STIHL 180 chain saw does not pick up speed

STIHL 180 chain saw won’t start

I had the same problem, a new saw after the second refueling did not start, what I did not find in the tips, unscrew the plug, look at the piston, but there is no need to do it if you feel that there is compression, starter rope pulls with effort. I had the same problem, a new saw did not start after the second refill. Drain all the gasoline from the tank. Unscrew the spark plug, check the spark, then you need to drain the gasoline from the cylinder, for this turn the cylinder down gently pull the starter rope draining the excess about 10 times. After that we put it in the same position for 5 min to let it air out and dry and screw in the spark plug. Fill up the tank with petrol and oil in the given proportions. I put the lever in the cold start pulling two smoothly the third jerk, started with the third jerk. I was just about to take it to the service.

Same problem, saw is new, stopped starting on second refueling. Checked, carburetor overflow, spark plug in gasoline, after drying, there was a spark. After blowing out the cylinder as described in the manual, tried to start the. With “cold start” position, one burst, put the choke in starting position. does not start. Unscrewed the plug. again in the gasoline. I blew the starter a hundred times, but the problem is the same. And now I went to your site, read your advice Oleg (regarding blowing starter in the upside down position of the saw) tried, from the cylinder and carburetor poured grams of 10 gasoline. Then hooked the spark plug to the lug, put the choke on starting position, blew some more. I assembled it, filled it up, it started. So, thanks to Oleg for this great advice!

Oleg, thank you very much everything is brilliantly simple! In short The saw is 6 years old, I use it 10 times a year. I had a bad start, and at some point that was it I took your advice. Problem solved, sorry for the money for a new candle and the airplane. Filter, but I think in the future may be useful. Thanks a lot again. Dear Readers. Always start with something simple most often the problem is in the small stuff. Good luck with repairs!

Thanks for the tip. Such recommendations should be spelled out in the instructions. The new saw for the third time did not start, there is a spark, but the plug is thrown. Did everything as Oleg wrote, started with the first jerk.

Many thanks to Oleg. I was going to take it to service, but following Oleg’s advice, it was very easy to fix.

Took Oleg’s advice, immediately started without any problems. Everything is simple but very effective. Thank you very much Oleg!

Oleg, thank you very much. Did everything as you advised in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and my MS-180 started with the first start!

I read a lot of information on the Internet, read what Oleg wrote, decided to try it, did everything in the same sequence, and oh Miracle. My old lady came to life (5 years, the saw) STIHL 180, although I would not have hoped, frankly speaking, that I just did not over these two days, I would have given for repairs, I thought my “old girl died, but no will serve more, it turns out so easy, thanks Oleg great.

STIHL 180 chain saw does not start

This lightweight and compact machine is used for household chores, but despite its optimized performance, the STIHL chain saw won’t start. The problems are manifested when the engine starts and stops, runs unstable, cannot develop proper power or suddenly reaches high revolutions.

For a preliminary diagnosis of the causes, check the gas pump, spark plug appearance, fuel supply, carburettor functionality and filter condition. Attention is paid to the performance of the cylinders, pistons, muffler, crankshaft bearings. After precautionary measures the chain saw is tried out. Insufficient lubrication of friction parts may also be a factor.

The spark plug is checked. Different factors can impair the function of this cutting tool. Testing of the machine reveals the causes:

Because of the work in such conditions on the contacts of the plug accumulates carbon deposits. Corrosion of the conductors causes no spark in half of all malfunctions. This is because the gap between the module contacts changes. The following is done to check the spark:

  • the tip of the high-voltage cable is removed,
  • unscrew the spark plug,
  • Replace the tip,
  • the spark plug is leaning against the cylinder with its wide end,
  • crank up the starter.

If a bright spark resembling lightning appears between the electrodes when starting, the ignition assembly is serviceable. If there is no flash, the entire element is cleaned and the clearance between the conductors is adjusted. Sometimes there is no gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil. if the flywheel is rubbing, scratches can be seen on the outside of the flywheel.

The module or coil is not disassembled, and its suitability is difficult to determine without testing devices. Modern ignition systems are rugged, lightweight and small in size. They are characterized by almost fail-safe functionality. Problems with chainsaw malfunction due to the ignition coil can be corrected by yourself.

Test the diverter wires for damage (e.g. ч. internal) that occur due to vibration resulting in friction. If no cracks are detected, the ignition coil needs to be replaced. A faint, barely audible flash of spark when the saw heats up is sometimes indicative of a faulty module. This is due to an increase in coil temperature, which leads to an increase in transistor resistance.

A peculiarity is that in the beginning of work the spark may appear, but after prolonged use it becomes dull and disappears. Modern ignition coils cannot be repaired in a home workshop, so replace them with suitable elements.

After unscrewing the spark plug, a wet deposit is found on its surface. This indicates an excessive flow of gasoline into the combustion chamber. This is the reason why the tool does not run or shuts down, t. к. Fuel fails to ignite.

Another hindering factor is a clogged breather. a small hole in the cover of the gasoline tank. Clean it with a needle, otherwise the STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not start. To determine if the fuel supply is faulty carry out the following steps in sequence:

  • remove the spark plug,
  • pour a syringe of 2cc of gasoline into the hole in the plug,
  • Put the ignition device back on and put the cap on the high-voltage cable,
  • Put the lever in the hot-start position,
  • Pull the starter grip a couple of times.

If the machine starts and then shuts down immediately, continue testing the fuel line. Check the gasoline filter, the splash from the engine crankcase, the integrity of the septum in the pump when unscrewing the cover.

If the bearings are defective, slight play can be felt. If this is the case, the STIHL MS 180 saw handwheel is pivoted from side to side. The movement indicates that the flywheel is shifted towards the electrodes by its own magnets, as a result there is no spark. To remove the mechanism dismantle the cutter, remove the filter and clutch cover. To stop the crankshaft remove the cover manual starter and tighten the two bolts.

The clutch is unscrewed with a wrench in a clockwise direction. Remove the drum with the sprocket, replace the old clutch and screw it all the way in. lock the crankshaft to prevent breaking the starter. Reassemble the mechanism in the reverse order. To tighten, the brake lever is tilted forward and the tool is started, then the brake is released.

Rarely identified bearings are defective (the cage has an enlarged diameter of holes). To determine, disassemble and measure with a micrometer. Broken bearings are evidenced by regular knocking. In this case, require urgent repair, t. к. if the integrity of the crankshaft is broken the piston group and cylinder will fail.

In this case, the spark is unable to ignite the fuel that enters the furnace in large quantities to burn the combustion mixture. If the spark plug pours, the carburetor is defective or the cold motor does not start correctly. Blow out the engine, the procedure is performed with the ignition off and away from the open flame. To ensure the ignition of the fuel at the moment of start-up, clean the mechanism:

  • unscrew the plug, wipe it dry and dry for half an hour,
  • Remove a thick layer of soot with a file,
  • Adjust the contact gap,
  • turn the machine upside down and drain off the gasoline,
  • in this position jerk the starter a few times (to remove any fuel residue),
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

If a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw has the following defects

Your STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw, for which you are responsible for identifying and repairing faults, must be operated according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual. The starter switch, for example, should only be operated after the master has checked the chain tension and made sure that the respective tanks are filled with oil and fuel mixture. The chain saw has to be properly secured in your hand before you can start working.

But if you’ve noticed that the chain oil is leaking, it could be caused by leaks at the oil tank hose and oil pump connections. In order to fix the problem, you will have to disassemble the tool. If the hose is damaged, it is recommended that it be replaced. Sometimes it is sealed with a special compound. The surface should be previously degreased and washed. Sometimes the oil filter fails, in some cases it becomes clogged. Oil can leak in this case too. In this case, the filter is checked, cleaned or replaced with a new one.

Failure to operate

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw which you can troubleshoot and repair with your own hands. sometimes the machine just won’t start. Such a problem can occur quite accidentally. First of all, the user must open and close the gas tank lid again. Ventilate the combustion chamber at the following step.

It is advisable to remove the spark plugs and let them air dry. In some cases this is enough to start the tool and make it work properly. If the problem persists, there is another reason. The breather plug affects the fuel supply. If it is clogged, there is a vacuum in the fuel tank, which causes it not to work. The breather plug can be repaired very easily. To do this, it is cleaned with a needle.

If you have purchased a chainsaw “STIHL 180”, the faults and repair of this tool you will be able to find and carry out yourself. Sometimes the tool fails to work because a cylinder fails. If there are bumps and chips on this assembly, it is definitely the cause. If you encounter a problem when the tool does not start, sustains power for a short time or stops after switching on, then the muffler can lead to a breakdown. It sometimes gets clogged with sediment from the exhaust while in use.

Saw sometimes does not start as a result of starter motor malfunctions. In order to identify the problem with the carburetor you need to remove the cover and a special screen, which is located behind the drum of the tool. If the starter motor is loose, use a blowtorch to fix it. Sometimes the problem is an oil leak. In this case, wipe the starter with a cloth.

STIHL Ms 180 stops on load

STIHL MS 180 chain saw malfunctions and how to fix them

STIHL MC 180 chain saw in operation. Failure in the next. Before winter storage, on the advice of the mechanics, I put 4 drops of engine oil (STIHL) in the spark plug hole. screw the spark plug in. At the moment I’m going to the cottage, decided to take a look at the saw. Pulled the starter and it won’t spin! Unscrewed the plug, it’s full of oil, wiped it down and put it back. same thing. I unscrewed and cranked the starter with no spark plug. everything turns on and off. Screwed back in. the starter does not turn. What’s possible??

Flush your chainsaw with unstained, undiluted gasoline, put it straight through the spark plug hole, then gently crank the starter. Later, drain the fuel and use the newest. After all the manipulation, dry the chain saw and the spark plug, and only then try to start the saw. If you learned how to can, then learn how to re-can, but it’s hard to pull and go.

Tell me what’s the reason the starter may be jamming? STIHL chain saw 180 brand new.

You won’t know unless you take it apart. Maybe the starter cord is not well placed, or maybe the tide is in the way. Stiles starters are quite reliable and durable. Any illnesses are not observed constructive plan, mostly other dirt, or a saturated operation. If your chain saw is new, take it to your service department and it will be repaired under warranty.

I have noticed a peculiarity with my own STIHL MS 180 chain saw: when the fuel in the tank is empty, the idle speed increases and the chain continues to turn even when the trigger is released. When you press the gas, the chainsaw stops. It lasts for about 10 seconds and then stops. I have not seen such a phenomenon in automotor vehicles, that when there is a shortage of fuel in the carburetor engine speed increases. Why It Happens?

This is a common phenomenon for two-stroke engines. When reducing the flow of gasoline in the carburetor is depleted consistency. As a result. RPM goes up, acceleration is reduced. Associated with this is short term overheating of the cylinder head. The engine will not fail, alas health does not add. The fuel should not run out of the tank until the end of the day.

I have a STIHL MS180 chain saw, it is used during the summer season for the wood. Nowadays the chain reacts poorly when you accelerate, the chain doesn’t turn in general or jerks. Unreal to saw. The result is the engine will not break down?

For a brand-new chain and sprocket, the tension has to be exactly as per the manual. so that the lower branch does not sag. and the upper one could be taken out with the height of the leading link. Then the chain will run quite freely on the bar. But gradual wear of the sprocket teeth decreases its pitch. Gradually tightening the chain will increase its pitch. and there comes a time when the steps of the same sprocket and chain no longer match to such an extent that the recommended tensioning already causes the chain to be difficult to move. Here it is a good idea to reduce the tension a little. Right up to the occurrence of some sag or upper branch. For the same reason it is recommended to have a couple of chains on a sprocket and even three on a sprocket. This way, the wear is moderate and there is even no accelerated wear of the new chain on the old sprocket which has partially worn out.

STIHL 180 chain saw has a tendency to bang on the gas after starting and stops when you start cutting. But if you gas it for about 30 to 40 seconds, it runs fine. Produced 3 liters of gasoline, filters untreated, dealer oil.

If it started not too long ago, something must have gotten into the carburetor with the bad fuel. Need to be cleaned.

Want to buy this unit. Where to look when inspecting?

We are not talking about the engine itself, because it is better to diagnose it in the service, you will see the rest and get a lot of information. Significant mileage will be evidenced by: Wobbly top cover latch. (Should lock tightly without turning from vibration). The new sprocket on a shabby chainsaw. When the cover is removed, the motor moves relative to the housing. A cut chain catcher and chain damage on the chainwheel cover. Another option is to look closely at the carburetor on the left side. Where the wire rod goes into the choke axle lever. A little-used chainsaw will have a flat, oblong. The longer the saw has been in operation, the harder it will be to work out the hole. The chain is chafing. Never try to buy a chainsaw which has even a little play on the right side of the crankshaft in relation to the engine. This is a sign that a repair is in the offing.

How many seconds should the STIHL mc180 chain saw engine idle?

Give to work about 20-30 seconds and then turn off. It’s not easy. There is no sense in it.

Idle stroke began to disappear, I first did not know what it was, and then I remembered that you need to add a lot of idle stroke I added on a hot engine seemed to work. I come a week later at the cottage need to saw a couple of logs, I start the saw and initially on a cool motor chain spins later our customer remains in place, stood for about 10 minutes I start our customer remains fine only on a cool motor. That’s normal?

If the chain rotates, it means the rpm is too high. It should be understood that a properly adjusted and serviceable engine is fully likely to have slightly high idle running immediately after start-up before warming up. And it can be raised decently. to the rotation of the chain. When the engine warms up, idle speed drops down slowly. That’s why it is recommended to adjust the idle speed only when the engine is warm.

How do I mount a clutch drum on my STIHL MS 180 chain saw with removable sprocket (“remodeling” of the drum is acceptable), for example from a 250?

There is a variant. Everything fits perfectly. Only there is no need to run over to 325″. It’s hard on the engine. Alas, a couple of aspects must be implied. On this kit (with removable sprocket) the sprocket is a little bigger by one tooth than the regular sprocket. The speed of the chain will increase by a ratio of 6:7, so the load on the engine will also increase. But practice has shown that it’s not critical if the chain is properly sharpened. And second. it is not easy to put a brand-new chain of 50 links on this sprocket. (In general, it is recommended to use 51, but they are rare). It is a bit of a pain at first to get it to work on the sprocket and tire. And then, when it stretches a bit, it will put it on all right.

Additional tips

First of all what you should remember when buying this kind of tool is that certain saw parts should be replaced with new ones after their service life has expired. This is the reason why you should always have the manual at your fingertips, because everything is described there in detail.

Such parts include: a sprocket (driving), bar, part of the system (anti-vibration), and the chain. Because it should not be forgotten that if this “stuffing” is not replaced with new in the required time, these worn parts will adversely affect the other parts of the chainsaw. This is the reason why you should often check the depth of the tooth wear. Remember that it must not be more than a week 0.5 mm.

Why does the chainsaw stall when the gas is pressed, and does not start under load at idle

Not uncommon for owners of chainsaws faced with their failure, and no matter what the specific model of this type of technology, as the nature of the breakdowns virtually all of the monotonous. Well the chainsaw stalled, and then what? Sure, you can take the technique to special services, which for a fee will repair your “iron friend. But as they say: why pay more??

After all, you can disassemble the tool personally and repair it, because the breakage may be minor, but in the service, you’ll pay a lot. But, of course, to bring the tool back to life yourself, you need to be able to understand the causes of his breakdowns and methods of fixing them. So, let’s educate ourselves! In this article, you can find answers to questions about situations where the tool simply stalls after a direct throttle push. So, let us proceed.

Pouring the mixture while the mechanism is working

Specific pouring of consistency by the candle at the time of starting the mechanism can also be a prerequisite for failure. Unscrew and dry the spark plug to fix the problem, but remember not to light it on fire under any circumstances. Any excess fuel must be drained out through the hole (plug), wait 20 to 30 minutes, then replace the plug and check again to see if the machine is running.

Why the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas

Let’s assume a chain saw is running fine on the throttle Idling

, but when you press the throttle suddenly, it stops. What could be the reason? It is immediately obvious that it is not the ignition (lack of spark), because with a faulty ignition and lack of spark the tool simply will not start. Means that the fuel system remains.

There are a lot of faults in the fuel system and to determine the exact cause of the STIHL chainsaw one hundred and eighty stops on the gas, you need to make a complete diagnosis. Read about STIHL one hundred and eighty chain saw faults and what to do about them.

STIHL one hundred and eighty does not pick up speed, the most common cause can be seen below. Here the owner of the STIHL ms one hundred and eighty chain saw has his own story about losing power.

STIHL chain saw stalls at idle speed.

If checking the ignition system, fuel filters, muffler did not give tangible results, the tool still does not want to work properly at minimum rpm, you need to check the carburetor.

To adjust the modes of operation on the body of the device there are three screws, designed to set the minimum speed of rotation, maximum speed and idle speed.

On many models, manufacturers install only the idle speed adjustment screw to avoid incompetent attempts to adjust the unit. All variants of the machine need to be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the adjustment of the device did not lead to the restoration of normal functionality of the tool, it is necessary to carry out a complete disassembly of the device with inspection. It should be understood that the carburetor is quite a complex device, if you have no experience, it is advisable to contact the experts.

When disassembling it is important to carefully inspect and wash all nozzles, air and fuel ducts, filter screen. Damaged elements must be replaced with new ones. Nozzles should be cleaned with a soft wire of proper diameter.

It is desirable to work in proper conditions. The carburetor contains many small parts, the loss of any of them will make the unit inoperable.

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Checking and repairing the muffler

Clogged mufflers should be left to soak in warm water with detergent, then carefully wipe and dry.

Muffler failure leads to a drop in power tool when working and stopping in idle mode. Although this part may seem simple, it is also important to keep an eye on it. Quite often the muffler turns out to be clogged. When working, wood dust, sawdust, resin particles may get on the grate. Exhaust gases also form deposits on the surfaces of the spark arrester and other parts. A layer that builds up over time reduces the flow capacity of the silencer and inhibits the proper removal of exhaust gases. The engine is, figuratively speaking, suffocating.

Repair of this unit is not complicated, it is quite feasible for many tool owners. Remove the appliance from the motor and cover the openings with a rag or other material. If the resulting layer is too hard, all parts can be left to soak in warm water and detergent. After the deposit has softened, the parts should be washed with a rag or soft brush and rubbed thoroughly. You can blow out inaccessible places with compressed air or dry with a hair dryer. Use of mechanical tools is undesirable.

To keep the muffler in good working order for a long time you should use the lubricants recommended by the manufacturer and check their expiration date. The mixture should be prepared immediately before working and consumed completely.

Why does the chain saw stop and choke immediately when you press the throttle?

Chainsaws are fairly reliable and uncomplicated designs. Therefore, if you properly care for them and treat them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, then they fail very rarely and different kinds of failures are quickly eliminated. But if you are faced with this situation and want to personally repair your tool without resorting to the assistance of professionals, then delve into the information provided below.

In fact, it is impossible to uniquely and accurately determine the cause of why the tool does not start or stops when you press the gas, as there are many factors affecting this. But keep in mind that since the chainsaw is equipped with a simple two-stroke engine, lubrication, fuel, spark and air are essential to its effective performance.

Consequently, the preparation of fuel-air mixture is engaged directly in the carburetor, the filter cleans the air from dust, the ignition unit and the spark plug creates a spark, and the gasoline is the lubricant.

That is why the search for the cause of this kind of failure should be carried out in a sequential order, starting directly from simple and gradually proceeding to complex. This is an important factor in the right repair, because the one who starts disassembling the carburetor without thinking, puts it at risk. Since this kind of unit should be repaired or adjusted directly in special workshops (read about carburetor adjustment).

Improper fuel

The fact that for the trouble-free operation of the tool it is necessary to be attentive enough directly to the fuel is not unimportant. Because if this kind of mixture will not be prepared correctly, then most chainsaws simply will not start. Consequently, not every owner would guess to look for the cause of the breakdown in the fuel. That’s why you should use only high-quality gasoline for the mixture so that your tool always works properly.

Also use only the oil that is made by the manufacturer of your tool. It is also important to prepare this kind of mix in exactly the quantity you will use in a week or two, but not more (see gasoline and oil mix). petrol and oil ratio for chainsaw).

Because otherwise overstaying the mixture directly in the canister will lead to the fact that it will lose all its octane properties and this will lead to significant problems with the tool.

Pouring the mixture when the mechanism is running

Directly pouring the mixture into the plug at the moment when the machine is running can also become the cause of a breakdown. To fix this problem, you will have to unscrew and dry the spark plug, but remember that you must never expose it to excessive heat. It is necessary to drain the excess fuel through the hole (spark plug), wait 20-30 minutes and then put it back and try to start the tool again.

The spark is absent and the chainsaw will not start

The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas because there is no spark. This can happen when there is no good contact between the tip of the spark plug and the wire (high voltage). However, if this kind of connection works correctly, but the spark is still missing, the ignition unit (electronic) is the cause. It is important to note that this kind of parts are not repairable, so they can only be replaced.

Do not forget that through the inspection of the spark plug, you will be able to obtain significant information concerning the breakdown of the chainsaw. As if its surface is dry, it is caused by a cylinder that is not supplied directly with fuel. That’s why you have to check the whole range of its supply step by step. If the plug is all black in soot, it means that the carburetor is not working properly, that is, it either supplies a lot of fuel or overflows oil directly into the gasoline.

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Not enough fuel to get the chainsaw to its full throttle and work at full throttle

If the chainsaw stalls when you add gas, it means that the fuel isn’t coming in enough to make the chainsaw work properly. This can be caused by a clogged carburetor (its nozzle) or by a dirty filter (fuel filter). Remember that the first part should only be checked by professionals, but you can clean the second one yourself.

The filter is dirty

The air filter can also be the cause of malfunctions if it is clogged with dust. But do not forget that each model has its own easily correctable and characteristic features. For this reason, do not hastily start disassembly and repair the tool, but it is better to “walk” through forums, where a huge number of reviews are different owners, so as not to make things even worse.

For example, a STIHL chain saw cuts off when throttle triggered for a simple reason, namely because the breather plug is clogged.

In order to solve this kind of problem all you need to do is to disconnect the hose (fuel hose) from the carburetor and pay attention to whether the fuel is leaking from it. Because if the mixture flows in a full stream, it means that the breather is not contaminated, and if it is, then the cause of the problem is found.

The silencer, the reason why the saw stops when it is not needed

Here is another reason why the chainsaw stops when you press the gas. the muffler. It is this part can interfere with the full operation of the tool in those cases where it is contaminated directly by the exhaust tar deposits. For this you just need to clean it.

Cylinder piston group

It is not uncommon for a Partner chain saw to stall on impact, and this is usually caused by the piston group. Because through their inspection, namely the piston and cylinder can easily determine the cause of failure tools, directly replacing them. You can also do a direct boring of the cylinder itself according to the size of the new piston.

But if upon examination you find no damage to the piston or cylinder, the cause may lie in the rings (piston rings). To do this, the piston has to be inserted in the cylinder and gently rocked by means of the connecting rod. If you suddenly felt backlash then the rings need to be replaced as they are already worn out.


The first thing you should keep in mind when buying this kind of tool is that certain saw parts must be replaced with new ones after their service life has expired. That is why you should always have the instruction manual with you, because it explains everything in great detail.

Such parts include: sprocket (drive), bar, part of the system (anti-vibration), as well as the chain. Do not forget that if this “stuffing” not replaced with new in the right time, these worn parts will adversely affect the other parts of the chain saw. It is for this reason, quite often do a check of the depth of the direct wear of the teeth. Remember that it should not be higher than a week of 0.5 mm.

Why the chainsaw stops when I press the gas: Background and Solution

It is not uncommon for chainsaw owners face with their failure, and it does not matter what model of this kind of machinery, because the nature of the breakdowns are virtually all the same. Well, here’s a chainsaw stalled and then what? Surely, you can take the technique to special services, which for a fee will repair your “iron friend”. STIHL STIHL chain saw 180 with no oil supply and no oil flow to the chain? Why pay more, they say?

After all, you can disassemble the tool yourself and repair it, because the breakage may be insignificant, but in the service you will pay a lot. But of course to bring back to life himself a tool must be able to understand the causes of his failure and methods of repair. On the STIHL chain saw ms 180 rpm not STIHL chain saw to adjust the. So let’s learn how to! In this article you will find the answers to questions about situations where the machine just stops after a specific throttle push. Here we go.

Adjusting the ignition of the STIHL 180

The STIHL MS 180 chain saws have an electronic ignition system, the adjustment of which comes down to setting the gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil of the STIHL 180 saw. To adjust, remove the starter, loosen the two screws holding the ignition coil and between the flywheel and coil contacts place a strip cut out of a plastic bottle, tighten the mounting screws.

To check the clearance, turn the flywheel and check to see if the coil pins are rubbing against it.

Algorithm of removal and installation

In cases where it is necessary to clean the carburetor STIHL 180 or disassemble it, you must first remove the unit from the chainsaw. It is necessary to do this with the observance of a certain algorithm of actions:

  • Put the chainsaw blade guard on the bar.
  • Remove the upper cover on the chain saw.
  • Unscrew two nuts fixing the air filter and carburetor.
  • Remove the air filter housing.
  • Disconnect the wire from the engine control lever.
  • Carefully remove the lever from its seat in the housing and at the same time disconnect the choke rod.
  • Pull the carburettor toward you and disconnect the fuel supply and throttle linkage.

To make disassembly easier, you can additionally unscrew the rear handle and disconnect the throttle link first from it, and then only from the carburetor. This may be necessary, t. к. it is difficult to disconnect the lever from the carburetor without some experience and it is easier to take the lever apart first.

To install the part in place, follow the reverse order of the algorithm.

When removing and installing the chain saw’s engine control lever, you must be very careful, because the chain saw. к. the saw body is the weak link in the saw, and it often gets broken by inexperienced users.

Disassembling a STIHL 180 carburettor

To blow, change gaskets or needle valve, the carburetor needs to be disassembled. For this unscrew 4 screws on the compensator cover and one screw on the fuel pump.

Once the carburettor body is opened, you must be very careful because. к. If debris gets inside the carburetor, it will make it impossible to operate. The thickness of the channels in it is comparable to the thickness of a thread or even a human hair.

STIHL chain saw high idle speed

Why does the STIHL 180 choke when idling or at full throttle?

Any tool can break down and STIHL MS 180 chain saw is no exception. Now let’s try to find out why a chainsaw stops when revving, or idles at full throttle. Check the diagnosis and troubleshooting for this STIHL chain saw

Why the chain saw cuts out on the throttle

Your STIHL chain saw is running fine when idling, but sharply on the gas and stops. What’s the reason?? It is immediately clear that it’s not the ignition (no spark), because. к. If the ignition is faulty and there is no spark, the machine just won’t start. Means remains the fuel system.

There are many defects in the fuel system and to find out why the STIHL 180 chain saw cuts out when accelerating it is necessary to make a full diagnosis. Take a look at the STIHL chain saw and read about the most common malfunctions

Checking the filter

The first thing to check is the fuel filter.

Sometimes a dirty filter is clogged and is unable to pass a sufficient amount of fuel. Accordingly there is a shortage of fuel in the system, which leads to the fact that when you press the gas chainsaw fuel is burned, and new has not yet had time to come and as a result STIHL chain saw cuts off. If the fuel filter is clogged, it can cause a noticeable drop in power at high engine speeds, but only if it is very dirty.

Air filter

On the Internet you can find some tips on how the STIHL 180 chain saw can malfunction if the fuel filter is too dirty. I would like to refute this untrue information, and say that in fact the carburetor STIHL MC 180 is equipped with a compensator, which is designed and installed if you set the goal to bypass the dirty air filter for normal operation of the STIHL chain saw 180

Of course the power is slightly reduced with a clogged air filter, but it certainly will not stall. power can fail because of wear and tear piston, it will need repair piston STIHL MS 180.

The carburetor

One of the circumstances by which the chainsaw does not develop speed when you press the gas, and on the contrary, shut down, it is a faulty carburetor. Let’s assume the STIHL 180 chain saw was working properly, and after it has been put away for a long time without using it. After you have started it, and it works fine at idle, but when you press the gas may stall. Why does it stop?? The cause is a jammed carburetor valve nozzle. Naturally, it is not 100%, alas the possibility of such a malfunction is high. We recommend reading this article about carburetor construction and repair for the STIHL 180.

If you set the goal to check the injector, you need to remove the carburetor and disassemble it. To remove it, you need to unscrew the two nuts fixing the air filter and carburetor, then remove the air filter and the engine control lever, disconnecting with all that the control rod of the air damper from the carburetor. Next, you need to pull the carburetor just a little on himself, and disconnect the hose fuel supply.

Need to very carefully remove the fuel hose, and prepare here in advance plug, t. к. with its application should go fuel.

After removing the carburettor it should be blown and cleaned from dirt, only after that the carburettor has an option to unscrew.

Unscrew the cover of the main carburetor chamber, is the one on which the top is installed compensator. Further with the use of 8 mm bolt and a length of more than 50 mm. Knock out the valve.

STIHL MS 180 chain saw has speed problems

MS 180 has some aspects that force the owners to worry, and spend a lot of money on the expensive.

STIHL 180 MS carburettor won’t release.

With the carburetor screw turned to zero, the rpm is extremely high

The valve should be knocked out by setting the carburetor on a wooden base, that will protect it from damage to the body.

When the nozzle is removed, you can blow it with a compressor. The valve must let the air in one direction only, if of course freely blow the valve in both states, it means it is defective and you need to replace it with a new one. Reassemble the chainsaw if the valve is repaired, it is necessary to follow the reverse sequence of disassembly.

See graphically how the repair of the carburetor, and more precisely how to correctly blow out the valve injector from the carburetor housing can be watched video.

READ Carburetor for STIHL chain saws Video

The next common reason why the saw may stall at higher RPM, air suction in the carburetor. Check this can only be having a special tool, but it is worth seeing that if preventive work with the carburetor has not been carried out for more than a year, there is an option to install a new set of gaskets in the carburetor. Sometimes it helps to solve the problem with its depressurization.

Disassembling the carburetor to change the gaskets, it is necessary to closely inspect its needle valve, press the rocker arm and check its lifting. Occasionally, particularly if the STIHL chain saw has been sitting for a long time with fuel in the carburettor, the needle may stick to the carburettor housing does not do its job. Simply speaking, the needle valve will not pass the fuel mixture. Here, the saw does not work.

Why does the carburettor idle?

The 1st and most common cause of this malfunction is improper carburetor adjustment. It is of course necessary to have a STIHL adjustment screwdriver for this purpose, which is included with the machine. The adjustment hole is located on the right side of the STIHL 180 on the handlebars and is marked with “-” and “-“.

If the STIHL chainsaw does not hold rpm and stops idling, you can virtually 90% sure that it has a violation of the system of the fuel pump, usually an air leak in the crankcase through the gasket pan, or much more often, through the crankshaft oil seals. Air intake reduces or completely blocks the flow of fuel through appropriate channels to the pump. If it has finished, the STIHL 180 chain saw is not getting enough fuel and stops when idling.

Why does it stop when you’re going full throttle?

Very often you can hear the question, why the chainsaw stops when the engine is in motion. There may be several reasons. First, you need to take into account exactly how the saw stalled. Suppose, the tool was working fine and suddenly, for no apparent reason suddenly stopped and the starter does not turn. In such a situation you can be 100% sure that the chainsaw has jammed and it is necessary to proceed to its overhaul.

The second situation is when a STIHL 180 chain saw is running fine and then suddenly loses power over a short time and stops, and the cylinder overheats. In that case, most likely the cause of leaking air under the rubber nozzle that connects the carburetor to the cylinder or a gap. The mixture becomes lean and overheated. You can eliminate the cause of the problem by changing the socket.