Steel Disc For Miter Saw

Steel Disc For Miter Saw

Miter Saw Design

The basis of the machine, of course, is the electric drive (engine), the disc itself for the miter saw (for metal or wood), the table (footboard) and the handle.

The engine start button is usually located (on most models) on the footboard. A handle is required to act on the disc and provides the necessary tool feed force.

For the manufacture of a metal disc for a miter saw, various tool steels and alloys can be used. However, all of them must have increased wear resistance and resistance to fatigue failure. In addition, in the process, a significant amount of thermal energy is released, which leads to a significant heating of the tool. Therefore, these materials should also be heat resistant and maintain high properties even at elevated temperatures. Where there is a lot of heat, there is a big linear expansion. This feature should also be considered when choosing the design and material of the metal disc for a miter saw.

Drive Types

The electric drive can be either collector type or asynchronous. All things being equal, preference should be given to asynchronous. According to experts in the field of electrical engineering, such devices are unpretentious to operating conditions and more reliable, which means that they will not require expensive repairs. The disadvantage is their higher cost. Although recently relatively inexpensive machines equipped with this type of drive have appeared on the market.

On most models, the drive is structurally located behind the drive. Although there are also models in which the engine is located on the right or left. In this case, the engine box will limit vision and may result in serious injury. Therefore, it is better to take machines on which the electric motor is located in the rear.

Steel Disc For Miter Saw

Types of rotation gears to the machine spindle

Rotation to the disk is transmitted through the gearbox. But a belt drive can be used. Each of the methods has its pros and cons. So, the belt drive is very quiet. However, getting oil on the belt or on the pulley can lead to an accident. In addition, belt slippage is possible with accelerated infeed. This can result in costly equipment repairs. The gear transmission (gearbox) guarantees operation without slipping, however it is accompanied by tangible vibrations, which leads to accelerated wear and chipping of the working part of the cutting tool.

Selecting a blade for a miter saw for metal

210-315 millimeters. The range of outer diameters of the discs. The inner diameter (landing hole) is standard and is 30 millimeters. The tool can easily be changed when necessary. Experts recommend buying a set of discs of various diameters at once. This will allow the most efficient use of the resource of the tool and select the optimal modes of processing materials.

When choosing a disk, you must consider the material for which it is intended. As a rule, this information is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging of the instrument.

In addition, not every disk can be installed on certain machines. In other words, in some cases, there are restrictions on the diameter of the installed saw. If you neglect the recommendations from the manufacturer, the motor may burn out.

Of course, there should be no damage to the surface of the tool. Any pothole and even a scratch can serve as a concentrator of destructive stresses. Such a disk can simply collapse during work and cause injury to the worker.

Tool manufacturers

The most famous company for the production of metal discs for miter saws is “Makita”. Tools, equipment and consumables from this company have gained popularity around the world due to high rates of reliability and quality. Feature of face saws “Makita” is a traction function. Not every manufacturer was able to implement such a design solution.

It is also worth noting manufacturers such as “Bosch” and “Interskol”. Products under these brands may be slightly more expensive. But it is better not to save on quality and safety.