The Best Models of Honda Gasoline And Electric Lawn Mowers

The Best Models of Honda Gasoline And Electric Lawn Mowers

Do you need a reliable lawn mowing tool? Do you want to achieve flawless results throughout the area allotted to you? The Japanese company Honda provides ample opportunities for fast, and most importantly. An impressive result that can surprise even the most sophisticated people. The entire range of Honda lawnmowers is presented in our catalog.

Honda Lawnmower Overview

Starting a review of the Honda lawnmowers, we’ll give a few words on the history of this brand. The founder of this world-famous brand is a Japanese auto mechanic, entrepreneur Soichiro Honda. Honda was founded by Soichiro immediately after the Second World War.

The specialization of the new company was all kinds of power plants, motorcycles and mopeds.

The success of the company came quickly, the equipment manufactured by Honda engineers won the race over and over again, which became more than an advertisement. In 1963, “Honda” establishes the release of cars that diverge in huge runs.

At the moment, “Honda” has conquered the world market, expanded, deployed its offices around the world, and with them the giant plants. Today the company produces not only cars, motorcycles and power plants, today we can purchase a light Honda aircraft, a Honda boat, as well as specialized equipment, such as garden tools (lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.), robotic home assistants (still in development) etc.

Honda has won respect among environmentalists, because throughout their history, engineers have tried to produce the most environmentally friendly equipment that does not harm the environment.

Mini tractor and self-propelled gas mower: the main differences

In fact, a mini tractor and a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower work on the same principle. However, it is worth describing several situations when a mini-tractor for processing a land plot with a planted lawn will be appropriate.

The mini-tractor will be successfully operated at any time of the year and in any weather.

In hilly areas where lawn processing is required, a tractor with a hydrostatic gearbox is ideal. It does not require driver intervention, at a time when a mini tractor with a mechanic or a lawn mower can not do without a person. Mini tractors, unlike self-propelled lawn mowers, have better maneuvering. For example, in a relatively small area, a vehicle will make an unhindered turn. You can use the mini-tractor all year round, as additional equipment is successfully connected to this device. Such garden units have a work hour counter that alerts you to the need for inspection.

Worn parts must be replaced in a lawn mower in a timely manner.

Editors Tehno.Guru I have prepared for your attention the popular options for self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers, which have proven their best from the first use.

5th place: Viking MB 6 RH lawnmower. Best maneuverability

Information on Yandex Market:

Information on Yandex Market:

4th place: Honda HRG 415C3 SDE self-propelled lawnmower. Low noise

Information on Yandex Market:

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3rd place: Gardena self-propelled lawnmower 51 VDA

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2nd place: MTD Advance 46 SPKV HW self-propelled lawnmower. A luxury class device

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1st place: Husqvarna LC 153S self-propelled gasoline mower

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User manual

Whatever modification (gasoline or electric) the mower you choose, the instruction manual is always supplied with it.

The instruction acquaints the new owner of the equipment with the unit and teaches how to work with it.

Sections in the instruction manual:

  • The device of the Honda mower, the assembly procedure of the unit (pictures, diagrams, descriptions are attached).
  • Characteristics of a specific model.
  • Safe working conditions.
  • Preparing the unit for the first start-up.
  • First Time Guide.
  • Running-in the power plant (for gasoline lawn mowers).
  • Mower unit maintenance.
  • Fault table.

We offer you to read the current instructions for Honda gas mower: Your browser does not support framesDownload Honda HRX 537 VKE Lawnmower User Manual

First start

Electric mowers are absolutely undemanding, after assembling the unit, you can immediately get to work, checking only the tightness of the fixing bolts, the condition of the network cable and the presence of voltage in the network.

Preparing a Honda gas mower for launch:

  • Checking the reliability of fasteners.
  • Connection to a spark plug of a high-voltage wire.
  • Filling fuel into the tank (unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 92 and above).

Oil level check

  • Refuel with engine oil to the desired level.
  • Contact check on a candle.
  • Run-in power plant (required).

Running in

This period takes about 5 hours and contributes to running in of all moving parts of the mower in a gentle mode. At the end of the break-in regime, it is necessary to completely replace the engine oil (it is recommended to use engine oil of the SAE 10W30 brand).


Honda Power Mower Service:

  • Cleaning the unit (housing, grass catcher) after work.
  • Cleaning the filter and dust bag.
  • Air intake cleaning.
  • Replacing / sharpening knives.
  • Check the integrity of the network cable.

Maintenance of gasoline units is as follows:

  • Engine oil change: immediately after break-in, first after 25 hours of operation, then after 50 hours of operation.
  • Replacing the spark plug every 150 hours.
  • Filter cleaning.
  • Replacing the knife, sharpening it (every 3 hours of operation).
  • Preparation for storing the mower:

Gas mower device

Preparing for the conservation of the Honda lawnmower

  • Oil and fuel merge;
  • Disconnects the I / O wire;
  • Remove the knife, wrap it in oiled paper;
  • Clean and wash the mower;
  • Lubricate all components and mechanisms.

Key issues and solutions

Problems with electrical models

The electric motor does not start:

  • The cable is disconnected;
  • There is no voltage in the network;
  • Wire break.

Grass does not mow:

  • The knife is blocked by grass;
  • Dull knife;
  • Wet grass;
  • High grass.

The mower vibrates strongly during operation:

  • The knife is deformed;
  • Knife imbalance occurred;
  • Loosened mounting bolts.

Malfunctions of gasoline models

The engine does not start:

  • Fuel valve closed;
  • No gas in the tank;
  • Out of oil;
  • Low-quality liquids;
  • Clogged filter;
  • No contact on the candle;
  • High-voltage wire breakage;
  • Lost carb settings;
  • Fuel line clogged.

Vibration at work:

  • Fasteners loose;
  • The knife is bent;
  • Imbalance of bolts.

Grass is not mulched:

  • High grass;
  • The knife is dumb;
  • Wet grass;
  • Low engine speeds.
  • Too tall grass;
  • Stupid knife.

The best self-propelled lawn mowers on a gasoline engine: price. Quality

Basic lawn mowers cannot be used to handle large areas. Mowers of a professional level belong to the class of devices that can be used longer than just for mowing the lawn near the house. As a rule, they use a branded engine, and the components are selected based on intensive use. We will talk about the best examples of good equipment for little money below.


Honda Mowing Lawn mower overview HRX 476 SDE

Overview of the Honda HRX 537 lawnmower

Vladimir, 30 years old

“Very tenacious unit. I have been in operation for the fourth year in a Honda gasoline self-propelled. It goes exactly on the slopes and over bumps, the cut is excellent, the engine starts easily, the starting cable goes easily. The maintenance is unpretentious, the body is aluminum, lightweight. “The build quality is excellent, I think it will last a couple of years without breakdowns.”

Igor, 35 years old

“A convenient unit, shears easily, if you want. With a grass catcher, if you want. Without it. The mower is washed from a hose without problems, it is very happy with the engine. I didn’t buy a self-propelled mower; I myself like to control the quality of the haircut and, accordingly, the speed of movement. And at a price such a mower comes out much cheaper. ”

Andrey, 48 years old

“Hello. I have an electric lightweight mower made in a synthetic case. Very light and maneuverable, enough power for the yard, very simple, obedient to operate. The second year in operation. The main thing is to sharpen knives in a timely manner. I recommend to buy. “

The best gasoline powered wheeled mowers

Wheel or hand lawn mowers are a kind of more advanced counterparts. They use a gasoline engine to rotate the blades, but are not self-propelled devices. To move them you need to push by hand. Such devices consume less fuel, they have a simpler wheelbase, and they are easier to operate. This is an ideal choice for those who need a rare haircut plot, so I’m ready to spend some effort and energy on the job.

3 Viking MB 248

The best solution for small areasCountry: AustriaAverage price: 23 490 rub.Rating (2018): 4.3

A first look at the mower immediately reveals its main trump card. Compactness. And where there is compactness, there is maneuverability. Working in large areas with the MB 248 is difficult. But on the lawns, where you have to maneuver between flower beds and avoid bumps, such a device is especially suitable. In general, in addition to light weight, bright design and the smallest bag for collecting grass (45 liters), this device is not much different from others. But below we will consider its fundamental features:

  • Materials and equipment. The deck is made of steel. In the configuration there is a blade knife. The soft type of bag facilitates both unloading and storage.
  • Engine. The popular four-stroke Briggs and Stratton is used. Due to its light weight and self-propelled base, engine power reached a record 3.5 hp
  • Light weight. 28 kg is not a record, but a good indicator for a compact lawn mower.

2 Champion LM4215

Best price for a great deal.Country: USA (made in China)Average price: 12 100 rubRating (2018): 4.6

The Champion mower is a versatile home appliance. It is lightweight, compact and equipped with a low-power engine. Nevertheless, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of installing a nozzle for mulching the soil, and provided the machine with good indicators both in width and height of the cut.

  • Wide functionality at the lowest price. For the stated price, the manufacturer offers a lawn mower that is inferior to the Makita PLM4620 only in the width of the cut (42 cm versus 46) In terms of the height of the cut, the figures are the same.
  • Low power engine. The volume of the cylinder is only 99 cm3. Power. 2 HP (The engine is 1.5 times weaker than that of the previous rating participant). Such an engine is enough for its tasks, but using it as a professional device is quite difficult.
  • The lightest mower of all. It will be easy to manage it even for a person without preparation. Her weight is only 22 kg. The role was played by a weak engine, and the tank volume of only 0.6 liters., And the use of fabric instead of plastic in the manufacture of the bag.