Disc for cutting porcelain stoneware with an angle grinder without chips

Stone discs Discs made of stone have only one distinct advantage. affordable cost. But the disadvantages of this type of attachments are much more: short service life; rapid wear; large cutting thickness. Since it is impossible to make fine cutting of tiles with stone discs, a lot of dust is generated during the work. The accessory creates a number of […]

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How to put the disc on the trimmer correctly

Petrol trimmer device Weed control is carried out in different ways, one of the quickest is mowing the grass with a mower. Today, there are various modifications on sale, endowed with numerous functions. Modern gasoline lawn mowers consist of the following components: engine; hose; control knobs; heads; drive; cutting tool; protection. Universal trimmer In terms of technical characteristics, it is […]

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