How to remove the gear from an electric screwdriver. Disassembly of the screwdriver

How to remove the gear from the motor of an electric screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is an electric hand-held tool for tightening or unscrewing screw-type fasteners. Its direct purpose is to work with screws. Quite often the electric screwdriver is used as a drill (for drilling), which leads to its failure. The fact that this unit has a mechanism for braking torque at excessive load, and the speed of rotation of his chuck is significantly inferior to the speed of rotation of the drill chuck. This creates overloads that can lead to breakage and wear of parts.

Almost all such devices have a similar principle of operation and differ only in case design and placement of elements. All screwdrivers consist of a housing, an operating tool (chuck), an electrical system and a mechanical system. The chuck is of the cam type and is mounted on the main shaft, to which the torque from the electric motor is applied by means of a reducer.

The scheme of an electric wrench: 1. switch; 2. reversing device; 3. transistor; 4. motor; 5. gearbox.

The electric power supply of the device is provided by the mains or built-in batteries. The electrical system consists of an electric motor, a starting button element with a power regulator and a device that provides reversing. The heart of the tool is a single-phase 220V collector-type motor. It is started by a capacitor and the voltage is taken from the contact brushes.

The trigger is combined with a speed regulator, the basis of which is a transistor (oscillator) mounted on the control board. When the trigger is pressed differently, the signal that opens the transistor changes and the voltage to the motor input changes accordingly.

The mechanical component is represented by a gearbox and a force regulator. The planetary reduction gearing transmits torque from the motor shaft to the main shaft and reduces the rotation speed. Gearbox includes ring gear, sun gear, satellites and driver. The ability to control the shaft speed depends on the number of stages (satellites). Gearboxes with 2-3 stages are usually used.

The force regulator ensures the correct load on the screw for different working conditions of the tool. Up to 16 positions available for optimizing the screwdriving action in various material densities. The mechanism relieves the load when the screw is turned in completely. In the mechanical subdivision of the electric screwdriver, the important role of the bearings that ensure the smooth running of the rotating parts should be emphasized.

Can the gearwheel of an electric screwdriver motor be replaced by yourself?

You can fix the problem yourself, but the operation is quite complicated (because of the fragile unit, which must be removed from the thin shaft), and you need to do everything very carefully, because there is a risk of breaking off the teeth. Then you have to buy a new pinion.

Important! An additional difficulty lies in the fact that a suitable pinion can not be found in stores with electrical parts, and therefore you will have to buy the entire electric motor, which is already equipped with the necessary node.

You can remove the gear from the motor of an electric screwdriver (for example, a model “Bosch”), using a lighter and pliers, or a thin U-shaped piece of metal. But this option is not recommended by specialists, since there is a risk of damaging the teeth.

The second way is more preferable. use a special puller, which you will have to make yourself or buy in a store Each option has its own disadvantages, which should be considered before starting work.

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Even a fool can take it off with a puller, and you show me how to do it without a puller.

I made it from ordinary round tube, of course it would be better from a square profile!

What is the diameter of the shaft? ? Shafts of 3 mm in diameter will work ?

@andreyfomin grind the rounding to smooth surface beforehand

@Master MD thank you. Another question: doesn’t it come off rounded shafts? ? I read somewhere that rounded shafts are hard to cut.

I use this puller myself, it is very pleasant to work with. I prefer to press gears in a vice, it’s easy, fast and hassle free. But for motors where the diameter of the shaft 5 mm this puller does not fit. Only if you bore the center hole. Do you have a puller for large shafts like this? I don’t know, can you give me the part number??

You know the part number for the bigger puller??

from an ordinary square tube you can make

Disassembled a Makita 12 volt screwdriver.Noise motor I think the bearings dried out is there a chance to disassemble it and try to repair it.

remove, gear, electric, screwdriver

@WORKSHOP MD Okay, let’s see what you’ve got there

If you want your tool to be good, subscribe to the channel, there is useful content for that.

Do not bother, they are disposable motors, even if you make something with sliding sleeves, you will soon run out of brushes

You can pick up a puller for 300 on ali

The jaws are too thick. It won’t fit. If you grind it, it will fit but it’s hard to center

Such a puller can remove the gear if the motor shaft is a shallow center where the pin will be sunk. And when the shaft protrudes a millimeter from the gear and the tip is rounded or flat, the puller pin slips. And for that kind of money, you can buy two of these engines.

Mine is protruding a millimeter and rounded. I made a puller myself, I got one pinion, but I can’t get the other one off. And those who do repairs need to. than one. That’s what I wrote. This video is useful to some people. I was looking for some other way, but I could not find anything sensible without a puller. They use a nail gun to take it off, or heat a pinion :). I can imagine what happens inside such an engine afterwards. All the solder will come off. And they put this rubbish on the net and say nothing will happen. You must have confused hot fit with removal.

How to remove the gearwheel from an electric screwdriver motor

There are only two methods you can use to remove the gearwheel from an electric screwdriver (or drill) motor. You need a special puller for the first one. You can make it yourself, or try to find it on the Internet, for example, on the site Aliexpress.

The second option is not so reliable, because you have to use improvised equipment, not designed specifically for the dismantling of small parts.

Each of these methods has its own particularities, which you should find out before you begin.

With a puller

The problem with removing the pinion from the motor is that it sits very deeply (near the motor itself), and therefore it is almost impossible to slip the “jaws” of the puller into the correct grooves for the dismantling. This is a difficulty with most models of screwdrivers and power drills.

How to change the gear on an electric screwdriver motor. three methods:

Hammerhead & SKIL Cordless Screwdriver Tear-down

Many skilled persons, at an unsuccessful attempt to remove a unit, try to knock on it with a hammer, hoping that it will turn out of place, and further dismantle it will be possible without any effort.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to knock on the gear wheel, because it rests on the impeller, located inside the motor.

In this situation, the impeller will simply come out of its groove and it will be very difficult to put it back in. But even after the impeller is successfully put back in place, it will constantly pop out of its grooves in the process of work in the future.

Homemade puller

If there is no possibility or desire to buy a puller, you can make it yourself with your own hands. In terms of time, the production will take about an hour, and all the necessary things should be in the garage of any craftsman.

The puller is not difficult to make for someone who has had a hand in locksmith work.

Without a puller

The operation can also be performed without a special puller, but the risk of damaging the pinion increases. The first thing to do is to heat the pinion carefully, so that it expands and comes off the shaft better. An ordinary lighter can be used for this.

After heating, several methods of removal are used (operator’s choice):

The information provided is enough to understand how to remove the gear from the motor of an electric screwdriver at home.

Screwdriver Design and Troubleshooting

All screwdrivers are similar. They consist of subsequent multifunctional units:

All the components of the device are in a sturdy and aesthetic housing, which has a rubberized handle, control and adjustment buttons, and a socket to install the battery (if the screwdriver is only designed to operate from a two hundred and 20 V mains, it does not have a battery).

If you do not push the start button one hundred percent, the screwdriver may squeak. It is normal for constant current motors to work at startup and at low rpm.

Repair the battery

There are three types of batteries in the screwdriver:

Keep all types of batteries separate from the screwdriver and charger. If they are not used for a long time, they need to be charged once a month.

If the battery does not charge, remove it. It consists of several batteries. Check voltage in each with a tester. Operating voltage is marked on the housing (it is similar for all parts). Replace defective batteries.

The screwdriver battery consists of several parts, by calling which you can locate and replace the failed ones

Fix fast battery discharge

If it is not possible to remove the battery, the release button is probably jammed. It is necessary to remove the higher part of the case, disconnect the battery, disassemble it and adjust the button.

Disassemble and repair the gearbox

They are made of metal and plastic. Ring gear. This is a cylinder with internal cogs all around its circumference. Satellites move through the teeth.

The 1st carrier has two gears on both ends. 1st motor gear in the sun. It goes between the satellites of the first carrier. The 2nd sun on the back side comes in between the satellites of the second carrier. In a two-stage gearbox, the 2nd carrier is connected to the shaft on which the cartridge is superimposed. The three-stage box has another mechanism. All these parts are located inside the ring gear.

The motor transmits rotation to the first stage satellites by solar gear. The 1st carrier directs the second stage satellites. If there is a 3rd degree, the 2nd carrier spins it. The satellites of all degrees rotate inside the ring gear. The last carrier directs the cartridge shaft. Speed decreases with each torque transfer.

When disassembling the box, all parts are removed one by one: first the first degree satellites, then the second

Lay out all parts of the disassembled box in order so that it is easier to reassemble later.

Often repair of gearboxes is limited to cleaning and lubrication. Do not over grease or the unit will work fine.

Engine Repair

DC in a cylindrical case with magnets. Inside there is an armature with windings and brushes. To checkengine. disconnect the gearbox and the wires leading to the button, and measure the resistance of the armature winding with a multimeter. No reading on the device indicates an open circuit, and a very low value indicates a short circuit. Collector resistance is measured on the shaft and each plate. It must be zero-voltage. Faulty armature leads to tripping during operation, loss of power, sparks and smoke.

Removing the gear from the motor shaft. Battery Charger Repair

Frequent breakdowns Battery charger

If we break the screwdriver charger, we see the downstream transformer and board. Voltage is applied to the transformer’s primary winding via the mains lead. The thermal fuse is connected in series with the mains lead, so it overheats first and protects the winding from breaking. From the secondary winding, the voltage goes to the diode bridge. If charging leaks current, yellowing occurs around the diodes. Transformer windings overheat, diodes breakdown.

The battery charger for the screwdriver consists of a step-down transformer and a board with electronics

Testing the armature winding and collector plates with a multimeter

fails, pinion stays intact. Since it is clamped to the shaft on most engines, it is difficult to remove. Buy a special puller or use improvised means. Do not try to do this with pliers or a nail gun, you will bend the shaft and damage the gear teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages

Metabo angle grinder is designed for grinding, cutting, cleaning products made of different materials, whether they are stone, wood, metal or plastic.

This power tool has several advantages.

The disadvantages of Metabo angle grinder can be attributed only to their price, which is quite high. But the quality of the device is well worth it.

remove, gear, electric, screwdriver

Metabo angle grinder can be divided into several types.

By type of power supply

Both cordless and cordless models are available here. Metabo directed its development to free the construction site from the mains, so many models of angle grinder this manufacturer work on battery. Although for conservative builders there are in Metabo’s range of networked devices.

Also pneumatic angle grinders are produced under this brand. In their device there is no motor, and the device is started by compressed air, which acts on the blades inside the device and makes the circle rotate.

By application

Metabo angle grinders are available as a domestic version, where the power of the device is small, and in the professional with a wider functionality and increased power and torque.

According to disc size

The manufacturer produces angle grinder with different diameter of cutting discs. So, compact models of domestic use have a diameter of the installed wheel 10-15 cm. In professional tools, however, this size reaches up to 23 cm.

There is in the range of machines and angle grinder TM Metabo flat gearbox.

Dismantling the Bosch angle grinder with their own hands

For the owner of a power tool, knowledge of its construction and ability to disassemble is a must.

Knowing how to disassemble the angle grinder also helps with things like changing grease, bearings, and carbon brushes.

To disconnect the gear housing pos.821 from the stator housing pos.888, you must disassemble (remove) the handle housing of the angle grinder pos.24.

This is necessary to remove the carbon brushes pos.810 holding the rotor header.

In the second step, remove the four (4) screws pos.61, fastening the gear housing and the stator.

After having removed the rotor with the gearbox proceed to disassemble the gearbox.

Repair of Bosch angle grinder begins with disassembling the gearbox pos.821. Disassembly of the gearbox begins by removing the four (4) screws pos.60. The screws are screwed in at the factory and are usually sealed. You have to apply some force.

We would like to point out at once! Bosch small power drills have spur gears in the gearbox. Gearboxes of lathes with power over 1000 W are helical gears.

How to remove the idler pinion

By removing the gear cover you can get the helical gear unit pos.26.

To remove the pinion, you need to use a press or a puller. But it is difficult to use a puller because it requires special thin jaws.

Before you remove spur gears, check the play in the pinion joint, the integrity of the teeth, the contact patch.

On the spindle shaft pos.26 is pressed on the bearing pos.50. If the bearing has a lot of play, cranking noise, or if the grease has dried out, it should preferably be replaced.

To remove the bearing you must remove the pinion, retaining ring and remove the bearing. if the bearing remains in the gearbox housing during disassembly of the rotor shaft assembly, the bearing is removed using a hammer and a soft spacer.

remove, gear, electric, screwdriver

How to remove the drive pinion of a Bosch angle grinder

Pinion gear pos.27 is removed from the rotor shaft in the following sequence:

  • Hold the rotor by hand and unscrew the counterclockwise nut with the open-end wrench.45.;
  • Remove washer pos.59.;
  • pull out the drive bevel pinion pos.27.

Visually check the integrity of the gear teeth, the contact patch.

If pinions are heavily worn (chipped), have chipped teeth. they need to be replaced. And, replacing the gears is always done in pairs.

Bosch angle grinders have a needle bearing in the gearbox.

Repair the Bosch angle grinder with your own hands perform strictly according to the enclosed instructions. If you need to remove the needle bearing from the housing, you can’t do without ingenuity here. Only remove it if it breaks.

To remove the destroyed bearing cage, you can use the tried and tested method.

Xiaomi Wowstick Electric Screwdriver. Disassembly

Take a tap with a diameter slightly larger than the inner diameter of the broken needle cage

Take a tap into the chuck of an electric screwdriver and screw it carefully at low rpm into the cage. When the tap reaches the bottom of the gear housing, it begins to lift the cage

In addition to the needle bearing on the spindle shaft, Bosch power tools have two bearings on the rotor shaft.

How to remove the bearings from the rotor of a Bosch angle grinder

To remove the bearings from the rotor pos.803 of the Bosch angle grinder it is recommended to use the extractors.

The bearing pos.15 next to the manifold is easy to remove, but to remove the bearing pos.14 on the impeller side is complicated by a number of preparatory operations.

Bearing pos.15 is covered with a soft rubber socket. The same rubber protection pos.33 covers the bearing pos.14.

To disassemble the bearing pos.14 you need to unscrew the nut pos.45, remove spur gear pos.17 and the plastic protection pos.33. Use a puller to easily remove the bearing from the rotor shaft.

And if you do not have a puller? In this case a vice, two metal strips and a hammer with a soft metallic point are helpful.

How to repair the gearbox yourself

The gearbox is a mechanism that is almost impossible to repair. We are talking about repairing the gearbox of an electric screwdriver with your own hands. For example, the wires can be soldered and the button attached. Here the solution is to replace the defective parts. Also, if the gear shift is delayed or in some cases does not shift, you can try to lubricate the gears in the gearbox. In disassembling you may stumble upon debris that prevents the planetary mechanism from working properly.

You can also lubricate the gears with a material that you can find on hand, such as as sodium chloride. Well better to do it with the “original” grease. It can be found in the store or service center of the company to which the device belongs. The price for a tube is usually not great, and it should go for several TO of an electric screwdriver or other equipment.

Gearbox diagram of an electric screwdriver

  • It is necessary to pull out the chuck. It is best done with a 10-mm hex wrench.
  • In the chuck should be clamped the short end of the wrench, and then perform a brief start-up tool so that the key at full speed of the electric motor hit the surface of the table.
  • But this method is suitable for an electric screwdriver, where the gearbox is somehow started. If the mechanism is defective, clamp the spindle in a vise. In this position, you can disassemble the gearbox.

Now you can carry out the planned operations. lubricate the parts or perform replacements, provided that new elements for the electric screwdriver are available.

It is not recommended to take gears or couplings from other models, as there is likely to be a mismatch, although visually it may not be visible. It is not recommended to work with an electric trimmer for a long time at high revolutions, as it will most likely lead to a breakdown.

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