How To Make A Chain Saw From An Angle Grinder

A high-quality gasoline or electric chain saw with high power and performance is not cheap. But the owners of country houses and private plots know firsthand how useful the chainsaw is in everyday life. If you do not want to spend money on sawing equipment that is used several times a season, then you can make a chain electric or chainsaw from an angle grinder with your own hands.

The principle of remaking angle grinder in a chain saw

Any home-made equipment depends on the quality of the raw materials. How many times in your life was it that you planned some work, but could not do it due to a lack of suitable equipment? In such moments, you can turn to improvised tools and do it yourself to assemble the right tool on the basis of another.

How To Make A Chain Saw From An Angle Grinder

If you briefly describe the process of remaking an angle grinder or an angle saw into a chain with your own hands, it will look like this: you need to cut the link and cut it in the middle of the tooth so that the cutting edge of the chain teeth reaches the wood during sawing. For your comfort, you can also install handles.

Why make a saw from a do-it-yourself angle grinder?

Choosing an angle grinder for remaking a chain saw

The most important factor that you should pay attention to when preparing the raw materials for assembling a chain saw with your own hands is the power of an angle grinder. The power, and, consequently, the productivity of the future saw equipment depends on this. Consider the purpose of the future tool. If you are going to perform simple and short household tasks, then power up to 2500 W will be enough for you.

Experienced homemade users also recommend not using a new angle grinder, but rather prefer tools that were already in use.

Factory Chainsaw Nozzles for Angle Grinder

For those who do not like to work a lot with their hands or because of poor knowledge of the structure of equipment and tools, some manufacturers of gardening and repair equipment produce special ready-made nozzles. In the kit you will also find all the necessary mounts. This is a very convenient option, however, you should carefully choose the nozzles so that they can work seamlessly with the power unit against the background of technical indicators and characteristics.

DIY angle grinder into a chainsaw do it yourself

To create a chain saw from an angle grinder with your own hands, you do not need special drawings and diagrams, since the installation process of a homemade saw nozzle is extremely simple and affordable. And if you purchased a ready-made set of nozzles with fasteners, the installation process is simplified by several times.

So, the chain saw is an angle grinder assembled from the following parts:

  • Angle grinder, as the basis of the future tool;
  • Drive sprocket (recommended to replace it with a new one);
  • Metal, which will act as a bracket on which the guide will be installed in the future;
  • Saw set in the tire and saw chain;
  • Fasteners;
  • Tools and drill.

How to make a chainsaw from an angle grinder?

  1. A chain saw or chainsaw from an angle grinder can be assembled by following the following five basic steps.
  2. Remove the emery disc from the angle grinder.
  3. Screw the screw element that holds the chain to the tool (with a wrench, tighten the fasteners all the way).
  4. Drill two holes on the protective shield at the angle grinder. The diameter of the hole is equal to the diameter of the mounting bolt for mounting the tire.
  5. We put the tire in its actual place and fix the position with bolts. Tighten the bolts securely and completely with nuts, since the quality of work of a home-made saw depends on this.
  6. After installing the tire in good quality, you can put on the saw chain and secure it with screw clamps. It is important to correctly adjust the degree of chain tension, since too weak tension, as well as strong, harm the workflow. The optimum degree of tension is when the chain slacks slightly.

Tips Tricks

If you are assembling a chain saw on an electric drive, it is recommended to use the transverse placement of the engine, which will greatly simplify the work of the operator. If you decide to independently develop a drawing for the design of a homemade chain saw, you also develop a start-up blocking system, which will make new equipment even safer for the operator.

Experienced users of manual alterations are advised not to forget about the fluid inside the saw. Always have lubricating oil in the reservoir for a smooth and easy cut. After using the saw, it must be well cleaned of sawdust and other contaminants, as well as lubricating the work units.

how to make a chainsaw from an angle grinder

Eugene, 45 years old, Kherson

“I decided to practice and assembled a saw from an old and unnecessary angle grinder in the garage. In fact, the process itself is very interesting and not at all complicated. I bought a ready-made nozzle on the market right away, slightly altered the body itself with an angle grinder and, after watching a on the Internet, connected everything. The tool works very quickly and is happy with everything. ”

Ivan, 67 years old, Kiev

Advantages: low cost of equipment, short assembly time, versatility and power.

Disadvantages: the motor heats up quickly, the chain and parts quickly wear out, it is difficult to call the tool safe. ”