How to properly cut a 45 degree angle

Cutting methods

The product is installed around the perimeter of a rectangular room. Trimmed to trim right angles. Therefore, we will consider how to cut the skirting board at 45 degrees.

Additional installation guidelines

Indoor floor

First, let’s set the left and right skirting boards at right angles. We insert the left product into the miter box, applying it to the outside, cut off the left inner corner. Then we do a similar operation with the right one. Done.

External ceiling

We already cut the ceiling corners on the inside of the device.

properly, degree, angle

Having inserted the left plinth into the miter box, we cut off the left outer corner. Substitute Right. Right Outer Edge Mode.

Composition and features of the material

To understand how to properly cut the baseboard, you need to understand its composition. This will help you choose the right tool and cutting technology.

  • Styrofoam. The price and strength of this material are the lowest. But since we create decorative ceiling decoration, strength is not particularly required.
  • Styrofoam ceiling skirting board is more dense. than regular foam. The most common knife is used to cut such material.

Tip: sharpen the knife well before use. This will eliminate the presence of torn edges at the cut.

  • Wood. Here you have to put more effort into processing. Use only a hacksaw for wood.

Tip: The smaller and more frequent the saw tooth, the smoother the edges will be. You can even use a sheet for metal.

  • Plastic. How to cut off a plastic skirting board? The same method is suitable here as with a tree. a saw, a hacksaw. Alternatively, you can also use an angle grinder.

Using a regular hacksaw blade

If you still have any questions, then the visual in this article will help to resolve them.

By carefully following the recommendations and taking into account the peculiarities of the material with which you work, you can give your ceiling beauty and originality. Choose the method that you like and go ahead! You will succeed (read also about the advantages of PVC skirting boards).

Such an angle in geometric problems occurs quite often, so it is important to understand what it is and how to build it. The easiest way is to build an angle of 45 degrees without special tools (like a protractor) on a sheet of a notebook in a box.

Cutting with a miter box

What is a miter box? This is a special tray made of wood, aluminum or plastic with provided grooves to guide the saw at the desired angle.

Here is a quick guide to using such a carpentry tool:

  • Preparation. We take the product and put it in the tray. Align in the position in which it will be installed on the ceiling.
  • Cutting. With the other hand, insert the cutting tool into the groove. It can be a knife or a hacksaw. And we cut it boldly. The device will not let you miss the intended place.
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How To Cut Perfect Long Miters on the Table Saw. Woodworking

You should know: a blade for metal is also suitable for cutting foam.

  • Treatment. Wood skirting boards may need to be filed to level the cut edges. Plastic or foam can be tweaked with a knife, the main thing is that it is sharp enough.

Tip: Do not press on the product when cutting. Styrofoam can crumble, and the tree can split altogether.

It’s so easy and simple to use the miter box

How to cut at a 45 degree angle

Often during repairs, you can face a situation when it is necessary to saw off a piece from a part, at an angle of strictly 45 degrees. Usually, this is needed to connect two parts at right angles, 90 degrees, such as: door trim, plinth, pieces of furniture and much more. An experienced craftsman, professionally engaged in repair work, can often do without special devices, and is practically able to cut the necessary part evenly and clearly by eye. But if you are a novice repairman, and you have a desire to do the work as efficiently as possible, without damaging expensive parts, then you just need to purchase a miter box. a special device that allows you to saw off material at a given angle without any special tricks.

To work, you need to have: a miter box, a hacksaw, a protractor with a pencil, a workpiece made of wood, an electric screwdriver with screws or a clamp.

Self-made miter box

Now you know how you can cut a workpiece at a 45 degree angle. Perhaps the time has come to move from theory to practical action. The team of the portal is confident that you will definitely succeed. stay with us!

How to use the miter box

A miter box will help you to cut the skirting board at an angle of 45 degrees. By the way, do you know how to use the miter box? The specialists of our portal have prepared for you a step-by-step.

How to Cut a Board to Length w/ Angles. A Beginner Tutorial

How to cut the corners of a ceiling plinth

This is an instruction manual on how to cut the corners of a ceiling plinth. Considered options for solutions, such as.

5 degree pattern. 45 degree angle pattern

Often, a home craftsman urgently needs to make some measurement or make a markup at a certain angle, and there is no square or protractor at hand. In this case, a few simple rules will help him out.

If you urgently need to build a right angle, but there is no square, you can use any printed publication. The corner of the paper is a very accurate right angle (90 degrees). Cutting (punching) machines in printing houses are tuned very precisely. Otherwise, the original paper roll will start to cut at random. Therefore, you can be sure that this angle is exactly right.

And if you don’t even have a printed edition or you need to build a corner on the ground, for example, when marking a foundation or a sheet of plywood with uneven edges? In this case, the rule of the golden (or Egyptian) triangle will help us.

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A golden (or Egyptian, or Pythagorean) triangle is a triangle with sides that relate to each other as 5: 4: 3. According to the Pythagorean theorem, in a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs. Those. 5×5 = 4×4 3×3. 25 = 169 and this is undeniable.

Therefore, to build a right angle, it is enough to draw a straight line 5 (10,15,20, etc., multiples of 5 cm) on the workpiece. And then, from the edges of this mowing line, start measuring 4 (8.12.16, etc., multiples of 4 cm) on one side, and 3 (6.9, 12.15, etc., multiples of 3 cm) on the other. ) distance. You should get arcs with a radius of 4 and 3 cm.Where these arcs intersect with each other and there will be a straight (90 degrees) angle.

Such corners are usually used in the manufacture of rectangular frames. The material from which the frame (baguette) is made is sawn at an angle of 45 degrees and joined. If you don’t have a miter box or protractor at hand, you can get a 45-degree angle template as follows. It is necessary to take a sheet of writing paper or any printed matter and bend it so that the fold line passes exactly through the corner, and the edges of the folded sheet coincide. The resulting angle will be equal to 45 degrees.

House lamp made of wood with your own hands

An angle of 60 degrees is required to draw equilateral triangles. For example, you need to saw these triangles for decorative work or precisely set the power cut. The 30 degree angle is rarely used neat. However, using it (and using a 90 degree angle) builds an angle of 120 degrees. And this is the angle required to build equilateral hexagons, a figure very popular with carpenters.

To build a very accurate template of these angles at any time, you need to remember the constant (number) 173. They follow from the ratios of the sines and cosines of these angles.

Take a sheet of paper from any print publication. Its angle is exactly 90 degrees. Measure 100 mm (10 cm) from the corner on one side and 173 mm (17.3 cm) on the other. Connect these dots. Thus, we got a template, which has one angle of 90 degrees, one 30 degrees and one 60 degrees. You can check on the protractor. everything is for sure!

Remember this number. 173, and you can always build angles of 30 and 60 degrees.

When marking blanks or constructions on parts, in addition to the corners themselves, their ratio is also very important. This is especially important in the manufacture of rectangular parts or, for example, when marking the foundation, cutting large sheets of material. Incorrect construction or layout subsequently brings a lot of unnecessary work or a lot of waste.

Unfortunately, even very accurate marking tools, even professional ones, always have a certain margin of error.

Meanwhile, there is a very simple method for determining the squareness of a part or construction. In a rectangle, the diagonals are absolutely equal! Hence, after construction, it is necessary to measure the lengths of the diagonals of the rectangle. If they are equal, everything is fine, it is indeed a rectangle. And if not, you have built a parallelogram or a rhombus. In this case, you should “play” a little with adjacent sides in order to achieve exact (for this case) equality of the diagonals of the marked rectangle.

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How to make a 45 degree angle. How to cut a 45 degree angle

During repair or construction, it is not uncommon for a situation when it is necessary to make a joint of 2 parts so that it fits perfectly into the corner of the room. If you need to cut off a 45 ° angle, use one of the following methods. You will need

  • – ruler;
  • – pencil, pen, marker;
  • – paper;
  • – protractor;
  • – miter box;
  • – knife, scissors, jigsaw and other cutting tools.

Facing at 45 degrees. How to cut at a 45 degree angle

When doing home renovations, it may be necessary to cut materials at a 45-degree angle. This is usually done to connect two parts “in a mustache”, that is, a corner of 90 degrees (frames, skirting boards, door trims, etc.). To make you happy with the result of the work, it is important to precisely fit the adjacent parts of the blanks. To do this without a special device. a miter box. is extremely difficult, especially for a novice master.

properly, degree, angle
  • – miter box;
  • – hacksaw;
  • – piece of wood;
  • – protractor;
  • – pencil;
  • – clamp or screws and electric screwdriver.

Prepare an angle template to help you easily make an accurate 45-degree cut from wood. This device is a profile in the form of an inverted letter “P”; through slots for a hacksaw are made on its sides. They are usually located at 45, 60 and 90 degrees. complex miter boxes are additionally equipped with arbitrary fixed slots, or they have a rotary design. it allows you to set the saw in an optimal position.

Drill several holes in the walls of the future miter box, apply wood glue to the ends and assemble the miter box (tray). Fix the corner template with screws. The walls of the instrument should lie strictly parallel to one another; the bottom and each sidewall make up clear perpendiculars.

How to cut basic 45 degree angles

Mark a 45 degree angle with a pencil, add extra mowing line grooves if necessary. In order not to be mistaken in your calculations, use a protractor.

The most important thing is the slots. It is recommended to perform them with the same hacksaw, which will subsequently be used for cuts in the finished miter box. Start sawing without applying too much pressure on the tool, and hold the blade. First saw through one side, then the opposite.

Start processing lumber. Secure the miter box to a workbench or work bench with a clamp (clamps for fixing parts) or screws. Then mark the future cut on the rail (board, plinth) and put the workpiece in the box. Press it firmly against one of the side walls of the template, aligning the marks with the 45-degree angle slot.

Insert the hacksaw into the slots of the miter box and cut the workpiece. The saw will be limited to fixed cuts and you will have an even and accurate cut.