Screwdriver For Home Network Which Is Better

10 best cordless screwdrivers in 2018 Screwdrivers. Irreplaceable assistants not only during the repair, but also after it: hang a shelf, change the lock, fix a toy. There are many models, it is difficult to get confused. We will help you choose!

Dewalt DW268K

screwdriver for home network which is better

This time, the Americans have developed and released a really durable tool: they used steel to make the gear.

Other specs are impressive too:

1.The Versa control system allows for easy torque adjustment while maintaining the ability to overcome obstacles when tightening fasteners into materials with variable density (wood);

2. Powerful motor provides comfortable work with metals;

3. Ideal for working with plastic;

4. Reversing switch for quick change of operating modes;

5. Soft grip surface on the handle and switch to reduce vibration and increase user comfort;

6. Dewalt DW268K works at high speeds without damaging the fasteners;

7. Ergonomics: Lightweight and compact design to reduce user fatigue.

A sturdy case is included with the device.

Makita FS2700

Another representative of the Japanese leader. It is a well balanced screwdriver with high power to handle any material. Compact design makes operation convenient and the device. Agile. The screwdriver is ergonomic: minimal hand fatigue even during long continuous work.

  • Lightweight aluminum body for durability;
  • Synchronized clutch for quiet operation;
  • Led lamp for working in the dark;
  • Torque control for a wide range of applications;
  • Speed switch with forward and reverse rotation;
  • Locking the on / off button;
  • Rubberized soft handle;
  • Sturdy metal belt clip.
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Included accessories: 2 PH2 bits, magnetic holder.

10 best cordless screwdrivers

Screwdriver. A reliable assistant who will cope with twisting and unscrewing fasteners of various modifications. With them, you can fasten concrete and plastic parts, screwdrivers work with metal, wood. Most of these tools perform the function of drilling (if there is a special chuck), which means that many useful things can be done with their help at home.

The principle of operation is the same for everyone. But the types of power supply differ: there are battery and mains. The first, as the name implies. Run on batteries, the latter. From electricity. We will consider them.

Bison ZSSH-300-2

This is a cordless drill / driver of medium power (300 W), light weight (1.6 kg) and small dimensions. There is everything here to do the job efficiently and without discomfort. A limiting clutch, multi-stage and adjustable torque, convenient for a screwdriver, a keyless chuck, a long cable (5 m) and speed control. The focus should be on two speeds, to switch between which there is a button on the body. You shouldn’t expect much from this device, the maximum number of revolutions is 400 per minute, but this is quite enough for performing simple tasks.

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  • Long warranty (up to 5 years);
  • Several speeds;
  • Long cable;
  • Many stages of torque;
  • Easily accessible gear selector.


  • The light body gets dirty quickly;
  • Not the most powerful;
  • Sometimes there is a defect in the form of a chuck crackle during operation;
  • In rare cases, the chuck will jam.

Here 3 models stand out, although their power is not the highest. Products from the brands Interskol, Hitachi and Makita became the leaders. Devices of this value are distinguished by greater freedom of speed adjustment and ergonomics.

Stavr DShS-10 / 400-2S

This is the best cordless drill / driver for home use, but to professionals, the 400W power will make it feel weak. Compared to the same Diold ESh-0.26n, the drill rotates faster, with a frequency of 1000 rpm. High-quality and convenient operation is ensured by smooth speed control, which allows screwing in screws without kinks. The device can be called universal, it drills both wood and metal with a diameter of 25 mm and 10 mm, respectively. Thanks to the certainly not short network cable, you can work without carrying, because its length is 3 m.

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  • Cheap;
  • Does not depend on batteries;
  • Good power;
  • Lightweight;
  • Fits comfortably in the hand;
  • The cord is long enough.


  • Washes poorly;
  • Light, gets dirty quickly;
  • In the first months, the sheath of the cord may burst at the point of entry into the body;
  • Plastic smells unpleasant;
  • Poor engine airflow;
  • There is no backlight, although the manufacturer refers to it.