Snowplow attachment on a single-axle tractor with your own hands

E&T Attachments Clamp on Snow Blade

Snowplow for the Neva power tiller

A snow blower for a power tiller with his own hands Neva is probably one of the most popular options today. Such a design will be quite easy to assemble, and most importantly. very effective in operation. It is enough to choose and install a snowplow attachment on a single-axle tractor Neva.

Snowplow bulldozer on a single-axle tractor Neva can be made on its own or purchased ready-made

However, it is the price of the snowplow attachment on the single-axle tractor Neva that often becomes a stumbling block. Depending on the model, its For this reason, a fairly common phenomenon. homemade models. Let’s consider the three most popular options:

  • Bulldozer attachment for a snow blower on a Neva power tiller. The price of such a variant in the ready-made form will be quite high, while to make everything with your own hands is simple enough, and the result will not be inferior to the factory device. Using a special adapter, an attachment is attached to the tiller like a bulldozer. In this case, a metal sheet with a sharpened end, also called a knife, is used for breaking the snow cover. The snow cover is literally cut by the device, after which it is simply taken aside;

The easiest option. the use of the blade on a single-axle tractor for clearing snow

  • the second option is more difficult to implement and will require drawings. However, if you choose a suitable scheme, and have at your disposal a welding machine, it is possible to make a very convenient and productive snowplow. The principle of operation of such a snowplow for motor-block Neva with their own hands is as follows: as in the ready-made rotor attachment, there is a box, an auger and a pipe, which is responsible for the ejection of snow. This two-stage system allows for the maximum efficiency of the device, but its manufacture will require a little more time and effort;
  • The third option. a fan snow thrower. The mechanism of such a device is similar to the principle of operation of an ordinary fan. Special blades rake up the snow, which is immediately thrown to a certain distance through the pipe. Despite its apparent simplicity, this option is quite difficult to implement on your own and requires certain skills. But if you have enough free time and desire. it is quite possible to give preference to this method.

Drawing of a snow blower for a motor-block Neva

What is better, to buy a snow thrower for the motor-block Neva or to make it yourself?

To give a definite answer to the question of what is better, to purchase a pre-made snow blower or make your own. it is difficult. On the one hand, buying the factory model is not cheap, and often not affordable to the average user. But on the other hand it is not always easy to produce such device for those who hadn’t faced this problem before. It requires some skill and effort. So before you decide in favor of one or another option, it is better to judiciously assess your capabilities.

Such a device as a mounted snow blower for the Neva power tiller requires maintenance. Otherwise, its operating life will be short, regardless of whether you bought it or made it yourself. First and foremost, conduct regular inspection of all fasteners, and retighten them if necessary. In addition, it does not hurt to regularly check the condition of bolts and belts to avoid breakage during operation.

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Ready-mounted snow blower for the Neva power tiller

Nowadays you can buy various fasteners in specialized stores, which make it easier to work in the field. Snow plowing equipment is also becoming increasingly popular. At the moment, there are four main types of snowplows:

  • Bulldozer-type. located at the front of the powerpack.
  • Augers. snow is grabbed by an auger, which moves it to the hole in the pipe.
  • Fan-blade. snowflakes are delivered to an inclined pipe with the help of a fan, after which they are ejected.
  • Air-fan. snowflakes are drawn in by a strong jet of air and removed in the opposite direction.

If the equipment for snow removal is purchased in the store, then all four types do an excellent job. But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snow thrower with their own hands on a single-axle tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. To make an air-fan snow thrower will require a powerful propulsion system, and there may be problems with finding it.

Necessary materials

To make a full-fledged snowplow from a cultivator, you should pick up all the materials and tools from the following list:

  • Wrenches of various diameters.
  • Bolts and nuts.
  • Drill.
  • angle grinder.
  • Several screwdrivers of different diameters.
  • Hammer and file.
  • Pliers and vises.
  • Electric hacksaw.
  • Various chains.
  • Welding machine.
  • Sheet metal (roofing iron).
  • Profile pipes of several different sizes.
  • Plywood.
  • conveyor belt.
  • Metal angles.
  • Closed bearings.
snowplow, attachment, single-axle, tractor, your, hands

If you do not possess such a number of necessary tools, then we suggest you to assemble a lighter version, namely, a manual snow blower with your own hands.

The blade for the power tiller can be made of steel sheet with a thickness of at least 3 mm, the size of the device when completed will be 852245 cm.

The internal auxiliary struts should be made of relatively thick material, because they act as peculiar stiffeners. They are also drilled holes for attaching the shovel to the power tiller boom.

Blade for the Neva power tiller

The blade for the snowplow from the Neva power tiller is made using exactly the same technology. As the attachment of the blade can be used a bracket mounted on the slides of the motoblock. The bottom of the folding support on the front of the machine is also attached to them.

Use M 10 bolts for mounting. The blade of the shovel for the Neva motocultivator is held on bolts and has dimensions of 0.31085 cm.

How the machine works

The snow plow cuts into the snowpack and clears the road with little effort. It can process 12 m3 of snow in one minute. The mass ejection speed is 70 km/h. At this speed, the snow ejected from the disposal pipe lays very far from the cleared road.

Getting to work, the novice inventor needs to solve several organizational issues:

The engine is easy to determine. The main thing is to clearly understand the purposes for which a single-axle snowplow tractor will be used. If the scale of its work is limited to the yard, clearing paths from the house to the garage, an electric motor is fine.

But if the snowplow is planned to be used in all corners of the settlement, it is necessary to choose a gasoline engine.

To choose a snowplow, you need to know what kinds of snowplows exist and what they are used for:

snowplow, attachment, single-axle, tractor, your, hands
  • Snowmobile bulldozer. Powered by the front blade. Convenient in cleaning stale and slushy snow.
  • Snowmobile blower. Rejects the snow mass with the blades (their work lifts the snow and falls into an inclined pipe, from which it is ejected and spread far away from the cleared area).
  • Auger snowmobile.Snow is picked up by the auger and falls into the hole in the pipe where it is ejected.
  • Snow blower snowmobile or air blower snowmobile. Works on the principle of sucking up clumped snow and quickly ejecting it from the sweeper on the opposite side.
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It is best to use an auger head. The rotor mechanism handles light snow as well as well-compacted surfaces.

Watch this video about homemade mini tractors. It is a universal tool with great functionality.

Minitractors can also be used for snow removal. Read about it in this article.

If it is difficult for you to make your own minitractor, then read about Belarus-made minitractors.

Useful tips and warnings for operating a homemade snow blower

single axle tractor

A detailed description of the methods

Homemade bulldozer snowplow for power tiller.

The dozer blade is made from steel sheet. Dimensioned according to the drawing. It is welded. The blade is attached to the tiller by brackets with booms that will need to be made. The bottom part of the blade is a blade. It is used to cut the snow and move it aside. Pass the turnings from the mouldboard through the eyes in the mouldboard and lead them through the tubes attached to the control. For convenience, a sidecar is made of different parts, consisting of a frame, two additional (rear) wheels, a seat. The frame is attached to the power tiller. The blade, controlled through the linkages of the power tiller, is at the front. The handles of the power tiller are the rudders of the device. Two rear wheels spread out for stability. The wheels of the power tiller become the front wheels of the homemade bulldozer. a snowplow.

Auger snow plow single axle tractor.

From a steel sheet is made a box for the auger. The bottom of the box is like a ski. The box is equipped with eyes where the shaft will be driven. On top of the shaft inside the box will be dressed with a metal tube, to which are welded elements of the auger: 2 metal rings. A grabber must be welded to the center of the tube. The frame is made of two pieces of angle bars joined together and welded to a tube. At the end, it is desirable to weld the main element of the structure. the gripper blade. Do it so that there is as little distance as possible between the blade and the rear wall of the box.

To this welded structure in the middle of the tube. are welded the outer inside ends of the auger blades. The other ends of the auger (right and left side) are welded to the tube, welding to reinforce with an additional strip of steel, on both sides. On the right and left side, spiral toward each other. Insert the finished auger into the casing. Through the tube (auger axis) with welded-on spirals and gripper design, we insert the shaft. Through the side eyelets.

A tube with welded-on elements ends up inside on the shaft, in the gap between the inner walls. Drill around the edges of the tube and shaft. Fasten the shaft with the tube with two bolts and nuts. At the walls of the box, where the shaft will pass, make fasteners. In the sockets (cups) on the shaft should be bearings. The bearings in the cups must be of the sealed type. To prevent snow from getting into the bearings. The shaft must protrude from the body of the box. The auger for the power tiller is attached.

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Attach a pulley or chain sprocket to the end of the shaft. For belt drive or chain drive. To connect the created system to the power tiller mechanism. Chain or belt transmission. If the bottom of the pulley, you can use the belt A100, to transfer from the motor-block. Make a swivel chute out of plastic pipe for plumbing. Attach a snow chute to it. It should be wider than the width of the auger. To keep the auger from getting clogged by snow. Optionally: the wheels of the tiller can be replaced by skis. To make compact, wide, short skis for the power tiller. Then the snow will be easy to shovel. You can also leave the wheels, if the surface to be cleaned is smooth, for example, asphalt.

Snowplow for power tiller with his own hands and snowplow from a gas cylinder blueprints

A single-axle tractor. an indispensable helper at home. The shovel is very versatile and can: plow and till the ground, and even chop wood. Folk craftsmen have come up with a new way to use a power tiller in household activities. and this is the function of a snowplow. But how to make a snowplow from a power tiller with his own hands according to the drawing?

A single-axle tractor is needed for land work in the summer. With the appearance of snow it gathers dust in the shed without any use.

In the winter time, the engine of the Moto-Block can be used to create a snowplow.

This idea arose because of the lack of snowplows in remote villages. In such places, snow drifts often occur, and to avoid them, a single-axle tractor-snow plow was invented.

It is expensive to buy a ready-made model of a snowplow. Collect with their own hands industrial prototype will cost the handyman many times cheaper (see. here).

But it is not easy to create it at home.

The re-equipment of the Moto-Block into a bulldozer

The simplest homemade snowplow for a power tiller is considered a moldboard. The shovel is a hitch. It is attached to the trailer bracket on the frame of the machine, resulting in a small bulldozer. The blade is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to change the angle of the shovel to move the snow mass to the side.

Make such a snow thrower on a single axle tractor with your own hands can be made from a piece of pipe 270 mm in diameter or an old gas cylinder. To do this, the workpiece is marked along the lines so that there are three segments. One of the elements is cut with an angle grinder, and then rods and a trailing mechanism are welded on the back.

The blade operating principle is simple. As the snowplow moves forward, the shovel rakes the snow cover. And since it is installed at an angle, the snow is evenly shifted to the side of the curb. If the power tiller needs to return to the starting position, the blade is lifted and the reverse gear is engaged. Lower the shovel back to the ground and drive forward in first gear to continue plowing.