Lawn Mowing Stalls When Pressed On Gas


The trimmer stalls when you press the gas

Lawn Mowing Stalls When Pressed On Gas

Those who have lawns on the plot know that the trimmer is a pretty useful thing that will help to quickly and accurately tidy up the lawn or clear the weeds from overgrown areas. And, like any mechanism, it also often fails due to various breakdowns. One of the most common complaints from the owners of the device is that the trimmer stalls when you press the gas. We offer to understand the main causes of this phenomenon and identify ways to solve the problem.

Why does the trimmer stall when I press the gas?

As you can see, there are many reasons why the trimmer can stall when you press the gas. That is why it is important to monitor the status of your assistant, to check the status of all systems of the mechanism in time.

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Ivan Kireev: shit

Igor Andreichin: Thanks for the competent review, everything is very clear and affordable !! I also took a Tatra Garden BCU-50 lawn-mower for myself, I have already walked the entire plot two times, I am very glad to choose! I advise everyone! I want to advise everyone else to buy such tools with a guarantee from the office. Since the saved 200-300 UAH.

Why does the petrol trimmer stall

When buying. It is of course also money, but it can “go sideways”

Oleksiy Berezovsky: it works for me, but it’s only more grass, it’s not spinning, but the rev motor is gaining what to do

Igor: Helped out, thanks!

92valek: Thank you very much, I wanted to take the scythe to the master, removed this filter and earned even more power, thanks again

Mouse Poo: stavte 4 prozenta (40cc) masla na liter benzina, i etoy polomki nikogda ne proizaydyot 🙂
ya 20 let rabotayu sadovnikom. Obyazatelno polzuytes maslom dla 2 taktnova dvigatela

Eugene pots: Thank you for sure the net is jammed damn week tormented threw it and all the rules!

Puppy TV: we have a problem; during operation, the mower itself is gaining momentum and stalling, what could it be?

Slavik Egorov: without it. All the please post

Bro dyaga: not gaining momentum. The net is clean and even without a net help the same please

Armenia777nnn ARMENIA: I have a problem, after three. Minute work the power drops, advise something.

Tovarsch Hren: Many thanks. I just have the same problem. =)))
Good luck.

Purgen Purgenov: not gaining momentum. The net is clean and the same without a net

Zheka Master: I have such a problem, you jerk, you don’t start the starter, then you make gas to the maximum and raise the filter flap up to the end and only then start (works at idle) 1 cm lower the flap down. And if you lower the shutter all the way down then it stalls. The problem is in the carburetor because when I put the carburetor from another scythe everything is all right so I wanted to know if it is possible to adjust its native carburetor.

Sergei the Happiest: good afternoon can you phone 0500253545

Sergey Mikheev: probably it happens, my neighbor is trying to mow at the garage, the engine at his scythe does not rotate, I tell him why you have no smoke, electric fuse, a joke, he took off the exhaust and the same story, the net is clogged, threw it out and everything went like clockwork!

Bobah SHARAPOV: pour less oil into gasoline

Roman Nikolsky: Guys, tell me, I bought a lawn mower Hamer, 2 horses, worked for an hour and then it started up, then there is no feeling of lack of power, as if that were interfering, well, the candle dries, although wiping its motor works, but it dies, but it’s not gaining power, how to fix this problem.

Alex Cherie:
The instructions say that once a week you need to clean this mesh.In general, this is a very common phenomenon.

Sndvc: And all because instructions must be read, everything is written there!

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