How to attach a grinding wheel to an angle grinder

Tips for work Finishing work begins only after successful preliminary shaping of the workpiece. The results largely depend on what types of attachments are used when performing the assigned tasks. The angle grinder is used as a cutter and also as a polisher and grinder. Angle grinder attachments increase the functionality of the device used. So how do you carry […]

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Grinding concrete with an angle grinder with your own hands

Smartkrete Concrete Polish Demonstration Wet The wet method involves the use of nozzles with varying degrees of abrasiveness. That is, at the beginning, nozzles with a softer coating are used and so on incrementally. This method requires a lot of attachments, so for a home craftsman it will be much more expensive than the dry method. In addition, if the […]

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DIY Velcro grinding wheel

How to make rollers for a machine The rollers on which the abrasive belt is placed can be selected from ready-made samples. This approach can be implemented if such a possibility exists. In most cases, they make do-it-yourself grinder rollers. Their sizes range from 70 mm to 150 mm. It is determined by the width of the tape used. In […]

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