How to hang a lawn mower in the garage. Deactivating chain saws: basic points

Trimmer storage. Hook for brushcutters (grass trimmer).

Trimmers should not only be properly maintained, but also properly stored. Often the owners of garden equipment, not thinking about the properties of gasoline or electric mowers, simply throw the tool in the closet and lock it. This condition increases the risk of the grass trimmer breaking.

The best way to store your brushcutter is in a hanging position. By a brushcutter or grass trimmer, we mean a boom with a motor attached to it and a mowing head with a fishing line. The GSh23 hook is specially designed for storing electric, battery-powered and gasoline-powered grass trimmers in a suspended upright position. Rubberized holders securely and gently support the grass trimmer motor, the mowing head is at the bottom. Depending on the size of the grass trimmer, the hook is attached at a height that allows you to place the tool in a suspended position. In this position, your tool will be quickly and easily accessible when you need it, while taking up minimal space in the utility room.

hang, lawn, mower, garage, chain

Reinforced hook GSh23 also suitable storage of other heavy-sized tools, garden equipment and tools: chain saw, brush cutter, power drill.

Mounted on the steel rail, fixed to the wall. Recommended load up to 30kg.

Manufacturer: Kenovo Manufacturing Co., LTD. Address: N.99-8, Furong Zhongsan Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Made in China.Importer: Kenovo Private Enterprise. Vitebsk, rb. Minsk, ul. 47 Kamennogorskaya Street, office 78. UNP 192192377No conformity assessment required.Date of manufacture: June 2014.Warranty period is not set.Shelf life is not limited.

Wall mount for grass trimmer with our own hands

often than not, the farmer’s garden tools occupy the entire useful area of the shed: “the storage space is one meter by one meter, and everything is stuffed with shovels, hoes and rakes. no way through”. Let’s see how the most accurate and organized FORUMHOUSE users arranged the storage of shovels and rakes, trimmers and other devices.

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The stand for garden tools with their own hands

Such a stand is easy to make with your own hands. First, calculate how many boxes you will need to store your shovels and pruners. Nail crossbars 40 centimeters long and 6 centimeters wide to two boards: one at the top and one at the bottom. The boards should be in the center of the crossbars. Make a bottom box (it is necessary both for the stability of the structure, and to fix the equipment in the cells). At the ends of the box and the grid are nailed to the supports, boards 70 centimeters high.

If you are too lazy to make a stand, you can buy it: plastic stands for storing tools with long handles of different diameters are sold in many stores for gardeners.

Some, by the way, use inverted beer crates, insert shovels, pitchforks, etc.д.

All these supports do not take up much space, but still take up some space. This is why many users of our portal prefer another approach to organizing storage of shovels and planers: when not creating a special space, but using the existing walls and the ceiling. For this purpose, holes are made in all cuttings and strings are tied to hang them from the nails under the ceiling, special semi-circular devices are nailed to the walls for storing hoses and extension cords, etc.п.

I recommend that you not only use it on the floor, but if possible, hang it on the wall. The unit is very convenient to lift bicycles during storage, you can also hang chain saws, garden vacuum cleaners, gasoline and electric trimmers on various hooks.

TigraOSP has figured out how to store a gasoline trimmer, a thing “quite horny in storage”. His solution was prompted by the device of the shelf in the store: there should be such a protrusion of two “bars” with a semicircle on the end, similar to the Russian oven grip for the cast-iron. Hanger in the form of a grabber welded to the size of the trimmer for the grass, put, to avoid scratching the trimmer, in a rubber hose and nailed almost to the ceiling.

Hanging and not noticeable, just class. Walk up, grab it by the shaft, lift it up, take it out of the grip, and there it is yours.

We’ll show you some examples of countermeasures to the chaos, allowing to keep garden tools in excellent condition for a long time, implemented by the users of our portal.

Pirmid built a shed and took him here is a special section with a separate entrance for the tools and other small items for the garden. “After a vain attempt to get a pitchfork out of the intertwined pile, this design was born.”.

Na zzz also arranged a small room for storage of garden tools and equipment. Staples bought at the hardware store, bars, hooks and drawers at the hardware store. Now storing shovels in the shed on a rack looks like this:

Here’s another inspiring example. a shovel and rake rack:

Limmpopo, a FORUMHOUSE user, suggests the following way to store inventory: all garden “tools” are standing upright in special niches made of PVC pipes.

Everyone liked the idea: simple, but how beautiful! But. not so handy. To insert a shovel or a rake into such a niche, you have to lift them almost to the ceiling. On FORUMHOUSE this know-how was improved: on the side in the pipe a cut is made, which incidentally will allow you to insert the tool with a handle on the handle end into the rack. You can do something like a clasp: cut a strip from a plastic bottle, one side of it fixed to the wall, and in the other make a hole. You put the tool against the wall, “you fasten the loop into the nail on the second wall”.

Another idea for absolute pedants: to make a notch at the bottom, the stoppers from the sewer diameter of 50 millimeters, and put the tools not upside down, and the working edge down. Then they will stand straight as a string not only in the picture but also in reality. By the way, you can try to make such racks from plastic bottles.

Here is how else you can store any garden tools on the long handles at the cottage. The simplest handmade stand: two brackets, one tied to a cord with a nail on the end. an invention of Anna Sokolova. Tools stand neatly in the corner, do not get tangled underfoot, easy to remove as needed. And the main thing is that they take up very little space!

It’s convenient to store small gardening tools in bags like these:

Or hang them on metal rails with hooks (they’re more reliable and cheaper than plastic stands).

And here is just a brilliant design idea: small gardening tools, all these shovels and rippers are hung up by the teeth of an old rake, which, in turn, is hung on a nail hammered into the wall.

In general, the storage system for garden tools depends a lot on the room. One thing if you have at your disposal. half a garage or specially built for these purposes, and another. if all you and your tools. a corner under the stairs measuring one meter by one meter. “First the room, then bringing beauty and convenience in placing such necessary for us buckets, shovels, forks, rakes, etc.д.”. they say on FORUMHOUSE. So, Stella777 has a separate room for tool storage. an extension of the kitchen, but with a separate entrance. Stella777 she covered the walls with clapboard, varnished, bought in construction stores hooks and shelves and now has “order and free approach to the tools.

One more important point: before putting the tool in place, most FORUMHOUSE users clean or wash it. If you clean your shovel even after simply digging over the ground, wash the planer under the tap or in a bucket of water, over time you will develop a wonderful habit of keeping your working tool in order.

We offer you our article about unusual but effective garden tools, a video film about new products on the market of garden tools, a discussion on the subject: “A necessary set of garden tools: what to choose”.

Belt of brushcutter. how to adjust the backpack belt of brushcutter | store nozzles

Adjust the height of the brushcutter’s shoulder strap hook so that the brushcutter blade, lowered to the ground, is parallel to the ground (perfectly horizontal). When working with the brushcutter saw blade adjust the height of the hook (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the brushcutter saw blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

By moving the brushcutter’s carrying eye forward or backward on the brushcutter’s belt, balance the brushcutter so that when you release the handlebar the brushcutter blade is just above the ground but not resting on the grass.To saw shrubs and young trees with the brushcutter blade, the brushcutter needs to be balanced so that the machine is hanging level on the hook when the handlebar is released.

Adjust the shoulder straps of the brushcutter (harness straps) so the weight is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check with your hand on the brushcutter suspension hook).

These Husqvarna brushcutter straps (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on all trimmers, chain saws, brushcutters, electric brushcutters, brushcutters.

How to attach the harness to the trimmer, put it on correctly and adjust it to your body

The trimmer is much more convenient and easy to handle with the shoulder strap. Thanks to it, the operator can mow large areas of grass for hours on end without joint and muscle pain. The design of the dual-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawnmower is held by the fasteners by itself. without the help of your hands. It only needs to set the direction, and it will do the rest by itself. On how to properly attach the belt to the trimmer and adjust it to yourself to lighten the load, and will be discussed in this material.

Grass trimmer backpack belt. purpose

Many models of trimmers are equipped with an ordinary oblique belt. However, it is best to buy a backpack strap for work that is specially designed for brushcutters. Thanks to its smart design, it evenly distributes the weight of the device over your entire body. Padded shoulder straps relieve heavy weight and forearm pain. Rigid backrest disperses the load between the upper and lower back, eliminating the lower back. Shockproof thigh guard prevents the brushcutter from coming into contact with your foot so it does not rub or vibrate. The strap also provides safety:

  • The grass trimmer is easy to transport;
  • Comfort in operation due to the ergonomic posture of the brushcutter in relation to the body;
  • Safe work. the backpack belt prevents the brushcutter from slipping out of your hands when hard objects get under the knife.

What is a backpack strap?

The belt belt also helps protect the handles of the brushcutter when hard objects get in your way. And this device has to be kept suspended at all times. To distribute the weight evenly, the carrying strap wraps around your body from all sides. The shoulders and back bear the brunt of the load, so the upper part is equipped with wide foam pads and fabric shoulder straps. The straps then drop down along the body and, using a quick-release clip, connect to each other around the chest or abdomen. And to prevent the belt from crashing into the body when loaded, a wide and strong padding is provided. A plastic foot guard is attached to the belt. It has a carabiner for attaching to the trimmer and spring cushioning. The top quick-release latch makes it easy to open and close the brushcutter.

Tip! The different models of backpack straps may differ from one another design locks, carabiners, the presence or absence of additional pads and latches. However, the principle of their construction and operation is the same.

Adjusting the belt

In order to ensure that you can work comfortably, you need to know how to properly put on the belt-backpack. This process requires a certain amount of skill, but then, after adjusting the backpack to fit you for the first time, it will be much faster and easier to put on.

Adjusting the height of the hook

The most important thing is to adjust the belt so that the grass trimmer is at the right height to the ground. To do this, raise or lower the height of the hook, which is done by tightening the shoulder straps until the holder is 10-15 cm below the hips (palm width). The blade of the attached grass trimmer must be parallel to the ground, which means it must be perfectly horizontal.

But just a side note! If the grass trimmer is attached too high, it will severely limit the grass grip.

Height adjustment of the grass trimmer by moving the lug

After fixing to the desired height, you need to balance the grass trimmer. For this purpose, the lug, with which the device is suspended from the belt, is repositioned forward or backward. As a result, you need to attach the belt to the trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the knife or saw blade does not lie on the ground, but hangs over it, not touching the surface. How far away you want to keep it depends on your goals.

Tip! A distance of 20-30 cm above the ground is ideal for cutting high grass, but for lawns 5-10 cm is fine.

Adjusting the shoulder straps

To distribute the load evenly over your shoulders and back, you need to adjust the shoulder straps well. To do this, simply tighten or loosen the straps. they should not dig into the body or hang down. To understand how the weight will be dispersed, you can press with your hands on the hook to hang the grasshopper.

Attaching the lawnmower to the belt

Depending on the model, the petrol mower can be attached to the belt with a bar or loop. In the latter case, you have to move it on the boom to get the balance you want. In some cases, there are cushioning mechanisms that allow you to smooth out vibration and soften the sharp jumps of the grass trimmer.

Balancing the handles

An important step in adjusting the backpack strap is also adjusting the knobs to the optimum level. When the operator will be holding the brushcutter, his hands should be relaxed and his shoulders should be parallel to his torso. Therefore, after adjusting the two-shoulder belt, you should adjust the two-handed mechanism by moving it up or down. Do not let your hands hold the machine, but always guide it. If afterwards the grass trimmer is out of balance again, you will have to repeat all the steps.

Safety rules

Among the safest and most popular trimmers are products of German manufacturers (including Denzel), because they pay special attention to quality and reliability. However, despite the brand and model, there are a number of rules that must be clearly known and followed when using a grass trimmer.

  • Before using, please read the instruction manual.
  • Do not work with a trimmer when you are tired, sick or intoxicated.
  • Do not use the trimmer in explosive and fire hazardous areas.
  • Do not mow during thunderstorms and rain, as well as after rain, when the grass is wet.
  • You can work only during daylight hours, in good light conditions.
  • Use only the type of fuel and lubricant that is suitable for a particular model of grass trimmer.
  • It is not advisable to repair tools yourself.
  • You should not touch rotating or heating elements during operation.
  • No smoking or making a fire while mowing, etc.д.

How to Hang a Grass Trimmer on the Wall

The interior of any room is not possible without beautiful lighting. Room lighting is divided into primary and auxiliary, and while chandeliers provide the primary, auxiliary lighting comes from floor lamps, wall lamps and sconces. Let us do the installation of the lamp with our own hands.

We have to deal with electricity

Although it’s dangerous to work with electricity (unless you follow safety rules), you don’t need to call in electricity to install wall sconces. Let’s do it ourselves.

The first rule of using electricity for the home is that (!) Unscrew the plugs or turn off the machine and the control indicator no voltage on the wires.

So we have two wires coming out of the wall. “phase” and “zero.”.

The first comes from the switch, and the second comes from the common entrance to the room.

Wall lights have two ways to turn on. with a pendant and a normal switch. Our sconce is turned on by the latter method, so the task of installing the switch is somewhat easier.


The wall light consists of a metal decorated console, inside which there are 2 wires to the socket, mounting rings, ceiling and mounting.

This is a standard set of almost any lamp.

We will need the following tools

To install the tools we will need two 6×40 dowel nails, screw clamps, pliers, than to remove the insulation and screwdrivers.

We carry out the installation of the interlocking level

Automechanic specializing in agricultural equipmentThe Oka motor blocks are compact devices designed for excavation work, and can also be used for snow removal along with attachments.KO gearbox.

How to replace the brushes on the grinder (grinder) where ever they are located?Requires a grinder in the arsenal of the master. After all, it is possible to perform such work as our usual tools, such as a metal hacksaw, chisel, nozzle.

All Ural chainsaws were equipped with standard KMP-100 carburetors and minor modifications. And it was the only carburetor for chainsaws made in the USSR. Later, with the appearance of the newest and newest model Ural 2t Electron in the USSR, he.

Peorator tools. your assistant for all types of repair work. As unfortunate as it may sound, as well as what is left to do our customer here is the sun, it does not work forever. The moment comes when you have to deal with its maintenance.

drill Interskol Du 750er changeover buttonThe modern electronic hand drill starter button is not only responsible for switching the power supply on and off and forward and backward, but also provides infinitely variable regulation.

Electric saw chain sharpening is almost as independent as the sharpening of any cutting tool. Due to the fact that power saws have a complex geometry of construction, it is necessary to pick up an appropriate set of sharpeners. Basic sl.

There is a metal bar with different slots in the kit to mount our sconces, which we will use to attach the lamp.

Mark the place for attaching the bracket to the wall through the round holes (elongated for attaching the brackets to the bracket).

Here we need to carefully consider the position of the dowel rod and remember that there are wires in the wall. Therefore, when marking the holes, their position must be taken into account.

Then we drill holes to the depth of the dowel and insert the dowels themselves.

This has a brand look to it, and so the T-bar has to rest on the wall. Tighten the screws through the elongated slots, clamping the rod washer on both sides.

Don’t tighten the nuts completely, leaving the game free.

Now we place the bracket with the screws on the back of the console and by moving the screws in the holes we achieve their alignment with the holes in the console.

The next step is to secure the bracket with the screws to the wall using screw nails (you can use a screwdriver).

Connect the wires

Next, distribute the wires. “Phase” should be connected to the “five” socket in the lamp and “zero”. with the socket for the cartridge. The wires in the lamp are different colors, and to understand what type of wire you just need to look in the socket.

We use a clamp to secure the wires.

The connection is also possible by normal twisting, but only if both wires have the same metal and cross section. In addition, the roll should be soldered and insulated.

Single-core copper wire comes out of the wall, and the wall sconces use stranded aluminum wire, so you can only get a quality connection with a terminal clamp.

Clean the insulation with a special knife about 5 mm and insert the wire into the hole in the clamp, securing it with the screw.

We are also working on the second wire. Now we call for a helper, and if he’s not there, we just tie the console down to make it easier to see.

On the back of the device connect the wires from the lamp, clean the insulation in the same way.

We tighten the screws firmly to prevent the wires from colliding unintentionally.

Attach the sconce to the wall and install the ceiling

We release the bracket from the support string and, by connecting the screws of the enclosed trim to the holes in the bracket, install the wall-mounted light fixture.

Screw the decorative nuts on the protruding ends of the screws.

No free movement should be allowed, as the console must be firmly secured to the bar.

Next, place the ceiling on the console, securing it with the ring on the cartridge.

The power of the bulbs used should not exceed 60 watts (even written on the ring of the lamp), which is equivalent to ordinary incandescent bulbs.

So observe this limitation to avoid overheating, breakdowns and short circuits. Now it’s time to put the plugs back in. We switch on the brakes and use the fruits of our labor!

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Operating a chainsaw during the cold season: Highlights

There is always a task for the chainsaw in the household, so putting it on “winter vacation” is not always practical. In such cases we don’t preserve the tool in its entirety, i.e.е. without complete disassembly.

How To Install A Purge / Primer Bulb Properly

The cold makes it difficult to start gasoline engines: the fuel evaporates poorly, so if you open the choke immediately after the first strokes, the chainsaw will either not start at all or will immediately stall. As a result, you have to warm it up and start it on the breather, and you run the risk of spilling gasoline on the spark plug. This is too time-consuming and leads to clogging and shortening the service life of the individual parts of the instrument.

If you intend to operate your chainsaw during the winter months, store it and the fuel mix in a well-ventilated, dry, warm, at the very least unheated area that is protected from the elements.

hang, lawn, mower, garage, chain

Before starting work, make sure that the fuel has a sufficient temperature to ignite and that the oil in the tool’s lubrication system has a normal viscosity. Some chainsaw models have a system that supplies hot air to the carburetor from the carburetor cooling ribs, which reduces the risk of the air filter freezing and prevents condensation on the carburetor.

Before starting the machine in cold conditions, check that the throttle is closed and that the chain is properly lubricated and tensioned. Do not take the tool indoors immediately after completing work. This is guaranteed to lead to condensation, making you have to remove, disassemble and clean it.

To prevent the oil from thickening in the cold, you need to dilute it with a little gasoline. This ensures uniformity of lubrication and stability of the chain tension.

Putting it into storage

Most chainsaw owners don’t like to run their machines through the winter, but leave them in storage before it gets too cold.

To prepare your chain saw for winter storage you need to

The saw bar and chain should be coated with a protective lubricant before packing and stored in a cloth or paper soaked in oil. Protect the tool and its main components from direct sunlight, which can make some parts brittle.

Cleaning the grass trimmer

Thoroughly clean grass trimmer parts of grass clippings, dirt and dust. Do not use metal brushes or other tools which may damage the protective paint finish. Remains of grass and weeds can be cleaned off gently with a plastic spatula and a synthetic pile brush (for example, a shoe brush). Wiping surfaces with a damp rag followed by thorough drying is allowed.

Before storing the gasoline grass trimmer for an extended period of time, it is recommended to perform maintenance.

Air filter

Service the air filter using the following algorithm:

  • Close the carburettor choke by moving the lever to the proper position.
  • Remove the screw that secures the air filter cover.
  • Remove plastic cover.
  • Remove the filter element from the housing.
  • Clean the element. wash it in warm water with detergent and dry it thoroughly.
  • Clean the inside of the housing and filter cover of dust and dirt.
  • Install the filter element in its place.
  • Make sure the filter is properly installed.
  • Close the housing with the cover and tighten the screw.

If the filter element is very dirty, does not clean, is damaged or does not fit in place. replace it with a new one. Also look at the air cleaner body and cover. they must be free of cracks, chips, and other damage. Replace with new ones if necessary.

Spark plug

Remove the spark plug by first removing the spark plug wire. If the spark plug electrodes look visually damaged (melted or burnt), it is a sign of engine malfunction. Contact service to determine the cause. Do not operate the vehicle until the problem has been corrected.

Inspect the electrodes for carbon deposits and clean them with a pointed wooden stick if necessary. Do not use metal tools. Rinse in clean gasoline and dry thoroughly.

Use a feeler gauge to check the gap between the electrodes of the spark plug. The correct value is 0.6 to 0.7 mm.

Worn parts

Carefully inspect the grass trimmer parts for wear or mechanical damage. Replace them if necessary or call for service.

Tightening screws and nuts

Check all screws and nuts fixing knots on your trimmer and tighten them if necessary.

Taking care of your trimmer in the winter and preparing your grass trimmer for spring

Prepare the grass trimmer and prepare the chainsaw for winter storage:

  • Finish / finish everything that needs to be mowed / finished (at the same time you use the fuel so that it is not left for winter storage in the trimmer or for storage in the chainsaw).
  • Remove the tank cap, turn the grass trimmer (chain saw) upside down and drain all the fuel from the tank into a container for technical use (canister or bottle with a funnel for washing engine parts during maintenance). This is essential in preparing your grass trimmer and preparing your chainsaw for winter storage.Start the grass trimmer / chainsaw and drain the remaining fuel from the carburetor until it stalls (if you leave fuel in the system, after a while the fuel will separate and oxides and tarry deposits will form in the carburetor channels, which will interfere with normal engine operation after winter storage).
  • Be sure to wash with warm water and a brush everything on the handlebar, everything on the boom and both grass trimmer guards, and make a complete care of the trimmer. add grease to the gear, remove the blade, clean inside the lead cartridge, inspect everything on the chain saw for cracks, bends, scuffs, misalignment, breaks (in the same way we should make care of chain saw). Then, for storing the grass trimmer and storing the chainsaw, make t.о. air filter, partial disassembly of the motor, washing and purging it, lubricating moving parts, inspect the condition of the clutch and make a fine adjustment of the grass trimmer carburetor.
  • Prepare the grass trimmer and prepare the chainsaw for winter storage. unscrew the spark plug, bring the piston to the top dead center (starter), pour 20 grams into the spark plug hole. add engine oil and slowly turn the crankshaft several times with the starter motor to lubricate the piston/cylinder assembly. Put the spark plug in place (no need to tighten).Care for your trimmer and care for your chainsaw during winter storage. once a month it is advisable to remove the spark plug and do a few crankshaft revolutions to renew the lubrication in the cylinder.
  • Wrap the grass trimmer and chainsaw engine in a cloth or bag, so that during winter temperature changes, when condensation forms, moisture does not get inside the lawnmower engine.

How to prepare your grass trimmer for spring use

You’ve been taking good care of your lawn. aerating, seeding, fertilizing now you’re waiting. You’re looking forward to warm days and blue skies, and you know for sure that the grass will turn green soon. You’ve checked the list of things to do for your lawn. And your grass trimmer is ready? You know how to prepare your grass trimmer? Your tool in the shed is set up and ready for a new mowing season? Let’s take a look at the list of things you need to do for your regular grass trimmer to get it ready to do its job (mowing) well.

How to Prepare Fuel for Your Grass Trimmer

The grass trimmer engine will run better and be better ready to mow if you add a fuel stabilizer (additive) to the fuel mixture. Do not forget to drain all of the fuel before storing it for a long period of time. Then start the engine and let it run until it stalls so there is no fuel left in the fuel system. When it’s time to refuel for the new season, it’s important to use a properly pre-blended oil and gasoline. This will ensure proper performance of the grass trimmer’s 2-stroke engine. Pre-prepared fuel eliminates the hassle and error of mixing the fuel just before mowing. Mix enough fuel to use within a month, not longer, because if stored for more than 1 month, the oil will precipitate and the fuel will age.

How to Prepare the Grass Trimmer Engine

Before the season begins, replace the grass trimmer spark plug, fuel filter, clean the air filter and adjust the carburetor. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase power output. For a grass trimmer with a 4-stroke engine, you need to check the engine oil level and its freshness, and replace the oil filter.

Best of Lawn Mowers Chainsaws & Blowers | Tic Tok Wins & Fails

How to prepare your trimmer fishing line for your grass trimmer

If the trimmer line is stored too long (e.g. after winter storage), it may become dry and brittle. To prevent this and increase the life of your line, simply store it in an airtight bag with a little water. And before you start using it (before you load your trimmer line into the trimmer head), it’s advisable to soak your trimmer line in water for a few days. Then it (the line for the trimmer) will become more elastic and durable.

How to Prepare Grass Trimmer Nozzles

trimmer for grass with nozzle provides not only the convenience of doing all the necessary work in the yard, but also saves a lot of money, because you do not need to buy for each type of work a separate machine. it is enough to use a specific attachment for grass trimmer. It can be a hedge trimmer, a cultivator for digging a flower bed, an aerial trimmer for pruning trees, a leaf blower for sweeping leaves, etc.д.

Briefly about preparing your grass trimmer and chain saw for the summer season

Spring! It’s time to get the grass trimmer ready for work and get the chainsaw ready for use after winter storage. After you take your tool out of the place where you stored the grass trimmer and chain saw storage, you need to make sure that the chain saw is ready for the start of the season. These few tips will tell you about trimmer care and chainsaw care to help get your chainsaw or lawnmower ready to start after winter storage:

  • Check condition of spark plugs, replace if necessary.
  • Check the air and fuel filters, clean or replace if necessary.
  • Check your trimmer/ chainsaw and if it is defective, repair it.
  • Tighten all fasteners (make sure all fasteners are tight). Take care of your trimmer and chain saw.
  • Sharpen chain and brush cutter blade or change grass trimmer lines immediately.
  • Add grease to the grass trimmer/ chainsaw gearbox, lubricate cables and friction points of moving parts.
  • Mix the fuel, use fresh gasoline (stored for no more than 2 months) and fresh 2-stroke oil.
  • When grass trimmer and chain saw preparations are done, fire it up and be sure to let the trimmer/ chainsaw warm up for a few minutes before working.

Note: For complete maintenance and repairs after winter storage of a grass trimmer or after winter storage of a chainsaw, see. The instructions for your gasoline-powered tool.

hang, lawn, mower, garage, chain