Screwdriver Tsv 1201 How to Charge

Screwdriver Tsv 1201 How to Charge

The cheapest 12v screwdriver out “Traffic light”. Let’s see what he is capable of, is it worth buying or not.

Good days, my dear reader!

Nowadays, nobody wants to tighten a screw or a screw with their hands. The screwdriver is fast and reliable, and especially for those who value time.

I agree, a thing necessary for repair. When choosing, you need to consider the scope, at home or at work. The second is the amount of work, at home you will tighten a couple of screws and will remain until the next time. At work, frequent use is implied, the conclusion: it will exhaust its resource faster.

All the same, it’s worth taking branded models for work, with a power reserve and the ability to withstand heavy loads. Wired devices have more power than battery devices. Therefore, batteries come as an auxiliary tool, where there is no electricity for example.


The screwdriver and accessories are packed in a box, the total weight (gross) I got 1.8 kilograms.

The manufacturer did not stint on the color box, where he indicated the most basic characteristics. I’ll probably leave a box for storing the tool, in the winter I will not often use it.



I got a good seller, I checked the completeness myself.

What is included in the package:

Box. 1 piece

Cordless screwdriver. 1 piece

Instruction. 1 piece

Battery. 1 piece

Charger. 1 piece

Bit nozzle. 1 piece


The edges of the box are so tightly tucked that it is difficult to determine which side the lid opens.

A few movements and the edge is found, pull out the tongues, lift up.

The packaging is open. Its contents have become available, we can consider the tool and its components, which we will do now.


Before picking up a screwdriver, read the instructions. Read not much, pages 10. 15, there is even black. White illustrations.

The scribble does not occupy the entire sheet, collecting more than half a sheet will come out. In detail, the manufacturer describes the start of work with the tool, technical specifications, the rule of working with different parts made of wood and iron, in the drafted table shows how to properly drill. Do not forget to mention safety precautions, malfunctions and their elimination. By and large, the user manual is detailed, it says everything about the case, which each buyer may encounter.

Content Overview:

Under the instruction was the instrument itself in a transparent bag. Well, the bag is not tied and not sealed, that is, a screwdriver can easily fall out of it. Only as protection against dust, as the motor openings are constantly closed.

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Bit nozzle.

On the one hand, a curly screwdriver on the other is flat, two in one. The material of the nozzle is metal, but it is not clear which one is too soft.

Size is not large, I will tell you. You can easily lose such a nozzle and then look like a needle in a haystack.


On the inside, where the plug is located, there is also a sticker with the parameters of the charger.

When unpacking, the charger was embarrassed, as many saw screwdrivers there usually goes a unit with a wire and a stand into which the battery is inserted for charging. And here, look, a block with a wire, and at the end there is a round plug.

Thought: “error came out, wrong charger”. It turned out I became too old, technology does not stand still. Now, to charge, bulky chargers are not needed, just connect the plug to the battery of the screwdriver and the charge goes like on the phone.


The screwdriver combines all the qualities of a modern device with an ergonomic appearance, a rugged shockproof housing, and operation from the built-in battery.

In general, he reminded me of one brand device, a direct copy. Only different color and name. Now everyone is copying each other’s products, so try to distinguish, perhaps, by name.


On the surface of the product, as on the box, a model is printed, on the other hand, technical specifications.

I will not write out the characteristics for you, you yourself can see them, retell the same information ten times.

Screwdriver Tsv 1201 How to Charge


The case of the screwdriver is made of durable plastic, which does not break and does not burst from accidental falling, moreover, it does not lend itself to deformation.

The surface is coated with a special non-slip coating.

The handle is perfectly fitted for a comfortable grip. Even the wife appreciated the usability with such a handle.

Ventilation holes:

Any tool heats up during operation, especially noticeable in hot weather. To avoid overheating, provided on the model TVS-1201 heat sink holes. When the engine is running, hot air is blown out by the built-in fan, so it does not overheat, providing the motor with a normal operating temperature.

The holes are located throughout the body, and not in one large, so as not to violate the rigidity of the frame.

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To avoid overheating, I recommend taking small breaks in operation so that the motor can cool down a bit.

Start button:

The work of the screwdriver is carried out by the start button, there is a function of blocking from accidental switching on. In this model, one speed, so the start button is responsible for the speed. The pressing force is recognized by a chip integrated in the tool body and sends a signal to the motor.

I will try to explain in plain language, the less effort, the less torque. Accordingly, the more, the higher the speed.


The rotation of the shaft is regulated by pressing the reverse button, depending on what you need to do, drill (twist) or pull out.

In the middle position, the reverse locks the start button; this position is recommended during transportation from accidentally turning on the device.


Instead of a speed switch, a level was built here. Perhaps this is convenient when you make jewelry work. For example: you assemble furniture, drill holes in the same tree, on the wall, in metal.

And if the level is not required, the function will not be in demand. Yes, and hope for the correct level reading is not worth it.


Model TVS-1201 equipped with a quick-clamping chuck with 18 positions and one drilling mode.

Modes are switched clockwise, depending on the density of the product. Screw the screw into the tree, select a smaller position, twist counterclockwise. The desired position with a number is set opposite the arrow pointer.

  • The maximum diameter of the drill is 10 millimeters.

The inserted nozzle is tightened in the cartridge by scrolling it clockwise. Or putting the reverse in the twisting position, hold the cartridge firmly with the other hand, with the start button scroll the cartridge to the right moment. The nozzle must be tightened securely so that during operation the cartridge does not loosen and does not fall out.

Plus keyless chuck. Replacement of nozzles in a short period of time without a special key.

Cartridge illumination:

The small hole located under the start button was a mystery until turned on.

The manufacturer has provided LED backlight cartridge.

Of course you should not expect much from her. In my opinion, it is not needed at all here; it is only an extra battery charge.

Once done, we will use it.


There is nothing to add about the battery parameters; you see the voltage in the photo. One can write a capacity, but in fact another. Until you open the case you will not know.

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Three or more 18650 batteries are installed inside the case.

What good are these types of batteries compared to their predecessors, which did not have such compact batteries.

With modern screwdrivers, they have become more compact, lighter, charge faster and hold a charge longer. And they can be repaired at home.

At the bottom of the battery are warning labels and images.

To remove it, press the side latches of the battery and pull it towards you.

On the battery we see three contacts, and below them are the designations. The polarity is indicated on them, observe it when installing the battery in a screwdriver.


A charging stand was not provided in the kit, there was only a unit with a plug.

The charging socket was hidden in the inside of the battery, that is, until you remove it you will not see.

How to find out when it’s charged? There is an indicator on the charger unit, lit red means discharged, lit green. Charged up.

The charging process does not take very long, you can put on charging without waiting for a full discharge.


Using such models of screwdrivers is a pleasure. The thought-over design makes the device convenient to use, it lies well in the hand. And thanks to the small size, you can crawl into hard-to-reach places.

I was satisfied with the use of this tool. I did not expect to get a good unit for that amount. When in the market the average price for such a thing is 1200 rubles.

As he said at the beginning of his review, this is an exclusively home option, for professional use it will be rather weak. But at home there is a lot of work for him, the most important thing is not to give large loads. Usually, with a careful attitude, things last longer without breakdowns.

I will not highlight the advantages and disadvantages now, I have already highlighted them a little higher. What type of convenient, high-quality, fast charging, is not expensive.

Probably you won’t believe it, but haven’t revealed any cons yet. Yes it happens.

For my purposes, 12v is enough, tighten a screw, drill a hole in a wooden billet, which does an excellent job. I prefer to entrust a more serious work to a professional tool. Drills. One battery is enough for the planned work, I do not need to purchase a second one.

Thanks for attention.