Makita Angle Grinder 125mm Adjustable

Metabo angle grinder. Productive, efficient and highly reliable angle grinders professionally designed to work efficiently under heavy loads.

Makita Angle Grinder 125mm Adjustable

Today, Metabo is one of the world leaders in the production of grinders and supplies its angle grinders to enterprises and craftsmen working in various sectors of the economy. From small workshops and private craftsmen to large industrial enterprises and construction companies. Metabo angle grinder can be found on the shipbuilding yards of Mayrea in Germany, on the construction of famous skyscrapers and islands in the United Arab Emirates, on construction sites in the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world.

What made the Metabo angle grinder so popular?

The first and most important is legendary reliability. Equipped with a Metabo Marathon engine, large air intakes, a well-designed ventilation system and an excellent gearbox for reliability and durability, the Metabo angle grinder shows exceptional survivability under any load. It should be noted separately the high quality of the steel from which the gears of the gearbox are made.

Security is a very important factor when working with angle grinders. Understanding this, Metabo engineers, when developing grinders, pay particular attention to security systems. As a result, the Metabo angle grinder is equipped with security systems such as the Metabo S-Automatic mechanical or electronic tripping clutch, soft-start system and inrush current limiting, Metabo QuickProtect circuit breaker and Metabo ProtectSafe system.

It should be noted separately and anti-vibration system which not only ensures comfortable operation during long-term operation, but also significantly increases the safety of working with the tool. The Metabo VibraTech anti-vibration handle, the Metabo Autobalance automatic disk balancing system, are responsible for reducing the vibration load on the user. Metabo two-handed angle grinders are equipped with a cushioning system, which is installed in the rear handle.

No matter what Metabo angle grinder You select. A compact, light one-handed machine for cutting metal profiles, peeling and grinding work, stripping welds and cutting ceramic tiles, or heavy two-handed Metabo angle grinder for complex work with metal structures, concrete work, cutting solid materials and grinding hard materials, you can be sure of the high quality, reliability and safety of your tool.

Metabo angle grinder. The best choice of professionals.