Than to Cut Plywood 10 mm

How to cut plywood, despite the fact that its sheets have a minimum size of 12.2 x 12.2 cm. After all, during construction and repair work fragments of smaller parameters and various shapes are needed, sometimes even curved. Cutting this material cannot be avoided, as it has become a necessity in most cases.

Hand tool

Who does not know how to cut plywood at home, it is worth looking at the information below. The main tools for cutting plywood are distinguished:

  • Band or circular saw;

Than to Cut Plywood 10 mm

  • Jigsaw.

Plywood is considered to be a fairly dense material, therefore it is necessary to apply physical force during its cutting by hand with a hacksaw. The device is usually used to divide sheets into equal fragments. The teeth should be small in order to avoid damage to the structure of the material.

  • Elements of different shapes are also created from plywood sheets by band or circular saws. Due to the high speed of rotation of the cutting wheels, it is difficult to get a neatly perfect cut. Therefore, it is advised to use cutting wheels, which are equipped with small teeth, intended for work processes exclusively with wood.
  • Any plywood can be easily cut using a jigsaw with a fine file. To do this, just press the tool against the tile and lead it with accuracy, without jerking. Upon completion of the cutting process, the edges of the sheets are advised to process with sandpaper.

The better to cut plywood and in what quantity. Hand jigsaw is considered an ideal tool if it is necessary to produce a small number of complex elements. With some dexterity, it can allow you to get neat cuts. Manual cutting method can not be called productive, especially since it is very tiring.

  • When creating rectilinear forms of cuts, a circular saw with fine-tooth cutting wheels is used. Cutting wheels for chipboard can quickly cope with the task of cutting plywood sheets. In this case, the saw is held with a little pressure on the slow stroke.
  • If there are no jigsaws and power tools among the available tools, it is worth trying to cut the material using a conventional saw manually. The tool should be with small teeth and good sharpening. During the cutting process, the blade is guided at an acute angle to the surface of the plywood sheet. The movements should be smooth with great pressure, and without jerking. Careful work should be especially at the end of cutting, because the slightest wrong movement can lead to the formation of a large chip, thus rejecting the finished element.

Attention! The saw makes a rough cut, therefore, after this process, the end face of the sheets must be processed with sandpaper.

Laser cutting

How to cut plywood with a laser and what material parameters should be cut with this tool. Plywood can be cut in this way to a thickness of 8-10 mm. This process may depend on the type of wood, type of glue, and treatment option. It is better to cut tar-free sheets of plywood from coniferous wood. Birch plywood is not recommended for cutting, and material with formaldehyde resin is even harder to cut. The upper part of the cut is always dark in color. The mode and quality level of cutting of all types of plywood is determined by experiment.

The laser cutting process allows you to produce parts without exerting mechanical influence on the sheets. Due to this, chips and nap will not appear at the edges. The laser beam has such a small diameter that will allow you to cut out elements with parameters of several millimeters and complex geometric shapes.

The maximum thickness of the material that the laser can cut through depends on the power level of the laser emitters and is often limited to a thickness of 15-20 mm.

Important! The slice upon completion of work with the laser is able to change color due to burning of the material. However, this can be both a positive and a negative result of the work, depending on the desired result and the intended use of the parts received.

The principle of work needs a level of training. After all, wood is a fairly flammable material, so it must be constantly cooled. To do this, the tool blows on the part of the cutting, which is manually adjusted. So you can achieve maximum purity without the formation of carbon deposits. At the same time, processing of elements of a technical nature is performed, which is able to last longer.

A laser is the best option for those interested than cutting plywood figuratively.

Tips for cutting with a saw

How to cut plywood without chips, it will become clear after reading Key workflow recommendations:

  • The cutting of plywood sheets is carried out on the floor with absolute support;
  • It is necessary to adjust the depth of cut, which can affect the level of cut quality;
  • In the longitudinal direction of the cut, a long, straight-shaped object is used as a guiding tool;
  • Before making a cut, you should check the guide;
  • They recommend cutting at high speed, which should not be changed;
  • When cutting with a circular saw, the discs must be selected with the greatest number of teeth;
  • A cross section is advised to be performed using adhesive tape.


How to cut plywood 10mm with a manual milling cutter thick, prompt the following recommendations:

  • The milling cutter in a grip is fixed.
  • A suitable engine speed is set for this workflow.
  • The required milling depth is adjusted with the help of the immersion limiter when working with the immersion type of milling cutters or the specific value of the cutter overhangs relative to the sole is fixed — when working with edge milling cutters).
  • A guide bearing or ring is installed for working with edge milling cutters or other equipment that helps to ensure the necessary tool path.

Manual Milling

They note such basic safety measures when using the router when cutting plywood sheets:

  • The cutter mounting and adjustment must be carried out with the power cord pulled out of the socket.
  • Operation of the manual router requires attention and concentration. During milling, you need to clearly get on your feet and hold the router firmly with your hands. It is not allowed to work in a state of fatigue or distraction to avoid injuries.
  • The processing element must be firmly fixed, otherwise it can be torn off by the mill and rush with great force and speed.
  • One must be wary of possible shocks when the tool touches the material. To avoid a blow, you need to hold the router firmly, firmly pressing it to the base and move it with smooth movements. Clothing should be chosen for work without loose parts that can catch the tool.
  • It is better to avoid inhaling the fine dust that occurs during milling. It is sucked off with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a respirator.

Thus, it turned out how to cut plywood and basic recommendations with the principles of work during cutting.