How to unscrew the disc from an angle grinder. Let’s dwell in more detail on cutting discs

How to remove the disc from the angle grinder without a key When working on any machinery, you should always expect abnormal situations that cannot always be solved according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The angle grinder is no exception. You may experience excessive clamping of the cutting disc during operation. This problem is particularly common with large, high-powered models, over […]

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What is the inside diameter of an angle grinder?. Disc diameter

Discs for angle grinder (angle grinder): types, sizes, application. How to choose the right wheel for the angle grinder? The real owner for home and work needs must have an angle grinder. But without the right circles it is not always possible to achieve the desired result. Therefore, special attention is paid to their selection. Initially, the purpose of the […]

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What kind of disc to cut concrete with an angle grinder. Diamond cutting disc – cut stone like a charm.

What to saw a concrete slab with rebar It happens that reinforced concrete structures need to be cut: To create and expand window and door openings; To change the layout, dismantling; For installing outlets and built-in switches; For laying wires and cables; In construction when repairing bridges, overpasses and other complex structures. How and what to cut reinforced concrete? Today […]

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