Rotoriser Mini Circular Saw Electric Manual Review

Circular saws Circular hand-held circular saws for wood. With laser line guide, tungsten carbide discs from 150 to 335 mm and variable speed!

Despite the fact that the blade moves up and down from the working one, the flow created by it is not enough to remove the generated sawing waste, which obscures the visibility of the drawn mowing line.
The best circular saws have an integrated chip removal system. Air drawn in by the impeller of the rotor passes through slots in the interior of the casing and increases the flow from the rotating tool.
A dust bag can be fitted on a number of models, but most have a vacuum cleaner connection.

Circular saw rotoriser: technical characteristics

The very first indicators that characterize a tool from one side or another are its technical characteristics. It is for this reason that you need to at least familiarize yourself with them in order to understand what you will have to deal with. As for the rotorizer, its performance is as follows.

  1. Power supply. Ac mains with voltage 230V / 50Hz. This is already a limitation. In places where there is no electrical wiring, it will not work to work with a tool.
  2. Power 400W. Of course, not enough, as for a professional tool, but as for a household tool, it is even enough. In general, power is a relative measure, and is usually considered in tandem with the number of revolutions of the cutting tool. Sometimes what the power doesn’t get is achieved by increasing the RPM.
  3. The disc rotation speed is 3400 rpm. This is enough to cope with basic building materials.
  4. Cutting depth. 12mm maximum. Such restrictions are imposed by the diameter of the discs used. This, of course, is a drawback that prevents this tool from working with many materials. For example, standard furniture chipboard has a thickness of 16mm, OSB used for flooring is used with a thickness of more than 12mm. There are many such examples.
  5. Dimensions of cutting wheels. Outside 54.8mm, landing size 11.1mm. On the one hand, the use of such a small disc determines the safety of the tool, and on the other hand limits its capabilities.
  6. Tool weight. 1.2 kg. Light enough so that your hand won’t get tired when working, but not heavy enough for handling hard materials. You have to strain a little when cutting metal or stone.
  7. Noise level. I will not be introduced to Decibels, I will simply say. The instrument is quiet. For example, if you compare it with an angle grinder, the noise level is about two times lower.

In general, after analyzing the technical characteristics, we can conclude that this tool has the same number of advantages and disadvantages. Rather, it can be attributed to the class of household tools that will provide invaluable assistance on the farm.

rotoriser mini circular saw electric manual review

Rotorizer: purpose and capabilities of the tool

To understand whether you need a rotoriser saw, you need to study its purpose and capabilities. So to speak, to determine its scope, which this tool has quite extensive. Despite the fact that it is classified as a household power tool, it can do quite a lot. In fact, this is a station wagon that is great for making DIY home repairs. So what does a universal rotoriser saw do? It is a full-fledged circular saw, which, despite its miniature size, quite easily copes with any species of wood, ceramic tiles, natural stone, metal up to 12mm thick, and this is not to mention such common building materials as plastic, OSB, chipboard, Fiberboard, drywall, plywood, etc.

As you can see, this tool can freely replace an angle grinder, an electric jigsaw, a stationary circular saw, a tile cutter, and an ordinary hand saw. Over, this tool is specially designed to replace the above devices for cutting materials and has received a number of improvements, which are primarily aimed at operational safety and quality of work. This is expressed in the complete protection of the cutting disc and the presence of special devices that allow you to perform a clean and even cut. With the help of a rotoriser, you can even cut furniture chipboard without chips.

Rotorizer operating instructions: how to use the tool correctly

  • Let me remind you right away about checking the completeness of a new tool, the availability of a warranty and other obligations of the manufacturer.
  • Make sure the suction hose is securely fastened. Practical advice. So that it does not interfere with work, it is better to tape it to the tool body with electrical tape. But you need to wind up where there are no ventilation holes. You should not refuse this hose, since it throws out the chips with great force.
  • Safety first! The tool must be completely unplugged before changing tool settings or changing the blade. You should not rely on the button, since there have already been precedents for accidental activation. When changing the cutting depth, try to tighten all available screws securely.

Otherwise, this tool is quite simple to use and unpretentious to maintain. Naturally, after the end of the work, it is better to clean it and turn it on for a short period of time, empty, in order to remove the residual dust from the system.

Ease of use

The product is lightweight (about 3 kg) and small in size, the shape of the handle is ergonomic, so the saw is very comfortable to use. No matter how much work is ahead, your hands will not get tired. In addition, the saw is convenient to take with you on the road. For example, going to the dacha, you can easily put the saw in a backpack, or in the trunk of a car.

Dust free

Equipped with a special dust collection system, work becomes even more comfortable. Dust removal is carried out in an integrated way. To do this, you need to connect one end of the hose (included in the kit) to any pump, and the other to the tool. Turn on the pump and work quietly. All debris and dirt will remain inside.

Universal Saw Rotoriser

Universal hand saw. Has a power of 400W. Provides effective performance of various types of work. Combines the functions of several tools at once.