trimmer immediately after the purchase, adding grease to the gearbox. For all the high cost of garden equipment, some manufacturers save money and put the grease only to a minimum, for the time of break-in.

How often to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter

Often preventive inspection of the transmission with the addition of liquid grease is carried out once a year at the beginning or end of the season. If you don’t use your petrol grass trimmer professionally, that is enough.

If you do a lot of mowing, you need to lubricate the gearbox of your brushcutter every 20 to 50 hours of work. If the operating conditions are hard, for example if a large field is mowed all at once and the mower has not had time to cool down, or if cheap lubricants are used, the lubricant has to be checked and replenished every 20 hours of work.

Indirect indications that the gearbox needs oiling are overheating and noisy operation.

Also I recommend the complete replacement of lubricant, disassembly and flushing the unit, when buying a second-hand gasoline grass trimmer.

Lubricant for the gasoline trimmer gear for grass

Variety of greases for garden equipment

According to the instructions, you should use a special gear lubricant to lubricate bevel gears. As a rule, manufacturers of garden equipment produce and recommend the chemistry of their brand, as the most adapted to their devices.

At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of operation of garden equipment and increase the attractiveness of the brand of automotive chemicals, lubricants for garden equipment are usually made multifunctional. It is intended not only for the lubrication of gearboxes of gasoline trimmers, but also for the treatment of hoses, gears and reduction gears of any garden equipment and mechanical devices operating under high loads.

This gear lubricant is sold in easy-to-use and easy-to-store tubes.

Even if the specialized gear lubricant is almost completely exhausted during operation, additives still create an effective lubricating protective film on the surface of the gears.

It should be noted that many brushcutter owners on the expanses of the former CIS countries use either regular Lithium-based Lithol-24 or Crossover grease for the gearboxes. It’s convenient to fill a gearbox with a 5-cup medical syringe.

The clear advantage of using Lithium-based grease and Lithium-based lithium sow shaft gear lubricant is that it lowers the operating costs. But there are nuances, because of which spears are broken on the forums of gardeners Internet space. My thoughts on what can be lubricated with lithium-based grease and what not, read the article “Lithol as a brushcutter gear lubricant”.

How to fill a gearbox of brushcutter and gasoline grass trimmer

Side bolt for 17 on the gearbox of gasoline grass trimmer

For safety reasons, in order to avoid accidental starting, all maintenance work on the brushcutter is necessarily carried out with the removed electrical cap / plug from the plug. Do not turn the grass trimmer upside down to avoid gasoline leakage.

grease, grass, trimmer, bearing

Remove the side screw on the brushcutter gearbox. Depending on the cutting attachment manufacturer there may be a hexagonal bolt instead of the hexagonal bolt, often 17. Threads are common, unscrew counterclockwise. Do not lose the sealing washer.

If there is no grease visible on the inside face of the screw, then 3 to 4 grams should be added. Turn the transmission by hand, changing the direction of rotation, so that the grease spreads to the gears.

Then set the screw in place and tighten it securely.

Basic steps

First dismantle the boom into two parts that are fastened together by a connecting tube.

Take the shafts out of the brushcutter bar and then grease them generously. And as a grease the author recommends to use the CVR. This grease is excellent for both the gearbox and the shafts.

Please note: not only do we grease the splines on the ends, but both shafts along their entire length. Putting everything back together after servicing.

For more information on how to lubricate the shafts of brushcutters with a collapsible boom, see the video below. This review was prepared on the basis of the video from the YouTube channel ru VEP.

How to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox?

There is a technological hole in the upper part of the body where the gear unit is installed, which is plugged with a screw during the operation of the grass trimmer. This screw is unscrewed and 1.5 2 ml of grease is injected into the hole using the spout on the tube. If the grease was purchased in a different packaging, then for this operation will be suitable and normal disposable medical syringe.

Afterwards the screw is put back in its place. Regardless of the user’s recommendations, you should do this procedure every 10-15 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Other reasons to refresh or replace the gearbox grease are to do minor maintenance routines by yourself (e.g. cleaning and washing gear wheels before the summer season), to repair the unit, to preserve the grass trimmer for the winter, etc. д.

If a gear unit has been disassembled, it is recommended that the old lubricant be completely removed from the surfaces of the parts, even if there are no signs of oxidation or contamination. And only then is new grease to be applied. After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to turn the shaft several times by hand and make sure that the lubricant is evenly distributed on all parts of the gearbox.

How to grease a Stihl strimmer head/brush cutter/weed eater/whippy | Tutorial/Walk Through

The following items are of particular importance in lubrication

  • The flywheel: there is usually a lot of grass residue on the flywheel, and the grass juice that thickens adds to the resistance.
  • the starter coil dog, which is in constant contact with the slots on the flywheel during engagement. This not only causes mechanical wear but also mechanochemical corrosion of the flywheel-hub connection because the materials of this pair are different (flywheel is aluminum and dog is steel).
  • To the bearings, if their seals are worn and grease residue is squeezed out. In this case the machine starts to vibrate strongly when loaded. This happens with trimmers made in China, so it is worth thinking about the replacement of the bearing unit for a better quality, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.

Tools and materials required

The following tools and materials are required to service the Geareducer:

Allen wrench for opening the lubrication hole in the gearbox

This wrench is usually supplied with the brushcutter or trimmer.

The next tool is a 10 ml syringe. It is with the help of a syringe that grease enters the gearbox.

grease, grass, trimmer, bearing

It is advisable to use oil that comes from the brushcutter manufacturer. As a last resort, it is possible to use any rotary gear lubricant, such as Lithol 24.

Action Open the gearbox

To gain access to the gearbox, the gearbox must be opened. It’s easy enough to do. use an Allen wrench to unscrew the gear bolt. This bolt is in the same place on all brushcutters. near the tool.

Action Filling the syringe with oil

The diameter of the tube of grease does not match the diameter of the gearbox

To get the grease into the gearbox without any problem, you should use a syringe.

Then fill grease from the tube into the syringe.

grease, grass, trimmer, bearing

Then insert the piston back into the syringe. The syringe is ready to put grease in the Geareducer.

Action Filling the Geareducer with Grease

A syringe is inserted into the reducer bore

First, the syringe is inserted into the reducer bore.

Squeeze a little grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter turn

Then you need to squeeze some grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter of a turn.

When all the grease is squeezed out, the process is complete

Fill in the grease in small portions. After each application of lubricant, turn the gearbox by 1/3 to 1/4 turn. It is advisable to choose the amount of grease for each filling so that the gearbox makes a full revolution during lubrication.

Action Sealing the Geareducer

After the gearbox is filled with grease, screw in the gearbox bolt and tighten it well.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter (easiest way)

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

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How to correctly lubricate the gearbox of a lawnmower

The first thing to do is to remove the gearbox from the boom. A detailed assembly-disassembly process can be seen in the video at the end of the article. Unscrew the bolts from the gearbox housing.

We take the shroud and squeeze it into the hole designed to lubricate the gearbox, which is in the housing.

It is absolutely essential to fill the gearbox completely with grease. This will avoid the formation of air s.

After lubrication, reassemble everything in the reverse order. Screw the bolts in place and then attach the gearbox to the boom. And that’s all there is to it. The main thing is not to spare grease.

How to service trimmer head, how to lubricated trimmer head to prevent wear and damage

Many would say that you can’t use so much grease, which will lead to all sorts of problems with the lawnmower. But in fact it’s much easier and there’s no reason to panic.

At high RPMs (around 6000-6500 rpm) the gearbox can be screwed back into place, and then attached to the shaft.) Superfluous grease squeezed out of the gearbox via the bearings and over the splines into the shaft. And as a result there is only as much lubricant as is needed for operation.

You can see more details about how to lubricate the gearbox of your lawnmower in the video below. Advice shared by the author of the YouTube channel “repair Nick TV”.

The main gearbox faults and how to fix them

Different failures happen to the gearbox of an electric or gasoline grass trimmer. The most frequent ones are shown in the table below. There you can also find the causes of their occurrence and methods of elimination.

Gearbox malfunction Possible causes remedy
gear unit is very hot Use of unsuitable (low-quality) lubricant or lack of it Lubricant must be replaced or added
Gears are new and not worn out Run in for a short period of time without heavy loads with regular stops to allow the mechanism to cool down
shaft starts to seize when rotating, play and knocking occurs One of the bearings is destroyed or excessively worn Replace the defective bearing with a new one
Gearbox comes off the brushcutter bar or is loose damage to its body Replace part
in some cases of minor damage, tighten the place with a fracture with a clamp made of metal
does not stick to the pipe wear and tear at the coupling point You can wrap insulation tape around the bearing location or change the shaft
The output shaft with the blade does not rotate or stops when the workload increases Worn gears or one of the gears The interacting pair of worn-out components must be replaced

Bearings deteriorate through use of unsuitable or missing lubricant. they are also damaged because of the heavy use of the brushcutter and the ingress of foreign material (e.g., broken metal teeth in the mechanical gears) because the integrity of the dust shields is compromised.

To remove the bearing, you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If this is not available, you can try to do it with a hammer and dowel. In this case, work carefully so as not to damage the seating. Using preheating to remove the bearing is not recommended. The reason is that the metal may have lost the necessary performance characteristics.

If the blade stops rotating under load or stands still at all, it is accompanied by an abnormal sound.

Most gearbox problems can easily be repaired with your own hands. It is recommended that you buy “genuine” replacement parts for the model of brushcutter you are using.

Gear lubricant for popular trimmer brands

Well-known companies make their own lubricants:

  • STIHL recommends STIHL Superlub FS gear lubricant for brushcutter gears. It is available in tubes from 250 g to 80 g with a special pointed tip for easy application and a silver-orange color;
  • Patriot brushcutter gearboxes are recommended by the manufacturer to use a lubricant of its own production based on lithium components called Arsenal AR-417;
  • Huter for their products offers a plastic universal grease Rezoil, CYATIM, you can also apply all of the above lubricants;
  • In all cases it is necessary to monitor the condition of the gearing assembly by lubricating it at least once a month. Lubricate the drive shaft itself along with the gear lubrication.

To learn how to lubricate a maintenance-free gearbox, watch the video below.

Care and maintenance of your brushcutter

Servicing both gasoline and electric mowers, although they have their differences, is quite possible by your own efforts. Checking the sharpness of the blades and sharpening them correctly after they have blunted is not a big challenge. If you have no sharpening equipment at home, you can have them sharpened at a sharpening shop. To ensure that they wear evenly on both sides, you periodically turn them over to the other side.

Check the air filter, which is installed on the gasoline-powered mower, at least once a week. Moisten it with oil if necessary and change it if dirty. Check the spark plugs and muffler for carbon deposits.

If the engine is powered by electricity, you must alternate the time specified in the certificate of operation with the time of cooling of the engine. If the equipment has a cutting element line for the trimmer, it also needs to be monitored, the spool, on which it is wound, is also periodically cleaned.

untimely made cleaning of the electric motor leads to the fact that it accumulates moisture, the gasoline engine to the loss of its power.

It is especially important to pay attention to gearbox maintenance. This part is very important for mower operation unless the engine is directly connected to the cutting unit.

First, make sure that no dirt accumulates in the gearbox.

Second, do not forget to apply in time the grease that is designed for the grass trimmer gearbox. You can ask the seller of the equipment, what kind of grease is needed for the grass trimmer gear, which you are going to buy. They will answer this question as correctly as possible, since the service life of the grass trimmer depends on this, and this is already a warranty obligation. Some trimmer manufacturers recommend using their proprietary gear lubricant for grass trimmer, such as Husqvarna, Huter, Makita.

Husqvarna grass trimmer gear lubricant

The point is that in the process of work the load on the gearing increases, since the speed of rotation is constantly changing. And grass clippings, especially in humid or dewy conditions, adds their own strain. When deciding which lubricant is best to use for the gearbox of your trimmer for grass, you need to decide separately for each model.

If it is Russian or Russian-Chinese manufacturers, here a specific brand of lubricant is not specified.

User feedback on lubricants

Specialists advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If there are none, you should clarify what to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox. Experienced users do not advise to use solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as the consistency. Also this material has no antiwear properties.

The range of working temperatures of solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at such parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In case of an emergency need to treat the tool, you can use “Lithol-24”.