Stihl Trimmer How To Distinguish A Fake

The Stihl MS-180 chainsaw is a product of the well-known German brand STIHL, founded in 1921 by Andreas Shtil. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of washing machines and steam boilers. The first STIHL chainsaw (Germany) was born in 1929 and had a weight of 48 kg. With a power plant capacity of 6 liters. With.

The units were improved, new structural elements were added. A saw chain with cutting and scraper teeth, automated chain lubrication, a centrifugal clutch, a membrane carburetor, anti-vibration handles, a chain brake, etc. With each new invention, the saw weight decreased, the functionality grew. Stihl is also known as the manufacturer of the quietest chainsaws in the world.

Is a site visitor often interested in how much the Stihl MC-180 chainsaw costs? The original Stihl 180 chainsaw costs between 12-13 thousand rubles. Future equipment owners are also interested in where the STIHL MS-180 chainsaws are assembled. It can be the USA, Germany and even China. Chinese fakes are quite common, but their are lower.

We offer you to watch a that tells how to distinguish a fake from the original:

Standard equipment of the STIHL chainsaw

The standard equipment for the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw includes:

  • Universal screwdriver;
  • Tire 14 inches (35 cm);
  • Chain of 50 links;
  • Tire cover;
  • Manual.

Description of the Stihl MC-180 chainsaw

This is a household tool designed for cutting branches and trees, sawing logs, and other activities in the garden. The Stihl chainsaw weighs 3.9 kg. The power of the installed carburetor two-stroke engine is 2 horsepower. The unit works from a mixture of gasoline (AI-92 and above) and engine oil for two-stroke engines. The kit can be a 35 cm long bus. A Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain with ⅜ inch pitch is used.

The manufacturer supplied the “Stihl” chainsaw with a lock against accidental start-up, and also provided automatic lubrication of the chain during operation (Еmatic system).For the convenience of the operator, an effective anti-vibration system has been provided for a long time.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw:


In addition to the basic modification of the MC-180, there are improved models:

  1. Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14.
  2. Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco.

Consider each modification individually.

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14

This “Stihl” chainsaw is more advanced by the manufacturer, its weight is 4.2 kg. The two-stroke power plant runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil and has a capacity of 2 liters. With. Air cooling, the ErgoStart system makes it easy to start the engine by pulling on the handle of the inertial starter. Quickstop will instantly stop chain movement when you press the front stop.

Constant fuel consumption and the cleanest exhaust possible with integrated compensator. The tire is small. 14 inches, with the following parameters: 1.3 mm, 3/8 ″, 50 links. A Picco Duro chain of its own manufacture is installed on the bus, which dulls four times slower, differs in excess of strength and reliability.

The chain tensioning system is improved without the use of a special tool. The Ematic system allows the chain to be lubricated where it is needed, resulting in 50% savings in lubricants. Anti-vibration system protects the operator from excessive vibration.

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco

The weight of the chainsaw is 3.9 kg. Gasoline engine, single-cylinder carburetor with a capacity of 2 liters. With. There is also an easy-start system, a chain lock, anti-vibration. Stihl Oilomatic PICCO MINI 61 PMN chain, automatic lubrication system. The tire length is 40 cm. A compensator is mounted in the carburetor, which is responsible for fuel consumption, constant power of the chainsaw and the quality of exhaust gases.

Advantages of the Stihl MS-180 gasoline saw

Let’s talk about the features of the “Stihl” MS-180 chainsaw:

  • Lightness of gasoline saw;
  • Performance of 2 liters. With.;
  • Belongs to the “hobby class”;
  • Easy start Ergostart;
  • Quick chain tension;
  • Electronic type ignition;
  • Four rubber shock absorbers for damping vibration;
  • Brake for Quik Stop chain;
  • Sprocket roller insulation;
  • The carburetor is not adjustable (only idle speed is regulated, the engine speed is constant with the factory settings);
  • The presence of a stabilizing compensator;
  • Single lever control;
  • Chain reinforced;
  • The presence of two compression rings on the engine piston instead of one;
  • Universality of a saw:
  • Durability, reliability.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • Noise at work;
  • High price;
  • Limited operating time per day.

User’s manual

The passport of the “Stihl” gasoline saw MS-180 is an instruction manual that contains complete information about the tool itself. Before starting operation, it is necessary to carefully study the manual to avoid annoying malfunctions.

We offer you to read the instructions for the chainsaw.


Stihl MC-180 chainsaw consists of: gasoline engine, carburetor, casing, starter, flywheel, clutch, decompression valve, oil, fuel pump and tank, spark plug, saw chain, tire, sprocket, brake, air filter, shift lever , dust collector, muffler, clamps, tension wheels, gear stop, adjustment screw, handles.

Stihl chainsaw preparation for work

The preparation of the saw should be approached with all responsibility, since its lifetime in the future depends on this, as well as the safety of the operator himself. Consider the correct algorithm of actions when preparing a chainsaw for operation:

  • Stihl chainsaw is assembled (according to descriptions and diagrams in the manual);
  • The tire is put on and fixed;
  • Chain is pulled;
  • The fuel mixture is being prepared correctly: gasoline is diluted with oil in a ratio of 50/1 (the amount of AI-92 gasoline is 5 liters, Stihl special oil for two-stroke engines is 100 ml.);
  • The fuel mixture is poured into the tank;
  • Chain oil is poured into the tank;
  • The reliability of the tension of the fasteners is checked;
  • According to the instructions, the saw is launched;
  • Carburettor is idled with the corresponding screw (the chain must not move);
  • The lubrication of the chain is checked.

We offer you to watch a on how to assemble the “Stihl” chainsaw:

About how to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw our will tell:

Break-in period for “Stihl” chainsaw

In the usual sense, a break-in for a Stihl 180 saw is not carried out. She is initially ready for work. However, the owner of the equipment must know and understand the following:

  1. The first 4 to 8 blasted full tanks with fuel, the work of the gasoline saw should not be carried out in a gentle mode for the entire power of the power plant with frequent interruptions for cooling the tool.
  2. The first 60 minutes of the Stihl chainsaw consists of work and rest periods: 2 minutes. Work, 10 seconds. Idling, a break. Idling for more than 10 seconds harms the spark plugs, leaving soot on them.
  3. It is very important to properly prepare the fuel mixture from high quality materials (1/50, AI-92 gasoline and above, Stihl oil for 2-stroke engines).
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Before operation is checked:

  • Chain condition, sharpening;
  • Chain tension;
  • Tightening fasteners;
  • Filling fuel and oil tanks;
  • The presence of chain lubrication;
  • Idling, etc.

After sawing work is carried out:

  • Chainsaw cleaning;
  • Chain tension loosens (required);
  • Chain sharpening (if necessary);
  • Condition of the tire, its wear;
  • Filter maintenance (as required).

The new owners are often lost and looking for materials on how to properly disassemble (assemble) the Stihl 180 chainsaw. We suggest watching a that shows how to disassemble and assemble the Stihl 180 chainsaw:

Faults and repairs

Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions and their elimination is another problem that worries tool owners.

Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw won’t start:

  • No fuel mixture;
  • No contact on the spark plug;
  • High-voltage wire breakage;
  • The fuel pump does not pump;
  • Clogged fuel lines;
  • Problems with candles;
  • Ignition not adjusted;
  • Pours a candle.

Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not develop the required number of revolutions:

  • Soot on a spark plug;
  • The candle is worn out, replacement is necessary (after 100 hours of operation);
  • Carburetor requires cleaning.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw stalls at idle:

  • Carburetor not adjusted;
  • Fuel or air filter clogged.

We offer you to watch a on how to adjust the carburetor of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw with your own hands:

Some tool owners use the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw along with an angle grinder attachment, this allows you to build a home sawmill and perform longitudinal cuts.

The shows the nozzle-angle grinder for the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw:

But even without this nozzle, some craftsmen found a way to perform a longitudinal cut with a conventional tire with a saw chain. We offer you to watch a about a home-made sawmill from improvised materials:


And now you have the opportunity to evaluate this tool in your work by watching a short:

Instructions for using the tool

The Stihl 180 chainsaw is operated according to certain rules. In this case, you must adhere to the instructions. First of all, check the chain tension before turning on the tool. Directly the hand is always important to keep on the handle. The oil tank cap must be tightly screwed. In this case, the oil pump is checked separately. The start button should be turned on after the tool is firmly fixed in the hands. When working with wood, do not place the saw at a large angle. You should also monitor the condition of the tire during operation of the tool.

Carb setting

The carburetor for this model is installed near the starter. The chainsaw is adjusted using a screwdriver. In this case, the device cover is removed. Next, it is important to twist the clutch. After that, you can see the carburetor. The chainsaw is adjusted clockwise. In this case, it is important not to twist the spring inside the carburetor. If you do not screw the adjustment cam with a screwdriver, then from the first time the saw will not start unambiguously.

Starter problems

If the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start, the faults and repair of the starter must be disassembled in detail. Some believe that the problem may be due to improper use of the tool. In order to inspect the starter, you must first remove the cover that protects the carburetor. It is not necessary to touch the tire directly in this case. A special screen will be located behind the clutch drum. You can twist it with a screwdriver. The clutch tape is fixed to the model on the nut.

After disconnecting the drum, it will be possible to inspect the starter. It is located in the presented design under the carburetor. In order to twist it, you need a key. In order to repair the part, the insulation system, which is located in the upper part, is first examined. If the contact wire moves away from the starter, you will have to use a blowtorch. Also, the problem may be oil leakage. In this situation, you just need to wipe the starter with a cloth.

Flywheel does not work

If the starter is in order, but the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start, the malfunctions and repair of the flywheel must be disassembled very carefully. This problem is solved quite simply. In order to proceed with the inspection of the instrument, it is necessary to drain gasoline in advance from the tank. The flywheel is located in the device above the air filter. In order to get to it, you have to disconnect the back cover. After that, the cylinder is removed directly.

The next step is to take care of the plunger. To remove it with a key will not work. In this case, you have to knock it down gently with a hammer. However, it is important not to damage the carburetor blades. The flywheel in this saw is attached to a small cap. Twist it should be counterclockwise. After that, the flywheel can be removed. If there are shallow scratches on it, then simply lubricate it with machine oil. If the part is deformed quite severely, it will have to be replaced, and there is a new flywheel on the Stihl 180 (market price) within 450 rubles.

Drum repair

If the flywheel with the starter is in order, but the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start, the malfunctions and repair of the drum must be disassembled in detail. Mostly the cause of the breakdown is considered to be the cam. It is located near the guide, which is located in the carburetor. If this type of fault occurs, the plungers may also be damaged. In order to repair the drum yourself, you should first disconnect the tire. Next, it is important to unscrew the protective cover and inspect the carburetor. If no obvious external damage is observed, the guide should be removed.

Next you need to inspect the cam. It connects directly to the adjustment shaft. If small cracks are visible on it, it means that you just need to lubricate it with machine oil. After that, the carburetor should be put in place and try to start the tool. The loud sound of the saw indicates that the cam is beating against the wall of the guide. In this situation, turn off the device immediately. Otherwise, the adjustment shaft may be damaged. To change the cam yourself, you will need to remove the limiter, which is located near the carburetor. After that, it will be possible to completely twist the part. In this case, the adjustment shaft can not be touched.

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The cam in the saw is installed with a diameter of 1.3 cm. When replacing a part, it must be carefully knocked to its original place. To do this, it is best to use a hammer. However, in this situation, it is important not to overdo it and follow the guide. There is a new cam on the “Stihl 180” (market price) about 200 rubles.

Replacing the connecting rod

If the starter with the drum is in order, but the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start, the malfunctions and repair of the connecting rod mechanism must be disassembled very carefully. Solving the problem yourself is quite difficult, but if you follow the instructions, you can do a lot. The user is able to directly inspect the connecting rod mechanism by removing the back cover of the saw. First of all, you need to disconnect the protective screen. Next, take up the starter, which is mounted near the carburetor.

Chain problems

Chainsaw chain “Stihl 180 ″ installed in increments of 3/8”. It is mounted on a special tire. At the same time, a separator is used to stretch it. At the bottom of the structure is a catcher for the chain. In order to change it, you will first need to disconnect the retainer. The new Stihl 180 chainsaw chain is only available at specialist workshops. After removing the retainer, it remains to disconnect the trap directly. Further it will be possible to twist the tire. After the tension has loosened, it will be possible to remove the chain. It should be installed on the side of the sprocket.

Throttle Repair

If the chainsaw does not start, the problem may be with the throttle. In this situation, it is difficult to cope independently. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for one person to regulate the throttle tension. In order to inspect it, the user must get to the saw’s fuel system. In this case, the side cover is removed. After this, the connecting rod and groove are inspected. If the check valve is dirty, the throttle may have broken. In this situation, you will have to replace it. Spare parts for chainsaws are best purchased in specialized workshops. In order to replace the part, it is recommended that the tire be removed first. After that, it is important to take up the clamp on which the throttle is held.

In the presented model, it is fixed on the case with two bolts. Using a nut wrench, you can easily unscrew them. The next step is the throttle is removed from the upper side. You will also have to use the key for this. His stretch should ultimately be good. To do this, you need the help of another person. However, one end of the throttle can be fixed independently. If, as a result, the valve does not fit snugly against the cover, it means that the throttle is loose and should be removed again.

Gearbox replacement

If the chainsaw does not start, the problem may be with the gearbox. This type of breakdown occurs often due to wear of the protective gasket. In this situation, it is important to inspect not only the gearbox, but also the fuel system. Often it becomes a cause of damage. If the pump leaks, it means gasoline can get on the gearbox. In this situation, remove the protective cover and disconnect the carburetor. The next step is to remove the gearbox directly.

The fuel pump is located above it. If no leak is detected, then pay attention to the lower part of the gearbox. When its hole is blocked, it should be cleaned. To do this, you will have to use a cloth. Sometimes the central channel is damaged due to some foreign object, and the part has to be completely changed. However, such cases are extremely rare.

Product Manufacturer STIHL

The history of the STIHL brand dates back to 1926, when Andreas Stihl founded A. Stihl Ingenieursbüro. ” Initially, the company specialized in creating working boilers and the first “washing machines”, and later on, the first model of a chainsaw was created with the money earned. This unit, despite the enormous weight (48kg) quickly conquered the market and began to be very successfully sold to countries near and far abroad.

The 90s marked the beginning of a family business for the company. Almost all members of the Stihl family began to take part in the life of the company.

In 1995, they established Holding AGCo, whose main base was in Waiblingen and Disburg.

Since 2002, a completely alien person has become the head of the board of directors of STIHL AG. At that time, boss Hans Peter Stihl headed the supervisory board of the company and took over the chairmanship of the commission of STIHL Holding AGCo.

After another 2 years, a modern company development center was opened, and already in 2006, a new assembly plant was launched in China.

Today the company is developing successfully., introducing new ideas and even more practical approaches into the work. Stihl inventions top the reliability rating of chainsaws.

Performance and specifications

As for the technical and operational characteristics of this chainsaw, they are in many ways superior to all modern market counterparts. See how to run a chainsaw properly here.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw device is designed in such a way as to achieve maximum indicative results, while not causing any discomfort during operation. The device is completely devoid of vibration and does not tire the operator’s hands.

The handle that surrounds this tool tightly “sits” on 3 shock-absorbing blocks made of rubber, which is also very convenient for using a chainsaw.

The Stihl ms 180 chainsaw has the following specific characteristics:

  • The maximum working volume is 31.8 cm³;
  • Nominal weight of only 3900g.;
  • The power level is 1.5 kW / 2.0 hp.;
  • The tire is 0.35 m long;
  • Characteristic chain type Oilomatic with a step of 3/8 “P (PMС3);
  • Tank with a volume of 250 cm³;
  • The idle speed is 2800 rpm;
  • Specific gravity. 2600 g / kW;
  • Permissible vibration level. 6.6 to the left and 7.8 m / s2 to the right;
  • Sound pressure is 97.0 dB;
  • Sound power. 106.0 dB.

It is easy to operate, does not require additional care, in addition to timely lubrication (if you do not follow the lubrication in time, it is quite possible to “kill” both the tire and the chain itself).

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It is worth noting that the two-stroke engine of this unit is designed in such a way that it works on a gasoline-oil mixture. Only high-quality oil must be added to STIHL chainsaw gasoline. You can read about the exact use of Stihl chainsaw oil here.

For work using a brand of gasoline AI92 or 95 as well as engine oil from the company STIHL.

The quality of these operational elements will largely determine the impact on the functioning and life of the entire system.

Stihl Trimmer How To Distinguish A Fake

The Stihl 180 chainsaw instruction provides for strict adherence to all the rules of its operation. This is important for warranty repairs as well as extending the life of the chainsaw. It is very important to use good oil to lubricate the chainsaw chains.

Device and circuit

The scheme of the Stihl 180 chainsaw (as well as the stihl ms 660 chainsaw) is quite complicated, and this is due to the features of the operation of this unit. In order to get acquainted with the specifics of its work in detail, it is necessary to study the instruction manual for the stihl ms 180 chainsaw.

Here is a selection of a schematic diagram of the chainsaw, all the nuances regarding the components and the implementation of the first and subsequent launch are indicated. To keep the device in good condition and to be sure of its performance, you need to know the basics of its device and the principle of activity. Also, for more efficient operation, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw.

Serial equipment of products consists of:

  • Guide bar type Ematic;
  • Saw chain Oilomatic;
  • An adjustable oil pump that ensures uniform distribution of oil throughout the chain and ensures excellent system performance;
  • A carburetor with a special STIHL compensator that regulates the optimal engine power;
  • Air filter;
  • Trigger lever (cold and hot);
  • Control lever;
  • Handle with especially anti-vibration system.

Step-by-step instruction and operation manual

Next, simply follow the Stihl 180 chainsaw walkthrough:

  1. Before starting, you need to press the chain brake forward, thereby activating it;
  2. Get rid of the protective coating of the tire;
  3. Press the decompression valve for quick start and fuel pump;
  4. Take care of installing the combined lever in the “cold start” direction;
  5. Place the chainsaw on a flat surface, step with your foot on its handle to improve its stability;
  6. Slowly pull the starter rope toward you, and then pull it quickly a couple of times;
  7. Put the throttle in the half-gas position and once again pull the launch cable;
  8. After starting the saw, press the “gas” and lift it off the ground;
  9. Release the chain brake and check the lubrication of the working chain, giving full “gas” to the device over a sheet of light paper (if there are drops of oil, the saw is working normally);
  10. The saw can be operated according to the rules.

See the for more details:

For information on how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a file, see here.

How to distinguish from a fake

Chainsaw stihl 660 price china price. This is not an indicator of whether the device is original, or before you fake.

Here are the basic criteria you must know:

  1. Original STIHL products are personally distinguished by a warranty and an individual serial number;
  2. The number directly below the silencer must match the main marking of the saw;
  3. The silencer must also have a serial number and the country of manufacture indicated;
  4. Original Stihl products are equipped with Stihl tires, as well as special equipment necessary for full-fledged operation.

Pros and Cons of a Stihl Chainsaw

Among the advantages of a Stihl chainsaw are:

  • Special anti-vibration system class AC;
  • Quickstop inertia type chain brake required for device safety;
  • Air filter in the public domain;
  • The regulating compensator guarantees stable powerful operation of the system;
  • Single lever type chainsaw control;
  • The use of Ematic grease, which allows you to save on fuel consumption;
  • The optimum cost of a chainsaw.

As for the last point, the question is how much the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be made to both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The fact is that the price is not high for different categories of the population. Also for use, this option may not seem quite cheap.

Despite the ease of handling, the relatively low fuel consumption and ease of maintenance saw is still not widely available for everyone (the average price is around 8000 rubles).

Saw Operation Safety

Safety is pretty simple.

In order not to be injured during work and not to damage the saw itself, it is important to work in special clothing, follow the simple rules for using a powerful device. Information about the Stihl 660 chainsaw here.

Every worker using a Stihl chainsaw must be aware of:

  • The device and the principle of its action;
  • Possible varieties of problems as well as options for their quick fix;
  • The possibility of the effect of bestowal and its consequences;
  • Fueling rules;
  • Chain lubrication rules;
  • Rules for checking the operability of the mechanism.

Personnel working with the device must be dressed in overalls:

  • Special protective trousers;
  • Helmet with special headphones;
  • Safety glasses for eyes;
  • Gloves;
  • Special boots, preferably with non-slip soles.
  • You must have a first aid kit with you.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the STIHL chainsaw

The Stihl 180 chainsaw has been produced for 15 years. During this time, some changes were made to its design. The result is a Stihl MS 180 model, which is held at the top of ratings for many characteristics.

Key benefits of Stihl:

  • Compact sizes allow you to work in hard to reach places;
  • Relatively light weight allows you to hold the saw in your hands for a long time;
  • Successfully cuts firewood, is used to trim thick branches and form the crown of a tree;
  • It works stably, with high performance;
  • Has a long service life;
  • Must be repaired in case of breakage, restored by 96–98%;
  • The price of spare parts is low;
  • Stihl repair in most cases, you can do it yourself.

The disadvantages of the Stihl 180 chainsaw include:

  • High consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Quick wear of parts.

The carburetor ear is wiped, the cylinder cover flap quickly fails. Plastic parts are short-lived.

Technical characteristics of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw

The main technical characteristics of the Stihl 180 chainsaw are presented in the table: