How to lubricate the gearbox of a Huter grass trimmer. Drive motors

Gear lubricant for grass trimmer

Buying any machine is sort of a lottery, but a lot also depends on the gardener. In caring hands and Chinese samples serve long and do not fail their owners at the wrong time. And if you forget to timely lubricate the gearbox of brushcutters, do not clean the filters, use cheap low-quality gasoline, then the garden equipment from the most famous brands will become a headache.

Lubricating the gearbox of the brushcutter is one of the most important elements of gasoline grass trimmer maintenance, which should be carried out directly by the user.

Time and procedure for gearbox maintenance

I recommend that you take care of your new petrol grass trimmer right after you buy it, adding oil to the gearbox. For all the high cost of garden equipment, some manufacturers save money and put grease only to a minimum, for the time of break-in.

How often should you lubricate the gearbox of your brushcutter?

Often preventive inspection of the transmission with the addition of liquid grease is carried out once a year at the beginning or end of the season. If you don’t use your gasoline grass trimmer professionally, it’s enough.

If you work extensively, you should lubricate the gearbox of your petrol brushcutter every 20 to 50 hours. If the operating conditions of garden equipment are hard, for example, mowing a large field at a time, and the mower does not have time to cool down, or use a cheap lubricant, then lubrication should be checked and added every 20 hours of work.

Indirect evidence that it is necessary to lubricate the gearbox can serve as overheating or increased noisiness of the unit.

Also a complete replacement of lubricant, with disassembly and flushing of the unit, I recommend when buying a second-hand gasoline grass trimmer.

Gear lubricant for petrol grass trimmers

Variety of greases for garden equipment

According to the instructions for lubricating bevel gears, use a special transmission liquid grease. As a rule, manufacturers of garden equipment produce and recommend the chemistry of their brand, as the most adapted to their devices.

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At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of operating the garden equipment and to increase the attractiveness of the brand of car chemistry, the lubricant for garden equipment is usually made multifunctional. It is intended not only for the lubrication of gearboxes of gasoline trimmers, but also for the treatment of hoses, gears and gears of any garden equipment and mechanical devices operating under high loads.

This gear lubricant is sold in tubes that are easy to use and store.

Even if specialized gearbox grease is almost completely worn out during operation, additives still create an effective lubricating protective film on the gear surface.

It should be noted that many brushcutter owners in the former CIS countries for the lubrication of the gearboxes use regular Lithium-based Lithol-24 or grease for Cables. It’s easy to fill the gearbox with a 5cc medical syringe.

The undoubted advantage of using Lithium-based grease and Lithium-based grease for filling the transmission of brushcutters is cheaper operation. But there are nuances because of which break up spears on forums of gardeners Internet space. For my thoughts on what can and can’t be lubricated with lithium-based grease, read my article “Lithol as a brushcutter gear lubricant.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter, gasoline grass trimmer

Side bolt 17 on the gasoline grass trimmer gearbox

To be on the safe side, to prevent the machine from starting up accidentally, always check that you have removed the spark plug boot / tee cap when carrying out maintenance work on your brushcutter. Do not turn the trimmer upside down to avoid gasoline leaks.

Remove the side screw on the brushcutter gearbox. Depending on the manufacturer of your garden tool, there may be a hexagon socket screw instead of a hexagon socket screw, most commonly a 17. Threads are common, unscrew counterclockwise. Do not lose the sealing washer.

If there is no grease visible on the inside face of the screw, you should add 3 to 4 grams. Turn the transmission by hand, changing the direction of rotation to distribute the lubricant over the gears.

Then put the screw in place and tighten it firmly.

When to oil the gearbox of your grass trimmer??

A clear signal of the necessity of lubricating the gearbox of a drive is its rapid heating during operation or the appearance of extraneous noises. In this case, lubrication is absolutely necessary.

It is also necessary to follow the recommendations of a petrol or electric trimmer manufacturer. Lubrication intervals are specified in the instruction manual of the device.

However, even the manufacturer can not take into account all the nuances and peculiarities of operating modes of these mechanisms, so there is a fair opinion among electric or brushcutters service technicians that gearbox maintenance should be performed without waiting for the signs of failure. It is recommended to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer every 10-15 hour intervals (i.e. working hours).

Lubrication at the end of the season during winter storage is sometimes recommended. However, it is better to refill the gearbox with new grease before the start of the seasonal work.

When you have to lubricate the machine, it can be repaired or disassembled in any way.

Gear lubrication is also necessary if you have purchased a second-hand grass trimmer.

How to lubricate grass trimmer gearbox?

There is a technological hole in the upper part of the body where the pinion housing is located that is plugged with a screw when the grass trimmer is in use. This screw is unscrewed and 1.5 2 ml of grease is injected into the hole using the spout on the tube. If grease is purchased in a different packing, an ordinary disposable medical syringe is also suitable for this operation.

After that, the screw is installed in its former place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 1015 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Other occasions to refresh or replace the lubricant are self-care routine maintenance (e.g., cleaning and washing gear wheels before the summer season), repairing the unit, preserving the grass trimmer for the winter, etc. д.

If a gearbox assembly has been disassembled, it is advisable to completely remove the remains of previous grease from the surfaces of the parts, even if there are no signs of oxidation and contamination. And only then is new grease to be applied. After applying lubricant, it is recommended that the shaft be turned several times by hand to check that the lubricant is evenly distributed throughout the gearbox.

When lubricating, pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • To the flywheel: its surface tends to be intensely sticky with grass residue, and the thickening grass sap creates additional resistance.
  • The dog of the starter coil, which is in constant contact with the slots on the flywheel during engaging. This causes not only mechanical wear but also mechanochemical corrosion of flywheel-dog joint, since the materials of this pair are different (flywheel is aluminum and doggie is steel).
  • Bearings, if their seals are worn and grease residues are squeezed out. In this case, the machine vibrates heavily when loaded. It often happens with trimmers made in China, that’s why you should think about replacement of the bearing unit for a high-quality one, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.

How to Grease the Gear Gearbox of the Huter Grass Trimmer

Gearbox lubricant for grass trimmer. With what and how lubricate?

Occasionally, in the midst of heavy mowing, your grass trimmer begins to make nasty, grinding noises. This complains about the lack of lubrication gearbox. The more actively loaded unit. And soon these “warnings” can be followed by jamming of the drive.

What kind of grease should be used for the grass trimmer gearbox?

During operation, the mechanical part of the trimmer for grass is loaded with contact forces on the teeth, the reactions of resistance from grass clings (from time to time. with dirt), and dynamic, impact loads due to the constantly changing torque. Grass trimmer gear lubricant should take these features into account in all parameters, so the brand selection must be strictly personal.

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Any brand name not unreasonably focuses on the greases of its own production (you can talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, STIHL, Huter, Makita, etc. Russian-made grass trimmers are an exception: nettle, Kalibr does not show the brand of grease in the user’s annotation at all.
  • Viscosity of the grease. It’s no secret that remains to do our customer lubricating compositions are divided into three groups. high-viscosity (colloidal, containing various additives), plastic compounds of universal implementation and solid lubricants, which soften during operation.
  • Not bad adhesion to the surface of the gearbox parts. Because of this the grease does not extrude into the gaps or out of the node.
  • Intensity of grease consumption by a gearbox. Here we have to rely on their weight experience and professional advice, as some domestic trimmer manufacturers, relying on the availability of their own service centers, generally do not give clear advice about the period between 2 lubrication gear box.

Lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which it retains its lubricating power. When the gearbox heats up to 40°C, the working conditions are considered satisfactory and lubrication is sufficient.

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It is believed that the universal grass trimmer gear lubricant does not exist, but this is not entirely true. In fact, a suitable lubricant would be one that contains the following components:

  • Antiwear additives that do not contain toxic lead;
  • Solid greases with the presence of graphite on the other molybdenum disulfide (the latter is better, as at the same time the lubricating power is one hundred percent retained for the huge Spectra of shaft speeds);
  • Only mineral (inorganic)!) oil, with the highest degree of purity.

Lithium-based Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0, Russian compounds Oleo-Mas, Lithol.24, or Azmol 158, also those that are recommended by the manufacturer of a certain model of grass trimmer.

How to lubricate the gearbox grass trimmer?

There is a technological hole in the upper part of the body, where the gear unit is installed, which is plugged with a screw during operation of the grass trimmer. Remove the screw and put 1,5 2 ml of grease into the hole using the nozzle on the tube. If the grease has been purchased in a different packing, an ordinary disposable medical syringe is also suitable for this operation.

After that the screw is installed in its original place. This function, regardless of the user’s advice, should be done every 1015 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Other reasons to upgrade or replacement grease reducer are independent execution of small routine operations (nettles, cleaning and washing gear reducer gears to the summer), repair unit, conservation trimmer for the grass for the period of cold weather, etc. д.

If a gear unit has been disassembled, it is advisable to completely remove the remains of old lubricant from the surface of the parts, even if there are no signs of oxidation or contamination. And only then apply new grease. After applying lubricant it is recommended to turn the shaft a couple of times by hand to be sure that the grease is distributed moderately over all parts of the gearbox.

When lubricating, increased attention is paid to the following elements:

  • The flywheel: on its surface, you, actively adheres to the remains of grass, and the thickening of the grass juice creates additional resistance.
  • Dog of the starter reel, which during the inclusion of the drive gaily in contact with the grooves on the flywheel. With all this is not only mechanical wear but mechanochemical corrosion of the connection “flywheel-dog” occurs, as the materials of this pair. different (flywheel. dural, and the dog. iron).
  • Bearings, if their seals are worn and grease residue is squeezed out through them. And then the machine actively vibrates when loaded. This happens with trimmers made in China, so it is worth in the long term to think about replacing the bearing unit for a more high-quality, nettle, from the Swedish company SKF.

Tools and materials needed

The following tools and materials will be needed for gearbox maintenance:

Allen wrench for opening the lubrication hole in the gearbox

This wrench is usually supplied with your brushcutter or trimmer.

The next tool is an ordinary medical syringe with a volume of 10 ml. You can use a grease gun to force grease into the gearbox.

It is recommended to use the branded lubricant from the brushcutter manufacturer. As a last resort, you can use any grease you like, such as Lithol 24, to lubricate rotating mechanisms.

Action Open the gearbox

To gain access to the reducer, it must be opened. This is quite easy to do. unscrew the gearbox bolt with an Allen key. This bolt is the same on all brushcutters. directly next to the tool.

Action Filling the syringe with oil

Diameter of grease tube does not match that of the gearbox

To inject grease into the gearbox without any problems, use a grease gun.

Then fill a syringe with grease from the tube.

Then the piston is inserted into the syringe again. Syringe ready for grease filling.

Procedure Filling the Geareducer with Grease

The syringe is inserted into the reducer bore

First, the grease gun is inserted into the reducer opening.

Squeeze a little grease into the reducer and turn it about a quarter turn

Then squeeze some grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter turn.

When all the grease has been squeezed out the process is completed

Make sure that small amounts of grease are applied. After each lubrication, turn the gearbox by 1/3. 1/4 turn. It is advisable to choose the amount of grease at each filling so that the gearbox makes a full turn during the lubrication process.

Action Sealing the gearbox

After you have filled the gearbox with oil, screw in the gearbox bolt and tighten it well.

How to lubricate the gearbox on a brushcutter (easiest way)

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

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Gearbox of a grass trimmer

Gearbox of grass trimmer is a unit that transmits rotary motion of the engine shaft to the blade or line. It is located on the lower end of the brushcutter bar. The gear unit is also designed to reduce the engine speed of the grass trimmer.

The mechanism consists, depending on the model of the brushcutter, of several gears that rotate at high speed. This causes them to heat up due to high friction. If the grease is not enough or there is none at all, then the process leads to severe overheating and failure of parts, and, accordingly, the need for complex repairs. This can be avoided by periodic lubrication of the transmission unit. The disassembled gearbox is shown in the photo below.

Gearboxes of modern trimmers of different models from different manufacturers differ from each other by design and the size of the seating. It comes in:

The most common diameters for round seats are 24, 25.5, and 26 mm.

Mowers are equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • tapered;
  • worm gears;
  • Spiroid;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave bolts;
  • with the combined.

Drive shaft and gearbox are highly stressed parts of the grass trimmer and are subject to considerable wear and tear. Between them the motion is transmitted because of the meshing of the gear teeth, located at different angles to each other. Gear transmission only works efficiently if there is no mechanical damage. Gearboxes must not overheat, otherwise they can seize.

How to correctly lubricate the gearbox of a lawnmower

The first thing to do is to remove the gearbox from the boom. You can see the detailed assembly-disassembly process on the video at the end of the article. Unscrew the bolts from the gearbox housing.

Take the CVT and squeeze it into the hole designed for the lubrication of the gearbox, which is located in the housing.

It is absolutely essential to fill the gearbox with grease until it is completely full, so to speak. This will avoid the formation of air s.

After lubrication, reassemble everything in reverse order. We screw the bolts in place and then fix the gearbox to the boom. That’s pretty much it. The main thing is to use lots of grease.

Many would say that you can not use so much grease, that it leads to various problems in the operation of the lawnmower. But in fact, everything is much easier, and there is no reason to panic.

At high speeds (around 6,000 to 6,500 rpm), the lawnmower can squeeze extra grease out.) Excess grease is squeezed out of the gearbox through the bearings and over the splines into the shaft. And as a result there is just as much grease as is needed for work.

Watch the video below for more details on how to lubricate the gearbox of your lawnmower. Advice shared by the author of the YouTube channel “repair Nick TV”.

Defects and troubleshooting

Electric and gasoline-powered trimmers have typical breakdowns and malfunctions. For devices powered by the internal combustion engine, it is:

  • problems in the carburetor;
  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the fuel system;
  • Breakage of gearbox, starter, muffler;
  • clogs;
  • Breakdown of the air filter;
  • problems with the ignition coil.

Electric units have specific breakdowns:

With uncomplicated problems, you can make repairs to the grass trimmer with your own hands.

Why the grass trimmer won’t start

The most common reason the machine won’t start is the use of poor quality fuel. The choice of gasoline brands lower than AI-92 can disable the lawnmower. If quality fuel is used, you need to look for other causes. To do so, carefully check all nodes and systems. Subject to inspection:

The device may not start after a long period of downtime. Before turning on the grass trimmer, you need to study the operating instructions well. The solution to many of the problems is listed there.

If it stalls when you press the gas

There are several reasons why the grass trimmer stalls when the throttle is depressed:

  • The first reason. the carburetor razregulirovanie.
  • Fuel valve clogging.
  • Check valve blockage.
  • Loose and slack carburetor cable or slack fuel hose.


To avoid the described problems with the lawnmower, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the device and its units. Timely cleaning, washing of the unit and parts will extend the life of the unit.

Starter breakage

The most complicated breakdown of the starter occurs when the rope breaks and winds it on the flywheel of a running engine. Spring tension can break and sheave can come loose. In this case, only a complete replacement of the part will help. This defect rarely occurs. common:

In this case, it is easy to repair the starter itself. The manufacturer has prepared step-by-step instructions for this.

Gearbox repair

The correct care of the brushcutter gearbox is to lubricate the machine in good time. The absence of one can lead to rapid wear of the gears and jamming of the gear module.

lubricate, gearbox, huter, grass, trimmer, drive

The main malfunctions of the grass trimmer gearbox:

  • Strong heating of the transmission unit due to low or no lubricant;
  • shaft seizing due to rotation of worn bearings;
  • the gearbox is loose or comes off the boom as a result of damage to the housing;
  • no rotation of output shaft with blade due to teeth wear on gears.

This happens due to the use of low quality lubricant or complete lack of it. Another cause of gearbox failure is the operation of the grass trimmer at its limits and the ingress of foreign objects. To replace the faulty bearing, disassemble the gearbox.

Peculiarities of repair of electric models

Electric models of trimmers, working from the mains, have several main blocks in their composition:

Each electric trimmer unit has specific malfunctions. On the mechanical side, they depend on the presence of a fishing line used as the cutting element. Causes of stoppage of work:

It is possible to detect malfunctions of the electric part of the electric mower with the help of special tools:

You need a blowtorch to fix problems.

  • Faulty power cable;
  • problems with the socket and plug;
  • failure of the control handle;
  • burnout of the starter winding, the motor must be replaced;
  • breakage of contacts can be corrected by yourself with a blowtorch.

User reviews of lubricants

Specialists advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If these are not available, you need to clarify how to lubricate the gearbox of your grass trimmer. Experienced users do not recommend using solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as the consistency. Also the given material does not have antiwear properties.

Make Your Lawn Tractor Look New Again With A Good Clean!. Video

The working temperature range of solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at such parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In case of an emergency need to treat the tool, you can use “Lytol-24”.