Two Times More Power With Twin Force Lawn Mower

All summer residents have dreams, and they are very similar. Gardeners want plants in the garden to water themselves, grass grows more slowly, and weeds never appear. However, this is just a dream! But in real life, the summer resident has to put a lot of effort to ensure that his site was beautiful and well-groomed.

The Twin Force cordless lawnmower (G40LM49DB) is mobile and reliable.

It is good that nowadays it has become much easier to deal with your site than several decades ago. The technology has stepped forward, and now most of the devices are automated and require a minimum of effort from a person. For example, one of the most time-consuming activities in the country. Mowing grass. Can now be done in the shortest possible time, while getting excellent results.

The Twin Force lawnmower has wheels with a special tread that do not spoil the lawn

There are two types of lawn mowers: trimmers (lawn mowers) and mowing machines. Each of them has its own characteristics, therefore, depending on the type of plot and grass on it, you can choose the best option for yourself. Let’s look at the characteristics of some devices in order to understand in which areas they are best used.

Trimmers are the most popular devices, they are quite simple to use, light in weight and cope with simple tasks, such as cutting grass, small vegetation and thin bushes. On uneven surfaces or near curbs, the trimmer will be your best assistant. Its shape and principle of operation will allow you to mow grass even in such inaccessible places.

However, the trimmer has its drawbacks. It is not powerful enough and can only cope with light vegetation, with its help it will not work to cut the grass to the same height.

The Twin Force lawnmower (G40LM49DB) mows and mulches grass better with DualBlade technology

Much better for such tasks wheeled lawn mowers are suitable, which, in turn, are divided into manual and self-propelled. Self-propelled devices are easy to use, because they do not require human effort, but, as you know, real gardeners love to control everything and independently control the devices. Therefore, the option with a manual lawn mower is suitable for them.

Two Times Power With Twin Force Lawn Mower

A modern and environmentally friendly appliance in your garden will be a cordless lawn mower. Model Twin Force (G40LM49DB) from company Greenworks equipped with DualBlade technology, which allows you to better mow and mulch grass, as well as fill the grass catcher more efficiently.

Greenworks Twin Force Lawnmower has two batteries that last for 120 minutes of battery life

Another feature of this model is the presence of SmartCut technology. With its help, engine speed and power are automatically regulated. Depending on the operating conditions. For example, when mowing long, wet, hard grass. But the main feature of this machine is its power. Two built-in batteries allow you to work long and continuously. During this time, you can mow your entire plot without any difficulties. When one battery is fully discharged, the system automatically switches to another.

Working with the Twin Force Lawnmower from Greenworks is a real pleasure!

Choose devices for your summer residence wisely! Save your energy and enjoy what you do. With a cordless lawnmower from Greenworks, this is real!